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  1. Honourable Fraters, Having recently returned to the hobby after 5 editions break, I have been chosen by the Blood Angels. They had always held a special place in my heart. I have been collecting BA miniatures for quite some time now in a very un-orderly fashoin. A chaplain here, a devastator there. At first I was choosing miniatures by their look and feel. Then there was the "hmm-I-might-need-that-one-at-some-point" approach. All in all I have ended up with quite a few kilos of plastic. Some of those were roughly splashed red and sent to battle. Some remained anonymously grey. Having been a long time lurker of these Halls, I finally gathered my courage and joined the the Blood & Zeal 2018 event. This gave me the opportunity to get rid of some of the sprues that were choking my boxes and drawers. Now with the ETL VI I got the motivation to paint at least some of it to the tabletop standard. The hobby has always been about collecting and modelling for me. I'm hoping that this WIP thread will help me along the way. I also strongly feel the need to contribute to the Community that has provided me with inspiration for years :) My force is based on the 5th Company "Daemonbanes" with elements from other companies and Chapter HQ. Currently completed are: ++Chapter HQ++ Commander Dante, Warden of Imperium Nihilus The Sanguinor ++Sanguinary Priesthood++ (1 Sanguinary Priest) Sanguinary Priest (JP) ++Reclusiam++ (5 Chaplains, 1 initiate) High Chaplain Astorath the Grim Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought Chaplain (TDA) Primaris Chaplain Primaris Chaplain on bike Chaplain (JP) Chaplain (PF) Custodian of the Damned (Judiciar) ++Librarius++ (6 Librarians) Chief Librarian Mephiston Librarian Epistolary (TDA) Librarian Epistolary (JP, sword) Librarian Epistolary (JP, Staff) Librarian Epistolary (Phobos) Librarian Dreadnought ++Armoury++ (2 Techmarine) Techmarine Kadmos Primaris Techmarine Malatesta ++Sanguinary Guard++ 7 Sanguinary Guards ++5th Company, "Daemonbanes"++ (96/100 marines + HQ) HQ: Captain Sendini >>JP, TH, Combi-Melta >>Relic blade, MC Bolter Primaris Lieutenant (PS/SS) Company Ancient Company Champion 1st squad Intercessors (10) 2nd squad Intercessors (5) 3rd squad Heavy Intercessors (10) 4th squad Infiltrators (10 +Helix Adept) 5th squad Incursors (10) 6th squad Assault Intercessors (10) 7th squad Outriders (3) 8th squad Inceptors (dakka) (6) 9th squad Devastators (10) 10th squad Hellblasters (10) 11th squad Aggressors (6) 16th squad Inceptors (plasma) (6) Contemptor Dreadnought Redemptor Dreadnought Leviathan Siege Dreadnought Storm Speeder Whirlwind artillery tank Predator battle tank Baal Predator battle tank "Fury" Vindicator siege tank Sicaran battle tank "Wyvern" Kratos heavy assault tank Razorback APC (TAC) x2 Rhino APC Rhino APC (Deimos pattern) Impulsor Firestrike Turret Drop Pod ++1st Company, "Archangels"++ (40 Marines) HQ: Captain Karlaen, Shield of Baal Ancient Radequisto Sternguard Veterans (7) Vanguard Veterans (5) Assault Terminators (Indomitus) (6) (TH/SH, LC) Terminators (Indomitus) (6) (SB/PF, CML, AC) 3rd Squad Vanguard Veterans (5) (PC/SS) 10th Squad Relic terminators (5) (CB/LC + HF/LC) 11th Squad Bladeguard Veterans (3) 12th Squad Bladeguard Veterans (2) (3 planned) Terminators (Tartaros) (5 planned) ++3rd Company, "Ironhelms"++ (1 Marine) HQ: Captain Erasmus Tycho, Master of Sacrifice ++8th Company, "Bloodblades"++ (4 Marines) 2 Invader ATVs ++9th Company, "Sunderers"++ (6 Marines) 13th squad Eradicators (4) (6 planned) 14th squad Eradicators (2) (3 planned) ++10th Company, "Redeemers"++ (23 scouts) HQ: Captain Borgio, Master of Recruits 1st squad (CCW +ML (8) 2nd squad (Bolters +HB)(6) 3rd squad (Bolters + HB) (6) 10th