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  1. So i've recently taken the plunge and decided to get involved with the Sisters. All my other armies are Imperial factions, and given the lockdown situation here in the UK, I thought it was the perfect time to start a new army. I'm also going to try and convince my other half to have a game, and what better way then her having a far future version of herself on the tabletop. I recently got the Codex and a Canoness, as my first/test model. Again, I let my girlfriend pick the paint scheme and we ended up with this... So i've just placed my second order, got a box of sisters and repentia on the way. I've drawn up a few lists at points values, so I'm working towards my first 500 points now. After next pay day I plan to pick up another box of sisters and Celestine so i have a enough models for a battalion and expand from there. I've gone for a homebrew Order so I can run them as any Order in game. I'm also cooking up some fluff for them, just background, so I'll post that at a later date. Any advice for a new start is more than welcome of course. Thanks
  2. So, this is my first thread here on the B&C and for it I'll be documenting progress on my latest army, the Alpha Legion (30k) So here goes nothing: First up my Praetor Now the autocannons: Thanks for taking the time to look, C&C welcome Apologies for poor quality, only camera I have is my phone
  3. +DataRequest: HIVEFLEET\NIHILUS\LEVIATHAN\JABBERWOCKY... ... ... +INQUISITORIAL SANCTION REQUIRED.... ...=][= +ACCESS GRANTED. WELCOME BACK INQUISITOR... ++HIVE FLEET JABBERWOCKY++ Welcome to my attempt to get into the Hive. I have a small Tyranid army from a long time ago that never really got off the ground when I discovered chaos, but I've always wanted to have one. Now, 8th 9th ed, and being out of uni and having a real job means all my wishes come true. After reading the WHCommunity article on nids, and feeling some of the buzz, I went and picked up a Start Collecting! set from a GW, and then managed to score the last Brood Progenitor in stock at my FLGS. Between these and all the Tyranids that come bundled with Blood Angels boxed sets, I have a decent force to start me off. ++The Current Disposition of Hive Fleet Jabberwocky++ Assembled/Undercoated/Painted Leader Beasts (HQ) 'The Consuming Wraith' - Hive Tyrant Warrior Prime (1) 'The Wail of Ballan'Tar' - Neurothrope Trygon Prime (1) Tervigon (1) Neurotyrant (1) Tyranid Prime with Wings (1) Ymgarl Strain (Genestealers) Brood Lord 'The Icharan Dread' (1) Genestealers (16) Brood Beasts (Troops) Warrior Brood (3) Termagant Brood with Fleshborers (20) Termagant Brood with Devourers (16) Hormagaunt Brood (25) Gargoyles (10) Ripper Swarm (3) Barbgaunts (5) Neurogaunts (11) Specialist Genus (Elites) Lictors (3) Zoanthrope Brood (6) Venomthrope on foot (1) Venomthrope Brood (3) Von Ryan's Leapers (3) Maleceptor (1) Harassment Species (Fast Attack) Spore Mines (24) Ravener Swarm (6) A Parasite of Mortrex (1) Destroyer Beasts (Heavy Support) Hive Guard (3) Screamer Killer (1) 'The Elder Talon' - Tyrannofex Hive Guard Alpha Pack - note dermal enhancements (3) Carnifex (1) Belial's Bane - Exocrine/Haruspex (1) Mawloc (1) Screamer Killer (1) Psychophage (1) Flyer/Transport Harpy (1) Tyrannocyte (1) The following Imperial forces have lost troops and materiels to the onslaught of the Hive Fleet Leviathan Tendril designated 'Jabberwocky': The Blood Angels; The Grey Lizards; Drukhari Raiding Force; Custodes; The Emperor's Children; Cadians; Orks Imperial Knights My big grey pile of Nids to paint ------------------- Original First Post My initial messing around with schemes, which are spoilered below if anyone wants to see I ended up settling on the blue skin, white carapace scheme, but with a little purple in the recesses. Currently to my name, I have a painted Hormagaunt, Warrior and Ripper Swarm. Thanks for looking!
  4. So I've been posting in the Guard forum for the better part of two years now (or something close to that) so I figured it's about high time I showed off my own homebrew guard force, the 53rd Army Group. The fluff is still TBD so I won't put any here, just some photos of a few models. Also I haven't a clue how to set up a spoiler so forgive the post length. To start with here's some bullgryns (I realised after glueing one shield on I should magnetise them so that's why the other two are lacking their's) Here's the CCS of the Cadian 1st Regiment's Alpha Company, the Officer Commanding, Major Fel is the one missing a hand (the power maul fell off (yes I see the irony)). The powerfist is his No 2 an as of yet unamed captain. Here are two images of Colonel Jakob Stern, OC Cadian 12th Armoured Regiment (I play him as Pask) and his command vanquisher the "Thesius" And finally the CCS plasma gunner from what remains of the Armageddon 119th Steel Legion (so it's not just Cadians) Anyway thanks for looking, I'll try and throw up another update tomorrow.
  5. Greetings! Long time lurker of this part of the forum. I have my lair in the Dark Angel-section, but I've been working on various projects unrelated to them. Since I'm not interested to keep making new threads for every new faction I delve into, I'll concentrate them all in this place. Expect projects on Dark Angels, Consecrators, Goliaths (Necromunda), Guardsmen (KT) and some Imperial Knights (for fun). More projects depend on how bad my self control is. Since it's the start of a new thread, some pictures of the current collection are in order. I'll post them up when I get the chance to make some pictures. I'm a mediocore painter and a terrible photographer, so please don't be too harsh First up, the lads who started it all. I haven't painted Dark Angels for years. My side project of the Consecrators grew out to become my main project, dwarfing my current force of the Green Lads. They're still in my collection as extra's, but they're more or less finished, since I have no intention to paint more Dark Angels. My very first model! All of the Greenwing. And my Deathwing More to come!
