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  1. I'll work on getting a better/more descriptive intro later, but I started this army about 10 years ago and, after a long break from the hobby, have gotten back into it in the past few months to start clearing out my pile of shame that's collected a fair amount of dust. 38th Company, Sons of Horus Commander: Captain Ismael Lykaddon Latest on the work bench after finishing up my January models is a patchwork collection of heavy and special weapons from the plastic Mk IV kit
  2. With the release of The Horus Heresy 2.0 I've been pretty excited about all the new releases and really enjoying the buzz on the forum, so a few weeks before preorders went live I ordered some bits from shapeways and went to work on the pile of shame. There's no real aim here, I haven't played Warhammer since about 4th edition and that's unlikely to change any time soon, but I enjoy collecting, modelling and painting so it's unlikely I'll be building anything like a competitive army here. So here's the first squad of 20, 15 of these were built and painted before I got my hands on the Age of Darkness boxset, so I used a bit of guesswork based off internet comparison pictures to try and get the size of them right. Sadly I don't have any WIP photos of these guys, but it was mainly a case of cutting above the belt and adding a small plasticard spacer, and cutting the thighs of mkiv legs to add a spacer there too. They're all made from an assortment of CSM parts, mkiv, mkiii and whatever else was floating in my bits box - I really like the look of cobbled together, mismatched armour and it seems appropriate for a massive conflict like the Heresy! Its a bit hard to see what's going on in that big group shot, so let's take some closer looks... Most of these guys are pretty self explanatory, a mix of different armour marks and a few shapeways shoulder pads/heads dotted around. I just had to include the imperial space marine, I added spacers in the shins and waist to give him a bit of height and swapped out his funky gun for a regular bolter. More of the same here. I had one random pair of mkv legs in the bits box which I used for the middle guy, then wanted more so tried converting mkvii legs for the guy to his right. The mkv head is actually a mkvii with a 40k terminator mouth grill and a bit of putty, an unnecessarily fiddly conversion so I've ordered a few mkv heads to save me that hassle again! I really wanted to include some mkii armour in this squad, so I followed an OLD tutorial to convert a mkii torso from a regular mkvii, arms are from the old CSM which are close enough to mkii, otherwise he's mostly mkiii. By this point the Age of Darkness box set arrived and I completed the squad. I can't say I'm a big fan of mkvi, and I hate the beaky helmets so don't expect to see many of them. But with a little kitbashing these guys are nice, of note is the guy left of center, I cut his torso off at the waist and swapped in a mkiv which seems to scale just fine. Far left is a Blackstone Fortress CSM, I just shaved off some of the excessive chaos detailing and swapped his head, shoulder pad and backpack. Here's a fun scale shot. We've got an old dark vengeance tactical marine, one of my slightly upscaled mkiv's, a mkvi and the converted csm. This particular mkiv is a little on the small side, he was built before I started adding spacers in the thighs so most are a little taller, but I'm happy to have a bit of variation across the squad - after all the blacklibrary novels make plenty of references to space marines varying in height. So seeing as this is meant to be a WIP thread, let's take a look at what's going on next. Neither of the new praetors really did much for me out of the box, but they have a lot of potential. The sword guy is a pretty simple kitbash to give him a powerfist and move the volkite to his other hand. I've scraped away some of the fiddly details and sculpted an eye of Horus on his knee, I've not decided what to do with his gut plate yet though. The Axe praetor is where things get a little silly... I've heard a lot of people mistake him for a terminator due to his sheer bulk, so I thought to myself, why not? I'm waiting on some SoH themed cataphractii shoulder pads from shapeways and he'll need a lot more work but you can see where he's heading. The new forum is way easier to upload and post photos from a mobile, but I've not figured out how to size pictures yet so apologies if they're massive! Likewise I wanted to hide some of the pictures in spoiler tags to streamline the post a bit, can anyone remind me how to do this please?
