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  1. Hey everyone, welcome to my hobby thread! If you're looking for one of the colour scheme tutorials from my 'March of the Legions' project or one of the basing tutorials, please check the bottom of this post for all of the relevant links. If you can't find what you're looking for or if you have a question that's not answered in the relevant post, please feel free to send me a private message. Regards, Kizzdougs. For more regular updates check out my Instagram account @raptorimperialis I've recently been feeling the urge to start a new 40K project. After much musing and many false starts, i've decided on the Thousand Sons, Pre-heresy. They aren't my favourite legion or chapter but the TS have always be a legion full of character, imagery and conversion opportunities. A perfect combination in my opinion. This project has been at least two years in the planning process. It all started when i converted a PH TS sorcerer for a conversion competition at my local GW (which i was lucky enough to win). After building the Sorcerer i knew i had to make some more TS, they are just so fun and different. Unfortunately it has taken me over two years to finally get here. The Sorcerer who started it all. He is a relatively simple kit bash with minimal GS work. I took inspiration from the Thousand Sons art in 'Collected Vissions', especially that of Ahriman and Uthizarr. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/photo-3.jpg The test mini. I used bits from several kits to build this terminator, the majority are from the GK terminator kit and the Tomb Guard kit (WHFB). http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0290.jpg?t=1313302289 With crest added. I can't decide whether to give all the terminators these crests or just keep them for the squad leaders. Any opinions and suggestions are welcome. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0291.jpg?t=1313302233 http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0292.jpg?t=1313302169 A close up of the force weapon. Such a simple conversion but i'm fairly happy with how it turned out. Sorry about the bad lighting. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0289.jpg?t=1313302359 Hopefully this project will develop and progress at a not too slow pace (fingers crossed). I plan on adding some Sisters of Silence and maybe even some Custodes at a later stage. I'm certainly feeling the necessary inspiration at the moment. Any and all suggestions and advice are more than welcome, as are questions and queries. Thanks for looking EDIT: March of the Legions Painting Tutorials: Space Marine eye lenses Legions without tutorials: World Eaters Iron Warriors Sons of Horus The Rout Imperial Fists Night Lords Thousand Sons White Scars Legions with tutorials: Blood Angels Death Guard Emperor's Children - Palatine Breachers tutorial Emperor's Children Metallic (airbrush) Salamanders Ultramarines Raven Guard Word Bearers Alpha Legion (no airbrush) - Alpha Legion (airbrush) Effrit Stealth Scheme Dark Angels Iron Hands Thousand Sons World Eaters Hobby tutorials: Basing - ZM/industrial Greenstuff tutorial Desert/rocky base building Desert/rocky base painting Eye Lens Tutorial
  2. Just a quickfire note here for now: We've got a few players kicking about that could be employed elsewhere. I was thinking about running a complimentary game which would provide some diversion if you follow my drift, but not competition to Time of Reaving. A simple, narrative, rules-lite (but reliant - ie, need to roll BS etc, but I want to try and keep the crunch low...er) one-shot, set on the sands of Isstvan before the dropship comes in - the players are already Shattered Legion, 2 x Techmarines, and a potential Psyker. You are in receipt of orders from command to hit an objective that is jamming comms lines to call for extraction or cohesion of the first wave Legions. The initial team is as follows: @Machine God IH Librarian (ish) @Xin Ceithan IH Techmarine @Necronaut RG Techmarine Note that my time is limited, thus The Serpent's Cowl is planned as a low commitment affair, so it will tick over whilst Reaving cruises. Thoughts?
