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  1. Welcome to the thread: I'm hopefully going to post up a combination of my homebrew Lore for the regiment, modelling/converting logs and guides, and painted models showcases featuring troopers, officers, grenadiers and vehicles. Just to keep things on-topic, let's keep it restricted to Rogue Trader Imperial Guard for the moment. I had imperial guard models since 2nd edition; I got into the hobby via having a copy of the old Rogue Trader 40k Compilation which had the first Genestealer cult articles and lists in it and the brood brother models made with 1st ed Imperial Guardsmen really appealed to me. They weren't available however- apparently the moulds got broken. So I started off with some Cadian models and collected a medium-sized (at the time) force. Some time in my teens, Warhammer World opened and I was extremely happy to discover I could mail order things- even RT era things- in the shop. So I ordered a load of the metal RT era troopers- the ones with poseable arms. Eventually I worked out which ones I liked best and narrowed down my force exclusively to the models sculpted by Mark Copplestone. There was something about the heavy look of the armour and boots in his sculpts that appealed to me. I originally had all my RT guard painted in the same ice/urban blue-black and blue-grey scheme I'd had my cadians in, which was pretty similar to the original RT IG colour scheme. Sometime a couple of years in I decided I didn't like that any more and went with a scheme inspired by the enemy marines in the massively influential video game Half-Life; at the time I think I must have put several thousand hours into that game. There's one trooper in particular that pretty much just is the beret guy from HL. That scheme has persisted to the present, although very few of the original models have survived unmolested: fairly early on, I decided to ditch the RT era lasguns, which is a decision I'm still happy about, as it happens, and make autoguns for the troops as similar to the MP5 submachineguns and shotguns that the HL marines had as I could make them. This is the decision that put me where I ended up now- that is, saddled with a self-imposed directive to convert pretty much every trooper. Each autogun is converted from a RT bolter, a length of space marine power axe or chainsword handle and the magazine and barrel from a necromunda autopistol. Pretty work intensive, but not a bad go at the mp5 while still keeping some recogniseable 40k features. The shotguns are from the same necromunda weapon set as the atuopistols, but cut down a little. Having comitted to converting all the guns, it wasn't long before I was converting all the arms too: I'd already done a lot of head swaps due to there being only four basic Copplestone trooper sculpts -and two of those needing some heavy converting just to make them 'standard'. Things just sort of snowballed from there. I'll show some more detailed stuff about why this all is if people are interested, as well as how I do it, I guess. I reckon there's a rich vein of posts to be mined to get where I have the troops today, which is a long distance indeed from where they were. I'm going to say right here in the first post that this will be a thread I update slowly: I don't get a lot of time for modelling and painting anymore on the one hand, and on the other I want to comment on modelling and converting individual troopers because that's the kind of thread I like best and I want to create something I would like to see myself. Please feel free to make requests and offer comment; I'd really appreciate it. In the meanwhile, here are some 'action' shots of my guardsmen, mostly set up for Apologist's 'War of the false Primarch' collaborative blog, which you should definitely check out if you haven't. Thanks everyone
  2. It's finally time to start a thread here in B&C too, brethren. My loyalist splinter of XIV Legio Astartes, known as the Echoes of Eisenstein, is a labour of love that has now taken three years and lost all brakes a while back. When I got hold of my first Betrayal at Calth set, the path to damnation was set and I knew I had to go and start a whole army of truescaled marines. There would be no respite. There would be no models left unconverted. There would be only chopping and the laughter of ever growing mountains of grey soldiers waiting for their day. Inspired by Veteran Sergeant on DakkaDakka, the spiral into endless cuts and lenghtenings had begun. From so humble a