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I recently rejoined the hobby in 2023 after a 12+ year break. This blog will cover my painting journey with my new primaris minatures for the Brazen Claws chapter. I am very much a novice painter and open to feedback and suggestions, please follow along as I think this is a really cool chapter that doesn't have a lot of lore or active players! 

Entries in this blog

Squad Two - Hellblasters

Last weekend I finished the bases and some of the detailing on the intercessors squad, so when the hellblasters package arrived I dove right in. My philosophy with the Brazen Claws is to build an infantry-centric army. According to the lore over 60% of the chapter was lost between the destruction of their homeworld and their subsequent crusade into the warp. What would follow (I assume) would be a rebuilding phase with a severe lack of vehicles and heavy armor. I'll be leaning in on infantry wit
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