  3. + A DEATHWATCH 30,000 ROLEPLAYING CAMPAIGN + + THE HORUS HERESY + ++] THE SERPENT'S COWL [++ "War is the crucible in which we burn. In the fires of battle is the past consumed and the future born on tongues of flame. No greater fire has there been in our times than the three bloody hours of the Drop Site Massacre." — Malcador the Sigillite, Regent of Terra LOCSIT: 235014-336629 DROPZONE: URGALL DEPRESSION STATUS: .... The confusion did not last long. Legion communications plied the frequencies for medical assistance, covering fire, safe harbour to re-arm and regroup, but there was only silence, the terrible disquiet of open channels with no-one speaking through them. It was not until the Bolters spat and Lascannons blazed that anyone knew the treachery had poisoned not only those at the front, but they who dwelled behind, reinforcements not for the Emperor, but to close the jaws of the trap the Warmaster laid. Horus Lupercal, the best and brightest, now with the might of several Space Marine Legions, seeks to crush the remaining resistance, to reign supreme over a battlefield of betrayal and bloodshed, with eyes lifted to the darkness, spearing the blanket, black veil which hid Terra, the seat of his father's, his enemy's power. Dark dreams of conquest begin to knit in his breast, a labyrinth of hatred and resentment, the High Prince of the Legiones Astartes, the Warmaster, the Champion now, not of humanity, but Chaos, whether he feels the bridle of thorns or not. Irrelevant. All that he must do is to destroy the hounds the Emperor has sent - all of them, here, now. He must command the greatest fratricide the human galaxy has ever seen, plunging in back into an age of darkness. The Southern Foothills, IMPERIAL OPERATION +2 HRS: With battle all around, a small Imperial Army unit are embedded in hasty defensive positions. At the centre of their pocket, which is slowly being encircled, a Legio Cybernetica Inducted Maniple of the XVIII Legion fights. Their firepower harries the traitors, massacring the deluded and debauched that are hurled at them, yet their position is not only desperate, but is also a draw to friend and foe alike. It is a rallying point for anyone who is trying to stay alive in the utter chaos. To the left of this 'centre' is Legio Atarus. Warhorns and weapons of annihilation blaring, they duel with the traitor War Engines in a dance of death, pulverising boulders, broken tanks and any infantry stupid or unlucky enough to tear at each other in their shadow. To the right, the Word Bearers press into wounds cut by pockets of Worldeaters. Salamanders Astartes fight from cover, and cleanse the area around them with flame, plasma and melta wash, but although it thins the tide, it fails to stem it. Isolated, cut-off from your respective Legions, the open ground lies between you and the Imperial Army, and the best chance of regrouping with any Loyalists at all. As you look on, anti-material weapons cut the Maniple to pieces, and sorely damage the last unit standing. It stands there, in defiance alone, as the Legio-controller is turned into chunks of smouldering meat. When the thread opens, please use your first post to describe your immediate situation, any observations your character may make, and their general intentions. Obviously, this is a one-shot loosely on rails, so use the Imperial Army post as the focus to bring your 'squad' together. Feel free to add any narratively interesting fighting, obviously bear in mind the types of opposition you must face (no God Mode running through World Eaters etc), but go ahead and add any action you want. + Players may post at will +
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/Warhammer40k/comments/194cfjt/my_death_guard_tutorial/ I found this tutorial and is quite interesting. And I really like the conversion, simple but effective.
