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Index Astartes: Steel Errants WIP

Akuro Adennyciia

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Chapter Datafile: Steel Errants


:HQ: Primary Data :HQ:
Founding Eighth Foundng, Apporiximately 408.M34
Progenitor Legion Iron Hands
Known Descendants None to Date
Homeworld Fleet Based
Allegiance Loyalist

Notable History

The Steel Errants are an ancient successor of the Iron Hands that has long had close ties to the Mechanicus. For millenia they have crusaded alongside Explorators, absorbing what STCs they discovered alongside them. The recent appearance of Imperial Knights sharing their heraldry has alarmed several inquisitors, though their allies in the mechanicus have forstalled more than cautious investigation.
+++ Heres what I have on the outline so far:
"Let us be as steel, unyielding in purpose." -Steel Lord Nikol Archean, founding chapter master
Created in the eighth founding, specifically to quell a number of rebellious worlds along the borders of Segmentae Ultima and Obscurus. During their premier crusade they fought alongside a number of Imperial forces- most notably the explorator fleet of Magos Aquilex Credulo.
Their early successes were not to last however as the Reclusiam and nearly a third of the chapter were found to be following the heretical Moirae teachings. The resulting schism ended in a bloody chapter war with the chapter ripped down to half strength and the founding Steel Lord- Nikol Archean- interred within a contemptor's sarchophagus. With heavy hearts the chapter immediately began what they call the Moirae Crusade, fighting alongside the mechanicus to scourge the Moiraen heresy from the galaxy.

The Steel Errants were created to be a crusading chapter, entirely fleet based. They use this to operate over an entire sector at a time. To offset the lack of a homeworld, they take recruits from the worlds they protect and liberate.

These recruits are tested en masse, through a variety of screens to be filtered into serf and servitor should they lack potential in areas. Those with the potential to be battle brothers are tested in groups upon an obstacle course filled with puzzles, observed by veteran sergeants.

They are notable for not originally having a fortress monastary, building their own with help from mechanicus allies during the Moirae schism. This 'Forge Monastary' has become home to the heart of the chapter, and its industrial power a boon to all their allies.

Forge Monastary [i
Constructed over the course of a thousand years, from the hulks and scrap of their heretekal enemies. Assisted by their Mechanicus allies in the planning and requisition of critical parts and earning it through their actions in the schism. Completed it was 20km long armed and armored for war, and possessing the facilities to prosecute it. It quickly became the lychpin for the chapter's crusade, and proved its merit in the scouring of Moirae.

When the Steel Errants found themselves at half strength from their internal schism they simply merged each company with another, forming them into four clan-companies with an allotment of 200 battle-brothers. The First company merged with the tenth, giving them both the most and least experienced marines. The Clan-companies operate semi-independantly, with the first company spreading veterans and neophytes between the four.

While the chapter as a whole is lead by the Steel Lord, each of the four clan-companies provides an Steel Father and Forge Father each to the Steel Council. The Steel Council as a whole decides the actions of the chapter with the Steel Lord being a swing vote. Operating alongside them are the Librarius and Apothcarion as normal, with members assigned to specific clan-companies. Each Clan-company (Including the First Company) has its own forge and complement of Techmarines.

Later History
"They were not created lightly, because they were created as another weapon for Him on Terra." Steel Lord Indux Apertus
At the onset of the Moirae Crusade, the Steel Errants were at a decided disadvantage in terms of manpower. The Steel Council took nearly ten years to come to a solution that could be agreed upon. That solution was to raise the number of chapter serfs, training and equipping them for war. In the two thousand year crusade this proved a powerful force multiplier for the chapter, allowing them to spread their battle-brothers farther upon the battlefield.

During the hight of the crusade, a heavily contested system was graced with the presence of an ancient hulk. Several STC hulls were visible on the surface and it became a hotly contested objective on both sides. Infested with twisted xenos it became a meatgrinding battle, entire corridors blocked by bodies of the fallen. Over the course of a grueling year, the hulk was taken and the desired hulls blasted free of the hulk before it was bombarded by the combined might of the chapter's fleet. Rumors abound on the contents of the ships, but the chapter has remained tight lipped as to their nature and fate.

