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Found 13 results

  1. From the album: The First Legion, sons of the Lion

    I got these right when 3rd ed came out, prolly the last minis I ever fully completed and finished. I understand Techmarines can't have jump packs anymore, but I was still on the wargear card system. The servo arms are from an ork epic unit, and the mini was from the Blood angels squad at the time. The medic was from that same squad, I believe, and I tried to model the mastercrafted bolt pistol. TO give the Emperors grace to those that can not be saved.
  2. Guardians of the Covenant Pictured here is a five man squad of First Legion Astartes of the 13th Chapter in action upon the Pale Moon of Xakthres. Exemplars of their kind, the 13th Chapter took great pride in the utter destruction of their foes and the annihilation of all knowledge they held. This pict-capture is of a singular Legionnaire, one of a hundred such Sable Clad Knights deployed by the 8th Company, 13th Chapter. To many outside the First Legion their markings are esoteric and unfathomable, but to the 8th Company under Knight-Praetor Aganus their markings are utilitarian and uncomplicated compared to many of their brothers within the Legion. Note the serialized Phobos pattern boltgun. The modified armorial pictured is the crossed sword symbol of the 13th Chapter. Non-standard markings such as this were common throughout out the First Legion, calling out their allegiance to Chapter and Order. The crowned skull icon worn by the 8th Company is in honor of Knight-Praetor Aganus, a veteran of the Terran wars of Unification and the Pacification of Luna. He was a member of the now defunct Host of Crowns and the icon shown here is a combination of that Host’s icon and Aganus’ personal heraldry. Much of the Company’s demeanor and way of war is derived from his ancient knowledge and they wear his heraldry with great pride.
  3. Dreadwing: A 30K Dark Angels Blog Being an account of the Siege of Koth, believed by many to be the last true compliance of the Great Crusade, fought even as heresy and betrayal cast their shadows over all that we had created. It also serves as a rare insight into the strategic tendencies of the First Legion, and a near perfect example of their strength, determination and ruthlessness, qualities that the Traitor forces would learn to respect and even fear in the dark years that followed. ~ DRAMATIS PERSONAE ~ ARTURIUS, Knight Delegatus, tasked with bringing the Koth Sub Sector to compliance MORDRED, Master of the 7th Chapter, Commander of the 56th Expeditionary Fleet THELIAL WYRMBANE, Paladin of the 10th Order KAELON, Knight-Chaplain of the 7th Chapter BARACHIEL, The Knight of Woe, Centurion of the 22nd Assault Company BALIAN, First Knight of the Bladesworn Veterans ZARAEL, Legionary, Arrius II Destroyer Squad TITUS CROM, Voted Successor of the Dreadwing * * * In truth I feel sorry for the Kotheans, even though I know I should not. I know that they brought this destruction upon themselves: that they scorned the Emperor's Vision for the future of Mankind; that they rejected our offer of peaceful integration into his Great Imperium; and that when informed of the consequences of their response they murdered our emissaries in cold blood, declaring war on Him and all his subjects. There is no debate that they deserved this fate. Still, I feel sympathy towards them. As I watch the vast funeral pyres consuming their home world, I cannot help but think that if they had known the true horror of what would be unleashed against them, then perhaps their decision might have been different. As for the First, they did their duty as they always do. But each time I witness their cold, calculated fury on the battlefield, and the abject devastation that inevitably follows, I must confess it is not pride I feel. it is simply dread. - Attributed to the Remembrancer Ivon Zhenka, attached to the 56th Expeditionary Fleet
  4. The topic title says it all. What exactly are the Paladins of the Dark Angels? The first reference to them (that I know of) is in Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s short story, “Savage Weapons”: Not much information is given regarding what either title entails, however. One can probably guess what the Mantle of the Champion involves, but it’s left to the reader to decide what the rank and title of Paladin is about. Besides the romantic image raised by the tales of Charlemagne and the Song of Roland, we have the modern definitions (a trusted military leader, as for a medieval prince; a leading champion of a cause) and the historic roots of the word (a Roman-era palace official). Leman Russ, by Chris Wraight, seems to use Paladins as an elite formation within the Dark Angels - perhaps like the Palatine Blades of the Emperor’s Children. Now there are multiple Paladins per Order ... ... and, however they might be divided among the Orders, they would appear to have a standing officer in charge of them: Gav Thorpe’s Angels of Caliban, though, seems to recast the Paladin as the officer in command of an Order: So which is it? One of a number of champions that can be found within each Order of the Dark Angels? An officer who commands thousands of Dark Angels (as opposed to a “mere” Captain or Grand Master)? Or is it a combination of both - like the Consul’s Legion Champion template in the Horus Heresy game?