  3. Greetings, welcome to my thread where I'll dump the things I'm slowly working on. Currently I'm muddling around with a HH NL force just as a break from my 40K & AT, maybe I'll be able to play it one day. These are the first models I've used an airbrush and oils on so C&C is welcome! Praetor Night Raptors Half a Terror Squad I've got one and a half terror squads, a chaplain, an apothecary, a contemptor and five more night raptors WIP
  4. This maybe a PSA for people running Storm Eagles dropping in (I love them!) but something has come up, more than once, but I don't see much acknowledgement, so I'm throwing it here to raise awareness Premise: due to some questionable proof reading the Storm Eagle seem to have had a MultiMelta removed from its upgrade in V2 Background: in HH v1, and 40k a Storm Eagle (SE) can upgrade it's nose twin-linked heavy bolters, for twin-linked MultiMeltas Present: in HH v2, a MM (MultiMelta) is twin-linked by default (cf: infantry carrying only one of them, are still TL), that in effect means it's a twin-linked melta The SE can currently upgrade it's twin-linked Heavy Bolters for A SINGLE MultiMelta (!) The model has two Problem: This means RAW the SE has 1 shot of a weapon it has TWO of, which have twin-linked by default, when it should have 2 shots Solution: the SE should have 2 shots of a MultiMelta, considering it literally is modelled with 2 MM keeping with the HH v2 format, this should mean it's a Gravis MM (2 shots, and twin-linked), thus duplicating the rules found in both HH v1 and 40k cheers for hashing it out with me
  5. Afternoon all. My local Warhammer shop is running a Zone Mortalis campaign soon which I'm keen to take part in. I'm haven't had much of a chance to play HH 2.0 yet, so still fuzzy on most rules and building an army for this edition/ruleset. I know how to build a list, but finer points of wargear selections and unit combos still elude me. Below is my first attempt at a list for Zone Mortalis. HQ Legion Cataphractii Centurion with Legatine Axe, Combi-Melta and Grenade Harness Legion Chaplain with Crozius and Plasma Pistol Troops Legion Tactical Squad with Vexilla, Augury Scanner, bayonets and Sergeant with Power Sword and Artificer Armour Legion Tactical Squad with Vexilla, Augury Scanner, bayonets and Sergeant with Power Sword and Artificer Armour Elites Cataphractii Terminator Squad with 4x lightning claws, 3x volkite chargers, Plasma blaster, and vexilla, sergeant with grenade harness, volkite charger and thunder hammer 10 man Praetorian Breacher Squad with vexilla, sergeant with legatine axe I may go traitor for this force to use the Pride's Dark Power warlord trait, as the extra reaction in the assault phase might be quite useful in a close quarters game. Plus it plays into the narrative I'm writing for my Heresy era Ultramarines where they are the force that will later go on to become the Libators successor chapter, one of the more brutal and uncompromising UM successors. Please rip this to shreds. My gut feeling right now is that list lacks high strength shooting/melee incase of dreadnoughts, and I have the parts on hand to make a Fulmentarus squad. I've also got a variety of characters, contemptors and Cataphractii and Indomitus Terminators with various options which can be made ready in time.
  6. Fratres et Sorores, I'm starting my journey into 30k, and unlike when I bought Calth and Burning of Prospero, I am actually going to paint the miniatures this time! I am planning to do two large armies, Sons of Horus and Dark Angels, and will start with the Sons of Horus. While waiting for the very exciting launch box, I have started a Veteran Tactical Squad using current CSM bodies and some 3D Printed heads and shoulder pads. They are supposed to represent very late Heresy Sons of Horus in the Sol System or Siege of Tera. So far I have a few done, and have photographed my test model, so I have something to show! Hoping to knock out the first squad before big box drops. Here is my test lad. I departed from my usual basing scheme to try something a little more interesting for my heresy armies, and because other SoH models I googled for inspiration were often based on mars bases, and it looked cool with the green-blue armor. The 3D printed pads don't look so obviously 3D printed and horrible at normal real life distances, at least to me.