beginning... https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/cxICLMQF8jr-Chm6sB_J4aXblfYqaEzYBsJ2k9Gc1NWiLbuoKvXLQvFOkMQ-hvNDA4yIzd1GABb6mrHXpiSKKQgQ7pL416dN2O5evQCZUuH7ni4O2l2z1fuSjmetKXD8_gaqeBPmCQlrzUlZKVghYNf7ILpwJyPR5YgS09srBpq30io8he9pjrklTKPBGsY8vqPltPUJn1h5ylmGu6PfztbuC3gwSRbcbvdd8q4EVA7dAaXavFEiM1Gx33J9n6yhYIX8rvIhsjtt83GovbT0XyRY1kBRwOb20kNbU2IxGmyQhb7BYfQSVaxeDfodfysz-kTpSKreino_UsLkzBIwZPkWbZNqN6Jb9fZ0mSfxyMYApIYH88HZrVC5zkQncqVsOZJypjt9eoP8f5WaZnaSSwYurw4Bhzc9xVu5_vXf1YOQPc5GD498D3sEUkgFjQpPLgKjO5c8EceDm8JW5vplLaZaK_diDdthqNd_jh732HkNSs1QT5Q6F-0wdu3TAN2fmHXPDD_WYb9fnBxTaAD0nI6bqv6C64z9Ht1hWvXHCTCnIBpwjoUXUM4VxkktYDTyuNAQnSbQEdt95HV2Qd4kO6syiYOFRBYYwxK7lJQC9i3W7cRgvTrU=w1625-h914-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-nAJFauMlF32XU_l84vwul0467NkVzlz7hDszZllum2-Tvx_0d1zqAR_uu5H8JopFYqQ3DNO9Wedalvi6oHwyhEQdxuG1c8Y3Jcdg_NpQUxvDqB7k0Q24FKBvpc9oDBM4sGx23EO2kGsqKFyC6zBuK3emH-zsiF7FCYNn5MdbZM71cWnsT0dX8voaotIeHnwQrDKRV9Tr-jenA38Mi8TM9zTR4i2eWPtFKLa2DpBsrDGT9-et8c1hWlVv1UtJM5U9Z_uVxrUMbXmQOHj86355ju8Kye7JWWnUdc5bJ3TmIT7ZipKvs3KzZoDTXDuhQPZ6U0Ky1ex4XKvfvf4u4Ij2iffLzS8_50Llfl--ve4I0KMe_9ECAAfdAQMJLpWL4zK1qeSyQn_Y_JS_REI2gClSG1kK_A2F6VvcMr_NgI_rs_NRLSDdmghTLiCGDof42wbYjDT1V0VmUusiv4K2p614tqOSCnyDHm0LfHZMu2BCYRsbDl_stWYzxlNIxflv37vWjhLzrGRG6iBdBaPxeJMOw-7a5qyTA-Y32hyUzuIWFfS8UQnR6KYyl7E_8b0V_4-DpdSgtpyuPo91slwtbTnDmox1dAmKWFjxGLhOCVFEGiidx8e27dwq4qhMbZNehi3ZmSQxSegwuwJFy7bkEdcsXQ7z4oXnQe8nYruKuirsg=w1625-h914-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/ljVjnlg5qVR09YTlMNXicoVr5qg8jiaUcSTvlQEUZXezj-va7HJnQQSt8bnmo_Rv860Jd2mTlKIJ8aKnnM2m2bxegQNee_Utw-iTKuLLOeaBq5t8jZIQ06skAA4mz80FywqO4yWx3OJoYRiKUk2IkpS0YVOa6mK12uWMwf44tsfx13W1V-emxNegOf-vdbAy43ZmQFKNyh4GOxRnF-4qe82k4136rRFxdMN09rrqrOVPLDYkWg2s0z6HnvexWmDVzH7-bbXBcgO93RyNExHeqk2ygQGFyTszItT3MAETmPVnHAPYuuQnW9ECphbl2mZ-yFs6t4ZCT3r3rWOAcDA9SeqgJ6BVeVkM9aog2sdJVw3Ub7hwOQvNTIdOZRIbyCRi78fCnVk0KcnzeEC_aznnXn9uTTg4baiTh99Zjb_ZYxATJmSA4ILACMPMn_UjRxauU08Bh9vWFSsn-hCSrdk9QAh52tvn2qXeudvHBvdc93ZnWOWBTRkVbyD7els41huAEDst1mc8xnkwTxigOKPYrFZFAEEMUMmLBaYJ3AJS4cPL626S0vhat0I2li54pSfGzC6FMMgSL0lapvPiDrO__PdYYTSdQdnyLsz5wqPaxgIKFfKMzlItUHulN7rYlW2bthgLKuLqK222hTioSl2VyW3YVp-Juo_qzU85qVe78g=w515-h914-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/FfNn4GofoxtjCHkpAPCZZRqyHUtiuZk_xIvS-GuCo9m0B22ekmnVFgJX_F03lHjQt2pQVneFxqp5Ta0M1-dR22gQYo7Q3DKRAXN53pI-3vdRmikWOoAAlSa-Q2VYuQMFZdA5M3OAK2ZPsD9H_e0XjqH533B8ZvMPGQr3LUZnk4R4rPXVnlAv3djj_h4atMRgS-omODYiwKk_WPWX0S-sztxwAd76iFsioYP5ESm9UPvfXWepdbjyjbiOEEWtlcU-kMe4DwtK4hcDkBhO2BF7cuXLB3zIe8uNu3Uo0AJxGdM1Xd67SRSH7otj8X18zqGCRkDE6bzep6EO7Nxqj6fF2TpmZjDZ39XyuFskelCkLV8Ip-KUoMuxzCue78JkXw5urKCR7Oi4FiFvSyf6QEyZ0XVn3B_L6tYACl0PzmjcAiSlU3amZow7kL-5vqjPsVqTdk_pGcdoEngC5zVVn8FpanViXpaz3ZMk_h2GV18K7OdWB3Vk44qNgxi1EJrSol5YFitJeU2O6MUFRAgALk_wRN_tcA2jz6mFzlkTigN2Fi2I5uojwmIqJEaqj4QOF9Nz3LnqJHbTA67rBFth8_3sGiyqfJdSa7rSRYDtWTnBKPsG-lBU4NaWXgKZc1e5lBcxfGifN8rDk7RKasJjz1b727u2w15KDvJBtZk=w1632-h918-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/LpSJW1UewQahBTvUubEPOGufqNde3DrCzbAO-34IcWKpn69yEDBGI1Xxder6c-5le6s7SFvC69EqKtVTzzFg9k5YYMCTVR_r2gbaA0oM8agFQcyWTpwFEC-ojRnSDqjSjBklrhwq2Lq2Ue76eoqfufWVID2TEIOUEfphUdk35HWU7gTp94YPN4wf5e2C6MpW0W3DOqItwEXVH5dKLvzzTaIiNnYKbenXfazdqm7i1IOdOMO59cL4ki1aIQPkxb-X61wP7hNo58S7cJd7NVGYsdXFol6C00va5ULlKXyjjftp7wetcvB7ED0XCJMCOGhRvWrR4ccTkqlA8uw9YC8vRJRiddmBs48e8QMCz9ytp1VxJt_-ecVS0tVm6fJKlqs-efPZ8TM0LnaFkFUAD8H64PcP_ioflWI3AoUEdZnzP4zOKmXZayQWH76ERecagvG9bkqkqQZM0BrUA4z4de3HI6h4JdWyTI4sDKQqd4DM5zVKSsb_oZYmpglVgxqasPOchh9nM2d-9HsuCWSWpXyV8bEXosnnZmZ28WiWs4bhTtuHgTmhzfIA2sMKeF_ExAGAu0AMufC6ORxabyWqJAzUyjt9e1dFib-GOLAtpXdWsXCWLFvEBMf7CAOLoEE1BJRuGfRtdO2VMzFzCiffO0hPy2c2jfeUVVU5=w728-h912-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/gcyv841-Vo-snwW5vW0Yj72WWAUNWff_PKGD0IQnLP5FRNrKZAvrp6kd2OnX3yom07AkEX2ovnkiBLxC11iXGU-oQId377wmPOgoObXUMuAbHsK7lWyLbc9vpDkp45YcwdfrIScmlxlmXLBPquRLJ3k4ERIvC8C49gAlqF3pMDmOOFb-AfSZBz5_3KrGctIfbaRWbawdjMFvEqnkl_We8Q9EU-xpGQDma5-3wLB2cdgK0wb8cYummfvu5gtbxu8EbkkYLs9ny5ssv2OUWfLgS6cIQHKYZMNoTTU_89e28qpB-IVVrswCxS1PUn-gpMnYoiaEW0HNkmHffHuzAf-BUjhT6OUcl-_mIU60MXtejA7uEVcyB6rGnPakpPFX7hScwA9djIthR4rbOMicAmPKYrc0rZHQ6el9XuuRRw-aihDgUu7roxHzIc0CxaeDK47wiVpbGTKHNG5trC-_dtV_29oYwOcu6qX7uVLyaGkCIAlhvm804lXVdQVi0QGPhkZFviOKDNfe1_OJGzWs3h61qDAAkG23gh9QtDJb_Iqir3YwUCe7blZ2Axr6cjP8gpm5lk__MQZ_cqrl1tmSnCyMuR3_isetKvC4e-efQxss4GRBIFGguq4AtywTNTSfUthNqClLWLmV4Ak9yNzD1YRv7SBZR8lhKgk6=w770-h912-no ...we arrive to the present, three years