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++The Free Flesh is Strong++ - Army Complete P.5


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Kudos to you, the collection looks absolutely fantastic.

So much creativity and skill poured into this project, and in such a ridiculously short time!

Phoar I say!

Thanks a heap mate!! A few more things will be added I reckon, but looking forward to jumping guilt free into the Thunder Warrior project haha! 


Absolutely stupendously well-made! Love the Rov(n)dyr!

Thanks mate!!

haha yeah may of buggered the spelling :P 


Amazing army! I've been following the Ordinatus Walker Beasty on a FB page and just loved seeing it come together. The whole army is just crazy and brutal and sinister and wow. LOVE IT!

Thanks brother!! Glad you enjoyed the build!! Was by far the biggest and most intensive thing I've build thus far haha! 

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Sorry gang I forgot to reply to these ages ago!

Congratulations on your completed work, magos! Fantastic assembly of heretek :smile.:

Thanks a heap mate! All about the hereteks yo! 


The army board is really cool looking, nice work!

Thanks, always try and finish off an army with an appropriate display board!


Aaaaaaaah, it's so good. Phenomenal work, stuff like this is the reason I wish DarkMech had rules for 40k.

Thanks mate! Tell me about it, best option is really using Chaos Space Marines and relying on most of the FW models with rules...


Also not to just necro without anything fun, just thorugh I'd chuck up the pic I took for the Mortian action shot contest, which it won which was bloody awesome! :)



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I have to say this is one of omg favorite builds/armies out there. Lots of your work on this force look like the old school black and white drawings from earlier edition codices that I really enjoyed.

Thanks mate! It was a joy to build and fluff up..painting always kills me, but thats just a me thing haha. Yeah really wanted that gritty, grim dark, almost 'scribbly' feel to them if that makes sense?


holy hell, that is still a lovely mini.


Any new projects coming up?=)

Thanks a heap mate! I have a pair of the smaller war walkers on the way from Mortian that will be turned into smaller versions of the big boi, but they are still in transit..


I'm currently working on a Thunder Warriors project which is taking up a fair whack of time if you want more grim darkness in your day! 

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Hey gang, for those interested I've updated the army book with some more fluff, fixes and editing (from my delightful partner), I've also black booked the front cover up.




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