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  1. Hail Sons of Vulkan, I am researching the legends and tales of the Salamanders and compiling a list of future purchases for my own archives. I thought it may be of interest to others seeking lore regarding the chapter. If anyone can share any published stories, eBooks etc. which I have missed, please comment below and I will add the entry into the list. As best as I could, I separated them between the Horus Heresy and the later 40,000 era. Without knowing the stories, I couldn't begin to guess at a chronological order, so alphabetical seemed the wisest method. Using the Black Library, here is the list so far. HORUS HERESY Artefacts, by Nick Kyme (eShort, Sons of Nocturne eBundle) Deeds Endure, by Gav Thorpe (HH43 Shattered Legions, Meduson anthology) Grey Talon, by Chris Wraight (HH43 Shattered Legions, Meduson anthology) Horus Heresy 26: Vulkan Lives, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Sons of Nocturne eBundle, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 30: The Damnation of Pythos, by David Annandale (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 32: Deathfire, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Sons of Nocturne eBundle, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 43: Shattered Legions, edited by Laurie Goulding (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 47: Old Earth (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 50: Born of Flame, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Immortal Duty, by Nick Kyme (HH43 Shattered Legions, Meduson anthology) Meduson: Ultimate anthology (eBook, Hardback, MP3) Meduson, by Dan Abnett (Meduson anthology) Mercy of the Dragon, by Nick Kyme (eShort) Promethean Sun, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Sons of Nocturne eBundle, MP3) Salamanders: The Omnibus, by Nick Kyme (eBook) Scorched Earth, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Sons of Nocturne eBundle, MP3) Sons of the Forge, by Nick Kyme (Sons of Nocturne eBundle, MP3) Strike and Fade, by Guy Haley (MP3) The Either, by Graham McNeill (HH43 Shattered Legions, Meduson anthology) The Hand Elect, by Chris Wraight (HH43 Shattered Legions, Meduson anthology) The Keys of Hel, by John French (HH43 Shattered Legions, Meduson anthology) The Noose, by David Annandale (HH43 Shattered Legions, Meduson anthology) The Seventh Serpent, by Graham McNeill (HH43 Shattered Legions, Meduson anthology, MP3) Unforged, by Guy Haley (HH43 Shattered Legions, Meduson anthology) Unspoken, by Guy Haley (HH43 Shattered Legions, Meduson anthology) Vulkan: Lord of Drakes, by David Annandale (eBook, Hardback, MP3) WARHAMMER 40,000 Deathwatch 9: The Walker in Fire, by Peter Fehervan (eShort) Emperor's Deliverance, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Tome of Fire anthology) Fireborn, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Tome of Fire anthology, MP3) Firedrake, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Salamanders: The Omnibus) Fires of War, by Nick Kyme (eShort, Heroes of the Space Marine anthology, Tome of Fire anthology) Forge Master, by David Annandale (eBook) Hell Night, by Nick Kyme (eShort, Tome of Fire anthology) Heroes of the Space Marines (eBook) Know Thine Enemy, by Gav Thorpe (eShort) Nocturne, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Salamanders: The Omnibus) Only Ash Remains, by Nick Kyme (eShort, Tome of Fire anthology) Overfiend, by David Annandale (eBook, MP3) Perfection, by Nick Kyme (MP3) Prometheus Requiem, by Nick Kyme (eShort, Tome of Fire anthology) Rebirth, by Nick Kyme (eBook, MP3) Renaissance, by Nick Kyme (eBook) Rite of Pain, by Nick Kyme (eShort) Salamander, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Salamanders: The Omnibus) The Ash of Souls, by Nick Kyme (eShort) The Burden of Angels, by Nick Kyme (eShort) The Burning, by Nick Kyme (eShort, Tome of Fire anthology) The Core, by Aaron Dembski-Bowden (eShort, Fear the Alien anthology) The Firebrand, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Tome of Fire anthology) Tome of Fire, by Nick Kyme (eBook) Vulkan's Shield, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Tome of Fire anthology, MP3)
  2. Hail Sons of the Gorgon, I am researching the legends and tales of the Iron Hands and compiling a list of future purchases for my own archives. I thought it may be of interest to others seeking lore regarding the chapter. If anyone can share any published stories, eBooks etc. which I have missed, please comment below and I will add the entry into the list. As best as I could, I separated them between the Horus Heresy and the later 40,000 era. Without knowing the stories, I couldn't begin to guess at a chronological order, so alphabetical seemed the wisest method. Using the Black Library, here is the list so far. HORUS HERESY A Lesson in Iron, by David Guymer (eShort) Deeds Endure, by Gav Thorpe (Meduson anthology) Feat of Iron, by Nick Kyme (eBook, Paperback HH20 The Primarchs) Ferrus Manus: Gorgon of Medusa, by David Guymer (eBook, Hardback, MP3) Grey Talon, by Chris Wraight (Meduson anthology, MP3) Hand Elect, by Chris Wraight (Meduson anthology) Horus Heresy 05: Fulgrim, by Graham McNeill (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 16: Age of Darkness (eBook, Paperback) Horus Heresy 19: Venegful Spirit (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 20: The Primarchs (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 28: Scars, by Chris Wraight (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 30: The Damnation of Pythos, by David Annandale (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 31: Legacies of Betrayal (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 43: Shattered Legions, edited by Laurie Goulding (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Horus Heresy 47: Old Earth, Nick Kyme (eBook, Paperback, MP3) Immortal Duty, by Nick Kyme (Meduson anthology, HH43 Shattered Legions) Kryptos, by Graham McNeill (eBook, Paperback HH31 Legacies of Betrayal, MP3) Little Horus, by Dan Abnett (eShort, Paperback HH16 Age of Darkness) Meduson: Ultimate anthology (eBook, Hardback, MP3) Meduson, by Dan Abnett (Meduson anthology) Promethean Sun, by Nick Kyme (eBook, MP3) Riven, by John French (eShort, MP3) The Either, by Graham McNeill (Meduson anthology, MP3) The Keys of Hel, by John French (Meduson anthology) The Lion, by Gav Thorpe (eBook, Paperback HH20 The Primarchs) The Noose, by David Annandale (Meduson anthology) The Phoenician, by Nick Kyme (eShort, eBundle, Paperback The Imperial Truth) The Seventh Serpent, by Graham McNeill (eBook, MP3) Unforged, by Guy Hailey (Meduson anthology) Unspoken, by Guy Haley (Meduson anthology) Veritas Ferrum, by David Annandale (Paperback HH31 Legacies of Betrayal, MP3) WARHAMMER 40,000 Deathwatch 5: Deadhenge, by Justin D. Hill (eShort) Flesh, by Chris Wraight (eShort) Iron Hands, by Jonathan Green (eBook, Paperback) Iron Soul, by Phil Kelly (eShort) Medusan Wings, by Matt Westbrook (eBook, Paperback) The Blessing of Iron, by Anthony Reynolds (eShort) The Calculus of Battle, by David Guymer (MP3) The Eye of Medusa, by David Guymer (eBook, Paperback) The Memory of Flesh, by Matthew Farrer (eShort, BL Games Day Anthology 2012) Voice of Mars, by David Guymer (eBook, Paperback) Wrath of Iron, by Chris Wraight (eBook, Paperback)
