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The Lion’s own. A Dark Angels HH thread

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Ok people, I’m taking the plunge and I’m going to build an HH Dark Angels force.


I have recently read Descent of Angels and now I’m hooked.


Also imo Lion’el Johnson is the best Primarch model.


Before I get too carried away I’m thinking of painting them black, green and bone rather than the usual black and red. (I’m currently working on a Black Templars project so I’d like there to be some differentiation between the two armies)


So is there any lore reason I can’t use the traditional palette on my 30k Dark Angels?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Black with green edge highlighting looks ok, someone did that way back when Tempus Fugitives were doing HH rules and it looked pretty good. I think the 'loyalist' DA's led by Luthor had green in their scheme to represent the forests of Caliban unlike the Traitors from Terra in the black. ;) Has been a while since I read the DA books though so I may have gotten confused on why they had the green. 

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Black and bone is definitely used for Deathwing, so you can easily incorporate that or make some twist with that.


Not as certain on Green as far as a primary color, but as said, the Legion is a big place. I have done shoulderpads in green, which can add a nice touch.


The variant Inner Circle Knights Cenobium used white as their primary color, so that looks like a cool area to explore altering color schemes possibly even further by making up a Knight Order.

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Looking forward to seeing you tackle the first legion. As for the colours, I'll echo the others, the Calibanites tended to go for a green shoulder pad, bone appears on some of their elites and also the Dark Angels have tonnes of heraldry and alternative armour plate due to their background of knightly orders!

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Well Forgeworld sent out my Praetor at warp speed!


Had a chance to play around with this Praetor and I’m happy with the colours. I’ve gone with a dark and brooding scheme, hopefully that comes across.


I think the head gets a little lost but I think that’s just how this model is.


I’m really looking forward to the HH event next week (not going sadly but will be watching it with interest)


Can’t remember where but I read that it’s safe to buy Cataphractii models as they’ll still be the same scale.


Here’s the pics:


52040986042_0a18cf3544_c.jpgHH Dark Angels Praetor


52042032306_cc38cf5a6b_c.jpgHH Dark Angels Praetor


52042032341_1213a96478_c.jpgHH Dark Angels Praetor


52040986077_f5457975b1_c.jpgHH Dark Angels Praetor


52040986057_40b16bda4f_c.jpgHH Dark Angels Praetor


Thanks for looking!

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I'm late but a Green shoulder pad behind the chapter symbol denotes a warrior from Calaban not from Terra so...  Yes.  Green and Bone are definately allowed.   Also there is so much vagueness about heraldry that anything is allowable under:  "Thats what the markings of my company look like." 

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Thanks Marshall Mittens!


Raziel-TX not sure what I’ll get next, I’m waiting to see what happens next week (HH event)


LameBeard, I originally went with Runelord brass which I thought was a little too muted so the Retributor Gold came out!


I’m really happy with that cloak.


Thanks Brother dean, glad to hear that. Definitely the scheme I’ll be moving forward with!


Here’s hoping the HH open day is massively positive!

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