  6. Hi All! I have not ventured into this forum much despite owning a few Inquisitors, I usually keep them more aligned with my IG collection and WIP as they generally don't have their own retinue. I had been holding out for a dedicated Custodes subforum and now with the release of the new FW Beta rules for ALL the units I've decided now is the time to start this thread. I do have a fairly reasonable collection so far, albeit mostly unpainted. I blame that on deciding to go with the Solar Watch colour scheme... The guys have sooo much detail... I do think it is worth it in the end. My hobby goals for this year are to finish some random guard projects I haven't completed and then focus on getting a painted and playable Custodes army. Some pic's of my collection so far My initial purchase I actually have Trajann at a semi decent TT quality, but apparently not uploaded any pics of him yet I've built most my bikes! Although I do have 1-2? boxes left to build since I did these... My first bike and scheme testing, Vallejo colours helped me achieve the ivory and gold I wanted The Terminators are possibly some of my most favourite models in 40k atm And this is essentially my only fully painted model in a year or so of collecting... My xmaspresent from last year Which is now doubly so thanks for FW's release today! He's already washed, ready to assemble and magnetise Over the long weekend last week I managed to build 10 Custodians to finish of my battalion requirement I already had assembled and magentised 1 box, these guys I didn't bother with Local store had a 40-50% clearance sale on GW the other week picked up some more models that I probably didn't need... Hopefully will order some of the new Venatari soon too Having finally kicked off this thread, I hope it spurs me more to finish this army sooner! And for those wondering
  7. I started this build log in the Ravenguard section but figured it would be more appropriate to post here. I've dabbled in 40k since the start of 5th edition when I got my very first set, Assault on Blackreach. I was pretty young back then and over the next couple of years I built a modest space marine army and a small Sisters of Battle army (all that metal back then...) After a few years I sold all those models as they were poorly built and painted by me. Since then I started building a new army around 7th edition and now have a sizeable marine army again. Although I never played 8th I did get some Primaris models around the time Dark Imperium released. Then I got rather disillusioned with the hobby as medical issues meant that I have trouble with my hands and painting is very hard for me. SO I ended up putting my army in storage unpainted. With 9th here I've got excited again and have decided to push on and try my best anyway as the boys in green deserve to be fielded in full colour. So I haven't painted many yet but I will share what I have done so far. My Raptors I've decided to go for a pretty dirty look, like they've been fighting in a jungle for a while. Please let me know what you think. Here is my conversion WIP for Lias Issodon: The bolter is a conversion I made by chopping the upper receiver off a normal gun and attaching a new one from a sniper (an Anvil industries part i think) WIP scout snipers: I did a smilar thing with some of their guns and gave them gas masks to give off a special forces vibe. WIP tactical marines: I wanted to try and get as many scoped bolters as I could in their hands. Almost complete Las/Plas razorback: This conversion uses plasma cannons (I know the rules are plasma rifle) because i think it fits a vehicle better. Lastly a quick test for plasma as I want to paint some hellblasters after I finish these units. UPDATE 1 So for my first update I feel that I have been quite productive (despite hand pain). I've managed to paint a full unit for the first time in years, I'm quite pleased with them. Moving forward I'm torn between: Another tactical squad Or some Hellblasters I think I'm leaning towards doing the hellblasters as painting another 10 tactical marines might feel monotonous. Onto a modelling project. I'm just playing with a Librarian from the Dark Vengeance box. Does anyone have advice on the best way to remove all that DA iconography?
  8. As most of you know by now, Photobucket has decided to block the picture of its users if they don't pay the ridiculous ransom of 400$/month. I should be happy they did this when I'm fairly new with my Consecrators, so I can do the rest of my log with the B&C-Gallery without losing too much progress. I won't bother to salvage my log about my Green Dark Angels, that one is lost forever. Good thing I'm not that proud about those models. So here are the models that are currently finished. Further project will surely follow. Tactical Squad with Plasma Tactical Squad with Melta Tactical Squad with Flamer Cataphractii Terminator with Lightning Claws Contemptor Dreadnought Leviathan Siege Dreadnought
  9. Heeeeeey Everybody, with the advent of ETL I've decided to open my own ETL plog. So, some background. I've been collecting for several years, playing off and on as I've found time/opponents. Space marines were my first army, and my first model was a land raider redeemer. It took me a year to build and paint the bloody thing (chassis assembly, mainly), by which point I had painted at least a few other models. Soon after, necrons followed, led by a catacomb command barge. Soon after, they expanded, then everything kind of hit a halt for a while, both marines and necrons, but my love of lore-writing certainly did not. Somewhere in here I discovered the Bolter and Chainsword, joined, accidentally...well insulted isn't right, but had a very awkward moment with a mod, attempted the Iron Gauntlet (we're still waiting on that judgement, Olis, if you see this), and then that took me to day. Dark Imperium was purchased when it came out, which prompted a flurry of new lore-scribblings about my chapter and the primaris, painted up, and has mostly sat dormant for lack of games to play. ETL has inspired me to majorly expand my necrons, with a possible out-of-competition marine vow to finish a half-painted unit. I'll try to be documenting everything from here on out. Photos of my collection in detail will follow, for now i will post my 'forum Christmas card' for a majorly out of focus shot. Anyway, here's my current WIP progress vow for ETL. One single character, this is my Deathmark Vizier Rezak the Executioner. I'm rather proud of the conversion work I've been able to do on the model, despite the fact it's mostly been done on his gun XP. I won't always think to update this in future, so some prodding from anyone who reads may be helpful. Cheers, D-P Lenoch.
  10. I sold off a ton of old models on ebay recently (with more to sell soon). Like any rational adult, I decided to use some of that money to buy a titan. Ended up getting a Revenant because I wasn't sure if the Phantom was too much for me. I've barely started working on it but it's already been a lot of work so I want to keep track of it. To start with, I wanted it standing victoriously over something. I have some vehicles I printed for marines, which is an army I've given up on. Since I don't want to sell models I printed using someone else's designs, I decided to chop up one for the Revenant to be standing on. I wanted to cut this along the red line. Cutting this ended up being harder than I expected. I wanted to clamp it and use a power saw, but I couldn't do that safely so I tried a handsaw which took forever so I gave up. I ended up just pressing it into an orbital sander at an angle. That worked much better (though I ruined 2 sheets of sandpaper, which I'm 100% fine with). The front rail thing broke off when I was sawing it but I can either reattach it or have it in the dirt nearby, whatever I think works better. I built this foot on the top of the wreck (though it isnt glued on yet) so that the heel and toe would fit better on the uneven surface, but I honestly don't think that mattered at all. I only used super glue (not epoxy) due to the small size of the connector bits so I hope that holds. But to be honest this whole model doesn't weigh that much so I think it should be fine. This is where I left off last night. I pinned the shin to the foot with 1/8" brass rod which is probably overkill but that seems fine. Very glad I got a nice pen drill last year, I hate drilling resin by hand! I'm hoping to build the other leg (to stand flat on the ground beside the wreck) tonight, if I have time.