  3. Hey there, just had a quick look on the Primarch series' cover artist and found this one, which was uploaded about 2 months ago: Maybe it doesn't mean anything at all and I'm purely speculating but somehow, I got the feeling that the Lion might be the next one after Curze. I mean, he's the one doing all the covers for the Primarch series. Him posting a Lion piece, which really looks like said covers is a bit too much of an accident, right? Cheers, Kel
  4. Since no one else did it, i think that i must^^. So here is the Astorath : Angel of Mercy topic. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/10/black-library-weekender-2019-the-reveals/ "Guy Haley continues what seems to be on a quest to write about every Blood Angels hero in the novella Astorath: Angel of Mercy".
  5. Helpful bit of pre-reading to get familiar with some relevant topics. The Horus Heresy series will always have some mystery to where details, plot points, and how they are presented or pursed come from because it’s a collaborative work. I recommend reading the Afterword to Guy Haley’s The Lost and the Damned because it offers a view into how the sausage is made. In addition, there’s information and events from preexisting sources which had to be accounted for in one way or another. The salient pieces of information about the Dark Angels in the Horus Heresy give starting points for designing arcs (for the legion and individual characters). 1) Luther is placed in charge of Caliban and the recruitment-training cycle. 2) Luther and the Dark Angels on Caliban turn against the Lion. 3) The Lion and Leman Russ are part of conquering Dulan. The Lion kills the Tyrant, whom Russ had vowed to kill, and the two end up in a massive brawl. The Lion wins when Russ starts laughing about how silly the whole thing is. 4) The Warmaster orders the Dark Angels to the outer edges of expanding Imperium to get them out of the way for the initial stages of his rebellion. 5) The Dark Angels and the Space Wolves make their way to Terra together. Russ insists on breaking every rebel force on the way. When they arrive too late at Terra the Lion holds Russ personally responsible and stabs him when Russ refuses an honor duel. 6) The Dark Angels return to Caliban and are fired upon. They fight on Caliban among orbital bombardments which proceed to break apart the planet (with warp shenanigans weakening the planet). Luther psyker powers gets the better of the Lion, but he has a moment of regret and doesn’t kill the primarch. The Dark Angels recover the largest remaining shard of the planet (the Rock) and Luther, but there is no sign of the Primarch (he’s in stasis in the Rock). The information does not have to be taken at face value, but one must then be careful of subverting expectations. For example Frank Herbert’s Dune establishes the enmity between feuding families by relating how one family was accused of cowardice for refusing to cross a bridge during a battle. The context and expectation is it’s a physical bridge, but a prequel reveals it was a metaphor for disobeying an order to fire on innocent civilians. The time and elegance put into an explanation can go a long way how well an explanation of “how” is received. Compare Logan’s amnesia (X- Men movies) via one minute of action and a single adamantium bullet to the state of the world in Planet of the Apes and via a three movie prequel trilogy each of which deftly built off the previous prequel. Each of the previous examples also illustrate how character-driven events require motivation and actions require explanations. There are more than a single option and the difficulty is on how they are addressed. Why do the Dark Angels on Caliban fire on the returning fleet? How do the Dark Angels and Space Wolves meet up on the way to Terra? These give way points or end points, but there must also be a beginning. The choice of beginning has a major impact on world building and character arcs. Imagine Harry Potter except the story begins with Harry just arriving at the train station and his encounter with the Weaselys; we no longer have the context as Harry-the-Orphan or his abusive family. On the other end, if the story begins earlier then one has to have the appropriate narrative of how Harry doesn’t end up as a stew of neuroses and unhealthy coping mechanisms; by skipping all that, we – the reader – just go along with the long-standing “good-natured British orphan who ends up being important” archetype (Arthur, Oliver, etc). Thus we establish the first question: How does Dark Angels’ tale begin compared to the other legions? The Dark Angels have a unique start. Other legions are already established when we are exposed to them. The POV and world building focuses on the legions and their role(s) in the Great Crusade (and for some, Heresy). This is the first hurdle raised by, “The Warmaster orders the Dark Angels to the outer edges of expanding Imperium to get them out of the way for the initial stages of his rebellion.” The Dark Angels did not have a previously established role in the beginning of the Heresy and so there was much room for choosing where they would first be seen. The Horus Rising trilogy and Fulgrim established expectations for introducing a legion and getting to know its culture.However, instead, in Descent of Angels and Fallen Angels, our POV focus is on Caliban and an inter-order war. The problem is that, in breaking the pattern, the readers come in expecting to learn about the Dark Angels and their primarch, but barely do so. The social conventions and history we’re given about Caliban subvert expectations. The Order is not the governing planetary body under the Lion, the knights of Caliban are riven by factionalism, and the beasts of the forests are almost all eradicated. In this, the book does an excellent job of setting up a clear theme of schism. The focus on schism, however, robs the narrative of any immediate import to greater tale of the Heresy, because the confrontation on Caliban does not occur until after the Siege of Terra. The narrative is continued haphazardly through short stories and the B-plot in other books. Yet it’s the equivalent of a not important cameo; like if Han Solo showed up to deliver mail in The Mandolorian. The presence of the Calibanite faction has not added any depth to the character arcs or world building upon which the Horus Heresy rests. Next up: Short stories and Angels of Caliban
