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Add in to the equation later on that Saint Basillius was in fact a Chaos operative and they find out that they were further betrayed by the Imperium at large, it would certainly add to their 'fractured' personalities and previous stances of honour, justice and their loyalty to the Imperium.



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I feel like I might be monopolizing this thread but I have few ideas floating in my mind and I want to write them down, even if they never end being used.


If the Fractured (or the warband we end up choosing) have become disillusioned with the Imperium, maybe they have high amount of possessed, marines who have abandoned their very selves to strike back at the monolithic Empire that betrayed them.


Also, perhaps they seek other forces willing to break ties with Imperium, letting / forcing / manipulating them join their cause. Maybe this is how they recruit new marines with those unsuited becoming marines ending up as cultists? 

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An Abyssal Crusade chapter would give us some nice grounds for the Sisters reaction. If the Order goes in the direction I have in mind, they’ll have something of a fixation on the Reign of Blood, and other corruption within the Ministorum. It’s likely one or many of them could even recognize some bit of armour or iconography on the warband, linking them to the Abusdal Crusade. This would give the Sisters a personal connection to the fight, since these CSM would be loyalists if not for the failings of the Ecclesiarchy (and in their view, the failings of the Sororitas in not catching the corruption before the Abyssal Crusade happened).
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Zhiv - no worries about monopolising! All are welcome in the LUP threads. 


I certainly agree that a Chapter from the Abyssal Crusade helps to show how some Chapters who fall to Chaos didn't necessarily do it out of choice. I think it allows us to create a somewhat sympathetic villain - but also one that's uniquely 40k. 


So, we seem to have a relatively straightforward choice between the Broken (formerly the Viridian Consuls) and the Fractured (formerly the Justicars) - I like the idea of the Justicars, because their name evokes to me a group that was once concerned with justice and upholding the Imperial way of life - an Imperium that broke and destroyed them.


Any thoughts on the group? Should we put it to a vote? 

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