later. https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019346-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019345-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019348-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019349-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019347-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG https://images.dakkadakka.com/gallery/2019/7/24/1019335-30k%2C%20Astartes%2C%20Death%20Guard%2C%20Space%20Marines%2C%20Warhammer%2040%2C000.JPG With even an eager new recruit trying to sneak into the comparison picture! So, welcome to gawk at my insanity where I'll ever so slowly go through the same process with the rest of the 150+ guys I have either unbuilt or unstripped from previous owners of 5 boxes of Calth and Prospero, scratch tanks from busted Rhino carcasses, learn how to paint through my irrational biases ("dang my steel just looks bad in true metal but brass and copper, yaaaas queen!") and occasionally create piles of terrain out of ice cream boxes and my significant other's diabetes waste. Not even joking there https://www.dakkadakka.com/s/i/at/at2/2018/5/11/29a28eef14b8eb0f1200cee0031753e2_103099.jpg https://www.dakkadakka.com/s/i/at/at2/2018/5/11/1c925d506f8f5859e95907a73260983b_103099.jpg https://www.dakkadakka.com/s/i/at/at2/2018/5/17/94358936b6f1a9b4335b0feb8a17e829_103099.jpg https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/FPST-emK9xkOGZWBmgX0j77STx_FHmDr4R9PPKq1ruYkM4akNPB1hR4AEIQZlgcZuKv3sQURm8LmyYvcGbyGvp3LRuO48LW99v6EHO-9Sf4NOR6fVF2VJM8uF5fRPzUNGtMS-nJdp-tgq3r44dhngVDY7x3w0NWbO99imJpcepVXZ9E5NKBxB7njWNTQomF5ZPpYg34l8_7IoJ9mAB9rFrBTgp-5Ho0LMwmsPxGyZZ9I4X755wnGHe0FulklbM5fdHiGb3I0YHGk1yKHRVmtZwGEQ1yUvV3qz3jAet77cM1mpJRXMi2cizeduIlVPeVxsel1ggz7HtTEjHFtLfiCfYNuJlircb84ZOr-vvotAKtTQI-X-RQlwDI5V2BC82yH5lRG-k1fWqwAGPd4Ha8Flc1QbLAwWlFD-Bpq8qqZIsnlmDpl8080U0UKSlFlaIQfe33ofQhY3FxSC6ApC2hOGQ1-8tFmeANidaWE8HkZqxuCzJVKxdL1k2syYv_dGGv4iZcu6yHbuDucKfimDtHrOFWpZ4rBhX5KJpVnwgNfwW7QC2U9t3FN-I-6_9bRT5K3ywxS95JsC96-uThVmdCFeJ_brH_8EcoEcpinL-2HBXlCyQnZ6CCV48m7a_Yhm4fiQ2PT6G0aTFa4omttKkrlwcbfHBvd2RK8=w1620-h912-no https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/0Ssx4RGNJIAvPYFx6Ok6F5amrVkJ5-jp2_77KnstQVwpc8d-zvOwkfrU_agihKzAJ__BFesdwrgNWH3uiQ08aYNBBlslTbFO43hKTRB72UwAheeq8wDUvJZA7PtOUMQq7ayxHaWGosDcnVkR8Gu6ZCVZQDW5AAZuB5JXSCmmAcNdyPSR3Atm7nEbSJhfMZoALGEfErpSYFYlnPdJfhYmes_dKKeWh5fSv55AUVjaEaKVSCSvH03-HcPu35rwaewFQYA4YgeGdShJrkiwAuK85sDKmxarNaAtO643Alt5uvTBkAv_4qlCBYep6KvPL1k0qmHh5sZHUrOlW0yyeEuKENg-LVnIjb818D8cvJCNzH3VSL-k2nsSKsSSG2e43RST5EQodjkz531viHa_6pfqvvq9vWkIEOiHQT0PtAItHqZ5LhrFJUd3gPS55rOwb1BFUCXfFmpE4IS2m_9TCGNTOX5idXBzpf6VSXKIvubVbuynLxs6HgNiZc1AxvJwtcK1ZYw0t1pPo39KlK_tmrxcVEoRxcAOKZd6jumJ2Ps_bLLSsIHq7deW2e12qkLkeBmAhYlhlg4oE_lDdLGqRfn8FxUY1RwvShQ-uZ_sakqOFt8wjXi0aXxj0jbPUQRkWMIBxqidvaAqtM9pzK68hTQA-JjuwBLnJE9i=w1620-h912-no Count the seven, brethren (and drop a comment while at it, yo!). EDIT: oh blimey, is there a limit how much pictures one post can handle or why did half of them turn to links? Hope those work, at least?
  3. I have a few squads of my Raptors already done but here are ny current projects. Raptors seam fairly popular and I was even inspired to start my own from seeing quite a few raptors armys online. Something about that semi grounded aesthetic on space super soilders just seams right. My backstory for my Raptors army is they are the 15th battle company with an overall focus on air imsersion and air support. This is my Stormtalon conversion to look more like a attack hellicoptor. Not original but i think it turned out well. This is my counts as Deredeo Dreadnought conversion. Its a tad tall but people I play with dont care if its modeling for disadvantage. Some more units Im working on. Finally here is some of my finished units so you can see what the rest of my WIP units will look like.
  4. As said in my vow on the ETL thread http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.p...2368&st=175 I am vowing a 5-man Assault Squad with a Rhino (Power fist, 3 Plasma pistols, Combat shield, Meltabomb, Pintle-mounted Storm bolter and Hunter-killer missile,) and a Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought (Heavy Conversion Beamer, Graviton Gun, Extra Armor, Searchlight, Carapace-mounted Cyclone Missile Launcher and Targeting Augury, from IA: Apocalypse 2nd Edition pages 24-25,) from Codex: Dark Angels of total value 526 points I will update later with a full break down if it is needed (let me know if it's needed.) Here are 3 pics of the units. Edit - I deleted links as Photobucket sucks!!! Sadly lost the three photos...
