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MBA++Blood Angels 5th Company - Having fun with camouflage


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Honourable Fraters,

Having recently returned to the hobby after 5 editions break, I have been chosen by the Blood Angels. They had always held a special place in my heart.
I have been collecting BA miniatures for quite some time now in a very un-orderly fashoin. A chaplain here, a devastator there. At first I was choosing miniatures by their look and feel. Then there was the "hmm-I-might-need-that-one-at-some-point" approach.
All in all I have ended up with quite a few kilos of plastic. Some of those were roughly splashed red and sent to battle. Some remained anonymously grey.

Having been a long time lurker of these Halls, I finally gathered my courage and joined the the Blood & Zeal 2018 event. This gave me the opportunity to get rid of some of the sprues that were choking my boxes and drawers. Now with the ETL VI I got the motivation to paint at least some of it to the tabletop standard.
The hobby has always been about collecting and modelling for me.

I'm hoping that this WIP thread will help me along the way. I also strongly feel the need to contribute to the Community that has provided me with inspiration for years :)

My force is based on the 5th Company "Daemonbanes" with elements from other companies and Chapter HQ. Currently completed are:

++Chapter HQ++
Commander Dante, Warden of Imperium Nihilus
The Sanguinor

++Sanguinary Priesthood++
(1 Sanguinary Priest)
Sanguinary Priest (JP)

(5 Chaplains, 1 initiate)
High Chaplain Astorath the Grim 
Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought
Chaplain (TDA)
Primaris Chaplain
Primaris Chaplain on bike
Chaplain (JP)
Chaplain (PF
Custodian of the Damned (Judiciar)

(6 Librarians)
Chief Librarian Mephiston
Librarian Epistolary (TDA)
Librarian Epistolary (JP, sword) 

Librarian Epistolary (JP, Staff) 
Librarian Epistolary (Phobos) 
Librarian Dreadnought

(2 Techmarine)
Techmarine Kadmos 
Primaris Techmarine Malatesta

++Sanguinary Guard++
7 Sanguinary Guards

++5th Company, "Daemonbanes"++
(96/100 marines + HQ)
HQ: Captain Sendini
>>JP, TH, Combi-Melta
Relic blade, MC Bolter

Primaris Lieutenant (PS/SS)
Company Ancient
Company Champion

1st squad Intercessors (10)
2nd squad Intercessors (5) 
3rd squad Heavy Intercessors (10)

4th squad Infiltrators (10 +Helix Adept)
5th squad Incursors (10)

6th squad Assault Intercessors (10)
7th squad Outriders (3)
8th squad Inceptors (dakka) (6)

9th squad Devastators (10)

10th squad Hellblasters (10)
11th squad Aggressors (6)
16th squad Inceptors (plasma) (6)

Contemptor Dreadnought
Redemptor Dreadnought
Leviathan Siege Dreadnought
Storm Speeder
Whirlwind artillery tank
Predator battle tank
Baal Predator battle tank "Fury"
Vindicator siege tank
Sicaran battle tank "Wyvern"
Razorback APC (TAC) x2
Rhino APC

Rhino APC (Deimos pattern)
Firestrike Turret

++1st Company, "Archangels"++
(35 Marines)
HQ: Captain Karlaen, Shield of Baal

Ancient Radequisto

Sternguard Veterans (7)
Vanguard Veterans (5)

Assault Terminators (Indomitus) (6) (TH/SH, LC)
Terminators (Indomitus) (6) (SB/PF, CML, AC)
3rd Squad Vanguard Veterans (5) 
11th Squad Bladeguard Veterans (3) 
12th Squad Bladeguard Veterans (2) (3 planned)
Terminators (Tartaros) (5 planned)

++3rd Company, "Ironhelms"++
(1 Marine)
HQ: Captain Erasmus Tycho, Master of Sacrifice

++8th Company, "Bloodblades"++
(4 Marines)
2 Invader ATVs


++9th Company, "Sunderers"++
(6 Marines)
13th squad Eradicators (4) (6 planned)
14th squad Eradicators (2) (3 planned)

++10th Company, "Redeemers"++
(23 scouts)
HQ: Captain Borgio, Master of Recruits

1st squad (CCW +ML (8)
2nd squad (Bolters +HB)(6)
3rd squad (Bolters + HB) (6)
10th squad Scout Bikes (3)

--10th Company Vanguard detachment--
(16 Marines)

HQ: Vanguard Captain, Master of Reconnaissance

Squad Pi Eliminators (3)
Squad Sigma Eliminators (3)

Squad Omega Eliminators (1) (3 planned)
13th squad Suppressors (3)
14th squad Suppressors (3 planned)
15th squad Suppressors (3 planned)

16th squad Incursors (5) (10 planned)

++The Lost++
(12 marines)
Chaplain Lemartes

Death Company Dreadnought
Death Company (6)
Death Company Intercessors (5)

++Air Support++
Stormtalon gunship

++Imperial Supporting Elements++
Inquisitor Nicolau d'Salas (another thread)
Eversor assassin