  5. Well, it's been an awfully long time since I've posted anything of my own, but I'm starting to get a bit more time available for the hobby now. This log is most likely going to be updated sporadically and the background of the force is only vaguely sketched out in my mind, so fluff may be a while in coming. Nevertheless, welcome to my new project log for that most brutal and unrelenting of legions - the Iron Tenth. I leave with you with the first eight members of a Seeker squad, though they are awaiting a fresh shipment of combi-plas with which to destroy the traitor foe:
  6. "Milites! cur pugnamus?" "nam Imperator populusque humanity!" "filii Imperatore! mors inimicos eius!" - Coms excerpt from 95th company during compliance of 1929-27. High Gothic was the standard battle tongue of the 9th Millennial. "I am my father's son. His shadow weighs a ton" - unknown Terran philosopher, 3rd millennium. Chapter Master Karonghyontye stared out from the balcony, drinking in the views from the fortress monastery. His captains had left, the cheers and their acclaim still ringing in his ears, following his confirmation as the new master of the Red Eagles. His reverie was broken by the polite cough of the Chief Librarian, standing in the shadows. He approached Karonghyontye and produced a stasis tube containing a battered, old book. “Again, congratulations my lord. I’m afraid to puncture the moment of your ascension but I must divulge to you the true history of the chapter that you are to lead…” +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ In the closing decades of the Great Crusade the 1929th expedition was sent on a long term mission to achieve the compliance of Wagar's Reach. The reach was home to numerous advanced xeno species and lost human worlds. Such an undertaking required significant fleet, army and legion power including: - 3rd Legion, 9th Millennial - 8th Legion, 5th Chapter - 13th Legion, 22nd Chapter - and 15th Legion, 60th Company. Warp unrest in Wagar’s Reach meant that the tumultuous Post-Ullanor events of the late crusade passed the 1929th by. Only upon it’s triumphant return to imperial space, did we become aware of the storm brewing in the galaxy. - “The Betrayed Phoenix.” By Sergeant Ali Pasha 95th Company, 9th Millennial, 3rd Legion Lord Commander Joseph Brant “The Red Eagle” was elected leader of the expedition. He was a Terran veteran of the Unification Wars, well regarded by our cousins of the other legions but less so by the Primarch. Brant’s assignment to the 1929th was a welcome exile from political foes like Lord Commander Primus Eidolon. On the eve of our return to imperial space, 9th Millenial stood approximately 3000 strong in 4 battalions of 5 companies. 91st-100th and the 391-400th companies. We of the 95th were a veteran line company, unbroken by the horrors of the crusade; but the news of our legion’s betrayal shook us to the core. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thus begins the third incarnation of this army. I've been playing since 2nd edition and got into heresy when the card game came out and we had no forgeworld models. The first version was a cobbled together affair, the second with actual rules and to completion. And then came truescale. I'd been aware of the different methods for years and idly had a go one day. This may have been a mistake as now I'm retrofitting the whole 95th company. My test model and new scheme after the KizzDoggs method. It's so shiny! The fruits of the truescale efforts. Using the primaris as a base with heresy parts, and some greenstuff, produces some nice results.
  7. Greetings, welcome to my thread where I'll dump the things I'm slowly working on. Currently I'm muddling around with a HH NL force just as a break from my 40K & AT, maybe I'll be able to play it one day. These are the first models I've used an airbrush and oils on so C&C is welcome! Praetor Night Raptors Half a Terror Squad I've got one and a half terror squads, a chaplain, an apothecary, a contemptor and five more night raptors WIP
  8. Hello Fraters! So, this is a bit of a one off, a build of my Player Character for @Black Cohort's ‘A Time of Reaving’ PBP Deathwatch rpg game. The game is set in the Horus Heresy in the aftermath of the Istvaan Massacre. My character is an Iron Hands Breacher (built from the Assault Marine archetype, for anyone who is interested!) called Elvrit Sharr. Elvrit wears MkIII armour and is supposed to be big and brutal, so I wanted to have a go at true-scaling him. Like many others I decided to use Cataphractii TDA legs as a starting point, because they have the segmented rear sections, but I also wanted to try to get closer to the classic frontal armour too. Here's how it’s gone: It was actually simpler than I thought! I started by filing down all of the detail on the front of the Cataphractii legs. Then I used a spare pair of knee pads cut out from the Intercessor greaves bit (though a cheaper method would be a blob of GS!) and stuck them on. The body is just a MkIII body front chopped apart and combined with an Intercessor rear torso for width. (The gap between the armour plates is a bit non-standard for MkIII, but I think the exposed tubes look like the Medusan Immortals torso, so it works for me!) Then I used 0.5mm plastic rod to create the trims and define the shape of the armour panels. Tip: cut the right length of rod, and use a paint brush to create a u-shaped bend in the middle. Then plastic glue them on at the center above/below the knee pad, then once it has set, bend the rod the rest of the way around the sides of the leg and glue it in place. It takes a bit of holding while it sets, but otherwise no problem! Finally, I took the same 0.5mm rod and cut off very thin circular cross sections, these were glued in place to make the rivets. And voila, plastic truescale MkIII with all the trims! (Shoulder pad details are just plasticard cut to shape, and the shield is a 3d print bought on Ebay) C+C very welcome as always, or if you have questions, feel free! Cheers for looking! Lysimachus
  9. "Put your trust only in the weapons you bear; for even those you consider closest might harbour thoughts of malice and treason under the familiar visage of a trusted brother." Unnamed Word Bearer Legionary. Unidentified firearm. Speculated to be a Khaladine pattern bolt rifle. Torso plate bears superficial damage, likely from previous engagement.