  5. I'm going to put links to any of my tutorials at the start of this thread for easy navigation. Below this will be the original first post. Greenstuff Smoothing Video Greenstuff Smoothing Video 2 Making capes from tissue Changing model colors in Photoshop A better paint stripper than Simple Green. Let's get this going again. Starting off with the 4 Iron Warriors Chaos Lords I'll be trying to complete for Grotsmasha's Captain Conversion Challenge, one for each chaos god. First up, Maesteros, follower of Slaanesh and the path of martial perfection. http://i.imgur.com/v8JToIv.jpg Parts list so far is finecast legs from the beaky Sternguard, Khorne Berzerker torso with the lower beltbuckle area cut away and replaced with a length of plastic tubing to elongate the abdomen, Mark IV Maximus helm from Red Scorpions veteran upgrade pack, and a chaos marine left arm. The crest has been removed from the helm and armor studs added to differentiate it somewhat from the loyalist version. Unlike what the fluff tells us about Chaos Marines, I think they would all be scavenging any loyalists they killed, and there will be parts from all over the various marine kits that I own used in these conversions to reflect that. http://i.imgur.com/dbUXWpA.jpg More GS work on the legs and foot, and I removed the studs from the leg because they looked like crap and replaced them with the same .05 rivets I used on the helm. I like the bigger armor studs anyway. I tried to modify the face plate of the helmet to bulk it up a bit make the eye area look more sinister, but after a few days of looking at it now, I'm not sure if I like it. http://i.imgur.com/WDEpdpQ.jpg Finally getting around to decorating the chest. Small cuts from a strip of plastic half-round for the anchor points of the tubes, which will be covered up later with GS. Hooray for the tube making tool! Also, tip of the hat to Darth Potato for showing me the picture that inspired the chest decorations: http://i.imgur.com/hsDcdWU.jpg Evolution of the polearm he's using: http://i.imgur.com/IMyQpjP.jpg http://i.imgur.com/oBU0K0k.jpg It was originally way too long, so I shortened it up and changed the angle that it sits at, but it might still be a bit too long. Still have no idea what to do for the right arm. Next up is Borgestus, follower of Nurgle, and a few shots of trial poses for him: http://i.imgur.com/kuwvKnw.jpghttp://i.imgur.com/nIJcvRa.jpg I really wanted a two-handed pose, but it's proving to be a lot more difficult than I thought it would be, thanks to the bulkiness of the terminator armor, so it will probably be the second pose or maybe another variation. I've also done a lot of work on building a new torso for this guy, and I'll try to have progress pictures of that posted later today. Parts list as shown is loyalist termie legs (because the chaos termie legs all look HORRIBLE), chaos termie toso, and GK head and arms. As of now, the torso front is from a GK and has been chopped up and modified quite a lot. Last, is Varko, follower of the Blood God. I originally thought of giving him a very still and static pose to contrast the raging fury most Khorne marines are modeled with, but most of the Four are already going to be posed like that, and what can I say? I love action poses. So, going way back to the hallowed antiquity of 40k for the inspiration: http://i.imgur.com/ppc34uB.jpg I've always liked that art for the sense of frenetic motion it imparts, and I think GW tried to capture that feel with their plastic berzerkers and failed miserably. Instead of this, we got marines with ork hands that looked like they're ice skating. My rough sketch of Varko: http://i.imgur.com/E1eNPL9.jpg The right arm has no hand on it because I'm going to have to do a lot of work on it to get the pose I'm wanting, but I stuck it on there to check the overall balance of the figure. My first idea was to give him twin lightning claws, but, I gotta be honest, it's a real pain in the butt trying to get a pose with those things that doesn't look goofy, aside from the Wolverine pose with the hands out to the side, of which there have already been several figures from GW with that pose and I didn't want to replicate it. Instead, he'll be hefting two power axes and my bits order for the second one should be here in a few days. Parts list is loyalist assault legs (because the khorne berzerker ones suck and they've never made a good replacement for chaos), chaos torso that may or may not change, right arm from BA Death Company, left arm from FW Red Scorpion veteran upgrade pack, and head from FW Khorne Berzerker upgrade pack with the Ears of Khorne™ removed, and the axe is from a one of the Chosen in the Dark Vengeance box set. As always, thanks for looking. -BCK
  6. Hello Friends, One of my fist Space Wolves Army was the 13th Company from way back in the day. I loved the mixed armor of Space Wolves and CSM, plus it was the first time Wulfen were introduced. I tend to enjoy modeling and painting quite a bit, and it often opens up opportunities to get what I want out of an army on the painting table and battle board. I just bought and began assembling Wulfen for my army and discovered many extra heads, arms, shoulder pads and weapons. So with the new and old bits out of one box of Wulfen I got ten to play with. Here are the conversations and I’ll post updated as I get more of the army done.
  7. Welcome to the bits database dedicated to the Blood Angels! As I'm sure you're all aware, Blood Angels (Chapter and their Successor) players currently live in a time where Games Workshop and Forge World offer a wealth of bits and pieces for that all important conversion and/or kitbash. These can be purchased on their respective websites, popular auction websites or bits resellers. However, for those who want the cheaper option or who want something more unique, what about the third party sources out there? The list below is for that. Whenever you find something suitable for Faction: Blood Angels please reply below and I'll update the thread (and add it to the Resources Page). [Disclaimer] Please note that anything to with recasters will be removed with extreme prejudice. Head Anvil Industry - Spartan Helmet - helmet, power armour Shapeways - Blood Drop Face Masks Blood Drop Helm and Hammer - Chaplain bits Shapeways - Sanguine Angels Helmets - Firstborn and Primaris compatible Spellcrow - Scouts Heads (bald) Spellcrow - Scouts Heads (long hair) Torso Cults3d (STL flies) - Sanguine Angel Torso and Heads - Primaris upgrades Kromlech - Prime Legionaries Robed Bodies - Primaris Shapeways - Muscle Torso for Space Knights - Sanguinary Guard torsos Shapeways - Prime Sanguine Angel Muscle Torsos - Primaris upgrades Legs Kromlech - Space Legionary running Legs - Power Armour Mk III alternative Kromlech - Scouts Legs Arms TBCShoulders Chapter Customizer - Blood Buzzsaw Pad - Flesh Tearers, power armour Chapter Customizer - Bleeding Heart Pad - Lamenters, power armour Kromlech - Legionary Shoulder Pads Cranium Pattern - Firstborn and Primaris compatible Mastercrafted - Chequered Shoulderpads - Lamenters, power armour Mastercrafted - Chequered Veteran Shoulderpads - Lamenters, power armour Shapeways - Blood Drop Embellished Shoulder Pads Shapeways - Blood Drop with Trim Shoulder Icons Shapeways - Buzzsaw Shoulder Pad Icons - Flesh Tearers Shapeways - Fanged Teeth Shoulder Icons - Flesh Eaters Shapeways - Sanguine Angel Emblem for Shoulder Pads Shapeways - Sanguine Angels Veteran Shoulder Pads - Firstborn and Primaris compatible Combat Weapons Anvil Industry - Chainaxe Anvil Industry - Chainglaive Conversion World - Myriad of combat weaponry Kromlech - Legionary Chainsword Kromlech - Rippers - large chainswords Spellcrow - Space Knights Doublesaw Weapons - Alternative double chainsword Ranged Weapons Anvil Industry - Exo-Lord hellfire cannon - heavy flamer Anvil Industry - fusion cannon - melta gun Anvil Industry - fusion pistol - inferno pistol Kromleck - Legionary heavy flamers Kromlech - Legionary thunder gun with side-barrel magma rifle - combi-melta Equipment Shapeways - roman shields with shield arm - Breacher/Storm Shields Spellcrow - Space Knights Jump Packs ver. 2 Victoria Miniatures - Riot Shields - Breacher/Storm Shields Zinge Industries - Riot Shields - Breacher/Storm Shields Artillery Bitspudlo - Fortifications catalogue - various Tarrantula platform, Razorback compatible Kromlech - Legionary Sentry Gun (Twin Heavy Flamer) - Tarrantula platform, Razorback compatible Kromlech - Legionary Sentry Gun (Twin Heavy Thunder Gun) - Tarrantula platform, Razorback compatible Kromlech - Legionary Sentry Gun (Twin Lascannon) - Tarrantula platform, Razorback compatible Kromlech - Legionary Sentry Gun (Twin Minigun) - Tarrantula platform, Razorback compatible PDCGaming - Tracked Gun/Weapons Platform - Rapier alternative Vehicle bits Chapter Customizer - Bleeding Heart Tank Doors - Lamenters, Rhino chassis, Land Raider chassis Chapter Customizer - Blood Buzzsaw Tank Doors - Flesh Tearers, Rhino chassis, Land Raider chassis Puppetswar - Turrets - various Razorback turret options Transfers Chapter Customizer - Bleeding Heart Decal - Lamenters, transfers Chapter Customizer - Bleeding Heart Stencil - Lamenters, airbrush stencil Chapter Customizer - Blood Buzzsaw Decal - Flesh Tearers, transfers Chapter Customizer - Blood Buzzsaw Stencil - Flesh Tearers, airbrush stencil Miscellaneous Chapter Customizer - Blood Buzzsaw Icon Set - Flesh Tearers icons Scribor - Archangel - Sanguinor/Sanguinius alternative Shapeways - Red Angels and Successors catalogue - Lots of stuff Shapeways - Smash Captain Kit Wargame Exclusive - Imperial Blood Master - Dante alternative Wargame Exclusive - Imperial Death Lord - Mephiston alternative Wargame Exclusive - Imperial Blood Smash Captain 1 Wargame Exclusive - Imperial Blood Smash Captain 2
