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Liber Challenge V - Ethereal Swarm


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Daemon Name:  Am’Elenkil

Affiliation:  Tzzentch

Warp Breed:   Lord of Change

Aliases:   Lord of the Shifting Sands


True Name:   Unknown

Last Confirmed Sighting:      Acchiea - Blast Zone Subsector



++++++Addition of report to Am’Elenkil file pending++++++



++++++Submitted by Inquisitor Galan Constantine++++++


I have been investigating a report of Daemon invasion on Acchiea in the Blast Zone Sector, when we arrived on the planet there was nothing to be found but blood and sand. The world’s entire infrastructure had been razed and we were unable to gain access to the Sector’s satellites records.


After interrogating the nearby planets for information I was informed of a cult of peace that had sprung up a decade past and eventually enveloped the planet. After pressing he local Adeptus Arbites we were able to gain access to the footage they had received of Acchiea before the satellites went off line.


The world had been invaded by forces of Khorne, in my opinion the thought of a peaceful planet was an affront Khorne could not ignore. While it is difficult to confirm from the resolution of the satellite images, the population seemed to have turned to sand when struck by daemons. Soon after the arrival of the Khorne forces sand storms began to cover the planet. Once the storms cleared the only life on the planet were the daemons, if you can call them living, and the surface was covered by sand.


The presence of the sandstorms and the images were retrieved of a Lord of Change surrounded by Horrors leaves no doubt in my mind that this was none other than Am’Elenkil, the Lord of the Shifting Sands. He drew Khorne’s forces to the planet and left them with no blood to spill and no skulls to take. The Bloodthirsters had no choice but to turn on armies...


++++++End of Report++++++



Warband Leader: Am'Elenkil, Lord of the Shifting Sands


One of Tzeentch’s more mischievous Lords of Change, Am’Elenkil has been reported to come into conflict with the other Chaos Gods’ forces much more often than the mortal races. He sees himself as a tool of Tzeentch to sow discord in his enemies’ ranks. While he rarely engages his adversaries directly he is a highly accomplished sorcerer, as are all of Tzeentch’s Feather Lords. He is also always accompanied by a troupe of Horrors who gleefully cast spells just because they can. A Herald of Tzeentch, Demabess, leads the troupe and harasses the lesser daemons who prefers the Horrors to be blue.


The Lord of the Shifting Sands has amassed his Ethereal Swarm through deceit and having the right knowledge, he gained some of his most powerful minions when he glimpsed the Grimoire of True Names.


He will always avoid combat and if melee is inevitable he will send one of his “champions” to fight while he escapes. While he is staunchly loyal to Tzeentch, his Swarm counts daemons from all factions of Chaos. If there is an opportunity to enslave a demon to his will he will not hesitate to take it. 

Notable members of Warband:
Skullgore - a Bloodletter that was coaxed into fighting Am'Elenkil's champion. The Champion was the Changeling in the form of a Bloodthirster. He was filled with fear, because of the torment that Bloodthirsters had inflicted in the past, and anger for the traitor and he was easily overcome and forced to bend the knee to Am'Elenkil. He now fights as the Lord of Change's champion helping him recruit formidable foes. 
VumoraVumora was chosen to lead Am'Elenkil's Flamers because of his enthusiasm to spread his morphing fire. His fervor was unmatched in the Ethereal Swarm, always leaving a field of abominations in his wake. Tzeentch elevated Vumora to an Exalter Flamer for winning his favor and spreading his magic. Still bound to Am'Elenkil he now leads all of the Flamers in the Ethereal Swarm and can always be found on the front lines igniting the opposing forces.  

Demabess - Demabess is a Herald of Tzeentch that can always be found by Am'Elenkil's side. When they are accompanied by the rest of the horrors Demabess will strike them turning them into Blue Horrors and stand as the the only Pink Horror in the band. Demabess always casts defensive spells to protect Am'Elenkil while the Lord of Change can focus on offensive spells. Vumora is very direct with his spells on the rare occasion that he is not trying to protect Am'Elenkil, he will take out as many of the enemy as possible. He is not like a lot Tzeentch's creatures who enjoy indirect spells to mutate or to change the outcome of fate.

Notable battles or conflicts joined


384.M38 Xerina Icursion - The pestilence of Nurgle's demons began to our through a warp rift on the planet Xerina IV. The sector's forces were caught off guard and were able to up little resistance. When the Arbites were ready to make their final stand against the daemons the area began to be inundated by a sand storm which lasted for weeks around the planet. Neither side was able to gain much ground for the duration of the storms. When the storm finally abated, the skies were filled with screaming Drop Pods and Thunderhawks. The daemon invasion was defeated with by a combined effort of four Space Marine Chapters with assistance from the Grey Knights. Wherever the storms came from it bought the planet enough time for help to arrive. 


625.M37 War of the Dark Whisper - Am'Elenkil called thousands of his followers to meet on the planet Tajibe, little did he know they his intention was to have the Watchers of Prophecy sacrifice all the psykers to activate the Dark Astronomican, a device which would would serve as a gateway and a beacon for the warp. It took the combined effort of the Valkyries of the Frozen Tear, the Space Marines of the Void Angels and Ark Angels to repel the Watchers' daemon allies and stop the Watchers' from activating the device. All of the psykers that were found were taken aboard the Blackships to Terra and the Am'Elenkil's plans were foiled.


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