Culexus assassin (another thread)
Callidus assassin (another thread)
Imperial Knight Armiger Warglaive

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So here is my first vow for ETL VI:
1 Captain in TDA armor with Thunder Hammer and Storm Bolter (magnetized),
2 5-man Intercessor squads, each with bolt rifles, 1 Auxiliary grenade launcher and Chainswords-bearing Sergeants,
1 5-man Devastator squad with 3 Plasma Cannons, 1 Lascannon, Armorium Cherub (DA Watcher in the Dark familiar) and bolter-armed Sergeant,
1 Contemptor Dreadnought with Kheres Assault cannon, combi-bolter and Dreadnought Combat Weapon (magnetized),
1 Whirlwind with Vengeance launcher
1 Razorback with Twin Assault Cannon
Total value 851 pts

Additionally, here is the first Intercessor squad in progress. Mephiston Red was the priming colour and I have applied additional layers to strenghten it. Next came 2 layers of Agrax Earthshade (I'm a great fan of this one!) plus Astrogranite texture paint on the bases. This is the first time I'm using those texture paints.
In the background is a Whirlwid in the process of receiving additinal layers of Mephiston Red. There will be quite few of those before I'm happy.




In reality the shading is much darker. I'll try to capture this better on following reports.
Edited by Majkhel
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I've been as busy as possible during some national holidays.

The 1st of the 2 squads is almost complete:













I'm thinking about a final highlight on the chosen armour edges, but not necessary as I like the current soft look of it. Some drybrush on the Bolt Rifles definitely and then decals for the shoulder pads.

Edited by Majkhel
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I managed to complete the Whirlwind today. At least to the point I intend to keep for the ETL VI. I still haven't decided how will the heraldry of the 5th Company look like, so I limited the markings to a quartered shield with the 5th's black blood-drop and a freehand of an angelic figure throwing a spear at whatever unfortunate foe came to his view. Seemed appropriate for the Whirwind :biggrin.:





And a close-up of the Angel. A little out of focus, sorry. Just noticed.

Edited by Majkhel
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I managed to complete the Whirlwind today. At least to the point I intend to keep for the ETL VI. I still haven't decided how will the heradry of the 5th Company look like, so I limited the markings to a quartered shield with the 5th's black blood-drop and a freehand of an angelic figure throwing a spear at whatever unfortunate foe came to his view. Seemed appropriate for the Whirwind :biggrin.:


This is stunningly great work, Majkhel – I may need to 'copy' this freehanded angel, it looks great!!

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Contemptor is ready.



I'm not entirely happy with how the black blood drop came out. The aim was for it to be a black gem stone as befitting 5th Company dreadnought. Something like polished obsidian. I'm reluctant to highlight it through greys fearing it becoming too grey in the process. At the end I washed it several times with Nuln Oil thus giving it a sheen and adding dots of pure white at the high and bottom. But something is amiss...

Anyway, in the future I plan to add some battle damage and some letters to the scroll. Any ideas on the motto? I was thinking something short like the classic: 'Even in death I still serve'. In Latin it should be short enough to fit into three parts.
Also the decal on the left arm is still visible despite several layers of matt varnish. I will attempt masking it better when I return to this fellow. Edited by Majkhel
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That is a really nice Contemptor! I generally don't like the looks of Contemptor dreadnought, but with the minor modifications you really nailed it.


I'm not entirely happy with how the black blood drop came out. The aim was for it to be a black gem stone as befitting 5th Company dreadnought. Something like polished obsidian. I'm reluctant to highlight it through greys fearing it becoming too grey in the process. At the end I washed it several times with Nuln Oil thus giving it a sheen and adding dots of pure white at the high and bottom. But something is amiss...


Too much grey is definitely a part of the problem, but I think the position of the highlights is also part of the problem.


Highly polished black usually has extremely high contrasts between the black mass and the highlights. This means that you should keep the layers on the highlighted areas as narrow as possible. I would probably just paint in black and add a narrow line of dark grey to the edge and even more narrower line of light grey for the highlights. About 90% should still be pure black. Semi-gloss varnish is probably a must for sealing the looks.


The positioning of the highlight is easier to grasp by studying pictures of "water drop shaped black gemstone" by google photo search :wink:


Black is really difficult to paint properly, so I try to keep with easier colors. :unsure.:

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So, reporting also here that my 1st ETL vow (ever) has been completed :smile.:
So here is the nice little strike force shot:

And some close-ups of the previously not posted Captain:




I have opted for a golden cloak after my wife's advice, that "gold matches red" (well who would know if not your wife? :wink: ). I muted the cloak as much as possible to differentiate the fabric from the metal surfaces. Apart from the cloak i tried to minimize the amount of gold on him, opting for the brute iron instead.
For the skin, I tried to capture the pale, slightly "vampiric" skin of an old Blood Angel veteran and I think it came out really nice.
The model is really nice and detailed, but not overloaded with it. I was especially glad how the fangs showed up on their own when I was painting the skin on the face.

