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+ Epilogue +

I was there. I was always there.

I was there that day, when Horus slew the Emperor... 

The words cling to my being even as the world Ends around me, the Death promised so long ago. It is the only thing I hear.


Here at my Death, at the End of my duties the realization burns like a pyre light in the darkness of the Sea of Souls.
My eyes bore witness to many things.
Stories and secrets, forbidden rites, and arcana.
For I was there.


I was there that day, at the Whisper Heads, on 63-19.
I was there when the laws of our universe were undone.
When brother first fought brother by the whims of the Warp.
I fought on both sides...


I was there...
I remember the first time a questioned you, the first time I felt doubt in my heart.
My Father who knew all,
but would not tell.
I imagine that is how you must have felt towards your own Father?
Even before it all.
Even as you walked beside him.
As I walked beside you.


My soul is a tiny thing.
A little ember in the swirling universe,
yet I can feel their eyes upon me.
The last loyal Son of Horus, the last Luna Wolf.
Two opposite truths alive and reborn in the same soul.
I who learned to kill for the living and dead from my Father who I love.
Who I helped kill.
The Loyal Traitor.
An Ouroboros, the aspect missing in the Old Four's Tarot.


I was there the first time you Died...
And I now wonder if that Death would have been a mercy.
For in the End,
in your true Death.
You regretted all.
The Father I loved conquered the Father they made you become.
The one I helped End.


I was there...
I was there when Istvaan burned from your Heresy.
I was there when the Mournival killed itself.
I was there, beside Abaddon when Little Horus killed Tarik.
I was there...


Their wants and desires swirl and coalesce.
It pours into me, grafting me with a new name...
I was there for all of it...
Seven long years of war, the prelude to the Long War.
Trillions lives lost, Trillions new Neverborn to fight it.
The End of a Dream, the beginning of a Nightmare.
The Age of Darkness to birth the Far Future.
The Death of the Imperium, for there will only be War.
I was there, in Remembrance.


I was there in their struggles.
I was there when Mersadie Oliton drew her last.
Thinking of that pict of the Monster... and the one of Me.
I was there when Euphrati Keeler lost and found her Faith, the Blade for the ages to come.
I was there for every lecture of Kyril Sindermann.
Who thought me the truth of the Warp.
I was the man beside them, in the beginning.


I was there, a Vengeful Spirit aboard the flagship, as the galaxy burned.
I was there, the only name I could hear.
I was there beside me.
I was all around me.


I was...

I was there this day, when the Emperor slew Horus.

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