  11. Hey all, I've spent time this weekend writing my thoughts into a more coherent form. Still heavily WIP, but with nearly 4000 words I think there's enough meat here to get feedback from those whom are both better writers and more in-tune with the lore than I. Please let me know your thoughts! INDEX ASTARTES: TIMBERWOLVES The Timberwolves are a Loyalist Space Marine Chapter created during the Ultima Founding in response to a direct request by Inquisitor Ra’lesh for a protective Astartes force at the western edge of the T’au Fifth Sphere of Expansion. Initially made in haste from Primaris of various lineages to serve the immediate needs of the Canidae system, much of the original “Greyshields” force was decimated in the first T’au invasion of the tribal world Canilus before they could establish a foothold in the region. Only a miraculous, mysterious, assistance prevented the nascent force from being erased almost before it could be recorded in the halls of Terra as an official chapter. Through the subsequent rebuilding, the chapter’s genetic makeup has been established to be of Raven Guard lineage. The Timberwolves are one of the rare chapters who integrate with the local human population, its brothers sitting in council positions and heads of families in the local tribes from which they recruit. While maintaining an incredible stronghold on their home world, the Timberwolves also act partially as a crusading fleet, cycling battle companies between defense of their homeworld and crusading throughout the local region. CHAPTER HISTORY CHAPTER ORGANIZATION CHAPTER COMBAT DOCTRINE CHAPTER BELIEFS CHAPTER HOMEWORLD CHAPTER GENE-SEED NOTABLE TIMBERWOLVES CHAPTER FLEET CHAPTER APPEARANCE
  12. The (re) Building of a Black Legion Warband This Thread ~ In the future, this thread might get folded into my blog here at B&C. I want to document these projects, but at the moment the blog is concentrating more on the actual tools and techniques I use in building my army. This thread will show some W.I.P. of the things I build, using the methods shown in my blog. I won't show as much technique here, just results. I want the army itself to be a balance between some fluff and being effective on the table. (As effective as the current Chaos Codex can be) To that end, I won't be 'min/maxing' all of the squads, and a few points will be 'wasted' on some things. Once the Black Legion core has enough raw bulk, I'll be adding forces devoted to each of the Dark Gods. Each of the five blocks will have one or more center-piece model/s that I want to make really over-the-top. Some of those projects are already in progress, but those are future entries. Edit: I wanted to mention something here at the beginning, since I know it can be hard to find information in a long thread and this has come up a few times. Taken from later in this thread: All my ideas, plans, and musings are put out there to teach and inspire. Anyone, please feel free to take what you see and run with it. Once I get some more articles done I will even share some of my work and designs, and might even consider commissions someday. Word of mouth is a good thing, and if you want to show appreciation, just give your inspiration a little credit. That's all I'll ask. Any designs shown in this thread are CAD software files that have been exported to JPG files, and re-sized, so I doubt they will print to the right scale without a lot of trial-and-error. You are still welcome to try, but I will consider how I would like to share accurate files and designed in the future. My Inspiration & Theme ~ In honour of the 1st-of-the-9th Air Cavalry from 'Apocalypse Now' (Charlie... don't... surf!) the working title for my force is; Long: 1st-of-the-9th Black Crusade, Heavy Armoured Cavalry - The Black Hand of Horus - War Guard of Tithonus the Unending Short: 1st-of-the-9th, Heavy Armoured Cavalry To emulate the terror tactics from Apocalypse Now, most vehicles will have a place to mount a Dirge Caster. (Ride of the Valkyries, anyone?) Most vehicles will also have the ability to mount a Havoc Launcher plus a third mount point in many cases for even more options. I use Rare Earth magnets, so Casters will be more for show, and swapped out on the table. As another tip of the hat to Apocalypse Now, at some point I want to build some Air Cavalry. But, the grunts get the work done, so they come first. Known for employing 'Scorched Earth' tactics, the 1st-of-the-9th will be based with an Ashen Waste scheme punctuated with jagged rocks - very simple but effective. In an effort to keep the army looking 'cold' and ruthless looking, I am avoiding 'warm' colours in general, and trying to stick to lots of blues, purples, greens, and greys for accents. This will even go so far as to change the Eye of Horus icons from yellow to blue. I'm still deciding if helmets will have 'classic evil' red eyes, or follow the theme with blue or green. I prefer red for Chaos eyes, but it breaks my own theme. However, being some of the only red in the army would make them stand out. Hummm... decisions decisions. I'm going to lean heavily on a few things I feel are accurate within the current Warhammer 40,000 fiction, but I'm not too worried about being overly strict. First, the 13th Black Crusade is currently at its height. The Cadian Gate has not been broken, but the forces of Chaos have struck hard are dug in deeper than ever before. The balance can still tip in either direction and both sides are not pulling punches, committing everything to the effort. Second, the forces of Chaos do have Forge Worlds. Time travels in strange ways in the warp, and I can only imagine the effort those Forge Worlds would have put forth for the 13th Crusade. That combined with many decades of raids and preparation, has the Legion as well equipped as they can be. Spoils of war have been turned on their loyalist foes, and many dark engines of war have yet to reach the battlefield. I hope to build a few of those Chaos War Machines. Since I can