  10. Figured I might as well start a thread to sporadically document my sporadic progress on this project. I've always had a bit of a soft spot for the Death Guard. In particular, their stubborn loyalists. A lot of my 30k projects have centred around exploring how the original Terran Veterans of the legions interacted with the directions their legions took after being united with their primarchs. This army is based around a cadre of terran veterans from Albia, now old, bitter and neglected. They served the emperor with honour and distinction before the reunification with Mortarion, after which they found themselves increasingly sidelined and overlooked, abandoned to forgotten war zones and isolated frontiers. This army is intended to reflect a barebones, 'old school' crusade era force. Lots of veteran squads and heavy weapon squads all in land raiders, with none of the Death Guard specific weaponry bar some alchem flamers. No scythes or toxin bombs, these guys wield the weapons of their Albian forefathers, and cling to the notions of chivalry and honour the early Dusk Raiders possessed. I painted a test model for the scheme I had in mind last year, and was fairly happy with it. With the gorgeous new Mk3 marines I've started to actually build the force in earnest, starting with some multi-melta heavy support marines and a few Veterans. I'm pretty happy with how they are coming out, but always happy for feedback. The first image should be the test model, still glossy from oils. Then the current batch after basecoating, followed by oils, and finally a basically finished marine with metallics done.
  11. Welcome to the start of a project I’ve been brewing for the past 3 years in the back of my mind. This project is an attempt to bring the Visage of the Visions of Heresy 1st Legion to the tabletop. Above is my first proof of concept images, a decade ago when I first joined the Bolter and Chainsword I was an avid Horus Heresy Fan and was always rushing any ideas I had without taking time to really indulge my creativity, this time after a massive Hiatus I decided to look back on my fondest memories of the hobby and bring something from my childhood into the community, my beloved First Legion and Sons of the Lion. I welcome you to join me on this adventure of recreating a beloved army and concept of the angels of Death and the emperors first. We will be diving into Abrahamic lore and naming conventions and going to be setting many rules for the project in order to expand my potential and force me to learn new skills. Till the next update…
  12. Welcome to the Underhive Forge Back in the day I used to have several WiP posts and a Blog on here. In 2011 I unified these all into one mega thread called ' DarKHaZZl3's Armies of the Imperium ' I intended to collect an army for each available Army of the Imperium. When 8the edition rolled around mm commitment to that sort of died XD Instead I sort of just posted the stuff I was working on currently...and for the most part, the WiP faded away being replaced with completed projects and commission work. My WiP's tend to end up on my Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/darkhazzl3/ While completed commissions end up on my commission page - https://www.instagram.com/the_underhive_forge/ Only today did I remember that, instead of posting my completed stuff in my WiP post, I could post them in the actual forum for them XD So here we are! I intend to sort everything out and be more active again... I'll start with my most recent work, but will go back through my previous stuff and post it here for you all too! +--ACTIVITY LOG (Recent first)--+ Update 29/08/2020 = 30k Ultramarine Commission pt1 (Page 1). Update 14/08/2020 = Great Unclean One Commission pt2 (Page 1). Update 09/08/2020 = Great Unclean One Commission pt1 (Page 1). Update 29/07/2020 = Abaddon the Despoiler Commission (Page 1).
