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Old Heresy conversions from the old GW site

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I was searching for more conversion ideas for my army, because I feel I need to make some more, when I found this thread on Reddit, with those pics. They came from the old GW site (Australian version?), around 2006- 2007, more or less. There are some really interesting ideas just using plastic Astartes, with changes or even with no changes at all. Others were more elaborate, but still nowadays are amazing.

In that time, existed very few FW kits for Horus Heresy. And depending of the date, they didn't exist at all!


Damn, suddenly I felt too old. 17 years ago!






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I remember in the early days, I saw lots of dreadnought knee pads being used for cataphractii terminator conversions.  So much creativity back then, obviously out of necessity. As much as the new kits are great, some times I feel the hobby has become slightly 'manufactured'.

Great find though!

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