get a little... distracted... with all of my different projects and ideas, I need to make things a bit more focused. I'm going to break my current army into blocks and concentrate on finishing each block. That's how this thread will be structured. I'll introduce a block, and document its progress. First block up, a simple 10 Marine Attack (Tactical) squad, their Rhino transport, and Predator support. http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Attack_Squad_01.jpg These marines are at the highlighting step - They have an Aspiring Champion and Heavy Weapon on the way, but this is just the basic squad I'm going to change the Plasma 'cell' to a blue colour, to better match the theme. I've decided to be more strict with the cold-colour theme, so it will mean changing some details on several in-progress miniatures. But I'm willing to lay in the bed I've made. I really enjoy swapping horns and changing their position to add variety to my rank-and-file troops. Combined with other small conversions (Bayonets and top-knot swaps, for example) and kit bashing, so far no two marines are exactly the same. I don't want to spend too much time to go really over-the-top on troops, but a few simple changes goes a long way. http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Plans_02.jpg Before ~ The plans of the first of three (to start) Rhinos designed by me I was never happy with GWs, 'Just Add Spikes' solution for many Chaos vehicles. I want my chaos vehicles to have the same look and feel as the Power Armour that the marines wear. So, with some inspiration from the internet and some trial-and-error I designed my own Chaos 'banding' for my vehicles. Once I had the base angles and measurements, it's been easy to change the initial design completely, and create unique vehicles that still feel cohesive. I'm also not completely happy with the stock Havoc Launcher, and I plan to scratch-build something else in future, but for now they'll do. I've left them loose so I can switch them out later. http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Rhino_01.jpg After ~ Freshly primed and waiting for some paint - See some 'before primer' pictures in my Gallery if you like http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Rhino_04.jpg http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Rhino_02.jpg http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Rhino_03.jpg Magnets make even the humble Rhino completely customizable Next up is my first of several Extra Armour Predators, and my inspiration for the weathered effect I've started to use... http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Predator_01.jpg I started this Predator several years ago, but it needed to be set aside for awhile - Tomorrow it finally starts seeing paint! http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Predator_02.jpg http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j332/SubtleDiscord/WIP Thread Photos/Legion_Predator_03.jpg Happy accident - I think the damage on the corner looks good considering... Funny story; my toddler son innocently pulled at a piece of paper on my desk, and it happened to have a corner under this (freshly primed) Predator which was sitting a bit precariously. Naturally, it managed to fall, landing on its corner on a hard floor, leaving a big dent. Frustrated, I just let it sit and worked on some other things. I didn't want to completely fix the corner with filing and greenstuff, but what choice did I have? Then it sunk in. I'll be adding weathering and wear to the vehicles while painting, why not add some mild physical damage to the model? The plastic is soft enough to use a simple metal tool as a 'dent-and-scratch maker', and so that's what I did. I know I'm not the first to do this, but I had not planned on doing anything like this and was inspired to take a little more time to give something different a try, all by an annoying accident. (The Dark Gods have their ways...) The damage was smoothed down some and now blends in nicely. On the metallic banding, I think the effect will add to the desired feel. Once washes start going on, the effect should really pop. Well, that's it for now. I'll post some progress shots sometime soon. Keep an eye on my blog if you're curious how I actually plan and create these things. Over the coming weeks and months I'll be talking about all sorts of things, with a lot of pictures along the way. *The Basement Troll turns his gaze to his work bench...*
  13. In keeping with my other armies I will run a WIP for my as yet unpainted T'au before posting the completed models in my Kavaal Korst'la'sha'is thread. As I work through the list I will try to remember to post any details such as magnetisation techniques, tips etc but expect this thread to progress in fits and stops as I am currently bouncing between DA/AM and T'au trying to clear a massive backlog due to my well known addiction to grey plastic acquisition... So to start with here is the T'au painting backlog... HQ Commander Farsight x 2 (old style) Commander Shadowsun Troops Firewarriors x 78 Kroot x 9 Kroothounds x 8 Elite XV8 Battlesuits x 13 Fast Piranha x 2 Pathfinder x 22 Drones x 71 Sun/Razor Shark x 3 (magnets will be involved at some point) Heavy XV88 Broadside x 4 (New style) XV88 Broadside x 2 (Old style) XV88-2 Broadside x 1 Hammerhead/Devilfish x 4 Skyray x 2 Along with these there is also the need to repaint all of the old scheme models - it may take a while
  14. January 2024: Thanks for visiting! 2024 updates start on page 20. What you'll find before you is my one and only thread collecting my works in progress in chronicling the travails and travels of my Adeptus Astartes Chapter, the Sentinels. Unfortunately some of my older photos have been lost to the ravages of time and Photobucket, so if you're a new visitor to my pile of shame... Welcome! Feel free to skip to the last page for my most recent stuff, and then backtrack as far as you care to from there! Trust me, it's easier...