  8. Hey all, After a few months using BnC, and a few threads that I started but never really had the motivation to update regularly (normally because they involved armies with difficult or time-consuming paint schemes) I've decided to cut down my posting to just two threads: This one, for my Iron Warriors, and a soon-to-be-made WIP General thread. I'm keeping this IW thread separate because they're bloody easy to paint, and it'll help motivate me to actually create a usable and fully painted army. Hopefully I can give these guys some fluff too. Models here will hopefully be kitbashed/slightly converted to make unique and interesting models. I plan to make Iron Warriors for both 30k and 40k, hopefully making newer versions of characters as various fates befall them and time passes. Some of these men will turn out loyalist, others renegade and others again full blown chaos worshipping traitors. As the models come so will the fluff. Kicking off this thread with Narik Dreygur, a model I got as a one off and enjoyed painting so much that it inspired me to start painting and building more of the IVth legion. And a Veteran Sergeant who I've named Morticus Ghaul And a picture of both together: Let me know what you think with a comment, thanks for reading
  9. Surprise is an insubstantial blade, a sword worthless in war. It breaks when troops rally. It snaps when commanders hold the line. But fear never fades. Fear is a blade that sharpens with use. So let the enemy know we come. Let their fears defeat them as everything falls dark. As the world's sun sets...As the city is wreathed in its final night... Let ten-thousand howls promise ten-thousand claws. The Night Lords are coming, and no soul that stands against us shall see another dawn. The War Sage Malcharion Hi everybody! I thought it's only appropriate to kick this thread off with a quote from Malcharion, since the Night Lords trilogy is one of the reasons why I came back to 40k. I've spent the last couple years building a modest force (I'm a terribly slow painter) and lurking around on this board, but now I've decided that I might as well join in on the fun. To give you an idea of what my Night Lords look like, here's some stuff I've finished recently. My MkIII squad, led by a still unnamed champion: And two Obliterators, the Eisenfresser: I managed to get my hands on some Gorgons a while back and I have to say, they are lovely miniatures. Naturally I just had to convert/corrupt one of them, which led to this fella: Warpsmith Hadur Cobannus Mars Ultor of the Ghoul Stars I hope you like them. There's more to come. INVENTARIUM Raptor Squad "Sol Invictus" - July 13th, 2016 Ceratus Knight Acheron - August 5th, 2016 Lord on Juggernaut - November 15th, 2016 Maulerfiend - January 17th, 2017 Headsman of Malal - April 26th, 2017 Terror Squad "Profugum" - September 2017 Warpsmith Hadur - January 2019 Terminator Lord Varkaus - July 2019 Hellforged Contemptor - August 2019 Sicaran Battle Tank - February 2020 Emissary Ostisoi - March 2020
  10. I have a simple question and this might be the wrong sub-forum for it... but 'ere goes. In GW events would it be verboten for me to proxy Bloodletters with armor plates and tower shields as Plaguebearers or greenstuff'd Khornish-blood-slime creatures as Nurglings? The idea would be to maintain a mono-Khorne theme daemon army while having access to some of the utility from other Chaos gods.
  11. Hey everyone! So I've decided I'm solidly in the Iron Wolves great clan. I love the armored assault approach and it fits my play-style. So what I'm planning on doing is converting up some Implusors so they have some of the appearing of Viking Ships! So, I am planning on taking the shields and throwing them up on Impulsor's sides. I plan on running my Impulsors with the invlun shield and I think this will represent the invuln save pretty well. I know I will have to green stuff pelts and other trophies on the Impulsors as well. What about maybe green-stuffing some sort of wolfy battering ram on the front as they will be charging enemy units as well to soak over watch. Anyone else have any ideas?
  12. Hi all! I'm a looong time lurker. To keep things short, I'm back into the hobby after a 10-year hiatus. I was collecting Warhammer Orcs, but I was always looking at WH 40k with interest. So much so, that when I started my Translation career, after much talk and praying to the True Pantheon (and sending three chapters to the editor in charge) I got hired to translate both Blood Reaver and Void Stalker in Spanish. I also sent Aaron D-B the Talos drawing you see in my avatar (and which got featured on his blog). So yeah, I am a fan, heh. The bad thing was that I hated how badly the standard minis looked in comparison to the artwork in Codexes and stuff. Until this year. So, after waiting weeks and weeks trying to see if I could resist the temptation of returning to the hobby, I ended up getting the Chaos half of Shadowspear. Anyway, onto the minis. Actually, most of the pictures that I will share the next few days are a bit outdated (been working on this for months already, so there are lots of WIPS). EDIT: Yesterday was quite late when I posted these (and had to re-attach links thrice due to my n00bieness...) and I didn't mention why is it that minis are primed partially. Well, that is because of me slacking for months and waiting until the very last day of Berlin summer to prime these. But then I wasn't entirely happy with some conversions and decided to keep working on them. I know this is sloppy . Here is my Master of Executions conversion: It is based on one of Shadowspear's Oblits. It was too cool a faceplate to not use! Cutting it and making it fit with the back of an old kit helmet was a pain in the butt-armor. I had to use quite a lot of greenstuff, but took the occasion to add some cool cabling as well. I added some cool features, like a rare take on the Legion symbol (made with a piece of a back pack and an Undead shield) and some customized faulds (those are part of an undead horse armor!). I also went for an expert swordman take for this model. A bit of a tribute to Xarl. However, I wanted to go a one step ahead (no pun intended) and added a pair of clawed feet from the new Havocs kit. I love them! You will see that they will feature heavily in my conversions. So, let's move into another mini. Some sort of Honor Guard for my Chaos Lord: Just some detail of the GS work on the leg. Mark V isn't enough represented in the new kit! Here you can see a WIP of the halberd and the converted axe arm from the Master of Executions. I added a custom Legion symbol. I quite like how the Venomcrawler's tongue looks in this skull. The vambrace is also converted. Loooots of Chaos iconography filling was done in my minis. Halberd finished! I am happy with the bone part of the haft. Let's pretend that it's what remains of the previous owner of his helmet (which I customized extensively - I have actually added some Mark V spikes on the forehead, but no pics yet). Here you can see the breastplate with more detail. I went for a modified Mark IV look. The umprimed plastic comes from the Blood Warriors box. Instead of using the whole piece, I cut the relevant details separately. The helmet fangs come from one of the weapons of the Shadowspear Oblits. [/url] And finally (for tonight) an early, outdated version of his backpack. I felt that Oxidious Malex' was a bit lackluster and tiny (specially for such a big model - he's Primaris-sized!), so I added some more bulk. Ave Dominus Nox!
