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  1. This is what I have as a start to my Chaos counterpart to my Bloodmoon Hunters. Chaos is not usually my thing but I wanted to show the dark side of the Bloodmoon Hunters way of doing things as well as the Hereteks of Mjorn who take their Xenarite beliefs too far. The Unchained Confederation is a chaos warband that was created from the thirst for innovation, power and knowledge. They are a grouping of warbands that no longer believe in the Sanctity or righteousness of the Emperor. They feel that the Emperor's rules and visions bog them down from acquiring the power and knowledge that could make them a Power House in the Universe. Although they do not share knowledge and information between the many parts of the warband, they are quite effective considering their erratic and adaptable fighting style. Not knowing exactly who their leader is, puts them at an advantage for their leader cannot be found and killed to terminate the warband activity and if, by happenstance, she was to be killed, any other member can keep the warband together because only a select few know who the leader is. This warband is very adverse to being bogged down by rules and are quite successful in their mission for knowledge and innovation. Warband Organisation The Unchained Confederation are a loose gathering of groups under various war leaders who provide mutual support for supplies and otherwise but mainly work their own individual objectives as dictated by their leaders. A mysterious female Heretek is the ultimate leader of this loose confederation but few in the warband know and even fewer if any outside it. The Unchained Cofederation is divided into numerous independent groups which have limited knowledge of their counterparts. This ensures that should one group be compromised, the others would not be captured. Combat Doctrine The Warband shows a high-degree of adaptability in battle, both in terms of tactics and the weapons its members employ. When an enemy counters one tactic used by the Unchained, the war leader plans accordingly, adapts, and changes strategy, enabling it to outmaneuver its enemies and catch them completely off-guard. Flexibility and willingness to adapt to their situation represents the core of the Warband's combat doctrine. As they prepare to engage their opponents, these members are always careful to identify all of their assets and utilize them to the fullest means possible. These often include assets that are not identified within the constraints of the Codex Astartes. These members often choose to take measures that others might consider dishonorable. The Hereteks of the Unchained are enigmatic figures in an expansive organization which trades in information and technology, always selling to the highest bidder. The Hereteks appear to be highly competent in their trade: all secrets and technology that are bought and sold never allow one customer of them to gain a significant advantage, forcing the customers to continue trading information to avoid becoming disadvantaged, allowing them to remain in business. These Hereteks supports the principle that any methods of advancing humanity's ascension are entirely justified, including illegal or dangerous experimentation, terrorist activities, sabotage and assassination. Their operatives accept that these methods are brutal, but believe history will vindicate them. Communication throughout the Unchained sometimes takes the form of steganographic messages embedded within broadcasts and other forms of media. Warband Beliefs Freedom from the shackles of the Imperium is one of the few unifying concepts of the Unchained Confederation. Most consider the lack of freedom as the greatest punishment and the greatest sin. The Unchained Astartes seem to bear little respect for anyone or anything, save for power and innovation. They tend to show no love for civility or deference when dealing with others, but they have been known to show pleasure in testing their skills against worthy foes. The Unchained Astartes have made deals with Hereteks, many from Mjorn to continue their trend of improving upon themselves seeking perfection. Many have fallen either to Slannesh or Khorne due either to a mentality for Perfection or Bloodlust of the hunt. What balances these forces of the Chaos Undivided leaders who unite them under their banners. A very very few fall to Tzeentch getting caught up in making ever more complex plans for ambush. Nurgle is represented as well for various reasons but these are another minority. A great many of the Unchained see the gods as a pantheon and a tool. A path to power and as a whole the groups follow no centralized set beliefs. Mjorn Xenarites Hereteks continue to pursue of forbidden xenos technology. Such is their curiosity, they wage war against the alien races of the galaxy not to conquer or exterminate, but to study. The Xenarites are dedicated to the study and exploitation of alien technology, a policy which most Tech-priests off of Mjorn find highly offensive. Xenarite Heretek expeditions attack alien populations, planetary garrisons, even the Skitarii Legions of other Forge Worlds. Open war with Imperial authorities common. These Hereteks pursue the dark path of tech-heresy completely on their own, forging their own roads to damnation independent of any direct connection to Chaos or the Dark Mechanicum, though still wholly in violation of the strictures of the Cult of the Machine God. They support the Astartes of the Unchained to improve upon them and use them as a steady supply source. It is among the Hereteks, Tzeentch has a greater following. Hereteks involve themselves in innovation and manipulation heavily. Homebase The Chained Barque is an ancient and highly complex device constructed by unknown Xenos as a superweapon, but never successfully implemented before their extinction. It is unknown who initially began the development of the Chained Barque. Countless different species obtained and made contributions to the design over the course of millions of years, but none successfully deployed it. Despite the Chained Barque's elegant design, techpriests could only determine that the device exploited the same technology, and were left to speculate on how it would ultimately function. Experimental mixtures of compounds were to make a more efficient fuel for Barque traveling long distances. The interferometric array into the Barque's systems results in a real-time map of a Sub-sector. The Chained Barque serves as both a data repository and stealth ship for the enigmatic information traders. The ship ingeniously draws it power from the thunderstorms raging constantly on one of their hidden base planets that they set it to orbit, relying on an interlocking system of kinetic barriers, grounding rods and capacitors to avoid being ripped apart. Cortical implants allow users to "see" screens projected in front of them. A user's eye movements are tracked, syncing to hand gestures as they sift through data. Notable Warband Members Ciara Ghlic - The Mysterious leader of the Unchained Confederation. What little is known about her other than she is a Dark Skinned Renegade from the Forge World Mjorn. She was a follower of the Xenarite principles. Known now as Mistress Shackle, she manipulates and controls the Unchained Confederation central leaders. Ruling from the shadows on her massive Barque, she has access to information through many and sometimes unknown methods. Her most dangerous weapons are her abilities to process information and her willingness to use such information.