squad Scout Bikes (3) --10th Company Vanguard detachment-- (19 Marines) HQ: Vanguard Captain, Master of Reconnaissance Squad Pi Eliminators (3) Squad Sigma Eliminators (3) Squad Omega Eliminators (3) Squad Omega Eliminators (1) (3 planned) 13th squad Suppressors (3) 14th squad Suppressors (3 planned) 15th squad Suppressors (3 planned) 16th squad Incursors (5) (10 planned) ++The Lost++ (12 marines) Chaplain Lemartes Death Company Dreadnought Death Company (6) Death Company Intercessors (5) ++Air Support++ Stormtalon gunship ++Imperial Supporting Elements++ Inquisitor Nicolau d'Salas (another thread) Eversor assassin Culexus assassin (another thread) Callidus assassin (another thread) Imperial Knight Armiger Warglaive
  2. Preamble So I felt that I would do a blog on Bolter and Chainsword. My reason for doing this is not only to act as motivation for myself, but also to gather advise and information on how to play (and hopefully win) with my Blood Angels as sadly I don't have the best record with them. So I will be posting painting updates, links to my army lists and I also aim to add some battle reports on the off chance I get to have a game, with C&C being welcome on all. Feel free to post or ignore, but to start this blog off here's my favourite picture from a past Apocalypse game: =][= IMAGE REDACTED =][=
  3. The future is now. The Devastation of Baal is behind us. The reinforcements from Terra have arrived ,the genesis machines are operating to capacity and the process of Rubicon Primaris is upon us. I have no doubt that the future will be dominated by the Primaris Astartes models, and that's OK because I like them. And it's time for me to move that way. I 've been painting 2nd company marines since 2nd edition and they 're nearly at full company strength ( i 'm a slow painter...), so I 've decided that my Primaris will be joining the 3rd company, the Ironhelms. It also helps that fluff-wise they have a new captain (after the Devastation), captain Antargo. This thread will help me record my progress, and push me to paint more models.
  4. So I have been working for 3 or 4 years on my Blood Angels army. As I'm a very slow painter, this project is not finish at all, but I'm still going to show you the "few" thing already done. I don't remenber why I have started painting the 5th compagny and not another one. Maybe because the single black drop on the red shoulder pad look better than a white/yellow/ green one. Summary 5th comapagny Captain Primaris Captain 1 Primaris Captain 2 1st Lieutenant 2de Lieutenant Chaplain 1 Chaplain 2 Techmarine Librarian Primaris Librarian Imperial Space Marine Company Ancient Company Champion Sanguinary Novitiates Company veterans squad Command Razorback 1st tactical squad 2de tactical squad 3rd tactical squad 4th tactical squad 5th Intercessor squad 6th Intercessor squad 7th assault squad 8th assault squad 9th devastator squad 10th devastator squad 1st Dreadnought 2nd Dreadnought 3rd Dreadnought 5th Dreadnought Family photos 5th Company
  5. So, with the release of the Mephiston resculpt I have been motivated to finally start a topic on my BA. I started my BA way back towards the tail end of 2nd edition. When 30k kicked off I dove into that head first but since late 7th I havent really touched them gaming wise. I have done some painting but the gaming rules have always let me down the past few editions outside 30k. But the BA will always be my favorite. First things first. I need to decide on a base for Mephiston. Big skull base is appropriately epic but not practical for gaming so I think I am going to magnetize his feet so I can have the epic display and swap to a gaming base as needed. 20191208_103033 by nifty, on Flickr Past work pictures and on the painting bench pictures coming up.