  13. Since the release of the new Space Marine codex and the Raven Guard supplement, I feel like space marines have been given a new lease on life. Right before 8th Edition was announced I had decided to start a true-scale project for a new army, and had settled on the Raptors, as the rules they had from Forge World at the tail end of 7th edition were fun and fluffy; and I had always been drawn to the lore of the chapter as a fun contrast to some of the more outrageous concepts in the setting. Once the images surfaced of the the scale of the Primaris Marines, I realized true-scaling was going to be a lot easier than I thought. I began slowly building the force, but didn't get much beyond putting the models together from Dark Imperium before becoming immensely discouraged with the rules of any Space Marine chapter other than Ultramarines. Fast forward to the Shadowspear box set and now this new codex, and I have purchased my tickets on the hype train. My intention is to build, paint, and play a force of Raptors representing the 5th Battle Company. I'm going to have it hew as closely to the codex disposition of a standard Battle Company as much as is reasonable; six Battleline squads, two Fire Support squads, two Close Support squads, and a command staff of one captain and two lieutenants, along with support staff from the Librarius and the Apothecarion. This will be a very infantry heavy force, to represent the fighting style of the Raptors: long term forward infiltration of heavy equipment as well as crew and support sections that then can support heavy infantry shock assaults, focusing on decapitation strikes and the swift reduction of the command and control capabilities of the enemy forces. The following images showcase the almost completed portions of the force, mostly the Battleline squads and the command section. Also, apologies if this is not the place to be posting this, as I figured my fellow followers of Corax would get the biggest kick out of this progress log! First up is the members of the command staff that I consider finished, except for a few minor touch-ups. Two lieutenants, each usually charged with leading a demi-company, and the Apothecary assigned to the company. I'm still deciding on whether or not he should have company markings to match the rest of the force. Next is the unfinished fellows from the command staff, the Captain and the Librarian. Both still need more paint as well as decals and to have thier bases finished. These three big boys are the first fire support squad, deployed in Centurion armor. They may not look like it, but a lot of conversion work went into these models, both in order to make them taller so that they would still scale well with primaris sized marines, and to have a sleeker, more exoskeleton feel than standard centurions. All the following images are of the battleline squads, 3 in phobos armor deployed as infiltrators, and three in tacticus armor deployed as intercessors. I still need one more infiltrator squad before these are all done, and I am finishing up the third intercessor squad. They just need decals. I've made some good progress, especially considering this has been a few years now, but I still have a ways to go. I'm still finishing up the rest of the Shadowspear box, and I'm hoping that one of the holiday box sets has phobos marines in it. Once I have those parts and an Invictor, I think I'll have all the models that I'll need, and it'll just be time to finish them all. Emperor give me strength!
  14. Firstly, just wanted to say I'm pumped about the new Primaris models GW announed, they suit the Raptors perfectly! I fully intend to buy the Shadowspear battlebox and incorporate them all into the army. Vanguard Space Marines could potentially replace Scouts, and the Vanguard Librarian and Eliminators would all fit the Raptors theme. The other thing I've been doing is converting all non-Primaris characters/units using existing Primaris models and I'll post the photos here as I finish them. I'm trying to put a bit of a story together that justifies collecting any of the unique units from the various Space Marine armies, but painting all as one chapter - The Raptors. Whilst the green/camo colour scheme will pull them all together, the key will be to keep the different detachments visually distinct enough, so that there isn't an issue if I ever play in tournaments. The below army list has detachments of Raven Guard, Deathwatch and Blood Angels, though I'll play with other lists that also incorporate Dark Angels and Space Wolves units I want to collect too. I'll be calling the army 'Task Force Green', after the JSOC nickname for Delta Force (and appropriate considering their Green power armour). They will be representing the Raptors 6th Company, led by Captain Kaedes. Also known as 'Reasonable Marines', the Raptors are a Raven Guard successor that use actual camouflage, sneaking, and tactics, rather than running at the enemy painted in bright colours. As a Chapter, the Raptors have been nearly rendered extinct multiple times, but have learned to adapt to changing circumstances so well that they have flourished where other Chapters would simply have had their names added to the ranks of the fallen. They're almost always deployed as individual task forces or kill teams and the Raptors' Chapter culture is one that is very wary of the idea of martial glory or honour, instead preferring pragmatism, adaptability and completion of the mission over all other concerns. This pragmatism and adaptability has led to the Raptors utilising multiple fighting styles that deviate from the Codex Astartes, and when combined with their natural preference for working in task forces and kill teams, has led to the adoption of many of the tactics utilised by other chapters. Returning Deathwatch veterans in particular have added to the organisational intelligence, providing proven methods of incorporating diverse tactics and specialised skillsets within small kill teams. Likewise, the Corvus Corax gene curse of the Raven Guard has led to special formations of Shadow Killers (Moruturi/Moritats). To represent this, I plan on running as a Blood Angels detachment to represent their suicidal fighting style. The parallels between the Death Company and Moritats are definitely present and I plan on giving them an appropriate amount of grim/death related iconography (thanks ITvyper for the suggestion). For the Raptors, the Primaris Space Marines are an evolution of the work undertaken by Primarch Corax after the drop site massacre, where he secured the original primarch DNA (for all 20 primarchs) from the emperor to try and remake his legion. The resulting Astartes, though lacking combat experience, were even more capable than typical Raven Guard Space Marines and were assigned the name "Raptors". Unfortunately, Alpha Legion operatives within the Raven Guard stole a sample of the pure Primarch gene stock and contaminated the remainder with a virus tainted with daemonic essence. The next cadre of Raven Guard Astartes was predictably a disaster, manifesting hideous Warp-related mutations after they were implanted with their gene-seed organs, and many had to be kept imprisoned. In the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, the Primarch Guilliman gave the Sangprimus Portum to Archmagos Dominus Cawl, after charging the Archmagos with creating the next generation of Space Marines. The Raptors eagerly took these Primaris reinforcements during the Indomitus Crusade and incorporated them fully into each of their task forces, discovering new tactics and strategies from the initial engagements with their new Battle-Brothers. As mentioned earlier, I will focus on modelling everything 'primaris' size, even if representing an older unit. As part of their primaris reinforcements, the Raptors also received a shipment of gene stock from Mars. Little did they know that Alpha legion operatives would once again try to tamper with their gene seed. This time it was through mixing the gene seed with the highly unstable genetic material of the Wolf Lord Leman Russ. Unlike the earlier demon essence contamination, this time the differences weren't as readily apparent.. It wasn't until a century or so later that it became obvious that some of their more savage battle brothers were starting to develop wolf-like mutations. This gives me the option of running a Space Wolves detachment. As a result of the Alpha Legion espionage operations against the Raptors (and their tampering with the Raven Guard gene stock during the Horus Heresey), the current Raptors have responded by maintaining an elite Inner Circle charged with counter intelligence, guarding the chapter against espionage and hostile intelligence operations. The Inner Circle can even launch independent military operations in response to critical intelligence they receive through a carefully built network of spies, sensors and informants. To represent this Inner Circle, I have the option of running a Dark Angels detachment. The Raptors currently operate from a fortress-monastery they refer to only as "Prime", on a world variously named Numina, Ra or Badwater from deep within the dense stellar drifts of the Sutters Spiral Nebula on the northern border of the Segmentum Solar. However, none of the Battle-Brothers have disclosed the name or precise location of the home world, even to members of the Adeptus Administratum.