  2. Goals: I'm going to use this thread to work on an Index Chaotica article for my Night Lords warband, the Reapers of Despair. Also I'd like to use this warband for characters in any Inspiration Friday submissions I make. While my entire warband won't be Nurgle worshipers, I'm challenging myself to make it a part of the warband identity and the identity of it's Lord. Most of what I've got written so far is about the Lord. The Reapers of Despair are shaping up to be a fractured group of squads cast off from other Night Lords warbands and brought together by a Lord who maintains control by capitalizing on the isolation that each individual piece of the warband feels. Any one squad owes it's primary loyalty to him, and when he dies the warband will inevitably dissolve. Some ideas I want to include are: Fever dreams as a vector of prophesy. The idea of the Chaos Lord as a collector or scavenger (my Chaos Lord with jump pack model is modeled and painted with magpie wings). The warband recharges its warp batteries, so to speak, by collecting despair from its victims (If you're familiar with Twin Peaks lore, I want this to be similar to garmonbozia being collected by the entities from the Black Lodge.) Rather than focusing on the bloated, jolly, or diseased aspects on Nurgle, I want to focus on the despair, misery and lack of hope that he is associated with. I think that would be a natural fit with the Night Lords' preference for psychological warfare. I'm also not 100% on the name yet, but the Reapers of Despair works fine for now. General Information: The Reapers of Despair are approximately equivalent in size to a company at most times. Based on a modified Vanguard Cruiser, the Grave Robber, they are in constant motion between the Cicatrix Maledictum and the Imperium Nihilus. When not raiding small, backwater worlds for slaves and supplies, they will hunt down relics and find abandoned, discarded, or rejected legionaries to add to the warband. In combat they above all else enjoy breaking their victims hope through psychological warfare. The leadership of the the Reapers of Despair use esoteric means to determine suitable victims, and avoid a fair fight at all costs. (Authors Note: The most interesting stories will obviously come from when they don't get to pick their fight.) The greatest portion of the warband are marked by Nurgle as he is attracted to the hopelessness that they spread, however due to the patchwork nature of the warband there are members who reject the dark gods entirely as well as those marked by Khorne or Slaanesh. No members of the Reapers of Despair are marked by Tzeentch, however. Notable Characters: Indrid Lang "The Magpie Lord": Lord of the Reapers of Despair. Known as the Magpie Lord as much for his post-battle looting and relic hunting, as for his tendency to recruit from cast off and abandoned legionaries. As a boy Indrid was abducted from a planet in the Thramas sector during the Heresy. In his ignorance, the planetary governor had pooled the best and brightest of the world's male children to offer as aspirants to the Dark Angels as thanks for their protection. The Dark Angles ignored the offering, however the 136th Assault Company of the Night Lords had intercepted the transmission. The 136th was reeling from their losses during the Thramas Crusade, and they were less particular about their recruitment methods in the wake of Nostramo's destruction. Indrid and the other boys were subject to an accelerated ascension to bolster the legion’s ranks for the upcoming Siege of Terra. His first combat mission was as an Assault Marine sewing discord in a hive city on Terra. Indrid never wanted to be part of the eighth legion and for a long time he bore resentment for his kidnapping and induction. He had once aspired to be a Dark Angel, and although he had never met either, he could not help but compare the deranged Night Haunter dis-favorably to the knightly and dignified Lion. After the failure of the