  7. Hello all, Space Wolves were my first army, from back when I started in 7E. I haven't started a SW progress thread, so I figured I would now. I've been working on quite a bit for a while, but hadn't posted anything yet on the forum. Currently, I have a classic/firstborn Space Wolf Drakeslayer force, as well as a bit of a VIth Legion force for Age of Darkness. I keep adding some stuff to both every now and then. Recently, I'm trying to get another Rhino done for my Horus Heresy Space Wolves, this time a Deimos Rhino (first one is a slightly converted Mars pattern Rhino). I've gotten most of the colors blocked out, and I'm starting to put some washes and shades on before final highlights and decals.
  8. "Milites! cur pugnamus?" "nam Imperator populusque humanity!" "filii Imperatore! mors inimicos eius!" - Coms excerpt from 95th company during compliance of 1929-27. High Gothic was the standard battle tongue of the 9th Millennial. "I am my father's son. His shadow weighs a ton" - unknown Terran philosopher, 3rd millennium. Chapter Master Karonghyontye stared out from the balcony, drinking in the views from the fortress monastery. His captains had left, the cheers and their acclaim still ringing in his ears, following his confirmation as the new master of the Red Eagles. His reverie was broken by the polite cough of the Chief Librarian, standing in the shadows. He approached Karonghyontye and produced a stasis tube containing a battered, old book. “Again, congratulations my lord. I’m afraid to puncture the moment of your ascension but I must divulge to you the true history of the chapter that you are to lead…” +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In the closing decades of the Great Crusade the 1929th expedition was sent on a long term mission to achieve the compliance of Wagar's Reach. The reach was home to numerous advanced xeno species and lost human worlds. Such an undertaking required significant fleet, army and legion power including: - 3rd Legion, 9th Millennial - 8th Legion, 5th Chapter - 13th Legion, 22nd Chapter - and 15th Legion, 60th Company. Warp unrest in Wagner’s Reach meant that the tumultuous Post-Ullanor events of the late crusade passed the 1929th by. Only upon it’s triumphant return to imperial space, did we become aware of the storm brewing in the galaxy. - “The Betrayed Phoenix.” By Sergeant Ali Pasha 95th Company, 9th Millennial, 3rd Legion Lord Commander Joseph Brant “The Red Eagle” was elected leader of the expedition. He was a Terran veteran of the Unification Wars, well regarded by our cousins of the other legions but less so by the Primarch. Brant’s assignment to the 1929th was a welcome exile from political foes like Lord Commander Primus Eidolon. On the eve of our return to imperial space, 9th Millenial stood approximately 3000 strong in 4 battalions of 5 companies. 91st-100th and the 391-400th companies. We of the 95th were a veteran line company, unbroken by the horrors of the crusade; but the news of our legion’s betrayal shook us to the core. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thus begins the third incarnation of this army. I've been playing since 2nd edition and got into heresy when the card game came out and we had no forgeworld models. The first version was a cobbled together affair, the second with actual rules and to completion. And then came truescale. I'd been aware of the different methods for years and idly had a go one day. This may have been a mistake as now I'm retrofitting the whole 95th company. My test model and new scheme after the KizzDoggs method. It's so shiny! The fruits of the truescale efforts. Using the primaris as a base with heresy parts, and some greenstuff, produces some nice results.
  9. "We must complete his orders Brother!" Shouted Nadiq over the artifical storm whipping around the black pyramid, his voice strained and distorted through the display. "The Wolves have come to end us this day, you know what we must do!" Debris ricocheted off his armoured form as the sky darkened with unnumbered landing craft. Enki nodded defeated. "...Burn it all." He ended the vox link turning to face his troops. Without a word they set about their duty burning stacks of priceless texts with washes of promethum, Samir met his eye and bowed his head in understanding, directing his recon detachment to start placing thier charges on the pyramids internal support coloumns. Collected in these libraries and psych vaults are the deepest and darkest secrets we have discovered during our service of the Emperor. Tomes of warp majiks that Magnus himself dare not read, unnatural machines that even the mechanicum would not deign to touch. On the Crimson kings order none shall have this dark treasure not us nor the wolves of Russ he thought.