  15. Today i got my hands on a kelermorph, and with the Bladed Cog lore I was thinking that I cant be the only one thinking on some proper conversions of cyborg alien flesh, feel free to post any ideas or conversions, here is mine, may add an Ad mech pistol too for extra spice: I was thinking on some data ports on the chest for the abominat & aberrations
  16. Good morning everyone. Bit of an odd request but I was looking for some inforrmation on the Tauros Venator. Specifically I was wondering if someone who owns the original model could tell me the dimensions? I'm thinking of using the new Achilles Ridgerunner to convert some Venators for my new Vostroyan army (now that my second made to order shipment is on the way). The short story in Inferno 1 that features the Vostroyans has them using local trucks and buggys for recon so I'd like to do something like that. Plus the rule of cool holds sway. Also can anyone who has experience fielding them give me any tips? I'm usually a marine and knight player so guard is uncharted territory for me.
  17. Hi folks, Like many others, I've been enjoying the newest edition of Kill Team. I'm currently taking part in a weekly campaign running at lunchtime in work with a few of my colleagues. Having regular games has been inspiring me to get some models completed, which has been great. I'm playing Genestealer Cult in the campaign, but for now I want to show you the Immortals Leader I'm working on. He still needs some mould lines cleaned up, but I'm pretty happy with how he turned out. I wanted my leader to stand out as more than a stock Necron. C&C Welcome. Dallo
  18. So here is my Company/Collection Set up. I put it in separate categories for easier viewing. Thoughts? Chapter Assets - 1st Company Assets- 2nd Company - 2nd Company Auxiliary Equipment - 10th Company - 10th Company Auxiliary Equipment EDIT: Chapter project, 2nd Company with Chapter Assets listed UPDATE: 1/27/2020 Completed - Forgeworld Imperial Strongpoint Display Board
  19. 1st Objective :- Create, Convert and Paint a Lieutenant/Wolf Guard Battle Leader of the Unforgiven/Sons of Russ or BOTH. 2nd Objective :- Paint one of the Commanders of the Genestealer Cult Armies. Rules :- 1. Single miniature which must be converted/kitbashed in some way (Can be part of a squad) 2. Can paint one of each. 3. Any gear is fine for whatever model you decide. Regards Primaris (If you want the sword to be something like an Axe etc all good) 4. Units applicable 1st Objective Primaris Lieutenants Lieutenants Wolf Guard Battle Leader 2nd Objective Magus Primus Acolyte Iconward 5. Open from the 1st of September 12pm UK time till the 1st of October 12pm UK time. I want to foster a little competition and a nice challenge too, and if it goes well I will be hosting others challenges like it. I might even attempt a forum wide one (Grotsmasha thanks for the inspiration man *Tips hat*) Prize :- A unique badge for the winner. Bragging rights if we ARE Space Wolves. A standard badges for all. The judges will pick 3 favourites and the community will be able to vote on who wins. Once thats decided I will put the top 2 against each other in a head to head vote for the Commander of the Challenge. Here is the OATH I (name), with all my strength, honour and faith in the Lion, pledge my Commander(name). Failure of my oath is not an option. I (name), in name of Fenris, Russ and the Allfather, Swear this oath. my Jarl(name). I (name), in the name of the Star Children and all the blessing of the Four Armed Emperor swear master (name) Medallions for signature. Participants Dark Rage Brother Sgt Arkley deathspectersgt7 Fr33Dom Lostrael G8Keeper Brother Karael CardinalVirtue Cpt_Reaper Grotsmasha LokkoRex Aulus Spaced Hulk
  20. So, my local GW is starting a necromunda campaign and I've been wanting to get into necro but haven't really liked the goliaths or escher, but with the orlock relase I've decided to dive in! My idea for them is that they are a gang of gentlemen thieves. Inspiration wise I was using fantasy rogues, highwaymen, musketeers, 40k nobility. that sort of thing. I've also been trying to figure out backstories for each model. so pictures! Bishop (Ganger) I see him as the voice of reason of the group (Ganger) Haven't decided on a name for him yet, but hes the gang best lockpick Pip (Juve) Vim (Juve) August Grimm (Champion) Haven't figured oout much backstory, but I imagine him as very jovial, but enjoys combat in a way that is slightly psycopathic The start of Debon Keen (Leader) Super charismatic but a bit of an a-hole, think Gaston from Beauty and the Beast Slug Atkins (Bounty Hunter) A part of the campaign is that we have to bring a bounty hunter (preferably with a converted model) so I'm using this guy I made ages ago. I made him mostly as a bit of fun and to test out some new painting techniques All of the models are gonna have some GS work done to them, and there's a few more to come too. Thoughts?
  21. Hello fellow Sister's players! I finally got my account approved and I thought I would start a work log for my own Sisters of Battle. I just got back into playing 40k with the start of 8th edition and around December I decided to pull the trigger on building a Sister's army using the popular combination of Statuesque Minatures female heads and Esienkern Valkir Heavy Trooper bodies. From that point until now, though, I have had a hard time being motivated to focus on them given the amount of effort it takes to produce a single finished lady. With the announcement of Plastic SoB coming next year, however, I've decided to double down and get as much mileage out of my investment as I can right now! Here are a few pictures (I'll post some better quality ones as soon as I can.) 80 Ladies built up to the Torsos: My Single Test Dominion: (I still have a lot of work to do on the face) First 30 Dominions Almost Ready for Paint:
  22. Evening Gentlemen and Ladies. In the context of this year's August Arena competition, Frater Tangamarine and myself are finding ourselves facing off each other building, painting, and basing an Inquisitorial Kill Team by or before July 30. The competition is friendly and doesn't so much aim at one of us "winning" over the other. Instead, we're both aiming at getting it done in time – and getting it done well. Any progress shall be logged and shown off in this thread. This should be entertaining. I understand Frater Tangamarine hasn't picked up a brush in a long time. I hear he also didn't use glue in a while. Being a very, very slow painter myself, I reckon I actually have a halfway decent chance of beating him to the deadline. I shared this picture of my Ordo Malleus inquisitor and his two veteran acolytes in the mean thread before: In the meantime I took people's advice and straightened the hammer. Looks better, and fixes the awkwardness of the overall pose (I think). I also put together the three Red Hunter paladins that complete my 250 points of Heralds Of Ruin KT. I'll go clean up the mess and put together their bases now. Wanting to prime tomorrow, southern hemisphere weather permitting. Oh, and drill the gun barrels.