  13. "We must complete his orders Brother!" Shouted Nadiq over the artifical storm whipping around the black pyramid, his voice strained and distorted through the display. "The Wolves have come to end us this day, you know what we must do!" Debris ricocheted off his armoured form as the sky darkened with unnumbered landing craft. Enki nodded defeated. "...Burn it all." He ended the vox link turning to face his troops. Without a word they set about their duty burning stacks of priceless texts with washes of promethum, Samir met his eye and bowed his head in understanding, directing his recon detachment to start placing thier charges on the pyramids internal support coloumns. Collected in these libraries and psych vaults are the deepest and darkest secrets we have discovered during our service of the Emperor. Tomes of warp majiks that Magnus himself dare not read, unnatural machines that even the mechanicum would not deign to touch. On the Crimson kings order none shall have this dark treasure not us nor the wolves of Russ he thought.
  14. With book 9 now out and having been abble to test the rules for the Lion, we decided with my local gaming group to slightly rework the ruleset for the Lion to make his tabbletop rules match his BL lore a bit more. We wanted to keep most of the rules FW had come up with and not end up too far from the original profile. As we are having a lot of fun with this new set of rules : I'll post them here if anyone who want try an alternate Rule set for the Lion : Lion El’ Jonson (Unofficial Rework) 475 points WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Lion El Jonson 9 5 7 6 6 7 5 10 2+ Unit Composition 1 (Unique)Unit Type Infantry (Character)WargearThe Fusil Actinaeus The Lion sword or the Wolf Blade Frag grenades Stasis Grenades The Leonine Panoply Special RulesPrimarch (Independent Character, Eternal Warrior, Fear, Adamantium Will, Fleet, Fearless, It Will Not Die, Master of the Legion, Precision Shots, Precision Strikes) Sire of the Dark Angels The point of the Blade An Absolute Focus The Lion’s Choler Head of the Hexagrammaton Very Bulky Sire of the Dark Angels While Lion El Jonson is on the battlefield, all friendly models with the Legiones Astartes (Dark Angels) special rule to roll an additional d6 for all moral checks and use the 2 lowest dice to decide the result of the check. Additionally, after both sides are deployed but before which side gets the first turn is determined, you may redeploy 1d3 units within the limitations of the mission being played. This may place a unit that had been deployed normally into reserve or bring a unit out of reserve. The Point of the Blade After declaring a charge for Lion El’Jonson and any unit he has joined, the controlling player may choose to move 8”, ignoring the effect of Difficult terrain or Dangerous terrain, instead of rolling for Charge normally. The Lion’s Choler When reduced to 4 wounds or less the Lion gains +1 attack, increased to +2 attacks when reduced to 2 wounds or less. Absolute Focus In any assault phase, Lion El’ Jonson is never required to roll more than 4+ to hit any enemy model, regardless of the enemy’s WS, any special rule or modifiers in play. Deathwing Companions. A unit of Deathwing Companions may be included as part of the same Lord of War choice as Lion El’Jonson. If selected, Lion El’Jonson must join this unit and may not voluntarily leave it during play. The Leonine Panoply: Confers Lion El Jonson, a 2+ armor save and a 4+ invulnerable save. The first failed invulnerable save made for Lion El’Jonson each turn may be rerolled. The Fusil Actinaeus Weapon Range Str AP Type The fusil Actinaeus 18” 7 2 Salvo 2/4, Twin Linked, Blind The Lion Sword Weapon Range Str AP The Lion Sword Melee User 1 Type: Melee, Two Handed, Lance, Fleshbane, Instant Death, Master-crafted Wolf Blade Weapon Range Str AP Wolf Blade Melee +3 2 Type: Mele, Two Handed, Fearsome Ruin, Shred Fearsome Ruin: Any unit which suffers one or more casualty from this weapon and makes a moral check during the assault phase must roll an additional d6 for that check and keep the 2 highest dice to determine the result.