  10. OPENING SALVO OF THE WOLGAST SYSTEM- HORUS HERESY Join us for a 4 vs 4 epic struggle as the opening salvos of the Wolgast system strike home on the outer defenses of the system. Each player must submit their list by Oct 1st 2022. Named characters must be approved to avoid having the same character on the field twice. 4k list with the following requirement: At least 1k must be vehicles and or fortifications. You must bring a Lord of War, and/or fortification with the massive rule, and/or a Primarch. (If you bring a LoW, or massive fortification its cost can count towards your 1k requirement.) Lascannon Heavy support squads are limited to 0-1. This includes legion specific variations. Dreadnaughts do not count as vehicles. All models must be painted. All rules released prior to GT by Gamesworkshop for Horus Heresy will be valid. If you wish to change your force due to a new release please email me. Please note the intent of this game is to field some of the big toys you seldom see at the GT. Have fun with your list. EVENT INFORMATION Cost: $20.00 Check-in: Fri, 09/30/2022 - 14:30 Event Start: Fri, 09/30/2022 - 15:00 Opening Salvo https://michigangt.com/node/187 https://store.michigangt.com/product/wolgast-volley-loyalist/ https://store.michigangt.com/product/opening-salvo-of-the-wolgast-system-traitor/ HORUS HERESY: BATTLE FOR THE SOLACHRON Join the Michigan Horus Heresy Club in a two day campaign for domination over the Wolgast System. Optional Zone Mortalis, Adeptus Titanicus and Battlefleet Gothic tables will allow attendees to enjoy the Horus Heresy in every medium. See campaign guide (release date tbd) for more information. Awards: Best General (Loyalist & Traitor), Best Sportsmanship (Loyalist & Traitor), Best Presentation (Loyalist & Traitor) EVENT INFORMATION Cost: $80.00 Check-in: Sat, 10/01/2022 - 08:30 Day 1 Event Start: Sat, 10/01/2022 - 09:00 Day 2 Event Start: Sun, 10/02/2022 - 08:00 Main Event https://michigangt.com/node/36 https://store.michigangt.com/product/horus-heresy-weekend-campaign-loyalist/ https://store.michigangt.com/product/horus-heresy-weekend-campaignt-traitor/ Horus Heresy_ Michigan GT - Solachron Campaign (1).pdf
  11. Let's see how the whole blog thing goes. In my last WIP update, I had done some GS work. I've done more. I used a template for chainmail to get the pattern and placed it over the stripped down leather strips. Once dry, any excess was removed. The inner shoulder pads were dry-fitted and glued into place. This gave me all I needed to assemble the bodies (Mk6 included for scale). I'm a bit annoyed at myself for the one on the far left. I didn't realize that one arm went straight out like that or I would have positioned the head differently. Here are two close ups: The angle of viewing means one can't see a bit of an overhang where the torso rests on the GS ball. It is noticeable on the back, but I'm going to cover that with a tank for the flamers.
  12. Well, it's been an awfully long time since I've posted anything of my own, but I'm starting to get a bit more time available for the hobby now. This log is most likely going to be updated sporadically and the background of the force is only vaguely sketched out in my mind, so fluff may be a while in coming. Nevertheless, welcome to my new project log for that most brutal and unrelenting of legions - the Iron Tenth. I leave with you with the first eight members of a Seeker squad, though they are awaiting a fresh shipment of combi-plas with which to destroy the traitor foe:
  13. Heya gang! Just starting up a new Project log as this has nothing to do with Astral Claws or 40k . After having a talk late last year with a few fellas down in Melbourne that are heavily into 30k, and seeing that the scene was relatively alive and healthy it finally pushed me over the edge. Now as y'all know I'm a sucker for truescaling and what not, but doing 50 odd marines (espcially after the Astral Claws) just wasn't really drawing me in. So I started looking into the rules and what not, now just like the Tyrant's Legion I saw the Army of Dark Compliance.. but having Word Bearers or Sons of Horus whipping slaves into battle is so...normal.. so I wanted to try something else out. Upon looking into Blackshields, and seeing the +1 S and +1 T Chimerae trait it immediately jumped into my head ' True Scale Thunder Warriors'. Now from what most of my reading can glean, this big boys where generally large and nastier than marines, if not a bit unrefined.. but had huuuge issues with their bodies and minds burning out due to all the unstable augmentations they have received. Now we know that most of the Thunder Warriors got culled