Siege, Indrid harbored a hatred of his own Legion and by extension himself. In his naivety he believed that the Imperium would make an effort to sort out the loyal sons who were seized by the traitor legions and reintegrate them into the Imperium after the Heresy was over. Despite his participation in the Siege, he was convinced that he would be exonerated due to the circumstances of his recruitment. He was soon disabused of this notion when the Ultramarine legion's combined successor chapters came to purge the Night Lords’ bastion on Tsagualsa. The crushing despair he experienced when he realized how wrong he was helped push him to finally embrace his Legion out of spite. In the chaos following the fall of Tsagualsa, Indrid disappeared into the Eye with the tattered remnants of the 136th Assault company in a battered civilian frigate. Hundreds of years later he emerged from the Eye in a previously unknown strike cruiser, the Grave Robber. The few remaining members of Indrid’s company had devolved into mindless Warp Talons loyal only to him. Despite the fact that he had never even attained the rank of Brother-Sergeant prior to departing for the Eye, he was now a Lord in command of his own ship and armed with finely wrought weapons and armor. The rest of the company was lost. And so he sought to bolster the ranks of his warband with the cast offs and abandoned members of other Night Lords warbands. He searches them out on space hulks, cold battlefields, and forgotten outposts. He offers refuge to the exiled and the betrayed because they are in no position to turn him down. Often times this means he will recruit legionaries that have been deemed too corrupted by the more puritanical warbands. Indrid has no such compunctions. Tiborc: A Warpsmith. He is responsible for the creation and maintenance of daemon-engines as well as the maintenance of the Reapers of Despair’s more mundane vehicles. He has a high workload and is frustrated that nobody in the legion appreciates how difficult it is to repair vehicles in the Eye of Terror. Tiborc developed Empyrean Metrology- a method to take into account the warp induced mutations and distortion in the process of Eye based manufacturing. Ambient background emotion must be taken into account similar to temperature and humidity in a materium based lab for accurate measurements to be taken. Bitterness at being under-appreciated is the baseline emotion for a proper measurement lab. Rikard: A Helbrute. Contains the remains of Captain Rikard, former captain of an eighth Legion battle company. He was maimed and left for dead by a usurper. Indrid found him and ordered him interred in a dreadnought sarcophagus. In exchange for revenge on his usurper, he would join the Reapers of Despair as an adviser. Gar’mon'boz’yia "The Flayed King": A daemon of Nurgle. His Grandfather given duty is to collect the misery and despair of mortals and bring it back to the Garden to power the Grandfather’s miracles. Indrid bound him by his true name during his time in the Eye. After his binding Indrid continues to feed the Flayed King mortal misery, but denies him the ability to return to the Garden of Nurgle. Instead the Flayed King is forced to consume the misery himself and produce warpcraft on Indrid’s behalf. Oftentimes this manifests itself as a prophetic fever dream that reveals the location of supplies, recruits, or victims. Because of the warband's relationship with the Flayed King, spreading despair and misery is not just a means to an end or a preferred method of warfare, but is actually a military objective in and of itself.
  3. As part of the Liber Unity Project, this thread exists so that we can try to create a Chaos Warband. In a similar way to the Collaborative Chapter Creation Project, I have posted the list of named Chaos Warbands from various Codices: Chaos Space Marine Legions and Warbands (LIST) I would appreciate your thoughts and assistance in showing the creativity of the Liber in this endeavour! Mol.