  15. Having been barely keeping up with the hobby for several years, Indomitus reignited my passion for 40k last year, so I decided to try to actually build a force. This time it will be Primaris space marines, but still my beloved 3rd Company of the Ultramarines. The plan is to build the complete company, including officers and attached specialists and a dreadnought, plus a ten-man Deathwatch kill team, and such a project needs a fresh thread, so here I am. In terms of bulding the company, I will be dividing it into combat squads, to avoid becoming overwhelmed or bored, and alternate those with Deathwatchers and officers, so that it will go Combat Squad > Deathwatch > Combat Squad > Officer > Combat Squad > Deathwatch... and so on. This should offer a decent balance between progress and sameness of models. I started an Intercessor veteran sergeant (the 30th anniversary model) as a one-off before I decided to make a full army, so I decided to finish him before doing the rest of the combat squad. If you visit the Ultramarines subforum, you may have seen him, but here he is again with one of the Necrons the 3rd is fighting: The Necron is really just a color scheme test model, not the start of an army, any time soon at least. The rest of Combat Squad Ardias is in progress, with their bodies only needing cleanup: The bolt rifle arms are coming along too, I just need to highlight the black and tidy up everything before gluing them on. Then it's just the other arms, backpacks and heads and then finishing touches. Of course, an Intercessor squad isn't the end of it. I have plenty of plans for all the squads and in particular the command cadre. I don't feel like typing out all the minute details of my plan that I've spent the last nine months overthinking, so for now I will just finish off with something black for now:
  16. Hi there people of the BnC! I've been lurking for quite a few years and have mostly enjoyed the WIP section of the Forge. I subscribed to Conquest as it launched in France last year and have started painting after finally coming up with a color scheme and name for my diy Chapter the Void Cuirassiers. Time permitting I may write a little backstory for the chapter, but first a little backstory on me ! I started Warhammer 40k in 3rd edition and remember the transition to 4th and the introduction of the new plastic terminators and plastic space marine multipart captain, which were the last miniatures I bought. I sort of dropped out of the hobby and moved on with my life but my collection was waiting for me at my parents house and I thought I'd return to the hobby when my kids would be older. Unfortunately, my parents house burned down in 2013, and as the fire started in my old room... almost all my collection was lost. My father and uncle somehow managed to salvage a few minis though (I may post pictures of those later). Now my eldest is 10yo and Conquest was a great opportunity to get back to the hobby. The idea is to stick with what is included in the conquest series, so miniatures may take some time to get finished as I don't have all the paints necessary. Aaaaaanyway, (sorry for the long read), here's my first test model, a sergeant based on the easy to build intercessor sergeant from Conquest, with weapon and head swap (salvaged from my old burned down minis) a focus on the chapter emblem, representing a cuirass (may need some highlights but as I already said, I don't have all necessary paints yet and the terrain from conquest at this point (I never had this much terrain when I was young!) those were sprayed with a cheap silver paint followed by a black spray and a wash of nuln oil a few experiments with barrels from left to right : silver spray and nuln oil followed by agrax earthshad, red spray + nuln oil and agrax with details in retributor gold + agrax, same as the first three, abaddon black + leadbelcher drybrush ammo boxes following the conquest painting guide Feel free to comment and point me in the right directions if you see room for improvement (and there is plenty!)
  17. So I loved Adeptus Titanicus the moment I saw the previews. I'm a very slow painter so we've hit the "I have a ton of stuff to paint and don't know where to start" stage so I'll be updating this to keep me motivated. I also post over at DakkaDakka in their AT forum but there's more here and seems to be less "AT is a bust because it's too expensive" over here. This is an expensive hobby, you gotta pay to play. That said I'm actually building two Legios since I have 4 Warlords, 2 assembled Reavers, 4 Reavers to assemble, 2 Warhounds, 4 Knights, and 8 more Knights to assemble. Yikes. I started as soon as the box arrived but like I said I'm slow. Legio Aurora means dawn in Latin, they're a traitor legio of my own naming. They'll have white armor with gold banding and splashes of purple and black here and there. So far they have 3 Warlords and a Reaver for 1500 and 2000 point lists. I like the idea of a legio sort of like the Word Bearers in 40k, they have totally sold themselves on the Warmaster speak his praises after being infected with the scrapcode. I'll be painting lots of small gibberish script on the white armor panels with things like eight pointed stars and eyes of Horus. I might eventually do kill banners and flags after they're done if I have the interest. The remaining Warlord, 4 Reavers, and 2 Warhounds will be a loyalist legio - either Metalica or Astorum. I can't decide! I love the idea of Metalica because I've used Google to roughly translate the names of several Metallica songs to Latin, I thought that was fun. King Nothing - Rex Nihil Creeping Death - Mors Serpo Ride the Lightning - Fulgur Veho Fade to Black - Deficio Furvus Master of Puppets - Dominus Automata One - Unus Sad But True - Maestus Sed Verum Unforgiven - Irremissible [great song but not a good Latin name] Justice For All - Justitia Omnibus Disposable Heroes - Herobius Egestus Seek and Destroy - Indago Deleo To Live is to Die - Vivere Est Mori Anyway I have access to a 3d printer at work so I started finding models on Thingiverse to adapt for weapon options until the official weapons pack is released. You can see ridges on the weapons from printing but these are proxies for now. The plasma cannon was adapted from a model that had been modified for a 40k Imperial Knight, the macro Gatling cannons are a Frankenstein of 3d models that I've kitbashed with Contemptor dread assault cannons. The carapace laser blasters and megabolters are adapted from models found on Thingiverse and modified in TinkerCAD to be easier to print on our printers (they don't do overhangs and negative space well. All weapons are magnetized and I didn't mess up the polarity of any of them! The three Aurora Warlords: They might look a little disjointed because all of the contact points are still blue tacked to keep paint off there until I'm ready to glue them together. I wanted to use plastic glue to hold the joins together rather than supergluing over paint because these are expensive models. The bodies and legs are all sprayed in Leadbelcher, the legs have started getting washes. I still need paint the wires and tubes on the bodies before shading. All of the weapons were sprayed with Rustoleum aluminum paint+primer which went on flat and smooth. A whole gaggle of armor panels and weapons to paint: Another loyalist Warlord hiding waiting to get started: Now on to the Reavers. I've got one built for each Legio so far and HOLY CRAP the legs are annoying. I hate all the little ball joints and armor panels but oh well, there must be some reason why they couldn't be molded together like the Warlord. The Aurora Reaver is built with two powerfists because I love the look even if that isn't great in game. I used an IG hunter killer missile as a warp missile and a pair of Sentinel exhaust systems as proxies for turbolasers. I made a pair of melta cannons from heavy flamers and Contemptor dread melta guns, the shields are extra Reaver knee pads. I now have a pair of plastic 30k Contemptor dread with no weapon arms. A volcano cannon I made from an extra cut down Warlord gun since I've got all those plasma and Gatling guns built. I'm not really happy with it because it's so huge. I used some 3d printed parts that came out too small to kinda build up another pair of volcano cannons, they look a little better. The Warhounds are stock and all the guns are magnetized with really small magnets I got for 40k conversions that I'll never finish. Another small box of Reaver weapons to prime. So that's where I stand for now, still have 4 more Reavers and 8 more Knights to assemble. I might add one more Reaver to Aurora so I can build a shooty one to go with my brawler. Overall I love the aesthetic of the game but I do wish the scale was slightly smaller. You can run 4 Warlords at 2000 points for $400 but I'd kinda rather be able to run 6 smaller Warlords at 2k for that price. I feel like the game would also sell better at that potential price point. I think the same dollar cost/point is reasonable but smaller models at fewer points would maybe allow for people to test the game with reasonable 500 point maniples. Dunno, I'm not a business expert.