  6. Hi folks. With 9th getting into swing for us now our supplement has arrived, I want to share my own journey so to help my fellow players and help improve my game from feedback and suggestions. I'm going to share a summarised form of batreps, showing the mission type and secondaries but not going into a blow - by - blow account, rather a brief summary of wht stood out, good or bad the first: todays game vs death guard I really can't describe how happy I am. My opponent was my most regular oppo, a very strong and smart competitive player who knows how to build and how to use some utterly brutal lists. This was my first win vs DG in 9th. Considering it was against a top tier, recent winning list at ITC events, this is seriously exciting for BA prospects in 9th. Even considering the changes for DG; I feel the change to disgustingly resilient can be worked in our favour. If the new rule had been in play today, things would definitely have been easier. Anyway on to the first report. My list. I'm aiming for 10 heavy intercessors (executioner rifles and heavies) in place of the intercessors and eliminators. Until then... Blood Angels battalion 2000 points Starting CP 7 Captain. Death company. Jump pack. WT: imperiums sword. MC thunder hammer. Grav pistol. 155 2CP The Sanguinor 150 10 x intercessors. Sgt power sword. Grenade launcher 210 5 x tacticals. Grav cannon. Sgt. Astartes chainsword. 100 5 x tacticals. Grav cannon. Sgt. Astartes chainsword. 100 Sanguinary Ancient. Angelus bolt gun. Power fist. Wrath of Baal. Soul warden. Selfless valour. 125 1CP (warlord) Primaris Apothecary. Rites of war. Visage of death. 80 2CP 10 x sanguinary guard. Angelus boltguns. 1 x encarmine blade 9 x power fist. 345 5 x bladeguard veterans 175 5 x bladeguard veterans 175 2 x ATV. Multimelta. Twin linked bolt rifle. 170 3 x eliminators. Bolt sniper rifles. 90 Whirlwind 125 His list foul blight spawn? the one with the fight last aura. arch contaminator winged DP with 4+++ and 4++ aura for daemon biologus purifier? two smaller psykers... sloppity bile pipers? 3 units of 3 myphitic blight haulers 9 plague Marines. 2 with flails 5 units of 3 nurglings 2 units of 5 furies Mission: surround and destroy Score: 87 – 75 to BA Oaths of moment – 14 Raise the banners – 13 Relentless assault – 15 Primaries – 45 What worked Rites of war & mask of death – this combo on the apothecary flipped a midfield objective. Worth 10VP and that’s including poor positioning of the apothecary by me in turns 1 and 2 Bladeguard – their damage against higher T was low but they soaked up so much damage. Even without using transhuman 6” Heroic intervention – this could be the dark horse of 9th Ed. With the sanguard only able to reach the near edge of the midfield objective, the opponent thought it safe to occupy the other edge with obsec. 6” makes all the difference and gave me the first “hold more” primary Suppression fire – the whirlwind was worth its points just for that one turn where I could multi – charge the plague marine blob without worrying about overwatch or counter attack. Big winner. Sang ancient – wrath of Baal made the difference for securing the centre whilst getting cover and being out of range and LoS to all but a few of the plague Marines. The 5+++ rolling was below average but.. made a difference? And... fists hitting on 2s. Yes. ATVs – here, there, everywhere. Wrecked a unit of myphitic blight haulers and their melee in turn 3 helped towards “hold more” in turn 4. Even without the revival strat they are a great unit to have around The Sanguinor – miraculous intervention kept the ATVs safe from the blight haulers charge, then “fall forward” and charge the opponents DZ helped get 4VP for relentless assault and kept some heat off midfield What whiffed Angel’s sacrifice – perhaps not a whiff but definitely less effective against bigger squads than it is against smaller squads Tactical squads – their shooting was horrendous. Very weak. They claimed VP for banners but they need help to deal with threats in the home DZ. If I could take cheaper troops, I would. Smash captain – maybe just wasn’t his day. Missed having the rerolls for his melee attacks Overall thoughts Blade of Sanguinius was too risky to take, with the opponent having five characters one of which was cheap and not too influential. Relentless assault worked well with the Dawn of War style deployment. BA are still brutal going into the charge on turn 3 onwards, but noticeably weaker in protracted melee. Perhaps against non – DG armies this won’t be a thing