by the Big E at the end of the unification wars, too easy, but we also know that some escaped (Cerberus Insurrection) and that some found ways to stop, or at least slow down the burn out (Arik Taranis). Thus with these two little 'outs' we have some ability to have other Thunder Warriors out and about that have been kept on ice, or just on the run. So in a nutshell, and the fluff will need some expanding, we have this Thunder Warrior 'The Ragged Prince' (if anyone has something better than this, please hit me up, something cool with 'patchwork' or something would be ideal as well) and a small group of surviving Thunder Warriors leading an uprising/small army on X planet/sector during the Horus Heresy. Now the Ragged/Patchwork/Stitched Prince/Lord/Voivode is so named as he will be rocking a baller as cloak made from sections of banners from Legions from both sides. So that will be the 'public' image of why he is called thus, but really it will be at this point in his life, due to the organ replacements, skin grafts and all that jazz to keep himself kicking along his body and skin will look like a patchwork. So clever .. So thats the start of the fluff that will get fluffed out more and more as stuff gets added. Any way after all this rambling I give you the 'part' sketch out of The Ragged Prince. And a scale shot next to the new Traitor Guardsmen. Any way, I'll continue cracking along presently, but if you have any thoughts on his title or fluff, please feel free to pipe up! Cheers!
  14. Good Morning all! As the Thunder Warrior journey draws to a close (for the time being, I love that army so every chace it will get more stuff added!) I've started looking at an army that has always been near and dear to my heart, but never fully acted upon. The first 40k boxed set I got 21 odd years ago was the awesome old 3rd ed Grey Hunters box of wolves from back in the day, I remeber watching the wulfen come out with the Eye of Terror campaign and all the cool armour mixing and what not the 13th great company entailed. So 30k, 13th Great Company, here we go! So only baby steps now as due to the move I haven't set up my 3d printer and am getting a mate to do the 3d prints for me. The army will be based heavily around the Fummelfinger (if you don't know him, look him up, amazing stuff) MK2 sculpts, which are already quite large to begin with, but I'm intending my wolves to have a small allied detachment of Solar Auxilia with them. Alas that Solar Auxili are based on Palatine Subjugators which are obnoxiously large, and if you didn't know, now you know, I must have my post-human warriors scaled well to their human underlings. So below I give you the first start on both a Solar Aux and a Space Wolf. For this army I'm really only going to rely on the 3d prints for the basic armour body, legs, packs arms and pads. Everything else will be 'standard' stuff as 3d printing resin is a prick to work with and I love converting stuff haha. Even though there will no doubt be some wulfen mixed into the army, maybe even just a command squad, I want these wolfs to be quite serious and dark, foreboding may be a better word, I think with the wolves it can be a very fine line between 'menacing space vikings with wolf symbology' and 'frost-ice wizard axe while riding a thunder-storm-hurricane wolf-wolf' and by god does the latter not belong in 30k (or to be honest, anywhere). The above image is just to give you an idea of the scale. While the marine is exessively larger than the old MK2 sculpt, I blame the Palantine Subjugator for the distinct increase in size! As to colouration and general vibe I found this picture on the net that perfect encapsulates 30k wolves to me: So thats where I'm leaving you today, my jobs over the course of this week is to get the hobby room set up so I can get painting and hobbying proper! I have a large wad of MK2 marines on their way from my friend as well as a heap of wolf based bits and kits to start slowly massaging into an army. I'm actually getting a bit excited to get into this project and try and put a bit of a gritty, grimdark, blanchian spin on the old space pups!
  15. "Put your trust only in the weapons you bear; for even those you consider closest might harbour thoughts of malice and treason under the familiar visage of a trusted brother." Unnamed Word Bearer Legionary. Unidentified firearm. Speculated to be a Khaladine pattern bolt rifle. Torso plate bears superficial damage, likely from previous engagement.
  16. From the album: Death Guard

    Death Guard Legion - Heavy Support and Specialists, a work in progress army on parade.
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