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  1. Hello again. Its time to show off my WIP command Razorback with t/l assault cannons. Actually I need advice. I was thinking about writing '4th company' on the banner somehow but don't know if this will ruin it. What do you think? Is it enough that 4th company has the green spot colour? The banner was downloaded from Wargames Foundry, in the free downloads section. It's actually a Viking standard but I repainted the background green and filled in the internal lines on the raven image. The Apothecary is one of my favourites. I'll refrain from retaking pictures of my ETL units until I've painted a few more details on about 16 marine infantry, like that missile launcher tactical marine in the last picture. Until then I'm more in the mood for painting tanks or drop pods.
  2. Well to follow on my new post in the WIP forums bringing back Operation Reclamation, which some of you older members may remember form around 2010-11, here's the Completed, or "Reclaimed" thread, where I showcase the completed miniatures from my exploits! Now to start off with, I'm very embarrassed to say the first mini I'm showcasing is one that I in fact damaged/abused. After getting my first Storm Talon through the post from GW, I immediately got to work on building it and I decided it would be in the colours of my newest Space Marine army, a Crimson Fist successor called the "Vanquishers", who are the masters of city-fighting and urban warfare. Unfortunately, I made a mistake I will only ever do once, after discovering what a lamp's light bulb does to a Storm Talon if too close. I was trying to dry the blue wash on the cockpit glass, but I got too engrossed in an Imperial Armour book and must have lost a few minutes, which led to this horrific outcome, after 12 hours of work on it: Needless to say, I was pretty stunned and felt a bit hollow after seeing what I'd done, the Talon was so close to being finished too, all it needed was some washes, detail painting and transfers and then it would have been finished! But pretty much immediately after this moment of neglect happened, I immediately got to work on making emergency repairs, seeing this as a chance to make my Storm Talon look a teensy bit more unique. Grabbing my Green Stuff, I started to work on fixing the giant hole in the Talon and start making a base for my plasticard shrouding on the aircraft: Eventually, I managed to build a suitable Plasticard cockpit shroud/cover, making it look like a field addition for added shielding and worked on finishing the Storm Talon and its base. Unfortunately, the painting gods were clearly not on my side as more calamities befell the Talon. My black wash went crazily goopy and all over the place, leading to horrific streaks and other nasties and the 'Ardcoat I added onto the cockpit area did not cooperate well with the plasticard, leading to a bit of a mess on the front edges...but I stuck to it and finished the Storm Talon up, leading to this: And here's a better look at the base, where I made a custom satellite dish using a round base and some sprue pieces, along with other detritus I had in my bitz box. The Vanquishers are the masters of city/urban warfare, so I wanted to emphasise that with the pieces on the base: Whilst the Storm Talon isn't drop-dead gorgeous, I'm very proud and happy with how it looks after my huge error. Unfortunately, I had no way of repairing the upper vent intakes on the Talon, so I've kept them as they are and I've come up with a back story for this Storm Talon to explain its appearance: The Storm Talon "Kalore's Revenge", is a venerated aircraft in the armoury of the Vanquishers chapter. Kalore's Revenge has a very unique cockpit shrouding addition to it, along with distinctive battle damage along the top of its fuselage. This damage, and the subsequent naming of this Talon to be "Kalore's Revenge" emerged in the wake of the fall of the Hiveworld Kalore in M37; where a Chaos incursion, led by the Oblivion Warriors occurred. In the final days of the war, where the Imperial forces worked on evacuating as many citizens and Imperial assets as possible, the Storm Talon and its pilot, Techmarine Tandiel worked on harassing enemy aircraft to prevent them from attacking the evacuation forces. Despite the overwhelming numbers against Tandiel and his Storm Talon, they successfully brought down four Heldrakes and two Hellblades, before a squadron of Heldrakes managed to score a direct hit on the Storm Talon with a combined cataclysmic torrent of