  4. Index Traitorous: Brotherhood of Eternity Parent Legion: IVth Legion “Iron Warriors”, Splinter Faction of “Steel Brethren” warband Commander: Aeternam Bellator, the Iron Lord Base of Operations: ++Location Unknown++ Heraldry: Ceramic white, metallic blue and red. Speciality: Siege warfare and daemon-engines Current Strength: Unknown “When engaging their services one must be wary, for while the Brotherhood will fight for their employers' cause they may have been employed by the enemy and will have agents working behind the lines to weaken the defences they seek to protect. Indeed, more than once have they left as victors with reward in hands only for the enemy to smash into a compound or fortress and slaughter all within. Of course this ends up with the Brotherhood being rewarded for their hard work.” Origins The story of the Brotherhood of Eternity is a long and bloody one, filled with murder, violence, blasphemy and fire. Their story began in the distant days of the Great Crusade, shortly after the Crusade had began. A Tyrant Siege Terminator Sergeant of the Iron Warriors by the name of Viktor, field promoted to Lieutenant, found himself fighting alongside the Thousand Sons Legion. During the short campaign, a sizable Thousand Sons detachment found itself trapped within an enemy-held fortress that held the enemy command structure. It was then that things found themselves upon the precipice of failure. The Iron Warriors were ordered to bombard the city into oblivion, with allies inside, then move on to the next battlefield with all due haste. It was then that Viktor started the chain of events that would lead through the millennia to the unleashing of the Great Rift. Viktor countermanded the order, leading a assault to rescue the Thousand Sons before the bombardment. Damning himself in the eyes of his superiors, Viktor managed to rescue over a third of the trapped Thousand Sons with minimal casualties to his own forces. In any other legion, Viktor would have been lauded as a hero. In the Iron Warriors, he was to be punished. That is, until the surviving leader of the Thousand Sons, Sobek Khamandides, told his Primarch of the valour and bravery of Viktor. As the Iron Warriors were preparing to leave the system, Viktor and his closest officers were invited to a feast in their honour by Magnus himself. In a rare effort to maintain inter-legion relations, Perturabo allowed this feast while planning to punish Viktor at a later date. Viktor became very popular within the Thousand Sons, famous for his cold yet endearing humour, especially with Magnus himself. This effectively saved Viktor's life, albeit resigning him to the rank of Lieutenant and being garrisoned far from future potential glories. This punishment allowed Viktor to survive the Heresy, for his garrison was rather far flung and safe from loyalist retaliation. Viktor himself declared his secession from the Imperium upon hearing of the fate of the Thousand Sons' homeworld. Viktor had taken a Knight Warden as his personal warmachine, taking the Knight of the High King during a siege upon a Knight World. It was at the throne of this warmachine that Viktor would lead his small Company up to, and during The Dispute of Iron, where they were absorbed into the Steel brethren warband. Now a Warsmith, Viktor would meet his mortal demise when his company were left to fall to a trap devised by a rival warband. Viktor's company were rescued from annihilation by a War Coven of the Thousand Sons. The sorcerer leading the sons of Prospero was none other than Sobek Khamandides. Using a modified Rubric of Ahriman, Sobek was able to retrieve Viktors soul from the Warp and bind it to the Knight to which he had commanded, in a process not unlike the binding of daemon to engine. From that day forward, he would be known as Aeternum Bellator, the Iron Lord. Rebuilding the warband, they broke away from the Steel brethren, taking the name Brotherhood of Eternity, for with the sorcererous talents of Sobek and his kin no more would Viktor's brothers fall in battle. For in death they would become the literal embodiment of the Iron Warriors' creed. Iron Within. Iron Without. History M30-M31 AGE OF BETRAYAL The Great Crusade The Iron Warriors and Thousand Sons fight side by side on a world now lost to time and fire. A young Lieutenant named Viktor of the Iron Warriors countermands his orders to shell friendly forces and earns the respect of Magnus the Red himself. The Horus Heresy Given a garrison force and sent far from the front line of the Great Crusade, when betrayal swept through the Imperium Viktor and his brothers affirm their loyalty to their Primarch, damning the destruction of Prospero by the Space Wolves Legion. They take over the small system they were garrisoned in, building their forces to join their gene-father in his quest into the massive vortex now known as the Eye of Terror. An issue with their Warp travel causes the fleet to become lost, ending up at the edge of the Eye as Purturabo exits with a battered force. Viktor is promoted to Warsmith before the Siege of Terra. M32-M39 THE AGE OF RETRIBUTION The King Falls Warsmith Viktor leads his Company alongside the nascent Steel Brethren warband. Together they assault a Knight World, desperate for resources. Viktor's forces suffer heavy casualties due to the Steel Brethren not providing support fast enough. Viktor