  18. +++ Alright ya lovely lot. Well, I volunteered to get some better pictures and fluff done for the company now that I've been more or less 'sold' on what I want the final group to look like. With a 30K League thing coming up, and a few of my mates hounding me to get better pictures of terrain (and make more, of course) I figured I'd make up a WIP log like all the cool kids are doing. So hopefully it'll keep up the motivation even in the absence of a painting event or the like. Anyway, I'll probably be asking about as many 'what's your opinion' questions for ya lot as I do with everyone else that's sick and tired of my constant barrage of questions (they say 'don't text at two in the morning', but I know they love my questions!). So, this'll hopefully have some painting bits, some fluff, some bat-reps, we'll see what comes of it, eh? I should be updating the cover page with the most 'up to date' army compositions, etc, and replacing photos when I can. And, y'know, I get to test out the B&C's BBCoding to see how stuff looks. All in good fun. +++ Origins: From Whence Wolves Become Dogs The 65th company emerged as any other line company in the XVIth legion, drawn up in the mid 10th century M.30 as a reinforcement unit from the 33rd battalions logistics base. The 200 strong unit of astartes was constituted during early restructuring protocols and saw intermittent service during the later years of the Great Crusade. The 33rd battalion included the 65th and 66th line companies, as well as the 17th Independent Reaver Company. The 33rd was placed aboard the grand cruiser Judicature as part of the 63rd expeditionary fleet's second line units. During the Callas compliance of 978 M.30, the 65th was placed on front line combat trials. A series of errors and miscalculations led to heavy casualties for both line companies. Advance elements from the 14th and 17th Luna Wolves companies fought through Callasian lines to relieve the embattled 33rd battalion. “Some bray for battle, some scream for truth, butwe've kept silent. We keep silent because there will be enough blood. We keep silent because we know we live amongst lies. There is only one truth for us: we are sons of Horus Lupercal". ~Centurion Lathyls Decadron M.31. The 66th effectively ceased to exist, and its remains were folded into the 65th company instead of reconstituting both companies. The 17th Reavers suffered fewer comparative losses by dint of their arrival in the third wave of the Callas Prime assault. While the 66th company would be refounded over the next two years, they would be part of the 35th battalion, leaving the 65th company and 17th Independent Reavers as the sole constituent of the 33rd. Their involvement in the Great Crusade and their influence in the upper structures of the Legion waned. While independent action with the Reavers continued unabated, the 65th company was tasked with rear line fleet guard duties and thus were given their sardonic title 'Cerberus Group', the guardians of old Terran myth. By M.31, the battalion had withdrawn to rear line duties, and come under intense political fire for wishing to incorporate organic militia elements within the Legion's rear echelon structure to supplement their wavering Recon groups and to help with garrison operations on newly compliant worlds such as Tennerak and Davin. While this never emerged, the 33rd battalion's reputation as a primary assault unit was stained by perceptions of other company captains who spurned the Imperial Army as anything more than clean up and support elements. This perception of the battalion would linger until their trial by fire at Istvaan III. Istvaan III: Dogs become Jackals The 65th remained part of the rearguard of the 63rd expeditionary fleet, but did not contribute significantly to the Davin suppression and performed only prefuctory assaults on Interex space installations during the Interex compliance. The mettle of the 65th was untested, but their strength had slowly accumulated over the intervening years. Reconstituted as a 295 strong company, they were given the designation Cerberus Assault Group as the Judicature arrived at the Istvaan III L2 lagrangian point. Marshal Ahazaar's rebuilt company was not called upon to participate in the opening assault, a not un-surprising decision on the surface. According to recovered logs from the Judicature, the marshal was apprehensive of the entire Istvaan III pacification operation but made no mention of it beyond his confidante and equerry Akkisen Shenzo. In an open conference with the Warmaster, he carefully pledged every asset at his disposal prior to the initial wave. This, perhaps, preempted doubts about the loyalties of the 65th. The 33rd battalion was locked down aboard the Judicature, Marshal Ahazaar remaining in his chambers under guard while the company's commanding officer, Centurion Ashram Kademius and his honour guard, occupied the command deck of the Judicature. The Grand Cruiser was one of the 63rd expeditionary fleet ships that descended into orbit to carry out the virus bombing, proving the loyalty of the ship crew, though the astartes of the 33rd battalion were still untested. In the ensuing firestorm, the 17th Independent Reavers were tasked with the capture of the frigate Shooting Star and were successful in their task. The 65th was held in reserve with a sizable contingent of armoured personnel carriers. After the revelation of intentions at Istvaan III, the 65th was dispatched on the 52nd day to suppress elements of the loyalist III and XVI legions who had escaped into the now wasteland countryside outside Istvaan III's capital Khry Vanak, the Choral City. For the next fifteen days, the 65th hunted for loyalist elements amid the ashen wastes, using a mixed doctrine of tank desant and rapid armour assault sweeps to destroy hidden strong points and overrun infantry contingents. Later analysis notes the lack of anti-aircraft guns, speeders, jetbikes, or other assets that could ensure the safety of the 65th in wide-band sweeps or be used to counteract the 118th squadron's Stormcrows and Fire Raptors who flew alongside ostensibly as air-support. Other sources indicate that the 118th acted as a control mechanism to ensure the compliance of the untested 65th in ground operations. It was their air-wardens who who named the 65th Ash Jackals, or alternatively Dust Jackals in inter-unit vox communication, and the callsign was adopted readily by the 65th as their nom de guerre. Whatever the motives, the 65th completed their tasks with enthusiasm and arrived in the ruined city suburbs to support other actions 16 days later as the Coral City's last bastions of resistance fell. However, to prove the loyalty of the 65th further, the 33rd released the last of its armour reserves and the 65th was sent in support of Legio Mortis elements at the same time as XIIth legion forces were being recalled from the battlezone. The 65th and 17th were pushed into the breach with straggling elements of the XIIth legion, pursuing loyalist remnants deep into the catacombs beneath the Precentor's palace. After a costly armoured assault that carried into the inner