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  1. From the album: Pictures

    "Why is it always tentacles?"

    © Games Workshop

  2. Since we've not discussed him here yet, here's the latest on the upcoming new Be'lakor: As you can see, he is pretty big but not massive. The wings and scenic base do a lot there, but regardless he is a very impressive miniature. Clear references to and a great update to his old miniature. He has some potent rules along with a weapon to match, he will benefit nicely from a -1 to hit and wound against shooting (with no re-rolls to hit) - this should help him get into combat in an age of dakka relatively intact. Plus those wings aren't for show right? So he should be able to get stuck in quickly and make short work of most things. With his piercing attack he is very much a big game hunter, though the sweep should give him use against elite infantry and the like. There is much we need to know such as of course his stats (presumably upgraded over a normal Prince as his model is) and cost, not to mention his psychic skills. I have been thinking about getting the model as he is impressive and would be different to paint but I could only consider this if he doesn't break my Slaanesh theme as this is important to me What does everyone think? He seems like he'll be a very good unit, likely with a cost to match, but as I never saw or heard much about him before I wonder if this will change with his new incarnation?
  3. Alright folks, so obviously the new daemons are a very different, very flexible force that present a lot of noew options and opportunities, both in terms of modelling and list building. I was wondering if we need a thread of its own to discuss potential models to use, as well as ways to represent the myriad upgrades available, as there have already been some interesting discussions popping up on the general Malevolence thread. As more folk get their copies of the book, we'll get a better understanding of what unit types and upgrades are available. To kick it off with, I'd like to point to some of the new AoS previews: The latter brings to mind the board that FW made for Signus Prime, describing how the daemons were pouring forth from rents in the earth itself. Of course we already have the current daemon ranges and after seeing how they handled the poor fellow on Sanguinius' base, I'm hoping we'll see some stuff from FW. However I feel that other ranges and indeed other manufacturers have some cracking alternatives, particularly models that have no clear allegiance to one of the classic gods.
  4. So this may seem like an intolerably stupid question, but hear me out... the Acidic Ichor warlord trait states that on a 4+ when a model loses a wound in the fight phase, the unit who caused the wound suffers a mortal wound after all their own attacks have been resolved. So this must mean that the roll is done during the middle of the fight phase. However... disgustingly resilient means that the wound can be ignored, but the wording of disgustingly resilient says 'Each time this model loses a wound'. So, surely from that wording, a warlord with Acidic Ichor trait can roll both Acidic Ichor, and then recover the wound using Disgustingly Resilient, as the wound has technically been lost and is just regained. Thoughts?
  5. I'm more or less restarting my formerly abandoned chaos daemon project. I've always been a bit disappointed with the chaos minis in that they are kind of limited for something that should represent infinite diversity. When chaos attacks an Imperium world, the reaction should be "oh dear God what the eff is that?!", not "chaos attacking sir, we report a bloodthirster, 30 daemonettes, and a pack of blue horrors". Anyway, I don't know that this will pan out into a full army, but for now its mostly Creature Caster models and a few other things. Lady of Strife wip Lady of Depravity wip Lady of Corruption wip Ishtar wip Avatar of Shaah wip
  6. Patient Zero: a lone soldier, the sole survivor of an Astra Militarum army killed by disease, wanders from Imperium base to Imperium base warning of the impending epidemic. Little does he know that HE is the primary carrier of the plague, because...like all humans...he can see corruption everywhere but within. Army composition will basically be a single Guardsman (HQ: Renegade Commander), groups of Nurglings (Troops: Nurglings) then Imperial Guard artillery pieces (Wyverns, Earthshaker Batteries especially). I can tie these elements together, thanks to the Renegades & Heretics list from a Forgeworld Imperial Armour Index. Imperial Guardsmen from a Heavy Weapons Team sprue, thx to my friend Timperial Guard, with duffle bag from a 3rd party, Italeri. Nurglings painted with experimental technique. Using yin-yang basecoating (basecoat all black, then white from a light angle, so it retains some black shadows) then wash with inks. Learned technique from: http://hivezero.blogspot.hk/2014/02/speed-painting-nurglings-little-ranting.html. Oh, and the colours? Aside from being bright primary colours to contrast against the darker olive artillery, I chose them because they looked like Dr. Mario and the boardgame Epidemic, both great games. I basically envision the Nurglings infecting the targeting operating system with Space Invaders. Many, many thanks to the Lost & the Damned board right here on B&C.
  7. I felt like doing a project log. I should have started earlier since I've been doing the odd bit of Black Legion for most of the year but better late than never and the Death Guard release is round the corner so I want my Black Legion out of the way. Black Legion were my second 40k army from over a decade ago but I never really painted that many of them. This thread will be for Black Legion, Death Guard and Fallen Angels. I got my BL ready but only got to play one Fate of Konor game my army was more or less this: Proxied Cultists due to not wanting to buy or paint more autogun chaff right now and a rhino I actually earmarked for Death Guard due to not wanting to have to work on that many rhinos. Everyone was based for the campaign and the khorne berzerkers got rebuilt. Daemon Prince is only there because my Lord never got finished. Berzerkers were the only chaos unit I actually 'finished' when I was a wee lad. I don't have a 'before' pic for the berzerkers I rescued them but here are some left over bits to give you an idea of the state they were in. Now they look like this. Mostly made up of berzerker bits because I wanted to finish them without any further investment but there are some chaos knight, possessed and regular chaos marine bits in there. They aren't quite finished but they'll do for now. Banner is a plague monk one. Work in progress possessed. The rest