himself single handedly takes down the King of the Knight House, throwing his lifeless corpse from the Knight suit and screaming his praise to Perturabo. Despite the victory, his Company is absorbed into the largely unscathed Steel brethren. The Iron Dispute Under the black sun of Medrengard the Iron Dispute is fought. Despite Viktor himself always seemingly being sent to safe deployments in his new Knight, the warriors of his former Company are routinely slaughtered due to poor tactical manoeuvres. In the end, Viktor takes his survivors and succeeds from the Steel Brethren, fleeing Medrengard with what forces he has left. From that day they are known as the Brotherhood of Eternity. The Twin Blades Hiring a force of Drukhari raiders to assist them in capturing supplies from Imperial convoys, it is discovered that the same raider faction is providing protection to the convoys. Furious, Viktor orders his forces to turn their guns on their allies and take all the spoils for themselves. The Drukhari leaders, twin brothers, burst into laughter, stating that such a tactic was their very plan. Splitting the bounty from the convoy, both forces retreat. Viktor is glad the Drukhari let his depleted force survive and vows never to let his brothers be at the mercy of another again. The Lost Tower of Khamandides The Brotherhood of Eternity falls into a trap orchestrated by the Steel Brethren, being tricked into fighting a massive Black Templars Crusade. The Brotherhood suffers grievous losses, on the verge of extinction. Viktor himself falls to Black Templar Predator squadrons, his Knight falling to concentrated lascannon fire. The timely arrival of a Silver Tower, under the command of Sobek Khamandides. The Thousand Sons rescue the Brotherhood forces, and later, using a modified Rubric of Ahriman, revive Viktor by binding his soul to the Knight. He is henceforth known as Aeternum Bellator. The Twin Blades Return Seeking to avoid piratical raids around the Maelstrom, a failing Rogue Trader enlists the help of Xenos to guide their convoys through unknown safe pathways. Suddenly the convoy comes under assault from Heretic Astartes, but the Xeno forces slaughter them in their entirety. Once the convoy enters a quiet part of space for the next leg of the journey they find themselves surrounded by more Astartes. The “dead” invaders on their vessels suddenly spring to life – the Drukhari had loaded their splinter weaponry with potent tranquilizers. The Kabal of the Twin Blades and the Brotherhood of Eternity reaped the benefits of their deal, each force growing exponentially with their double dealing tactics. Rebuilding the fallen House At Sobeks suggestion, the Brotherhood returns to the Knight World they once razed for supplies. Upon arrival they find a world plagued by pirates and famine. Following the destruction of their Knight House, the world was abandoned by the greater Imperium. Furious, Aeternum Bellator promises to protect the world if the people swear loyalty to him and his Warband. Thus their military is re-purposed as the Mortal Host of Eternity. M40-M41 THE AGE OF APOTHESIS The Angels of Light Following the Angels of Shadow civil war, the traitorous splinter group calling themselves the Angels of Light assaults a Brotherhood outpost. Outnumbered, their leader is given an ultimatum. Join the Brotherhood or die. Seeing little choice, Sulln Hauntlight swears allegiance to the Brotherhood. He is given orders to train the warband's assault specialists, meanwhile he builds his growing Raptor cult within the warband. The Rubric Perfected After thousands of years of working on his modified Rubric, Sobek declares his spell is complete. Instead of turning a living being to dust, the Rubric of Khamandidies snatches the souls of fallen beings from the Warp and binds them to properly prepared machines as one would bind a daemon to a daemon engine. The more souls bound to any one machine, the more powerful it becomes with the dominant spirit controlling the heretekical creations. Scrolls detailing the spell are sent via envoys to Medrengard. The Second Siege of Invalice Following the opening of the Grey Rift, the Brotherhood of Eternity and their allies, the Drukhari Kabal of the Twin Blades, assault the far flung Invalice system. Catching the defenders off guard they quickly establish a beachhead on the dead world of Chokehold. The Angels of Shadow Chapter arrives to defend their home system, with both sides throwing their very worst weapons at each other, further scarring the planets surface. The assault force pushes deep into the Invalice System, making it to the agri-world Pillarfield and launching attacks into the asteroid field surrounding the gas giant Eternal Watch. Stretched to the breaking point, the system defence fleet gathers for a desperate counter-attack only to be annihilated by Drukhari vessels appearing from within the gas giant itself. When the Imperial line was broken and enemy vessels were heading straight for Invalice Minor, they were intercepted by a fleet of Dark Angels, Angels of Absolution and the revived Guilliman's Indominus Crusade. Suddenly caught between the Angels of Shadow and the newly arrived reinforcements, the invaders were forced to flee the system. During the Siege, Drukhari forces were able to infiltrate the the vessels of the Angels of Shadow, stealing a prototype Land Raider