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I recently rejoined the hobby in 2023 after a 12+ year break. This blog will cover my painting journey with my new primaris minatures for the Brazen Claws chapter. I am very much a novice painter and open to feedback and suggestions, please follow along as I think this is a really cool chapter that doesn't have a lot of lore or active players! 

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Intercessors WIP

I've been working on the first intecessors squad for a few weeks now and am making progress. As you'll see the marines are in a varied state of progress - a few are mostly done (sans shading and icons) while others still need to have their bases painted and terrain added. I'll also be doing the two helmetless marines last as faces are one area I really struggle with (particularly eyes). As always when you stare at models all day everything looks fine and then you notice all sorts of errors on bl
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