  5. The Ashen Blades Thought for the day: "Between the stars the ancient unseen enemies of mankind wait and hunger. Every voyage into the nothing is a confrontation with horror, with the implacable things of the warp, and with man's own innermost fears." "Survival is no birthright, but a prize wrested from an uncaring galaxy by forgotten heroes." "When aid did finally reach us, it came from a totally unexpected quarter. However, in addition to the wargear and the ships and the 'reinforcements', also came the grim realisation that our fears were justified, and that our brotherhood truly was destined for extinction. Not through the crucible of war or the machinations of our enemies, or even from the malignant horror that has torn the whole galaxy asunder, but from that harshest and most inescapable of fates. Obsolescence. The Chapter will endure, even if our kind will not. We will keep our colours and heraldry, as a reminder of all that we were and all that we have lost. But we take a new name, to remember till our last breath the broken blades that have been reforged amidst the ashes of our own home world." "Vengeance is your sword. Hatred is your shield. Loyalty is your armour."
  6. “Death makes angels of us all, and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven's claws.” - Jim Morrison, circa M1 “Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged, crimes are avenged.” - Samuel Johnson, circa M1 * * * THE VENGEANCE OF ANGELS Being an account of the Golgothan Campaign, a lost chapter of the Great Imperial Civil War, one of countless such tales that time, politics, fear and hatred have all contrived to purge from our history. In these dark and troubled times, it is often said that some things are better left unremembered. I prefer to say that such things should never be forgotten. - Preface to 'Lost Battles of the Heresy – Book Three', by Arvane Mal, Remembrancer, 987.M31 *** "They are not our kin. The bonds of loyalty and fraternity that bound us together have long since been sundered. They are now nothing but the vilest of heretics and traitors, and their betrayal has stolen everything which we have fought and suffered and died to create. Kill them all, and in doing so, let us remind all such vermin why they should fear the First." - Address to the Faithful, attributed to Knight-Chaplain Acheron, 'The Kinslayer', 7th Chapter of the 3rd Host, First Legion Astartes, prior to the Second Siege of Sarum, 009.M31
  7. Since I'm coming close to finishing the fist few DA models I've been painting recently, I thought it might be cool to share them with you. There are no bases at the moment (still working on them...), I paint the models in parts, and I am a very slow (s-l-o-w) painter. As a result, I'm going to try posting progress updates in this thread to keep me motivated as I attempt a run at my long-term goal of painting about 200 Dark Angels! You are all welcome to poke/comment/criticise me as appropriate, and I hope that you won't get too bored of seeing lots of Dark Vengeance marines painted in an essentially studio-scheme. Anyway, I snapped a quick pic of one chap with my phone, and whilst not the best pic (understatement...), at least you guys get to see him and know that I have made an earnest start.. (Oh, and where the pix are a bit rubbish like above, I will try wherever possible to follow up with better pix whenever I get a sunnier day to snap them in daylight). _________________________________________________________________________________ Edit: I've added a picture of the finished squad for newcomers to this thread, and will periodically update this first post with links to subsequent finished squads to help guide people quickly to the end results.
  8. Hi First sorry for my English ,i m from German.I hope you will understand what i m writing. I will show you my finished Models for my 23th Order from the First Legion. So lets go on with the models.I want to create a two Legion Style with Terran and Caliban Squads. First i will show my Praetor , Delegatus and a Command Squad. I hope you like it. Paladin Gawain the Leader of the 23th Order and Terran born Delegatus Hadriel a former Caliban Knight Command Squad Gerwyn Terran Veterans
  9. I have recently been granted sight of a rare volume of forbidden lore that contains much of interest to my Unforgiven brothers. Although the constraints of IP-LAW (Imperial Proscription 50, Authorised Works) prevent me from sharing everything, I can convey some words to stir the spirit of all sons of the Lion while you conduct your grim duties. This should settle that old debate. Astelan was a liar and an oath-breaker, pay him no heed. I really like the way that fundamental parts of the M40 Dark Angels' character are seeded early on, and largely shaped by their position as the First and the operational role they're given. Distrust of outsiders, a feeling of superiority, compartmentalisation of powerful knowledge, 'off the record' campaigns of destruction, these are all present before the First Legion has left Sol. It gives them more depth, and moves away from everything being defined by relationship to the Fallen. Is AK showing a little bias here? I love the grudging acknowledgement in "some might exceed him in the details of some tasks". This isn't new information about Horus' planning but again I like the words. I love a bit of Lovecraftian cosmic horror. This is the nature of the threat the First Legion faced in the early years of the Great Crusade. Annihilating existential threats so the expeditionary fleets can progress. I'll leave you with some lines from AK on the Lion's entrance to the Heresy narrative:
  10. Ok people, I’m taking the plunge and I’m going to build an HH Dark Angels force. I have recently read Descent of Angels and now I’m hooked. Also imo Lion’el Johnson is the best Primarch model. Before I get too carried away I’m thinking of painting them black, green and bone rather than the usual black and red. (I’m currently working on a Black Templars project so I’d like there to be some differentiation between the two armies) So is there any lore reason I can’t use the traditional palette on my 30k Dark Angels? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. From the album: First Legion. Battles in the Age of Darkness.

    Test model for First Legion colors.

    © uberwolve - Stephen Sutton 4/23/2016

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