Eclipse and one of the Vokun projectors. Both machines were sent anonymously to the Calixus Sector after the Brotherhood was forced to flee the Invalice system. To whom they were sent, and why, remains to be seen. Notable Brethren of Eternity Aeternam Bellator, The King Slayer, The Iron Lord: Once a Lieutenant of the Iron Warriors Legion, the being known as Aeternam Bellator is truly a living god, an unholy amalgamation of man and machine. Instead of a plasma reactor there beats a great heart of flesh and metal, within the head of the Knight Warden resides a pulsating brain crackling with bio-electric charge. On the rare occasion that Bellator takes to the field of battle he is truly a sight to behold. He is the undisputed master of the Brotherhood of Eternity, earning the respect of those beneath him rather than ruling with a bloody fist Trident Major Dumah, Hand of Eternity, Right hand of Aeternam.: The warrior known as the Hand of Eternity, Dumah, is as mysterious as he is sinister. Never witnessed to ever show flesh, the only sign that someone is within the armour are ocasional reflections of light upon depthless eyes staring out from behind a last made from bone. He is the enforcer of The Iron Lord's will, and to fail to heed the lethal whispers that are spoken from behind that featureless mask is to invite a wrath so profound that it is said that a Bloodthirster would hesitate in contemplating a seditious act. Sobek Khamandides, Firegazer, The Daemonancer: Where Dumah is cold, calculating and possessing a presence that can make hardened warlords recoil like a pup before the Alpha, Sobek could be descibed as relaxed, carefree and easily distracted. He can often be heard talking to himself as he strolls through the halls of their hidden base or through the siege lines, but whether he is speaking to himself or to daemonic voices none can say. Drulekai, Master of the Mortal Host Metatron, The Eternal Flame of Chaos All that is truly known about the Daemon Prince of Tzeentch is that it is an ancient being, and not a former Astartes. Indeed, it is even questioned if Metatron was even human to begin with, but such doubts hold little credence when the Daemon Prince's name is said to have been taken from an ancient Terran deity. While not exactly holding a loyalty to the warband, Metatron frequently goes to war with the mortal hosts. There appears to be a connection with the being and Sulln Hauntlight, leading to rumours of an involvement in the Raptor Lord's fall. The Warband The Brotherhood of Eternity warband is divided up into three sub-forces, each a self contained fighting force. Indeed, the level of discipline shown by Brotherhood forces is nearly akin to historical records of Crusade-Era forces. The Brotherhood Answering the Dumah, The Brotherhood contains the majority of Astartes units, organised in a similar fashion to the Legions of old. Based upon the Chapter structure, The Brotherhood is divided into two main Battalions further split into six Companies. In a stark contrast to most traitorous Astartes factions, The Brotherhood follows a strict structure with discipline, rewarding skill rather than underhanded backstabbing and subterfuge. Trident Minor Warpsmith Deus, The Steel Brother Fifth Captain Sulln Hauntlight, The Angel of Light, The Raptor Lord, The Preying Angel Second Captain Rhogar, The Warhound Warcoven of Khamandides The Mortal Host Allies Despite many units actively worshipping the Chaos Gods, the Brotherhood of Eternity actively engage in mercurial activities, however they are prone to playing double agents. More than once have their supposed allies found themselves fighting together for one warlord only for the Brotherhood to turn their weapons upon them after receiving a better offer. Xenos, Human, Astartes or Daemon; As long as the price is right their service is for all. Some allies have earned the respect of the Brotherhood of Eternity, and have been rewarded with the Warband's friendship, which in turn prevents them falling to a double-crossing. Such allies have included: The Kabal of the Twin Blades: A Dark Eldar Kabal known for is similarly mercurial behaviour, as well as a tendency to work for opposing factions to increase their payment opportunities. Led by the twins Archon Dûrion Rincavornon and , the Kabal has on more than one occasion leant some of their forces to the Brotherhood, and vice versa. Indeed, on one occasion while hiding within his fortress, an Imperial Governor found the lights to his quarters were cut when the main power generator was taken out. Within moments Mandrakes had infiltrated the room, slaughtering the Governor and his bodyguards in the blackness. By the time the back up power brought light to his quarters and security forces could open the reinforced door there was nobody left alive. The head of the Governor had been taken, proof of the assassination. Both the Kabal and the Brotherhood were rewarded with a large amount of slaves for their services. The Iron Gods pirates: Talek Varn and his Iron Gods pirates are considered valued customers to the Brotherhood of Eternity. The piratical raiders have employed the services of the Brotherhood on several occasions, Deus and Varn even forming a mutual respect that in lesser, more stable men might be called friendship.
  5. From the album: Litcherstein's Throng

    Here's a shot of the throng, so far.