  6. Kind of a fluff related question - how much time to CSMs (or normal SMs) spend in full armour when they are not actually in battle? I've seen pictures of SMs out of armour but never seen or read a description of a CSM taking theirs off. I know that Khorne marines/World Eaters have a culture of fighting pits; the impression I got from Chris Dow's BL book about Khârn (The Red Path) is that they go into the fighting pits in full power armour. This seems a bit ridiculous to me, but if that's what the lore says... Also, I remember that part of the rules related to the Mark of Khorne in 2e was an improved armour save, and the fluff that went along with this rule said something like 'the armour becomes part of the marine and he can never remove it'. Is this still a thing?
  7. I am lacking in the lore pertaining to the truth of the Alpha Legion. But I want to know as of yet what is it we know? Who are the Alpha truly aligned with? Where is Alpharius and Omegon? What have they and the Alpha Legion done as a whole in the present setting in 40k? If you guys could kindly fill me in, that would be awesome. I know you lore guys are out there!
  8. Has anybody see this over on the BL site? http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/summer-of-reading-2017-bundle.html 7 brand new short stories from BL to be released this week. 1. Grandfather's Gift - Guy Haley 2. Hardest Word - Dave Guymer 3. Shadows of Heaven - Gav Thorpe 4. Death Warrant - Robbie MacNiven 5. Auction of Blood - Josh Reynolds 6. Pride and Fall - Ian St.Martin 7. Restorer - Chris Wraight (I will link when I get chance, PC not playing at the moment)
  9. From the album: Books

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  10. From the album: Soric's Astartes

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  11. So, it's your first day starting as the new Big Decision Director for Black Library and suffice to say, you're feeling a heady mix of excitement and trepidation! You've met the staff on a guided tour and are now sat at your desk sipping a freshly made brew of your favorite mid morning tipple. Suddenly you get a call from The Big Cheese, Mr or Mrs Top of the Pile as it were, and He or She quickly dispenses with the pleasantries... "We're fist pumping the market again under the brand name Masterworks... we've got 10 slots available, because 10 is a nicer number than 9 you see. Horus Rising & Helsreach kick things off, because they're awesome, get back to me with the remaining 8 by end of play would you. Oh and welcome to the team!". You slowly take another sip, and because much like Horus Rising & Helsreach, you're also awesome, get straight to work filling in the gaps! - So there you have it people... i like the idea of a properly curated selection of Black Library Masterwork books, but my background knowledge of their catalog is limited, Roomskys Top 10 Essential Reads list was evidence of that! So how would you fill in the remaining gaps, we'll assume there's 8 to go, Masterworks is the name, making a list is the game! Horus Rising Helsreach
  12. Just finished the latest Seige of Terra book, this time the Novella. All I can say is that its a bit of a rollercoaster, and coming out you really feel the gut-punches of the plot viscerally. Sets up some interesting future plot points too. Expensive in New Zealand dollars, but I personally think it was worth it! Pick it up when you can if you are a fan of the fiction. I don't know if Graham McNeill is on here, but if he is, thank-you for this book! Jared
  13. Hey guys, As I started my Death Guard I got pretty sick... laid up in bed and I thought I'd slowly re read Dark Imperium. The first time I went through I whipped through it pretty quick upon release and it was definitely from an Ultra angle. I wanted to slow down and absorb the Death Guard aspect. Aside from the fact I tried to ignore it was at times geared towards a very young audience, I really liked how Death Guard gelled together until it got to the big three... Mort, Typhus and the Great Unclean dude. So here's my question... in all the Heresy novels it's almost repetitive that the Primarch comes off a little slow, and the first captain is usually the smart one, and naturally at odds with his Primarch. With Death Guard I did not think that was the case. But.... SPOILER ALERT: Right before the attack on Ultramar Typhus is chastising Mortarion claiming he is too late, and foolish for waiting for Guilliman to awaken. In fact Typhus makes it sounds like they could have wiped or at least put a very critical amount of damage on the '500' if they'd simply not waited so long to attack. This makes it feel like Mort has a personal vendetta... which I suppose is fine and it's usually why the good guys win. But beyond this first headscratcher the turmoil brewing between Typhus and Mortarion gets pretty bad. It seems Typhus accuses Mort of not fully accepting Nurgle into his life (like it's a cult or something). You get the sense Typhus wants Mort to feel second to him.... as in Typhus is the chosen of Nurgle, and Mort is just witness to all of his discoveries. Typhus also mentions discovering Nurgle first, and bringing it to Mort's attention. It's a weird scene and you're left with Mort feeling like he's got bigger problems on his own end then with Guiliman. I really don't understand it to be honest. Can anyone fill me in on this internal vendetta? They actually have a disdain that I think runs deeper than Ahriman and Magnus (though they seem to have buried the hatchet.)