balefire. The top of the Storm Talon suffered serious damage, with the cockpit and upper fuselage being melted away and warped from the tainted flames, but remarkably, in his sheer stubbornness of refusing to die, Techmarine Tandiel and the Storm Talon continued to battle with the Chaos flyers, taking out the squadron with barely contained fury before retreating after expending all ammunition and running out of fuel. When Tandiel returned, his fellow Techmarines were stunned and awed by the damage wrought upon the aircraft and the apothecaries marvelled at how Tandiel was still alive, despite suffering catastrophic burns to his upper body and bionics. Eventually, with Kalore lost to an Exterminatus and the Vanquishers returning to their homeworld of Caeron, the Techmarines of the chapter began to work on repairing the Storm Talon. Despite the horrific damage from the taints of warpfire, they discovered that the Machine Spirit within the aircraft was defiant of the damage and still pure from any taint. Eventually, the Storm Talon and Tandiel were ready to take to the skies once more, with both having been extensively repaired and healed form their damage. The Storm Talon was giving extra reinforcing to repair its damage and was given an up-armoured cockpit, which also added sensor filters to better aid its pilot in dogfights. Upon flying with his Storm Talon once more, Tandiel declared that it would be renamed "Kalore's Revenge," bringing fire and vengeance for all those lost on Kalore. Kalore's Revenge continues to serve in the Vanquishers' forces, attached to the Fourth Company and has earned further honours since the Fall of Kalore. To pilot this aircraft is seen as a great honour and responsibility amongst the Techmarine pilots of the chapter and only the very best are permitted the honour to fly it into battle. And that's that! I will hopefully bring new images of reclaimed miniatures soon, now that I have a RT Land Speeder being stripped along with a classic Apothecary, so stay tuned! Any and all comments/critiques are greatly welcomed and appreciated! Cambrius
  3. Greetings denizens of the B+C! Some of you may remember a couple of years back my old "Operation Reclamation" thread, where I took abused and poorly built/painted/damaged Space Marines and proceeded to fix them up with some stripping and a new colour scheme befitting their status as the Emperor's Finest. Each mini I would "reclaim" would be given one of my numerous DIY colour schemes and perhaps a small background on that chapter. Thus far since I started in 2010, I have reclaimed over 20 miniatures, each in a different colour scheme and a small handful being used in my current Sons of Doom or Vanquishers army. So to give you an idea, here's how some of the original victims in need of some TLC looked, from an eBay job lot I won back in late 2009: It might not look too bad, but the white paint what Humbrol enamel, so the shoulder pads were a serious mess and the paint was put on thick for their eye lenses and other spots. These were in fact the least damaged minis from the lot I got, I've since gone on to fix other, even worse looking miniatures from this and another job lot I got for cheap. But here is how some of them look now, guarding a tactically vital "asset" : But that's the past, now onto the present with my newest effort in reclaiming damaged minis and giving them the paint job and love they deserve! This time I'm going seriously old school with something I got from a friend, which he once owned as a wee little 10 year old, it's scary to think this vehicle may very well be older than I am: Yes indeed! It's an old school Land Speeder, armed with a Multi Melta beneath the cockpit and a Heavy Flamer on the turret! I have no idea how this thing is put together as I didn't have any instructions, so once I've stripped it down, trying to build it will be fun! Actually if any old school veterans of the hobby are reading this, can I ask if all the pieces are there or is there anything missing I'll have to kitbash to replace it with? I also have another miniature currently in the stripping tub right now, which is going to become an Apothecary for my Vanquishers' Command Squad eventually: And that's that on this thread for now! I will be posting an Operation Reclamation - Completed thread in the Hall of honour very shortly, displaying my newest reclaimed mini after I made a HUGE boo boo involving a Storm Talon and a lamp being too close to it... Any comments etc. are greatly welcomed and appreciated! Cambrius
  4. toaae