  6. From the album: Litcherstein's Throng

    Three acolytes here sporting a flamer, meltagun, and hellgun(hslg), all sporting carapace armor. In the rear is one of my converted inquisitors. WIP
  7. Origins : The history of the Oathbreaker begins in the dark days of the Horus Heresy with the 56th Grand Battalion of the Iron Warriors. Sent to the far reaches of the Ultima Segmentum alongside the 158th Expeditionnary Fleet, and soon forgotten afterwards, it was only with great delay that the Warsmith Onyx Agamman received the news of Horus’ treason. While originally fighting for the loyalist side alongside elements from the Night Lords they had rescued, the dismissive attitude of the loyalist high command towards the 56th and their allies made them grow increasingly resentful and agressive towards the Imperium. Onyx and his men were to act behind enemy lines during most of the Heresy, stalking their prey before eliminating via boarding attacks. This method of combat however soon started to take its toll on Onyx and his men, for it wasn’t very different from siege warfare – long moments of preparation in the ice cold depths of space followed by brief but vicious fights in the cramped corridors of spaceships. Quickly their sanity started to erode, some even reported whispering voices in their heads. Voices that spoke of master that would value their contribution and justly reward them for it. The first of these cases were usually healed with a bolter round to the head, but as they became more common, with Night Lords and auxiliary elements reporting similar cases, Onyx’s frustration with the Imperium slowly turned into bitter resentment. With each passing day he was more sickened by the attitude of the Imperial side, which sent them into one suicide mission after the other instead of recognizing their potential. Before long he started to understand what had driven his Primarch away from his Father's arms and he too started to drown in the despair that was all around him. The last contact with Imperial forces occurred in the system of Sardonius, where the 56th and what what was left of the 158th expeditionary fleet had cornered a small Thousand Sons fleet fleeing Terra. However, as soon as the 158th’s ships got into communication range the Thousand Sons commander, merely calling himself The Seer, offered his surrender under the condition that he and Onyx could discuss the terms of his surrender on board of his vessel. What words were exchanged during this most secret of meetings is lost to the ages, but once they were done, the 56th Grand Battalion was no more. From their ashes the Oathbreakers had risen… Iron within Iron Without, Ave Dominus Nox, the Oathbreakers have come for you. The Warband: If the Oathbreaker’s vassal warbands are not taken into account then the Oathbreakers can be divided as following The 56th Grand battalion: Composed of what is left of the Original Iron Warriors of the 56th as well as new Iron Warriors units that have either defected to Onyx or have been created thanks to progenoids stolen on the battlefield. The 27th Assault Company – The Harvesters of Sorrow: Composed of Night Lords elements that were originally rescued on Istvaan V. Includes the Warp Claws of the Bleeding hands. The All-seeing eye: The witch coven of the Warband, led by the Seer, they induce in their ranks all those that display psychic talent and those whose mortal envelope was possessed by a Demon. The Forge of Despair: A dark Mechanicus enclave formed by the survivors of the Mechanicum delegation that accompanied the 158th. They’re in charge of maintaining and forging demon Machines as well as transport vehicles for the Oathbreakers The Mortal Host: The mortal auxiliaries that accompany their augmented masters into battle. Several regiments with various degrees of training are present. Notable Oathbreakers: Warsmith Onyx Agamman: Taciturn and unyielding, Onyx Agamman once was an exemplary Warsmith of the Iron Warriors. A native Olympian, he was among the first of his planet to integrate his legion’s ranks. However, as opposed to many of his peers that had lived relatively carefree existences as sons of the various tyrants that ruled Olympia, Onyx had grown up on the streets of Lochos. Where they were tutored and nurtured, Onyx lived from stealing and picking garbage, quickly learning how to defend his life. His past often put him at odds with those that surrounded him, especially noble born officers who, in his mind didn’t recognise his talent. This made him paranoid, as he started seeing insults to his honour everywhere, making him shun most company except that of his closest battle-brothers. Originally a Breacher sergeant, he got commended by Perturabo personally when his squad was responsible for breaching the walls of the Palace of Nightmares during the siege of Mar-Thresin. His elevation to the rank of Warsmith followed shortly afterwards after the colossal errors of his predecessor – Warsmith Dareus, during the Gulf of Vanadium campaign. However due to a twist of fate or political manipulations by one of his rivals, Onyx soon got assigned to lead the 158th Expeditionary fleet, effectively removing him from all power plays and political games within the legion. After the Atrocities at Istvaan V, he swore to choke the Warmaster to death, before proceeding to tear a bloody path through the Warmaster’s rearguard. Following his progressive disillusionment with the Imperial and subsequent defection from their ranks, he has fled into the eye of Terror, establishing himself on Iracundia after being guided there by the Demon Shig’An and the Seer. Due to his paranoid nature, he very rarely leaves his Fortress, constantly fortifying it against an enemy attack that could come “any minute” according to him. Sor “Leatherface” Kaal: The Seer: Demon Prince Abraxas the thrice Cursed: The Empire Of Steel: The Conquest of Iracundia: After fleeing to the Eye of Terror, the Oathbreakers found themselves in a difficult situation. In fact, they were now in the territory of those they had hunted during the Horus Heresy. Soon the word of their arrival spread