  14. I didn't care much about Fabius as a character in the HH books I've read in which he appears. However, I've always loved to read about necromancers, no matter if they are of the magical or scientific kind (like Lovecraft's Re-animator). Bile is one of the latter so I am of course curious about reading stories in which he is the main character. EDIT: I should explain that while Fabius goal is not that of a necromancer (resurrecting the dead), his methods do remind me a lot of such a kind of character (Frankenstein, Herbert West, etc) so it was easier for me to refer to him as some sort of necromancer-scientist. Without spoiling the plot, do you think his series is worth reading?
  15. Apparently this anthology was available during the last weekender and it was either an event-exclusive release or Warhammer World exclusive (I think, from what I have found online). I just heard about it and from what I have been able to read on the wiki the stories seem interesting, however since it's an exclusive release for now I can't read it. Has anyone who was at the weekender bought a copy? If so, how is it?
  16. I'm wondering how many people read this... I've always been an ultra fan but very rarely enjoyed the fiction surrounding them.... Until Abnett fleshed out Calth etc... I know some people dislike Abnett here, but whatever... we all have different tastes. This is more about Guilliman because I'm wondering who's picking up that torch now that Abnett has more or less stopped writing about him. For a while I had hopes of other authors stepping in and then this book was announced. Honestly I didn't read it for a long for fear of hating it. Now I've almost completed this and I'm extremely mixed. I have personally met David Anandale and wanted to love it. Before I say anything to colour anyone's perception of it (especially someone who hasn't read it), I want to hear what you guys thought of it.
  17. http://www.blacklibrary.com/Images/Product/DefaultBL/xlarge/ahriman-unchanged.jpg Exciting times as BL announced officially the next Ahriman novel, Unchanged. You can read an extract too (epub format). John mentioned on Facebook that it is indeed the third novel. Given John's importance to the Horus Heresy in both BL and FW formats, it's always good to see what he's imagining. I wonder if he will be writing a fair bit of the fluff in FW Propsero whenever it emerges :)
  18. Hail fraters! I have long wanted an overview of the available Dark Angel fiction, and have thus compiled a list, which I will here share. I might have missed a story or two, but if so, please let me know and I will update. So, without further ado - fantastic tales of the Unforgiven and where to find them: Warhammer 30k - The Horus Heresy – The Age of Darkness Leman Russ - The Great Wolf (The Primarchs vol. II) (by Chris Wraight) Leman Russ and the Lion clash on the world of Dulan, starting the feud between the Lion and the Wolf that lasts for 10.000 years. Once I get the book, I will read it and update here with my opinion on it. So, bought the book, read it, loved it. It is truly a fantastic tale. Extremely well written. Though it is not a thick book by any means, it manages to portray the Dulan conflict in new light, while still remaining true to the original piece of fluff. Now, finally, we Dark Angels have a novel that presents the Lion in a flattering light, a novel where his tactical and strategic expertise is aptly demonstrated. Finally, we have a Lion who is not written by Gav Thorpe! I can only give this novel my highest recommendations! It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/whats-coming-soon/january/leman-russ-ebook.html. Exocytosis (by James Swallow) A 2016 Advent quick read concerning Luther of Caliban and his friend Calas Typhon of the Death Guard. I have not read it, but will update with my thoughts once I get it. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/new-titles/new-feat/exocytosis-ebook.html. Descent of Angels (by Mitchel Scanlon) Concerning the early history of Caliban before the coming of the Emperor. I liked it a lot, but it has been dished for not being particularly relevant to the overall Horus Heresy storyline. With more in common with a fantasy novel than W40k, it has divided the fans. I liked it, and would have liked Scanlon to have written more. The one thing I did not like about it was that the ending felt incredibly rushed, and that the author should have spent another 50-100 pages rounding it off. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/descent-of-angels-ebook.html. Fallen Angels (by Mike Lee) Mike Lee continues the tale of the Dark Angels in “Fallen Angels” and this time the action continues on the world of Diamat, where the Lion tries to stymie Horus´ efforts to win the war. I like it, and would have preferred Lee to handle the Dark Angels instead of Gav Thorpe. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/fallen-angels-hardback.html. Call of the Lion (by Gav Thorpe) Astelan turns up here, and is in conflict with another Dark Angel commander. It continues the plot that there is a schism between the Calibanite Angels and the Terrans. Which IMHO is a horrible plot line. The story is not half bad, though. Generally I am of the opinion that Mr. Thorpe does short stories better than he does novels (of the Dark Angels variety, that is). It is available in audio drama here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/horus-heresy/hh-audio/call-of-the-lion-audio.html. Savage Weapons (by Aaron Dempski-Bowden) This is fantastic! The Lion portrayed as he should be, facing off against Konrad Curze. I am a huge fan of this, and have read it a number of times. Go read it. Now. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/savage-weapons-ebook.html The Lion (by Gav Thorpe) Another short, portraying the Lion as a lunatic unable to control his emotions, slaying advisors who gainsay him. The Iron Hands and Death Guard have short cameos in this as well. Horrible stuff really, and yet another example of Thorpe mishandling the First Legion. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/the-lion-ebook.html. Grey Angel (by Gav Thorpe) A Knight-Errant in the bowls of a Caliban dungeon being interrogated. I will have to listen to it again, or track it down in prose form, in order to decide whether it is actually good or not. Ok - so I got it in prose form. This was actually a lot better than I remembered it to be. The basic premise of the novel is that Loken is being interrogated by Luther, while trying to figure out whether the 1st Legion is loyal or not. It is mostly "filler", but does serve to advance the Dark Angel storyline a tiny bit. It is available in audio here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/grey-angel-mp3.html or in writing here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/grey-angel-eshort.html. Master of the First (by Gav Thorpe) Astelan and Luther scheme on Caliban, and a rebellion is afoot. The voice acting is superb and the story is a lot better than what I have come to expect from Mr. Thorpe. I enjoyed it, so take it at that. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/master-of-the-first-mp3.html. By the Lion´s Command (by Gav Thorpe) I have not read this yet, so will update when I have actually done so. Might be good…might be Thorpe-ish. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/by-the-lions-command-ebook.html. The Prince of Crows (by Aaron Dempski-Bowden) The Dark Angels and Night Lords clash in what I gather to be the final battle of the Thramas campaign. I enjoyed it and would recommend it. ADB shows once again that he is a very, very capable author and does justice to both legions. Read it. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/prince-of-crows-ebook.html. Wolf King (by Chris Wraight) A Horus Heresy novella, detailing what happens to Leman Russ following "The Burning of Prospero" and the opening scenes of "Scars". I have not read it, but the Dark Angels play a pivotal role, I have been told. Once it is released as part of the a mass market paperback omnibus, I will read it and update. It is currently available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/new-titles/new-feat/wolf-king-ebook.html The Unremembered Empire (by Dan Abnett) Though the Ultramarines are the star of the show, the Lion and the 1st Legion do have a rather important role to play throughout the novel. Abnett´s portrayal of the Lion is one that I like, and though Curze does the “I am Batman” throughout the novel and handles three Primarchs in close combat rather efficiently, it is an ok book. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/the-unremembered-empire-hardback-edition.html. The Long Night (by Aaron Dempski-Bowden) More concerned with Sevatar of the Night Lords, the Dark Angels feature as his gaolers following the events in The Prince of Crows. I have not read it, but would very much like to. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/the-long-night-eshort.html. Angels of Caliban (by Gav Thorpe) I have not read the book yet, but am looking forward to it. I have read that the author (who I am not a fan of) was rather micromanaged by the IP director at Games Workshop/Black Library during the writing of the novel, and that this has had a very positive effect on the author´s product. Though written by Gav Thorpe, I am looking forward to reading it. Once I have read it (ie. when it comes out in mass market paperback) I will update this post with my thoughts on it. The book is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/angels-of-caliban-ebook.html. Warhammer 40k - Age of War Azrael (by Gav Thorpe) Concerns Azrael, Supreme Grand Master of the Dark Angels. I have not read it yet, but have bought the Limited Edition, despite it having been written by Gav Thorpe. My expectations are very low, so I can only be happily surprised. Once I have actually read the book, I will edit this post and provide further thoughts on it. So - I have read the book. It did have some good parts, but mostly it was what I have come to expect of Mr. Thorpe, when he writes about the Dark Angels. Bland writing and a plot that was telegraphed from miles away. Nothing really stands out about this book. It is pretty much a by-the-numbers book. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/sml-azrael-ebook.html. Azrael: Protector of Secrets (by C.Z. Dunn) A well-written quick read, about the final assault on a renegade governor´s fortress, and how the Dark Angels cooperate with trusted allies of the Astra Militarum. It is a short three pager, and I enjoyed it for what it is. With only so much space to work with, the level of depth is limited. I feel, however, that C.Z. Dunn has done a good job in the space available. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/advent-day-five-azrael-protector-of-secrets-ebook.html. Sammael: Lord of the Eternal Hunt (by Ben Counter) A very short quick read, concerning the difficulties faced by Sammael when trying to balance the Chapter´s obligations to erstwhile allies and the obligations on the Chapter on account of the events following the Horus Heresy. It is interesting, but all too brief to allow for any real storytelling or depth. During a short commute, it can be used to idle the time away, but it provides nothing of real relevance or surprise and is as easily forgotten, as it is read. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/advent-day-twenty-four-sammael-lord-of-the-eternal-hunt.html. Trials of Azrael (by C.Z . Dunn) This audio drama is a tie-in with the Pandorax novel written by the same author. It takes place during the opening phases of the campaign, when the Dark Angels are just intervening. Supreme Grand Master Azrael gets separated from his men and is led on a cat and mouse chase through the bowls of an Imperial warship, along with the infamous Khârn the Betrayer. All in all, I found this to be an interesting and exciting yarn, full of enough twists to keep me more attentive on this, than on painting. The voice acting is nothing short of excellent and the atmospherics throughout are brilliant. I rate this as an A+ production! The audio drama is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/trials-of-azrael-mp3.html. The Last Guardian (by C.Z . Dunn) The Deathwatch along with an inquisitor board an abandoned and desolate Eldar Craftworld. It continues the character development of Balthasar, later Company Master of the 5th Company. The voice acting and effects are good, the story is for a Dark Angels fan delicious! I would recommend listening to it while you paint up some Dark Angels! It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/deathwatch-last-guardian-mp3.html.... The Ascension of Balthasar (by C.Z . Dunn) Following leads on the Fallen, the Dark Angels fall into a trap laid by the Crimson Slaughter and must fight their way out. As I have come to expect from the various audio dramas, the voice acting is extremely good, the effects magnificient. This is a fantastic production and I am happy that I got it. It – just as Pandorax and (probably) also Deathwatch: The Last Guardian, ties in with the Dark Vengeance novella by the same author. If you have not gotten it, I would recommend it to any Dark Angel fan. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/ascension-of-balthasar-mp3.html. Malediction (by C.Z . Dunn) Featuring Master Tigraine from the App game Freeblade, it details a victory feast held in honour of a retiring Astra Militarum Colonel. The feast is unexpectedly attended by Master Tigraine of the Dark Angels 6th Company, who asks the Colonel to recount the tale of how he became a hero. I enjoyed it immensely, the twists and turns of the story along with brilliant voice acting made this a hit with me. I would highly recommend it! It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/malediction-mp3.html. Pandorax (by C.Z . Dunn) What to make of this one. I have only read the book, and not listened to the audio version. The book ties in heavily with Dark Vengeance, also by the same author. Though the writing in this one is not exactly stellar, the story of the Pandorax Campaign is nevertheless an interesting one. I bought both this and the campaign Warzone supplement, and have generally been happy with the purchase. It details the fight against the Black Legion and their Red Corsair allies by the Dark Angels, Astra Militarum and Grey Knights. The most interesting bit is without a doubt, the side tale of a mysterious Grey Knight, who wants to deal with neither the Dark Angels nor his supposed brothers of the 666th Chapter. As to who this Grey Knight is, I hope we will find out in the future… It can be found here as an audio book: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/pandorax-unabridged-audiobook-mp3.html Dark Vengeance (by C.Z . Dunn) Released as a supplement to the Dark Vengeance starter box, it reads much like a video game; the story is told from several viewpoint characters, who all feature in the box set. I found it an entertaining light read, and though it is almost entirely “bolter porn”, the viewpoints of Turmiel the Librarian I found to be of particular interest. The Dark Angels are fighting against the dastardly Crimson Slaughter, who are trying to enact a ritual with the Hellfire Stone mentioned in the Pandorax tale as well. It follows on the audio drama The Ascension of Balthasar. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/dark-vengeance-ebook.html. The Purging of Kadillus (by Gav Thorpe) Oh, where to begin. The Dark Angels had their very own campaign supplement back in the days of yore. It was called Storm of Vengeance and featured the Dark Angels defending a little known world against the Orks led by two infamous warbosses. Gav Thorpe has used the campaign supplement to write this novel, and while it does shine in places, for the most part it portrays Master Belial of the 3rd Company as an angst ridden, indecisive “leader”, who seeks affirmation in juniors prior to giving orders. I am not a fan of this novel, and would not recommend it, as it is generally poorly written with stilted dialogue and dull battle scenes. And, oh yes, the interrogator-chaplains are again portrayed as blinkered fools. It is part of the Space Marine Battles series, and is the worst of those I have read. Mind you, I have not read the “Hunt for Voldorius”, which supposedly is terrible. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/The-Purging-of-Kadillus-ebook.html. It can be bought cheaper on Amazon Prime (almost half price) and the Book Depository . Unforgiven (by Graham McNeill) The Dark Angels fight in multiple campaigns across the galaxy, defending the Emperor´s domains against traitors and heretics. In one such campaign, Sergeant Kaelen comes into contact with his Chapter´s dark past – and it is a thrilling, well-penned read, also providing a view into how a battle-brother can advance in the ranks of the Circle. It is available as a short story here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/unforgiven-ebook.html. Deathwing (by William King & Bryan Ansell) The seminal story about the origins of the Deathwing, and the tale of Cloud Runner fighting to prevent his home world, a Dark Angel recruiting planet, from falling into darkness at the hands of a Genestealer Cult. It is well-written, gripping and provides insight into this most prestigious of the Dark Angel companies; the first company. Highly recommended…and one can almost not claim allegiance to the Dark Angels without having read this fantastic tale! It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/deathwing-short-story-ebook.html. The Black Pearl (by Chris Pramas) To my knowledge, this was first released as part of the Inferno! magazine. It is a gripping tale of a Chaplain´s obsession with finding a relic from the time of the Heresy, and the lengths to which he will go to procure it. The tale is broken into two story lines, one being the present battle the Chaplain finds himself in, the other being the interrogation of a Fallen. I remember the story as one of the first I read about the Dark Angels, along with Deathwing and Unforgiven, and thus it rates high in my opinion. It is available here as a short story: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/the-black-pearl-ebook.html The Falls of Marakross (by Steve Parker) From the same collection of short stories as A Balance of Faith, Vindicare and Tears of Blood, it is without a doubt the best of the four stories. Well written and with an interesting plot, it is solely the language used in the interaction between the Dark Angel protagonist and an inquisitor, which comes off as odd at times. Still, I enjoyed it immensely, and would happily read another piece of Dark Angel fiction