  15. Hi Brothers I love the look of breachers, so am planning on having at least 20 in both my Iron Warriors and Imperial fists armies (As well as some Iron Hands breachers to go with some immortals as an allied detachment). I've been trying to read up on the tactica for both these armies, but needless to say with 60 pages each spanning multiple years/editions/points changes/FAQ's, I'm a little lost on what would be decent list wise. For the Iron Warriors I was looking at 2 10 man squads, in dreadclaws, or 1 20 man in a Daddy Claw. No specific RoW in mind here, the theme was going to be boarding assault (so Termies in a Caestus, some tacticals with chainswords in a claw, that sort of thing For the Fists 2 10 man squads, and a unit of at least 10 Phalanx Warders (maybe 20, or x2 10 marines). Was thinking stone gauntlet RoW here, and a storm eagle or two (or lots of landraiders). Praetor was gonna be all boarding shield/hammer with a command squad of power axe/shield guys in a scouting proteus. So my question to your guys and gals, why is a stupid idea and I'm doing it all wrong. What would you guys do? Explain your thoughts behind your actions too please,
  16. I am back! (again) After my last thread was rightfully purged by the inquisition for a lack of uploads and due to the increasing motivation isolation affords I feel its about time to have another crack at uploading the never-ending WIP of my Word Bearers force and sticking to it most things ill upload will probably never be 'finished' but are close enough, only requiring a few tweaks Alot of the brighter red armour eventually needs to be redone in the darker newer style but I dont yet have the heart to destroy my old efforts First up is the Dark Apostle of the Chapter of the Broken Diadem, now the 6th host Daroqus His 30k version prior to his fall to chaos Both Versions compared Old converted version of Argel-Tal, contemplating the adding of his Custodes spear Melee Contemptor Dread, needs a chaos star adding on the left shoulder when I get superglue for the resin Captain Neskar of the 3rd company Moritat Ahz-Tal Terminator Command squad WIP may need a few tweaks to make it more Chaosy Converted Leviathan Dread, also WIP Bloodthirster with a dead Ultra on its base Daemon Knight 1, missile launcher and axe needs finishing as well as the base Currently I'm finishing up a Primaris into chosen squad conversion and a small Dark Mechanicum element
  17. Hail Brothers! I love the rapier weapons platform, I currently have 3 laser destroyers and I'm getting some of the solar quad mortars (As I don't like the Marine quad/thunderfire ones, I mean look at them, they're amazing!). My question is what do you base them on? They don't have bases, like some vehicles I guess. But that feels a little odd to me. I've stuck the laser destroyers on box dread bases, but I've realised that in ZM rules, if it can't fit through the gap, it can't go! obviously I don't want my favourite gun carriages to get stuck in the middle of a boarding action, so I'm looking at alternative bases. I'm thinking of the 74mm x 42mm oval bases, that some of the AoS mounts use (Stormcast Palladors for ref, as I have a couple about). Has anyone come across this before? Do you even care about the base size? Cheers
  18. So, in a similar vein as my previous threads, tell me the superheavy you favour, and what makes it your favourite? I'd like to exclude Primarchs for this discussion. Cheers
  19. Hi everyone! This is my first video tutorial, "How to Apply Chipping to MK II Space Marines". I'm not a pro painter or youtuber, just a regular hobbyist. My channel will be dedicated to weathering tutorials with 30k models. I hope this is not against the forum rules! I've read everything through, but couldn't find anything about posting videos from your own channel. If this is not the right place, please let me know. Anyway, I hope you like it. Feedback and requests for future videos welcome. Regards, Lovecraft0110
  20. Greetings, fraters! Here is my third video tutorial, "How to Weather Zone Mortalis Bases". My next video will be on how to paint and weather a Dreadnought Drop Pod from start to finish. Next Saturday (if everything goes well): how to prime the Drop Pod and do a rust undercoat, in preparation for chipping effects. I am not a commission painter or youtuber. I am just making the videos which I would have liked to have when I started. If you have any requests for future videos, please let me know. Regards, Lovecraft0110
  21. Hi everyone! Here is my second video tutorial. Feedback and requests welcome!
  22. Greetings! After years and years of just lurking here, I've decided to join. Some of you, like Gorgoff, might remember me from the Heresy 30k forums. I'm a huge Horus Heresy fan, and in fact, I've just started a youtube channel dedicated to the 30k aspect of the hobby. So, that's all from me for now, thank you! Regards, Lovecraft0110
  23. From the album: Death Guard

    Death Guard Legion - Heavy Support and Specialists, a work in progress army on parade.
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