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About this blog

A blog detailing all my ups and downs, from my xenos hordes to my loyalists in blue...and I guess the others in between!


From WIP to completed projects, I'll share it all, in an attempt to explain the method in my madness.

Entries in this blog

Painting the Rest of Leviathan...

Well, it's been a while since I blogged last...too long in fact. I was only supposed to have a short break while I finished my Bladeguard and Assault Intercessors (and Bladeguard Ancient, and Captain...). They didn't end up being done till late November time as other things piled up.   Here's how they turned out:   This led to me finally starting the Marine half of the Leviathan box (I think I said before I wanted it done before New Year...That didn't happen


ZeroWolf in Ultramarines

Call to Arms: Week 10

Well, it's over.   Took a week longer but..   My Call to Arms Vow is complete!   A few closer looks...     Yup, still haven't fixed that Barbagaunts          Of course, the Parasite of Motrex was just sitting there, begging to be let in on the fun. So here it is, my full Tyranid swarm (was worth over 900pts but now has dropped below this.. Thanks GW! )     For even better


ZeroWolf in Hive Fleet Boreidas

Call to Arms: Week 9

I wanted to show you a completed vow this week. I wanted to show you my swarm as it stood at the moment but alas, I can't.   Why not?   I ran out of Valhallan Blizzard!   So, guess those pictures will be up next week.   However, I'm pleased to say that all the bases are now Ice Blue!   Termagaunts and Rippers     Neurogaunts   At least I got something done.   Non-nid related though, I've gone b


ZeroWolf in Hive Fleet Boreidas

Call to Arms: Week 8

Well I did it.   Last Saturday, I posted this picture of the Screamer Killer:   Then, a few days later...     And now...     The Screamer-Killer was the model I was most looking forward to painting on the Tyranids side of Leviathan. I was a little nervous, as while the others had painted up well (see the attached gallery), this guy was bigger. I've also had some trouble recently with my drybrushing, in that I wasn't getting cons


ZeroWolf in Hive Fleet Boreidas

Call to Arms: Week 7

These weeks are flying by it seems...   No rest for the wicked!   This week was a marked change of pace, not least because I didn't get many painting sessions in.   Like the Winged Prime last week, this past few days belonged to a single model...   The Psychophage!   At this point, all it had was Ork Flesh, Dark Angels Green and Leviathan Purple on it (all contrast paints, all a godsend for a scheme like this). The patchiness aside, things


ZeroWolf in Hive Fleet Boreidas

Call to Arms: Week 6

Week 6 of Call to Arms has come and gone, and if my maths is correct, this is the half way point!   This week I technically didn't get that much painting done, but I finished stuff, like these Von Ryan's Leapers: I tried to have a transition going on with the top most scything talons, and it sort of worked, well, worked enough that I set about trying it again on this fella: Can't see it at this angle but I darkened (with extra layers of Leviathan purple) the point


ZeroWolf in Hive Fleet Boreidas

Call to Arms: Week 5

A quick update this week!   Last week was spent working on batches of Termagaunts and a couple of Barbagaunts, and this week....I spent working on the last batches of Termagaunts and Barbagaunts!   The 3rd batch begins:   By now, everything is running like clockwork on these, so within a day, I had them at this point: and then the 4th batch from here: to here:   By the end, It took me two sessions (roughly 1 hour a session


ZeroWolf in Hive Fleet Boreidas

Call to Arms: Week 4

Week 4 has come and gone, so what did I do? Paint gaunts.   It took one session to complete the 1st batch (of 5 Termagaunts and 1 Barbagaunt) from where I left them last week: So with reckless abandon, I started the next batch straight away   There was nothing new that happened with the 2nd batch other than deciding to do two Barbagaunts now instead of later. I spent a lot of time going around and fixing mistakes where I found them, trying to eradicate white g

Call to Arms: Week 3

Another week gone, another week bites the dust! You get the idea...   In some sense, I didn't get too much done, but in another, I got a bit done!   From my last blog post, I started the week by continuing with the Neurogaunts and Ripper Swarms:   At this point, all their base colours were done, which meant time for fun with drybrushing! Here, I pressed ahead with the Ripper swarm and got them finished. The Neurogaunts also had their flesh drybrushe

Call to Arms: Week 2

Week 2 as come and gone! While I'm aware that this blog is going up later than it should, I'm still covering the same time scale, and I'll promise to do better next week!   Anyhow...   When I left it last time, I'd done the task of covering every flesh with Ork Flesh (and knocking it over in the process) while also starting on the neuroloids. I promised a Neurotyrant afterwards, and here we go: The aethermatic blue came to the rescue again and I also put colours on