by Mr. Parker. The short story can be found here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/the-falls-of-marakross-ebook.html. Tears of Blood (by C.S. Goto) Hunting rumours of the Fallen, the Dark Angels are drawn to the world of Tyrine, which has fallen to the Arch-Enemy. Also drawn to it, are the Eldar of Craftworld Kaelor, as they try to avert catastrophy befalling their world. The short story is actually more about the Eldar, than the Dark Angels, and ties directly into the events following those of C.S. Goto´s “Eldar Prophecy”. Its relevance to the Dark Angels is minor and almost entirely irrelevant. The Marines of the First Legion could easily have been replaced with those of any other Chapter and there is next to zero character development for the Angels. The Eldar, as they are characters continuing from “Eldar Prophecy” are far more developed. Overall, I would rate this one as barely worth the time it took to read the 33 Ipad pages. The short story can be found here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/tears-of-blood-ebook.html. Vindicare (by C.S. Goto) The Biel-Tan Swordwind has descended, and a lone Vindicare Assassin is poised to try and thwart them. Aiding the defense of the planet is a considerable number of Dark Angels…who get the Imperial Fist treatment. Suffering horrific losses in no time, the Dark Angels receive a very harsh treatment at the hands of the author. Generally, the story is very straightforward without any particular surprises or literary memorable moments. Overall, the Dark Angels are not the protagonists of the story, it adds nothing to our annals besides a grim defeat supervised by a nameless captain. Further, our Terminators and Tactical Marines are fielded in “squadrons”, and Terminators evidently vault into battle wielding chainswords… Give it pass, unless you really have nothing else to do… The short story can be found here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/vindicare-ebook.html. A Balance of Faith (by Darren-Jon Ashmore) A short story, where a Dark Angel librarian is the side character to a Sister Hospitaliers crisis of faith. For what it is, it is alright. By no means essential, and its age does show. Black Library writing has come a long way since this was published in 2006. The short story can be found here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/balance-of-faith-ebook.html. Sons of Fenris (by Lee Lightner) Book 5 of the Space Wolves series featuring an invincible and invulnerable Ragnar Blackmane. It also portrays the Dark Angels in a most unflattering light, being the prime antagonists of the Dark Angels. I believe that the entire book has been retconned, as the actions of both Chapters would have grievous repercussions of both and the Imperium as a whole. The tale is moderately interesting, and I bought it on a whim years ago, so that I would have something to read, while I commuted to work. I bought it solely on account of the Dark Angels being in it, as I have not read the other books in the Space Wolves series, nor anything else about Ragnar Blackmane…though I might get the new Legends of the Space Marines Ragnar Blackmane by Aaron Dempski-Bowden, which feature the Dark Angels as well… On a whole, I would not recommend this novel. The writing is uninspired, and the Space Wolves are depicted as being levels above the Dark Angels in ability, tactical acumen, battlecraft skills and…well…everything. Available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/sons-of-fenris-ebook.html. Easy Prey (by C.Z. Dunn) It is a very brief, 2½ Ipad page, quick read about a Dark Angel Tactical Marine hunting down a sniper. Though brief, it is well written and immediately got me in the mood, as we follow the tense hunt for an unknown sniper. I liked it, and would actually like to read more about the outcome of the campaign in which the quick read takes place. I would recommend it, for any who have a brief commute to do… It is available as a quick read here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/easy-prey-ebook.html Reparation (by Andy Smilie) To my knowledge, this is the only piece of Dark Angel fiction penned by Andy Smilie. It is a short read of about 13 Ipad pages, and I did enjoy the twist of it. I had not figured it out, though I was aware that something was off. The Dark Eldar antagonists of the read are suitably unpleasant and alien to make one want not to fall into their clutches. As with “Easy Prey” by C.Z. Dunn, I will happily recommend this to fans of the 1st Legion. Flesh of the Angel (by Robbie MacNiven) Concerning the exploits of brother Zameon Gydrael of the Deathwatch. It ties into the Deathwatch: Overkill game and was released as part of the Deathwatch: Ignition omnibus. I have not read it, but am thinking of buying just this short, so that I can read more Dark Angel fiction... It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-40000/40k-qu-re/flesh-of-the-angel-ebook.html Vox Tenebris (by Robbie MacNiven) Taking place during the Warzone: Fenris conflict, it continues the tale of Zameon Gydrael, now a member of the Deathwing, and the Space Wolf from Deathwatch: Ignition series. I have not heard the audio drama, but once I do, I will update this with my opinion. Bought it, and listened to it! This is a brilliant audio drama! Well worth every penny I spent on it. The voice acting is well done, the plot is (for a dungeon crawler) very, very good, and the two protagonists have a wonderful back-and-forth dialogue. If Robbie MacNiven ever does a full Dark Angels novel, then, well, sign me up for it! It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/vox-tenebris-mp3.html Ragnar Blackmane (by Aaron Dempski-Bowden) The Young Wolf remembers old battles in order to fight new ones. One of the old conflicts in question, is the ancient feud between the Dark Angels and the Space Wolves. I have not read the book, but am thinking of getting it. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/ragnar-blackmane-ebook.html Angels of Darkness (by Gav Thorpe) As far as I know, this was the first full length piece of Dark Angels fiction released. It shows its age now, and ties into the old 90´ campaign set “Storm of Vengeance”. It tells the tale of Interrogator-Chaplain Boreas who has been left on Piscina IV following the Ork invasion. It is split between the present and a past interrogation he conducted. The novel split the community back then, though the author has explicitly stated that one should not trust the biased view and self-aggrandizing statements. As an early work of Black Library, it is worthy of a place on the shelf…but it comes with the major caveat of it having been written by Mr. Thorpe. It is far, far better, though, than his dismal “The Purging of Kadillus”. It is available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/angels-of-darkness-ebook.html, though it can be bought cheaper on Amazon Prime. Ravenwing (Legacy of Caliban vol. I) (by Gav Thorpe) Once I have bought and read the Omnibus, I will update this and post my review. The first of the Legacy of Caliban trilogy. It can be found here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/ravenwing-ebook.html Master of Sanctity (Legacy of Caliban vol. II) (by Gav Thorpe) Once I have bought and read the Omnibus, I will update this and post my review. The second of the Legacy of Caliban trilogy. It can be found here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/master-of-sanctity-ebook.html. Unforgiven (Legacy of Caliban vol. III) (by Gav Thorpe) Once I have bought and read the Omnibus, I will update this and post my review. The third and concluding part of the Legacy of Caliban trilogy. It can be found here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/the-unforgiven-ebook.html . Lords of Caliban anthology (by Gav Thorpe) An anthology of Dark Angel quick reads and short stories. It ties into the Legacy of Caliban series, and has now been released as part of the Legacy of Caliban Omnibus, which renders this particular anthology obsolete. It contains the following six quick reads & short stories: Accept No Failure Grand Master Belial deliberates his failure on Piscina IV against the Great Beast, Gharzaghkull Thraka, and debates whether to cut the losses of Dark Angels and simply order Exterminatus on the planet. He is aided by Asmodai, who is suitably psychotic and as always entirely unreliable. The portrayal of both Belial and Asmodai is suitably Gav Thorpe-ish, in that they are caricatures of supposedly brilliant military leaders, who are raked by self-doubt and unable to reach a decision. This does not apply to Asmodai, who is simply a far gone madman, who wants to see the galaxy burn. I am not a fan the portrayal of either. Azrael also has a showing, and he is done considerably better than either of the other two. Also available here as an audio drama: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/accept-no-failure-mp3.html. Holder of the Keys One of the Fallen is compelled to relive his memories of the fall of Caliban. The voice acting is good, even if the story is very short and seems to be without bearing to an overarching story line. It is interesting solely for the view it provides on what it is to be on the receiving end of an interrogation… Also available here as an audio drama: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/holder-of-the-keys-mp3.html. A Hunt in the Dark It is the tale of Sammaels ascension to the rank of Grand Master of the Ravenwing, and the trial he is subjected to, prior to him being affirmed in that august office. Though written by Gav Thorpe, it is actually not half-bad, and is one of his better pieces of Dark Angel fiction. I am luke warm about it, but mainly that is because it is written by Gav Thorpe, which makes for there being oddities in how one would conduct a military organization…even if it is in the far future, and we have space ships, and magic and daemons… It can be found here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/a-hunt-in-the-dark-ebook.html Honour of the Third Details the very early exploits of Belial, where he is evidently not the same insecure, angst ridden leader, that shows up in “The Purging of Kadillus”. It is a very short read, and is as easily forgettable as it is read. It can be found here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/honour-of-the-third-ebook.html Battle-Brothers Hunting through the bowls of a space station, the Ravenwing face some hard choices. I have read somewhere, that what happens in this story is set during the first few chapters of “Ravenwing”. It is ok, and might make more sense, if one had read “Ravenwing”. It can be found here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/battle-brothers-ebook.html. All Must End Tying in with the Legacy of Caliban trilogy, it details a librarian trying to glean clues from the warp, whilst the major players of the Dark Angels watch over him. Though written by Thorpe, it is not half bad, and I found it sufficiently interesting. Not his worst work by far. It can be found here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/lords-of-caliban-ebook.html. The novels “Ravenwing”, “Master of Sanctity” and “Unforgiven”, as well as the anthology Lords of Caliban, have all been released as the Legacy of Caliban omnibus, available here: http://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/legacies-of-caliban-ebook.html. As far as I can tell, it is cheapest to buy on Amazon Prime. Rage of Asmodai (by C.Z. Dunn) Another C.Z. Dunn piece. I am not entirely sure how this one fits in with the rest of the Mr. Dunn's Dark Angels-storyline, but it was a fun, if too brief, tale of a number of Relictor Space Marines being aided by the infamous Chaplain Asmodai, trying to retrieve an artifact, whilst Asmodai wants a certain black armoured traitor Space Marine. Though it is not the best piece of fiction from Dunn's hand, the audio drama was well enough crafted to be entertaining. If you have a few pennies to spare, there are certainly worse purchases to be made out there. The audio drama is available here: https://www.blacklibrary.com/all-products/the-rage-of-asmodai-mp3.html. War of Secrets (by Phil Kelly) I have not heard particularly good things about this book - but nor have I read it. If I ever get my grubby hands on it, I will update this review. That said and done, this is all I have been able to find. Happy reading! Kind regards, Master Ciaphas
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