After the close of the Moirae Schism, the chapter largely returned to their explorator crusades. Imperial worlds they defended were left more fortified than before. However they quickly found the rabid Ecclisiarchy after Vandire's reign hounding them for their lack of chaplains. Rather than incite an incident, they withdrew from the imperium for a time- embarking upon an explorator expedition planned by now Arch-Magos Explorator Credulo to the Halo stars. Several Monodominant inquisitors found the behavior suspicious and began what was to be a long investigation in their abscense.

Their return from the Halo Stars in late M38 showed them little worse for wear. Again they returned to assisting the Imperium, under covert Inquisitorial scrutiny. Directly examined through a crusade requested by a Lord Inquisitor they were found to be compliant, though censured for their use of the Steel Auxilia.

Their actions through to the forty first millenium was an exercise in toeing the line. Though it seemed to be the final word on the subject, their actions following the Fall of Krast to a splinter of Hive Fleet Behemoth in 789.M41 has brough renewed suspicion upon the chapter. Krast was a knight world on the reaches of Segmentum Ultima, and though its houses were mighty they fell to the ravenous hordes. The final bastion and remnants of the household were evacuated before they performed an exterminatus on the world. The remnants of the knight house swore an oath of service to the chapter in return for their continued survival and a chance to exact vengeance on all varieties of the foul Xenos.

The Steel Errants are faced with an uncertain future- their liberties in prosecuting the Emperor's Justice and overall secretive behavior have incensed many within the inquisition. Coupled with awareness of encroaching xenos upon all sides, they are steeling themselves for the storms to come.

Disolution of House Krast

In the short centuries since their oath to the Steel Errants, House Krast became integral to the chapter's tactics. A strong sense of obligation filled the house and when they were able, they pushed forward heirs as cantidates for battle brothers. These battle brothers were permitted to continue using the knights they inherited. Unable to sire further heirs the household declined, being subsumed into the chapter entirely.

Combat Doctrine
Befitting a chapter with such a strong tie to the mechanicus, the Steel Errants prefer to operate alongside tanks and dreadnoughts. They have a number of squad configurations that are unusual, and are used alongside large complements of dreadnoughts and tanks. They are notable for their skill in defensive battles, leaving allied bastions stronger than before their arrival.

They have a tendancy to spread out among friendly forces, bolstering wide sections of the battlefield. They rarely field without the aid of the Steel Auxiliary, their lesser battle brothers extending their reach and staying power in a protracted battle.

The Steel Errants are curious in that their cult revolves around the veneration of the Emperor as a scion of humanity and veneration of the Omnissiah as a God. This comes from the scars following their chapter's schism.

The Chapter's varied crusades have cultivated a curious mix of humanitarianism and ruthless hunt for STCs. Their association with explorator fleets across many segmentae has allowed variations of the Mechanicus's creed to creep within the clan-companies, though the chapter is largely orthodox in overall behavior.

Gene Seed
"Our explorations of the Halo Stars left us changed. Our steel will manifested upon our skin." Chief Apothcarion Patet Iocus
The Gene Seed of the Errants was pulled from Iron Hands stock, and as such was relatively pure. This remained the case for millenia, until their return from the Halo Stars. Mutations in the melanochrome and mucranoid organs left the chapter's skin devoid of pigment, with a sheen similar to metal.

This mutation though stable, created greater suspicion when coupled with the expedition in the first place. It was the Explorator fleet's intervention that held back puritan accusations of the chapter's loyalty.
Battle Cry
Seargent Call "By the Machine!"
Squad Answer "We Grind them!"
+++So, what do you guys think? Any glaring issues I missed, or things I could have done better? I'll start integrating more templating as I update the post.
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I was actually thinking the opposite-so far their devastation was something of a chapter civil war that ended with them at half strength. Followed up by a two thousand year crusade. If I did this as a Legio Intel article, the Legio's interaction would be as near constant mediator between them and the SoM.

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