amongst those traitors that had already established themselves within the Eye, and many were eager to avenge their brothers Onyx and Sor Kaal had once slain. As the attacks succeeded each other and the losses stacked up, the Warsmith started to grow more and more brooding, secluding himself in his own quarters with the Seer for often days at a time. What happened there, no one but them knows, but sentries posted nearby sometimes reported screams and otherworldly voices. In what seemed to many of his peers as the last act of an already mad commander, Onyx steered the last three ships of the Oathbreaker flotilla towards a small, undefended uncharted region in the southernmost region of the Eye of Terror. His only explanation as to why, was that the providence of all those that had followed him lay over there. When they finally arrived there, they discovered a small and undefended system of two planets orbiting a red dwarf. Onyx, with an unexpected burst of extraversion otherwise so contrary to his taciturn nature, ordered that all Marines were to make planetfall on the bigger of the two planets. A voice in his head was calling him from there. As he landed, the voice grew stronger, more enthralling, and Onyx followed it until the highest mountaintop of the Planet. There, trapped within the ice, he found a small temple dedicated to the owner of the voice in his head. Once he had freed the temple from the ice, the owner finally manifested itself. An ancient Demon of Tzeentch going by the name of Shig’An, had lured the Iron Warrior there in hopes of possessing his lifeless hull, thus escaping its millennia old prison. Confronted with his destiny, Onyx fought bitterly, but to no avail. It was only toying with him, until finally it struck the final blow… As he was lying in the snow, watching his life fade away from him, Shig’An was preparing itself to enter his body. But as the ritual came close to completion, Sor Kaal intervened. Before the foul demon could enter his body, he threw himself between it and Onyx, thus imprisoning the demon within his body, failing to die only through sheer willpower. *** When Onyx finally woke up within the medbay of his flagship, he ordered the mountain with the temple at its top to be flattened from orbit. There, he’d build his fortress, and in remembrance of what happened there, he called the planet Iracundia. Iracundia: The small system now baptised the Iracundia System is located in the galactic south of the Eye of terror. No mention of it existed prior to the occupation by the Oathbreakers. However, several pirate groups have used it as a base of operations as was evidenced by the discovery of a vast network of underground vaults and caves on the planet designed to stock plunder and the pirate crews themselves should the need arise. Under the Warsmith’s command, this vast network of caves has been expanded over the centuries and fortified with countless missile silos and laser batteries. In addition to the fact that it connects every fortress and manufactorum present on the planet’s surface, with a set of heavily armoured convoys running between them. These so called “Panzer-Trains” ferry countless tons of ammunition and supplies from manufactoria to the fortresses on a daily basis while assuring that every noteworthy point on the planet is connected. In addition to that, in case of an attack they guarantee a fast deployment of defending units, as opposed to the enemy forces that will have to wade through kilometres of harsh terrain in temperatures below zero before even reaching the main defensive installations. On the freezing surface of the planet, only small feral human settlements existed, driven mad by Shig’An’s presence, they usually fought each other and revered the demon in some form or another. They’re kept alive following the wishes of the Night Lords as they often hunt them to hone their skills. Once living in most mountain ranges, they have been forced to retreat to the polar regions of iracundia following the flattening of many mountains in order to build or expand current structures. Hanging menacingly above the planet’s surface, is the planet’s moon of Iracundia Secundus, it serves as a research facility for several enclaves of the Dark Mechanicum allied with the Oathbreakers. During the long nights on Iracundia, it glows in a sickish green, testament to the countless toxic weapons the Magii have released on its surface. Each solar month, convoy ships of slaves depart for Iracundia Secundus from the many manufactoria of the planet, filled with slaves that want to escape their bitter lives at the hand of their transhuman masters. Little do they know that most of them will end as test subjects in gruesome experiments, or at best end up as a brainwashed soldier servitor, living only to defend their master’s fief. This is the fluff for my Iron Warriors and Night Lords warband. It's very much a WIP at the moment, so don't hesitate to c&c. I'll also try to start a plog for them in the next day to show the expansion of my (currently) small warband
  8. Hello all. I guessed it was about time I put some pics up of my Chapter. I am going to say this now: updates will be infrequent and random (unless a painting challenge appears). I have a escalation tournament coming up so hopefully that will get me motivated. Also going to use my gallery here for a change. I know I am no 'Eavy Metal painter and some of my paintjobs are a little old now but any comments and criticisms you can give will be greatly appreciated. Part 1 of my almost Complete battle Company with some 1st Company Part 2 Interrogator-Chaplain Limited Edition Sergeant
  9. Last Update: May 9th 2020 If you are reading this, this article is going through another revamp. I have decided to keep more shrouded than revealed with this Thrallband and so will be writing up various articles to show more than tell what my Thrallband is about. I will update this post with the collection of articles as I go along. Feel free to add your comments to any and all parts! ++INTRO++ Thanks for reading! -DR
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