  23. The Black Legion represents the history of all the Heretic Astartes in the galaxy; cast from the light to return strengthened from the maws of hell. They are the legacy of the primarchs, remade into a new and terrible form. For better or for worse, the new legion of the long war is an even more distorted image of the mighty space marine hosts than many of the other traitors. Soldiers, corsairs, butchers, fanatics and everything in between can be found in equal measure among Abaddon's subordinates, yet one of the Warmaster's most renowned armies is made of men that consider themselves "true" legionaries. Corrupted in body, but not in mind, the warband known as the Dreadreavers is the echo of an age gone by. With boltguns in their hands and vengeance in their hearts, these warriors have been fighting at the forefront of the Long War to see the False Emperor fall. Hello! My name's Horrible, and this is my (slooooow) hobby thread, where I intend to write about the creation of my Heretic Astartes warband - the Dreadreavers, a Black Legion battlegroup that shares a large and unhealthy amount of similarities with the former 16th legion. Aside from pictures of conversions or semi-decent paintjobs, I also wanna take a little time to tell the stories of the characters and some of the units in the army. From their beginning as one of the more infamous companies of the Luna Wolves to the organisation of the warband they'd eventually become, I want touch upon everything. I'm not sure how active I'll end up being, but I hope to post regularly, so that there's something new to see here every other week. So stick around if I peeked your interest! I'll post the first few pictures soon.
  24. The 'Profane Defilers' Chaos Marine Legion, while they are Slaanesh based I decided to fly in the face of the norm when it came to their colour scheme and the way they look. I fancied a techno-organic feel, a nightmarish fusion of machine and flesh like in cyber-punk anime and Tetsuo the Iron-Man film series. So I started off with three chaos dreadnoughts or hell brutes as they are called these days, these ones are the first ever lead ones that look nothing like any of dreadnought you may be used to these days and have been in my collection for a long long long time. Click Here! / Click Here! Had to strip them back down which since they where metal wasn't so hard or risky. For two of them I customized the heavy plasma cannon using two Stranglethorn Cannons side by side and a Venom Cannon from an old plastic Tyranid Warrior sprue and an ammo drum from Imperial Guard Auto Cannon Team to act as a Twin Las' Cannon and a Reaper Autocannon. My only regret is I suck at taking photo's or I would pepper this thread with them everything comes out all blurred or to dark or fails to show the models off in all their glory. Been using a lot of possessed Space Marine bits alongside other chaos marine bits to make each Chaos Marine unique in its own way as well as parts from Tryanid Warriors like the cabling and such to help give it that bio-mechanical feel to my army. The Havoks are using these parts Click Here! for back packs and missile launcher since not only are Missiles Launchers (at least in my view) highly flexible weapons with reasonable range. But I was also a great fan of Space Crusade and Advanced Space Crusade as well as Space Hulk with all the upgrade model packs that came out for them. Personally I buy my bits'n'bobs for conversions and scratch building from E-Bay it's cheaper especially if you’re putting your own stamp on your army to make it stand out as yours and not some generic look, but perhaps that's just me heh! I am also currently putting off putting together the Chaos Decimator with Conversion Beamer and Siege Claw, as well as my Chaos Knight (has the forge world parts), it's gonna have an Avenger Gatling Cannon Arm, a Thunderstrike Gauntlet and a Twin Icarus Cannon. Been considering switching out the Heavy Snubber for a Meltagun. The latter due I find the prospect to putting it together quite intimidating as I have no instructions since I got it off e-bay heh! Now onto the actual paint scheme, it's pretty simple as shown below. http://imageshack.com/a/img922/1921/oTbTck.jpg I start off with a base coat Chaos Black followed by a coat of Warplock Bronze before adding Kantor Blue to the joints and any techno flesh area of the armour often found on the Possessed Chaos Marine Torso/Legs/Arms/Shoulder Pads and Helmets. Next I apply Balthasar Gold to the trimmings, details and cables, if there is no helmet then painting skin on to the exposed head (different skin types so have a varied collection) and red, blues and greens for any wires leading to the helmet or head. I may add other colours but only as required. Finally I use Nuln Oil Wash, this when dry gives it a dark look that when you turn the model in the light you get to see a nice antique dark bronze like colour to each model. BUT add it not with a big brush but with a medium or small brush as you don’t want to drench it or water log the model in the wash. Also be ready with a spare brush to suck up any excess wash or you end up with whole area’s completely black, now once this is done I add Glistening Green to the eyes of the Helmet and skulls and any other eye like decoration and voila!...It’s done! After all that just need to do the base for which I use Astrogranite Texture followed by a little bit of Nuln Oil Wash and then Goblin Green around the sides with no wash. OH nearly forgot needed to add some Liquid Green Stuff to areas that when put together due to most the models being a mix'n'match of parts, just so as to leave no gaping holes or gaps, sometime even using normal Green Stuff to tiny to small areas. (my skill in sculpting is neigh on zero) And there you have it heh!
  25. Hey guys! Now that Primaris are a thing, I've decided to abandon the True Scale project I was slugging along with. Instead, this thread will document the building of a 40k Word Bearers force with plenty of kitbashing goodness. There'll also be a bit of Death Guard and Imperial Fist stuff thrown in; from the Dark Imperium box mainly. I like the idea of my Word Bearers primarily being Heresy Era traitors, so I decided to incorporate a fair bit of Mk. III. Not only do I like the look of it, but it gives me an alternative to those awful CSM legs! Here's the first 4 Marines, they're WIP, and I still need to conceptualize the champion - it'll be a 5 man squad. http://i.imgur.com/kxFlGNc.jpg?1 Although I'm a big fan of unique poses, I'm a sucker for that default "Shooting Marine"; there needs to be at least one. http://i.imgur.com/OWJCBlM.jpg?1 I was quite happy to see that 5 man CSM squad can take a heavy weapon now, because I like 5 man teams and Heavy Bolters are cool. http://i.imgur.com/Wm0cfbV.jpg?1 I'm going to need to conjure a clever way to get pauldrons on this guy. http://i.imgur.com/o93kAnC.jpg?1 The lighting is a bit harsh, but the models need plenty of cleanup with mold-lines etc so there's no need for it to be perfect yet. Let me know what you think, and as always C&C is appreciated
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