Call to Arms: Week 1

Last week, like many of the people here, I embarked on the Call to Arms forum event, (perhaps foolishly) vowing to paint the Tyranid half of the Leviathan box. This is 47 miniatures in 3 months...easy right?   Let's see how I got on...   The painting started on Saturday night as I drybrushed all the models with White Scar, this didn't take too long and I was set up to move to stage 2 of my process, the green flesh.   I use Ork Flesh Contrast paint here: T

Building Leviathan: The Final Day

With a crestfallen heart, I must announce that we've come to the end of this little Building Leviathan series. I mean, It's hard to continue something when it's all built!   Today, all I had to do, was 10 Infernus Marines and 1 Dreadnought...   First up: These went togethed easy enough, though I did wonder about why GW designed them to go together as they did. Like the one Marine where you put the pieces together verticality. Still after an hour or so, I had the fu

Building Leviathan: Day 6

Day 6 of building Leviathan and I inch closer to having the whole box built (for comparisons sake I did Indomitus over a period of months and I technically haven't completed AoS's Dominion yet...)   For (Thursday) I completed the Sternguard, and all of them were pretty straightforward with no issues, and I tackled these big boys: Not going to lie, these Terminators went together like a dream. No seams, no awkward fitting parts, just perfection. I'm looking forward to paintin

Building Leviathan: Day 5

Day 5 of building the Leviathan box and I finally reach an important milestone!   I started off by going back to the last Tyranid sprue (the one with the Neurogaunts and Barbgaunts) and started clipping off the Barbgaunts. This was a unit that had piqued my curiosity during the reveals, and their unique ability to slow down opponents (doubtful they would actually kill anything but luckily that isn't their primary function). Some of that enthusiasm was drained away by the build as sever

Building Leviathan: Day 4

Day 4 of building Leviathan and the end is in sight for the Tyranids.   I should point out that on average, I get about an hour and a half of free time a day, which isn't a lot for building a box of Leviathan's size!   However the building today was focused on the gaunts. My first task was to get the lsst sprue of Termagaunts done and dusted, bringing the total to a healthy 20. Needless to say, these will not be the last Termagaunts I'll ever build.   With them done

Building Leviathan: Day 3

So Day 3 of building Leviathan and what did I do today*   Well, I was through messing around...It was time for the Screamer Killer (oh, and I guess the Neurotyrant + drones)   The Neurotyrant was a smooth build and i was surprised by the detail that was just covered up by the 'armour', the designers really went to town on him.    The Screamer Killer on the other hand, seemed to have developed a case of gapitis. No matter how much I filed down the contact point

Building Leviathan: Day 2

Day 2 of Leviathan building...Let's get to it.   I had a bit more time and more choice, so I decided to get the large, multi-tooth elephant muncher out of the way: The psychophage wasn't a bad build persay but there was some annoying parts. First off, the little legs/arms it has. Unlike the four bigger ones that lock in place, these two little ones don't and they got annoying when it came to putting it on its base as I had to keep adjusting it to make sure it was flat. Second

Building Leviathan: Day 1

As I type  its currently the 25th June. Yesterday at 9 in the morning, me and my oldest son took a trip to town and collected this: (the battleboards are just peeking out at the top there)   I had hoped to get stuck in with building but family life had other ideas!   So, late last night, I finally got to work.   The hardest part was choosing what to build first:   After some deliberation, I got to work on these two: It was sort of fit

Leviathan Eve

Well, as I type this, it's June 23rd, so for me, it's Leviathan Eve (I'm not jealous at all of those who got their boxes today at all...).   My prep work is complete, I've got storage boxes started, I've got rattlecan primer ready to go and my colour scheme is sorted. ... What's that? I completed my Tyranid scheme weeks ago? Have I been slacking since then?    Well, since I put that first blog post up featuring my parasite of motrex I did what all good hobbyists sho


ZeroWolf in Ultramarines

Rite of War

Here is my first attempt at a little snippet of fanfiction, along with accompanying pictures...I apologise for the quality!       "Brother Gregorius," the Chaplain said, his voice as full of gravel as the ruined battlefield he walked on. The sounds of battle did nothing to muffle his voice. The space marine walking a step behind him didn't speak, as a Judicar, he'd taken a vow of silence, instead he nodded solemnly. He knew what was about to be asked of him, and he hefted his execution


ZeroWolf in Ultramarines

First of Many

Greetings! As the blurb says, I'll be talking about all aspects of my hobbying and every army I enjoy for 40k, but for the first blog post...I think its only fair to talk about my first 40k love.   We all had one after all, that first army that caught our attention, and maybe you still have it in your collection.   For me though, it was all about the Tyranids.   So, way back in the mists of time (2001 to be exact) a very young me wanders into a GW store on my o
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