of the squad I won't post because they're not very different from when I got them painted second hand (only thing I did was the black legion symbol and a coat of black over Iron warrior grey). Daemon Prince I started years ago and redid the trim and eyes to bring him up to scratch along with throwing a wash on him. Earlier this year I did these squads: Havoks with Forge World autocannons and mixed csm/mark 3 bits. Still need one last top knot. I did some touches up on my old chaos lord before noticing that he was way out of scale compared to the Dark Vengeance models I had just painted. I had planned on just changing the bases on my metal terminators since they were still kind of okay scaled to the 3rd edition chaos marines and berzerkers but the newer models were going to cause issues. So I bought a Terminator Lord Cadre and a Scarab Occult box to combine with a bunch of second ed metal terminator arms to make: Still kind of WIP Terminators Cyclopia Cabal (never actually used it before the new edition removed formations). Still a legal Supreme Command detachment but too expensive to use. I have a "terminator officers only" rule in my Black Legion which only my Exalted Champion is breaking. Motor pool with WIP rhino. Can't remember how I used to do eyes and have DG rhinos to do so its on hold. Bikers are only slightly converted because I needed to do something to make them come close to living up the ludicrous concept that is "CHAOS SPACE MARINE BIKERS" but also wanted to be able to get them out of the way. Stuff I did less recently. Chosen I did a year or so ago and are the current 'standard' I followed up with on the havoks and terminators. Guys on the right are my old 'possessed' from 3rd edition who I made without properly checking the unit entry while the guys on the left were done 7 or so years ago just after my daemon prince' first colour scheme back when I was checking out if p3 Blighted Gold was going to be the way to go. All were rebased recently. Mace chosen gets used as an exalted champion, the others get to be aspiring champions.
  8. Well i took me quite some time to post some pics of my minis in these hallowed halls. I started my Word Bearers several years ago (around the time of the 4th edition Codex) and they have been a project that has developed since then. I have a nasty habit of allowing myself to be far too easily distracted. As a result many of my marines are in a kind of 'painting limbo'. Almost finished but not quite. This is the main reason i have decided to start this thread in the WIP forum. Hopefully it will give me the motivation i need to continue building on my WBs and their allies. Thanks These Possessed are actually the first minis i painted for the army. Sorry about the poor photo quality. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0170.jpg?t=1308475920 My Berzerkers were the second squad i painted. As soon i got my hands on the Berzerkers kit i knew i had to fix the old and out of date arms and weapons. For this i used a combination of CSM and marauder arms with the newer CSM weapons. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0109.jpg Flamer havocs. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0178.jpg http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0179.jpg?t=1308473468 My Dark Apostle 'true scale' attempt. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/P1010316.jpg?t=1308473795 I intended to give the Apostle a terminator body guard...but got side tracked by A D-B's Blood Reaver...and so i have just made a start at a 'true scale' NL. http://i1122.photobucket.com/albums/l522/kizzdougs/DSCN0144.jpg Anyway thanks for looking
  9. So given that I have half a dozen different projects on the go and trying to compile all my disparate ideas into one thread was perhaps not the best plan, I thought I'd instead start some individual blogs for each project in the relevant boards. In case you hadn't guessed, this one is for my assorted Daemons. I'm planning on collecting forces of all four powers of Chaos over time, though predominantly I'll be focussing my efforts on Slaanesh and Nurgle for now (though I do have minis for the other Gods in the pipeline). So, let's get to the juicy stuff shall we? I've already posted my Changeling and Beast of Nurgle on the forum before, so I'll just leave those links in place and instead post fresh WIPs of my Infernal Enrapturess, purchased today! Also been working on a Fiend conversion from a metal Hive Guard (which I started loing before plastic Fiends were a twinkle in Slaanesh's eye) And finally, some Plague Drone WIPs (though the models have somewhat progressed since these photos). I have various other things I'm working on but this was all I had photographed at the moment. Hopefully I actually update this thread!
  10. Hello all, I'm starting this thread to document the progress of a returning player getting to grips with a new iteration of a Death Guard Army. First, a little backstory to my Plague legion.... Only the most fanatical of Nurgle’s worshipper’s may hope to gain the Grandfather’s favour. To that end, the ­Fetid Hand will never rest until each and every one of them have been witnessed by the Bringer of Plagues Himself. These warriors, clad in bone white plate and oozing the numerous blessings of Nurgle, are amongst the foulest of His followers. They are distinctly puritanical in their approach to the spreading of plague, not in the least content to sit back and let the spread of contagion gradually occur throughout the planets they turn their putrid gaze to. Instead, they seek to disperse their diseases with a disciplined fervour that is quite at odds with the majority of their heretic brothers. The Fetid Hand take great delight in seeing their foes brought to their knees by the holy plagues that Nurgle has gifted, and will continue to spread the word of decay until they themselves are welcomed back to the bosom of Nurgle. The idea behind my Death Guard are that they are, in essence, worshippers and priests of Nurgle. In the future, I plan to add either a detachment of Renegades and Heretics who would act as a more diverse cult of worshippers than the single Chaos Cultist unit allows, or a detachment of Chaos Daemons which would also reflect the religious nature of my warband. Anyway, on to some photos! Balgroth, the Fallen Chaplain Had a metal space marine chaplain lying around, so of course I had to putrefy him. The main modification I made was to replace his mace with a staff-like weapon.
  11. Closet Skeleton


    From the album: daemons

  12. Closet Skeleton

    karanak wip1

    From the album: daemons

  13. Closet Skeleton

    Etl Vow 4

    From the album: daemons

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