The devastators:




Well those were pretty straightforward. The only decisions to be made were the colors to be used to represent plasma and las glows. I believe I could have done some better job with the plasma, but I admit that at that time I just wanted to finish them as quickly and painless as possible :biggrin.: The lascanon however turn out nicely in my opinion.
And of course it was fun to paint the Watcher in the Dark as a Blood Angel Armorium Cherub :tongue.:
I'm thinking of adding some spare rockets and pouches to the base to further emphasise it's role. Edited by Majkhel
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A little show off for the Armiger Warglaive WIP.
I have the guy built some time ago. Fully manetized (waist, head with rotation, all 3 weapon options). Runnig pose should reflect the speed of the Armiger nicely.
He will be getting a skull face from a normal Knight kit. Additional magnets on the head will work as its eyes/sensors.
Plan is to make him a House Hawkshroud Armiger (so a Killer Bee ;) ). That house is known to have lots of sworn oaths of allegiance and also likes to incorporate heraldry of whoever it is supporting. So it would be nice to have some different color in the army and at the same time some options to to tie it in.
We'll see how it goes :smile.:
Currently most of the metal layers are in palce along with some generous application of Nuln Oil.


Edited by Majkhel
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  • 2 weeks later...

It's been a while since I added any photos, so here comes a bigger pack fresh from ETL painting table :smile.:

Finished Hellblasters:



Those went fairly quick now that I have decided on the way red armor looks like for my army. On second thought, I may have given them a bit brighter hue of green around the lenses. But the still look okay for my taste, so I'll leave it at that.
I've learned my lesson from the devastators, and this time went for nightshade (with a bit of blue) wash over white undercoat for the plasma coils, followed by light drybrush of pure white around the central area. Looks better now.

Finished 3rd Comapany Captain Erasmus Tycho:
This was a test miniature for me before I gather the courage to start with the actual "Golden Boys" (SG). The gold came out nice. I believe that SG will have better shading due to better quality of the plastic sculpt compared to this really ancient metal model. Still I'm as happy as I can be with it.

Finished High Chaplain Astorath the Grim, Redeemer of the Lost:





Some different lighting there. I stil struggle with proper lighting conditions for the pictures.
Anyway - I'm really happy with how the model came out. The metal miniature met all my expectations - crisp, really easy on the black armor, but still lovely detail. And sooo much can be done on the scrolls :wub: . You can also go pretty crazy on the wings or the axe. It can be painted really quickly. But then you can spend whole weeks on it and there still be something to add. That's what I love in this hobby! :yes:
This was also a test for my skill before I get to the SG wings. Althoug I dont Think I'll be highliting each feather separtely as I did with Astorath... but who knows?

Finished 1st Company Terminator Ancient:



The Ancient was painted somewhere between Tycho and Astorath and finished last in the process. I still could have done some work on the banner (more shades, more highlight) but it's okey as it is now. Maybe in the future I'll upgrade it a little. The miniature itself was really nice and quick to paint with my technique of shading the armor with several layers of Agrax Earthshade as it has lots and lots of recesses. Then again you can spend days on the details and highlights... :biggrin.:

Hope you like the lot :smile.: Edited by Majkhel
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Yay! I've managed to complete my 2nd ETL VI vow :biggrin.: 
So here is the happy lot: 
Apologies for poor lighting conditions and so not very good quality of the picture. I just put them together for a group shot in my livingroom during the break in the Portual-Iran/Spain-Marocco matches. I'll Try to do a better shot during the week. 

What can I say about the vow a s a whole? It was mostly as I have imagined: fun and challenging. Very different types of units, different types of colors and effects. This diversity was probably the reason the vow took longer than I expected as well. I thought that different challenges would push me forward. Instead it slowed me as I had to switch approaches between sub-projects ("regular" Hellblasters and Inceptors, Astorath, Tycho, Stormtalon with OSL, Armiger).

Here some additional shots of the group from different angles:








Inceptors: not shown before:



Those came to me already assembled, so I had some difficulties in painting the insides of the hoods and the heads. Came out OK though.

with the OSL effect on the pilot:





Now that was fun! :smile.: 
After studying some blogs on the rules and tips for the Object-Source Lighting, I first marked the screens that were to be the source of light. Then I painted the whole pilot very dark brown (Actually added just a bit of Mephiston Red to Black. After that I gave a coat of white to the parts that were to be lighted by the screens. Then the brown parts were given a coat of Mephiston red only slightly toned down with a tiny bit of black. 
After that, the white areas got several layers of thinned green-yellow-white mix. It would probably be better if I used it as a glaze, but I lacked the medium, so put several coats thinned down with water. I varied the coloration so that there were lighter and darker areas. Special attention was given to the helmet.
After those were done, I have added another thin layer of Mephiston Red to smoothen transition between red and green.
Then came shading of the recesses of the red armor with Agrax Earthshade and the green areas with Nuln Oil. Then the Red armour was highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet with a bit of yellow/white mix. 
The important thing to remember was that the lighted areas cannot be brighter the source of light itself. Not easy, when the screens are visible only from certain angles.

I'm pretty happy as this is my very first attempt at OSL. Edited by Majkhel
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