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The Grand Tetragon- Evil Eye's Daemon WIP Thread

Evil Eye

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As for replacing the spikes, someone else here replaced them with little balls/beads and that looked quite good - for a studded rather than spikey look.


That said, your conversions look great - the dreads were a great idea, and I look forward to seeing the sword develop.  Not so sure about the skull, but that might change as I see the model develop.

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The only real constant with my Slaanesh Daemons is that the colours are all quite bright and loud. I'm trying to get a bit of that delicious retro vibe, from the days where Chaos armies were riots of colour, and as such each unit (not each model, that would be ridiculous) will have a different colour scheme, thus both representing the whole "assault on the senses"/"incarnations of excess" vibe of Slaaneshi daemons and also meaning I should in theory never get bored of painting them. The tricky bit will be making them all look like part of the same army whilst maintaining the Realm of Chaos/sensory overload look; as long as all the schemes are similarly saturated/bright I think it should work though. So basically any colours would go, as long as they're quite striking.


I'm torn between a really deep colour for the skin and brighter ones for everything else, or a pale skin with more saturated accoutrements. Pale would be easier to work the tattoos with, whilst a darker/deeper colour would be more unusual for a Keeper.


Another option would be to draw from nature, as there's plenty of critters out there with rather Slaaneshi colours. For example, this crab I photographed on holiday (shortly before Nurgle decided he'd pay us all a visit) could work...


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Another shed session, another lot of work done on the Keeper!



In her repulsive glory so far. I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate doing the spikes, but I like how they look so hopefully it'll be worth it.




The sword is, barring some minor cleanup and possibly some very small details, basically done (I think). I have the back of the sword a nasty spine, both to make it look extra daemonic and also to mask where the sanding had gone a bit wrong.


And here are a trio of metal Daemonettes- as I only bought a single box when they were MTO, I'll be mixing them in with other units, hence the three different schemes. Obviously they're still in the basic stages of blocking in main colours with Contrast, and will be getting far more attention, but for the basic colour schemes this should illustrate what I have in mind. As a side note, the yellow one is based on an old Hormagaunt scheme in the 3rd edition Tyranid codex.

I've seen some people paint the spikes on their blocks and then attach them at the final assembly stage, but with how fiddly they are to apply (I'm amazed I haven't lost any yet) I figured it would be better to glue them on first and just paint them by hand, thus reducing the chances of botching the finished paintjob with errant superglue blobs. I'm still not sure if I'll put them on the breast, but the stocking I think really benefits from them.


On the whole I'm actually really enjoying this model, even with the need for pinning and those =][= CENSORED BY INQUISITOR JENEVIEVE OF THE ORDO PROFANITUS =][= spikes. Whilst the model is showing its age in the sense it needs a LOT of cleanup and de-warping out of the box, the actual sculpt is phenomenal, and I reckon it would look fantastic next to the plastic kit (assuming A: I field two Keepers in a list and B: Nurgle's power over our world wanes enough for me to actually buy any more plastic!).

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Thanks! And yeah, I'm gonna persevere with the spikes, even if I've managed to drop basically every single one (and somehow recovered them all from the shed floor). I can't help but wonder if they should have made that leg a separate piece and cast the spikes onto it like they did with the claw hand, but oh well.

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If she were a newer model I think that would be how the legs worked, perhaps. There's something suitably Slaaneshi about having to put the pain in though :laugh.: I looked at the model enough times in FW whenever I visited, such that it was my plan for a KoS until GW hit for six with the plastic model :smile.: Even so, the model is good enough for me to be wondering if this just means I can use it as Zarakynel proper :wink: Maybe one day, until then I will live vicariously through other people's :tongue.:

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