  7. Hello again. Not sure where to start. I had no real plans to start a thread here but it seems like there is a little interest. So here we are. Over the summer I decided to repaint my Primaris collection for a few reasons, one being I needed units to fill in for other unit choices for my Imperial guard project. Meaning I didn't want to buy heavy support for my IG army yet and have SM units that easily fill those rolls so why not just add it to the soup. My collection is fairly standard and fairly small. Most of the usual suspects noting super special and nothing in abundance. I guess the question then is why pick Blood angels. Well, the first two reasons that came to mind were, My IG is mostly Blue or Green so I needed another color that would pop next to those model and the other... I had heard that Blood Angels were "the worst chapter" to pick from a competitive stand point. Or at least that's what I recall hearing and I have no idea how current that was when I decided to paint Blood Angels. I know that sounds like a negative and that's kinda the point. I have collected and played as optimal as I could for probably 20+ years and it's gotten old. Wait...so have I..But how! The games I enjoy the most are with friends and usually very ridicules. Those are the most memorable and just the best. This leads me to playing armies that are now sub-optimal. I have more fun not just crushing my friends but making a good fight out of it. That's right I'm a long time Ork player... My new thinking on building and collecting is just that I get tired of painting a lot of the same thing so why keep doing that. Fairly simple. More things I have thought about how I would play Blood Angels over the years. To my mind I thought I would build them as a standard SM tac army list with a few dirty tricks but focus on shooting not assault. However, what had happened was... I made an army with a 24" first turn assault for our club latter board. and that was the last time I played a Blood Angels army. It did well as I remember but my hart wasn't really into it I was just another Warhammer junky looking for my next fix. Any way there's the into post. This thread will mostly be populated with work in progress pictures and hopefully battle reports once I start playing again. The club I "belong to" has a yearly tournament and I plan to take the Blood angels out to that next year as I don't expect we're having one this year and I am just coming off of an 18 month pause in actually playing games. Here's some of the models I have painted so far. I have a lot more units about this far along but haven't taken any pictures of them yet. I'll get to that when I can very soonish. Thanks for dropping by. The holy slaughter will continue.
  8. Greetings brothers of the blood! So I've been hard at work recently on my Crimson Fists force, but as soon as I saw the assault intercessors from the Indomitus box I just knew I wanted to paint them up as the sons of Seth. The close support stuff just doesn't fit with my Fists, who I wanted to remain a more backline/shooty force. I just recently finished the Ragnar Blackmanes novel where he heads to Cretacia and that sealed the deal for me. I want to have this force as a sort of spearhead for one of the fleets pushing back the Tyranids and other foul stuff out in the galaxy after the Devastation of Baal. Maybe having even joined up with one of the Indomitus Fleets. Lot's of transports, outriders and close assault units. I have no idea what company to do yet, I'm thinking 2nd as I have a bunch of yellow blood drop transfers floating around, but I also like the green of the 5th. Now I know Seth wasn't happy with the Primaris at first, but I figured a hundred or so years have passed to get to this stage, some have started to fall to the twin curses and I'd assume he's more accepting of them now. So it will be a purely Primaris force, possibly backed up by some terminator heroes models I've got kicking about considering they've just had a bump on the tabletop. I've made a start on a test model and boy are these guys fun to paint. Expect more soon! (Ignore the scratch on his shoulder pad, had an accident with a hobby knife) i
  9. I want to have this thread as a place to post my painting for C&C as well as record my battle reports to remember. My fluff is that as the years went by, with the help of Primaris gene-seed, Dante was able to make up all his losses from the Devastation of Baal. As Regent of the Imperium Nihilus and free from the oversight of Terra and Guilliman, Dante decides to break from the Codex Astartes by founding an unnumbered company - the Errant Company - to take on high-risk / high-reward missions. This company is mostly made up of Primaris marines, but due to the nature of its missions, many other Battle Brothers are frequently attached, including the Sanguinary Guard and significant numbers of Death Company troops. This head-canon gives me a fluffy reason to keep Sanguinary Guard in all my lists and offers an explanation as to why the Captain so frequently suffers from the Black Rage. The high value of their objectives means that such luminaries as Mephiston, Asterath, and Lemartes are also frequently found in their detachments. With so much danger, it should also come as no surprise that the mysterious Sanguinor has been spotted on several battlefields as well...
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