    ETL6/V1 Weridboy

    From the album: ETL

  5. toaae

    ETL6/V1 Mek Gun and Gunners

    From the album: ETL

  6. toaae

    ETL6/V1 Warboss

    From the album: ETL

  7. toaae

    ETL6/V1 Boyz w/ Nob

    From the album: ETL

  8. toaae

    ETL 6 Vow #1

    From the album: ETL

    Warboss w/ Power Klaw & Kustom-Shoota Weirdboy 10 (shoota) boyz with Nob w/ Power Klaw Mek Gun and Gunners w/ Bubble-Chucka
  9. Honourable Fraters, Having recently returned to the hobby after 5 editions break, I have been chosen by the Blood Angels. They had always held a special place in my heart. I have been collecting BA miniatures for quite some time now in a very un-orderly fashoin. A chaplain here, a devastator there. At first I was choosing miniatures by their look and feel. Then there was the "hmm-I-might-need-that-one-at-some-point" approach. All in all I have ended up with quite a few kilos of plastic. Some of those were roughly splashed red and sent to battle. Some remained anonymously grey. Having been a long time lurker of these Halls, I finally gathered my courage and joined the the Blood & Zeal 2018 event. This gave me the opportunity to get rid of some of the sprues that were choking my boxes and drawers. Now with the ETL VI I got the motivation to paint at least some of it to the tabletop standard. The hobby has always been about collecting and modelling for me. I'm hoping that this WIP thread will help me along the way. I also strongly feel the need to contribute to the Community that has provided me with inspiration for years :) My force is based on the 5th Company "Daemonbanes" with elements from other companies and Chapter HQ. Currently completed are: ++Chapter HQ++ Commander Dante, Warden of Imperium Nihilus The Sanguinor ++Sanguinary Priesthood++ (1 Sanguinary Priest) Sanguinary Priest (JP) ++Reclusiam++ (5 Chaplains, 1 initiate) High Chaplain Astorath the Grim Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought Chaplain (TDA) Primaris Chaplain Primaris Chaplain on bike Chaplain (JP) Chaplain (PF) Custodian of the Damned (Judiciar) ++Librarius++ (6 Librarians) Chief Librarian Mephiston Librarian Epistolary (TDA) Librarian Epistolary (JP, sword) Librarian Epistolary (JP, Staff) Librarian Epistolary (Phobos) Librarian Dreadnought ++Armoury++ (2 Techmarine) Techmarine Kadmos Primaris Techmarine Malatesta ++Sanguinary Guard++ 7 Sanguinary Guards ++5th Company, "Daemonbanes"++ (96/100 marines + HQ) HQ: Captain Sendini >>JP, TH, Combi-Melta >>Relic blade, MC Bolter Primaris Lieutenant (PS/SS) Company Ancient Company Champion 1st squad Intercessors (10) 2nd squad Intercessors (5) 3rd squad Heavy Intercessors (10) 4th squad Infiltrators (10 +Helix Adept) 5th squad Incursors (10) 6th squad Assault Intercessors (10) 7th squad Outriders (3) 8th squad Inceptors (dakka) (6) 9th squad Devastators (10) 10th squad Hellblasters (10) 11th squad Aggressors (6) 16th squad Inceptors (plasma) (6) Contemptor Dreadnought Redemptor Dreadnought Leviathan Siege Dreadnought Storm Speeder Whirlwind artillery tank Predator battle tank Baal Predator battle tank "Fury" Vindicator siege tank Sicaran battle tank "Wyvern" Kratos heavy assault tank Razorback APC (TAC) x2 Rhino APC Rhino APC (Deimos pattern) Impulsor Firestrike Turret Drop Pod ++1st Company, "Archangels"++ (42 Marines) HQ: Captain Karlaen, Shield of Baal Ancient Radequisto Sternguard Veterans (7) Vanguard Veterans (5) Assault Terminators (Indomitus) (6) (TH/SH, LC) Terminators (Indomitus) (6) (SB/PF, CML, AC) 2nd Squad Terminators (Indomitus) 2/5 (SB/PF, AC, PS on the Sergeant) 3rd Squad Vanguard Veterans (5) (PC/SS) 10th Squad Relic terminators (5) (CB/LC + HF/LC) 11th Squad Bladeguard Veterans (3) 12th Squad Bladeguard Veterans (2) (3 planned) Terminators (Tartaros) (5 planned) ++3rd Company, "Ironhelms"++ (1 Marine) HQ: Captain Erasmus Tycho, Master of Sacrifice ++8th Company, "Bloodblades"++ (4 Marines) 2 Invader ATVs ++9th Company, "Sunderers"++ (6 Marines) 13th squad Eradicators (4) (6 planned) 14th squad Eradicators (2) (3 planned) ++10th Company, "Redeemers"++ (23 scouts) HQ: Captain Borgio, Master of Recruits 1st squad (CCW +ML (8) 2nd squad (Bolters +HB)(6) 3rd squad (Bolters + HB) (6) 10th squad Scout Bikes (3) --10th Company Vanguard detachment-- (19 Marines) HQ: Vanguard Captain, Master of Reconnaissance Squad Pi Eliminators (3) Squad Sigma Eliminators (3) Squad Omega Eliminators (3) Squad Omega Eliminators (1) (3 planned) 13th squad Suppressors (3) 14th squad Suppressors (3 planned) 15th squad Suppressors (3 planned) 16th squad Incursors (5) (10 planned) ++The Lost++ (12 marines) Chaplain Lemartes Death Company Dreadnought Death Company (6) Death Company Intercessors (5) ++Air Support++ Stormtalon gunship ++Imperial Supporting Elements++ Inquisitor Nicolau d'Salas (another thread) Eversor assassin Culexus assassin (another thread) Callidus assassin (another thread) Imperial Knight Armiger Warglaive
  10. toaae

    Weirdboy and Boyz

    From the album: ETL

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