sanctum of the structure, the 65th was ordered to retreat, though the rear echelons and a significant portion of the 17th were caught in the undercrofts beneath the ancient structure and presumably destroyed by the barrage unleashed by Legio Mortis. The last 126 Ash Jackals were extracted by the 118th to the Judicature, bloodied but now proven. Operational Doctrine: The influx of new Cthonian recruits after Istvaan III had an effect on both the internal culture and combat doctrine of the Ash Jackals. Fresh from the fray, the leadership of the 65th reviewed after action reports, and through a systemic lobbying process on behalf of their marshal, capitalized on the events of the Precentor's Palace assault. Cthonian recruits were typically filtered through into tactical squads, through more emphasis was placed on advanced placement in Breacher squads. Many of the company's Rhino APC's were wrecked and abandoned on Istvaan III, but the Mastadon and Land Raider contingents were retrained and reinforced. The resultant units were forced to fight on foot in support of heavy armour assaults, favoring medium to close range firefights with an assortment of specialist squads. No one overwhelming combat doctrine was adopted, and holes in the 65ths melee squads was filled by the influx of terminator squads and close cohesive support with the 17th Reavers. The 65th would advance on static enemy positions, attempting to take them by storm, advancing rather than holding ground. At the same time, the first air-support was received as a spoils of war from Istvaan III. An unmarked Storm Eagle gunship was transported back by the 118th, but claims by their captain were undercut by Marshal Ahazaar. Soon after, the Mournful Song was put into service, ostensibly to transport seeker and reconnaissance elements meant to probe perspective targets. More recent developments has seen the Judicature onloading more Anvillus Dreadclaw Assault Craft and Storm Eagle transports, once earmarked for the 19th Air Assault company, but was overruled by 33rd battalion requisition requests. Now-Praetor Kademius has rallied for the 65th to incorporate a sizable bulk strike transit component, and the Storm Eagles and their escort fill those requirements well, though not without the loss of priority in obtaining more standardized Rhino armoured carriers. +++ Army updated: 19.05.17 M3.
  19. I've recently begun a narrative campaign with my brothers and some friends and wanted to aggregate everything together in one place where each of us could update it as the campaign develops and we paint new stuff. To follow will be an accounting of each of our armies, including lore, painting progress, battle reports as the campaign progresses, and an outline of the narrative. I wanted to compile all the data together to construct a long term campaign we could return to since my brothers and I live in different parts of the United States. So, let this be my accounting. We'll probably see at least one other related thread on the chaos side. +++++++++++++++++++++++++INCOMING TRANSMISSION++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ CASE FILE: 338.67X.BA9.Zbv Please enter your authority code... ********************** Validating...... Thank you, Inquisitor. May the Emperor guide you. CASE STUDY OF ADEPTUS ASTARTES ASSETS IN THEATER ULTIMA SEGMENTUM LOCATION: MALEXIS SECTOR DATE: 152.M42 COMPILED BY LORD INQUISITOR AMELIA FIRENZE, ORDO HERETICUS INQUISITORIAL DATA FORTRESS, TROXUS PRIME, 138.M42 Founding Chapter: Blood Angels Founding: Unknown* Chapter Master: Malphas Home World: Iracundia Fortress Monastery: Arx Umbra Specialty: Assault, Close Quarters Combat Strength: Unknown Battle Cry: Lucem ac tenebras! THE MALEXIS SECTOR To trailing and rimward of Baal, the Malexis Sector lies roughly halfway between Sable and Quisto'rol, though closer to Angelis than not, just on the fringe of Segmentum Ultima. The sector itself is governed at Malchar Prime by the venerable Lord Governor, Quintus Proximi. Laying on the border of Ultima Segmentum, the sector is defined by its relationship to the fringes of the galaxy. The cold trade thrives here, and the exploits of Rogue Traders seeking buried secrets and riches beyond the blighted Ghoul Stars fill countless volumes in the Librarium Primus on the sector's capitol planet. Malexis has a proud history as a key supporting province and staging area for the Malcharian Crusade. Dozens of agri-worlds feed the hives across the sector, as well as the fortress worlds of Malchar IV, Oraxis, Thisellia, Rictus, and Sortia. The sector is home to six shrine worlds, four pleasure planets, and several dozen feudal and feral worlds. Notable Imperial assets include but are not limited to The Rictus Expeditionary Corps, The Malchar 25th, The Sortian 3rd (Shrieking Griffons), and the venerable knight house Alphyn, leige lords of the Justitian system. Finally, the Angels Apocryphal, in support of the Death Spectre chapter, bear the holy charge of defending the sector and maintaining the integrity of the Segmentum's borders from the greatest threats beyond the fringe. Drukhari raiding is common, as are the stranger, more sanity breaking threats that encroach from the dreaded Ghoul Stars. The Hive Fleet Jormungand, crushed by elements of the Death Spectres, bled several splinter fleets into the sector before it was defeated. Feral greenskins persist on a number of worlds within the sector, however a large scale incursion remains below the Imperial average. Heretic elements active in the sector include an unnamed Word Bearers detachment led by the Arch Abomination Orbus the Resplendent and most recently, unknown elements of the Thousand Sons led by the arcane heirophant Pho'tek Katar. IRACUNDIA Gravity locked with its parent star, the death world Iracundia is a subtly brutal place, lacking any forgiveness or mercy. Its atmosphere is surprisingly hospitable to human life. The two sides of the planet, however, represent its terrible extremes. The day side swelters at temperatures in excess of 60 degrees Celsi, depending on the season. Its inhabitants live underground, in vast compounds shielded from the star's unforgiving rays, and mine the precious metals deep below the planet's crust or harvest moisture in multilevel condensation farms and aquifers. No one goes to the night side, where the howls of ancient beasts stalk the shadows of cyclopean ice formations that have stood for millennia. Along the Meridian Primus lay the truly habitable zone. Travel long enough in any direction, and the sun begins to set. In such brutal heat, anyone would count the cooling temperatures a blessing. Eventually, the traveller will reach The Halo Sea. It is an ocean that circles the planet, crowned with an archipelago of fortress hives built atop lush, green forests that stand sentinel across the sea. Here, they guard the innocence of the day from the monstrousness of the night. At polar north stands the crown jewel, the Arx Umbra, a bastion of constant noble vigilance. Not much is known about the night side of the planet. The massive walls of Halo Bastion prevent any incursion beyond the ocean and into the tundra. From orbit, it appears as dark and lifeless as it's said to be on the surface. However, other stories also abound. Stories of what the locals call "Strigus," or the Ravenous, hint at ancient, cannibal hunters or some kind of vengeful spirit haunting the timeless canyons and ancient mountains of the planet. Local sources conflicted wildly, based seemingly on what they had grown up hearing. The case remains open at the Thisellian Enclave but no one seems overinterested in pursuing it because, as we all know, the Angels Apocryphal, while secretive, silent, and strange, are still a loyal chapter with every ounce the honour and nobility of their parent lineage. The people of Iracundia subsist at a largely stunted level of technology. Weaponry is exclusively solid projectile, with no knowledge of las or plasma tech. They rely also on fossil fuels to power their tunnel crawlers and lack the methods of refinement common throughout the Imperium. No means of mass production exist, leading to a staggering variety of mechanical and technological goods. However, all are invariably of low quality. The myriad tunnel clans fight among themselves for access to underground complexes, aquifers, oil wells, and mineral veins when not campaigning against the Rokushaki, a primeval breed of subterranean reptilian xeno also native to the planet. Other indigenous predators include the behemoths called dune dragons, the cyclopean gigapede, blood wyrms, scythe beetles, and shale spiders. Interestingly, scythe beetles can be domesticated and are frequently used as mounts by the more foolhardy clans on the surface. Recent surveys of life also note several strains of feral tyranid following the passing of Hive Fleet Jormungand, though no genestealer strains have been detected. The Halo Bastion, circling the whole of the planet in the green zone, effectively blocking passage from day side to night side, culminates at polar north in the massive fortress monastery of Arx Umbra. The first wall spans the coast of the Halo Sea. Behind it, generations of planetary defence forces have lived, mustered, and died keeping the general population safely ignorant of their place in the greater galaxy. The PDF are overseen by the 10th company's captain as something of a collateral duty. RITUALS AND PRACTICES The Angels Apocryphal have several rites that diverge from those of their brothers. First, and most notably, they have vowed never to speak to any lacking their gene seed. It was explained to me not as a matter of worthiness, but one of shame. Something compels the chapter to deny themselves communication with the Imperium at large. A notable exception to this is during wartime, but even then the commanders speak over encrypted vox channels through handpicked chapter serfs and intermediaries. Second, once selected for the reclusiam, potential chaplains must undergo a pilgrimage to the night side of Iracundia where they are expected to brave the killing cold and commune with the spirit of their Primarch. Whether or not they hear anything is unknown to all but those that make the journey. Out there, amid the terribly human howls of whatever beasts lurk the frozen landscape, the chaplains have sought out these arcane mysteries for millennia. Sanguinalia is something of a revelry to them, as it is with other chapters of Sanguinius' line. However, the somberness of the mass before the feast is something to note. The sermon is led by the chapter's Master of Sanctity, every verse punctuated by the slap and tear of bone studded leather against the backs of every marine in attendance. The blood that runs down their ragged backs collects in troughs in the floor and runs to the center of the floor in a pool at the base of the pulpit. At the end of the ceremony, the Master of Sanctity calls for the Vauldii, and every battle brother rises from his knees to drink from the pool. In this way, they reinforce their bonds of brotherhood to each other, the chapter, and the Imperium at large. Finally, the practice of tithing is something intrinsic to the Angels Apocryphal. Whenever the chapter saves an Imperial world from a given threat, they extract a tithe of people from the planet's surviving population, presumably to take as thralls back to Iracundia. No one actually knows what happens to these people, and the chapter's leadership certainly wasn't forthcoming with any information regarding them. I'm sure they don't end up as chapter serfs. These are the only rituals we've been able to document. There must be a great deal more, but they are an inclusive and secretive group. Much has been hidden from us, and the chapter's leadership are incredibly vigilant in keeping their secrets. KNOWN BATTLES The Devastation of Baal Two companies destroyed on Baal Primus, at the opening of The Rift. Golgatha IV The 4th Company, captained by Irad, invaded Golgatha IV after a cult known as the Illumine overthrew the local government. After partnering with a Black Templars crusade following the trail of heresy and death left in the wake of the daemon prince Orbus the Resplendent, Irad waged a five year war upon the cult and the detachment of Word Bearers that appeared during the war's prosecution. Finally, upon the spires of the governorial palace, Orbus was banished to the warp and a new threat was uncovered. Landrian Prime The 6th Company, captained by Vykus, confronted the forces of Uldrethi Skintaker, Archon of the Kabal of the Rent Veil. The foul creature had stripped several feudal and agri-worlds of their populations. In orbit over the skies of Landrian Prime, Vykus cast the alien from the observation deck of his own ship into the cold death in the void. Gathan Prime Most recently, while engaged with Tyranid splinter forces in system, Captain Forsus of 5th company discovered strange signals eminating from the planet's surface. Upon investigation, Forsus and his lieutenants discovered elements of the Thousand Sons led by the sorcerer Pho'tek Katar seeking something within the ruined city. Forsus and his battle brothers fought through wave after wave of Tyranid to reach the site of the incursion. However, upon arriving at the shrine the heretics occupied, Forsus fell to some unknown madness, charging headlong into the enemy line while his men sought to contain his rage. Forsus fell, and the surviving marines were forced from the battlefield. Attached are pict captures of the engagement. It is presumed by the Holy Ordos that the Angels Apocryphal will be mustering at this point to pursue this Pho'tek Katar, and discover his purpose here in the sector, as well as his connection to Orbus the Resplendent. Feel free to contact me for any further clarification. I hope and pray that this satisfies your inquiry, Lord Amarant. Be well. -as heck Forever Faithful +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++END TRANSMISSION+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Next up, painting shots taken over the last year. Current project, finishing up those vanguard vets. Hope you guys enjoy this. Look out for Pho'tek's contributions as well.
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