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About this blog

A blog in which I record the development and progress of my new Space Marine army - background & lore, painting and hobby, and maybe even some battle reports. 

Entries in this blog

About the Chapter Insignia

Over in the Works in Progress forum, my most recent post revealed the Chapter Insignia - here I wanted to briefly explain my thinking behind it.    There's two main things to point out from an 'in-universe' perspective - firstly, reflecting the Chapter's origin that they were intended as reinforcements for the Shadow Stalkers Chapter, there are echoes of their predecessors' Insignia.  This symbol was named after the Eclipse of Strontium, the Ashen Sentinels retained the star

A Commentary on the Interrogator's Report

To follow up my previous blog post – and thank you if you read it!  – here’s a bit of a ‘commentary’ on the background/lore that this piece of fiction was intended to help establish.   Firstly, where I’ve mentioned specific named characters, planets and warzones – these reflect my plans for the army I’ll be building and painting, as well as other wider hobby projects. To begin with, my hobby focus initially will be on the Rostokhar campaign – the initial squads of Ashen Sentinels I’m p

A Report by Interrogator Hyo Flavignus

015.012.M42   REPORT OF HYO FLAVIGNUS OF THE DISPOSITION AND DEPLOYMENT OF ULTIMA FOUNDING INVESTED CHAPTER CINERE VIGILIAS – THE ‘ASHEN SENTINELS’   Thought for the Day: Blessed are those in the eyes of the God-Emperor who hath died in His service.   My Lord, I humbly submit for your attention the report you requested, the culmination of six Terran-standard months’ research and investigation, following the events of 229.011.M42 (c.f. war for Strontium Epsilon). As

The Importance of the "Three P's"

...and by that I mean 'Planning', 'Preparation' and 'Practice'  As I've gone into each step of painting these Marines, I've followed each of these steps - using my tester Marines to plan, prep and practice before painting the finished squad.    Except, the one time I didn't do this fully, it caused me a bit of faff! When it came to doing the highlights on the Chainsword casing, rather than try it out on a tester Marine first, I just went straight jn. I usually do straightforward painti

What's in a name..?

While you can find some painting updates in my painting log over in the Works in Progress forum, I'm currently working on a piece that will set out some of the background of the Ashen Sentinels - but before I post that I just wanted to write a little about my process and 'inspiration' for choosing names when I'm doing this.    For the names I've chosen for some of the Chapter's Captains, my starting point has been some local history. My home county is Suffolk, which has a few castles s

Pulling some threads together

...and by that I mean neither the social networking app, nor items of clothing  What I actually mean is story threads - it's time to talk background for the Ashen Sentinels.    Without going into too much detail (yet ), this Chapter is a continuation (or sequel? ) of an on going narrative and setting that started with my Chaos Marine army, the Legion of Taurus. Their story was developed and fleshed out over a number of campaigns, most recently culminating in a Kill Team campaign. The b


While I spend the next week or so highlighting the armour, I'm looking ahead and thinking about how I'm going to do other parts of the model. So I've turned to my test Marines to try out some ideas.    Firstly, the Aquila on the chest - my first thought was to do this in red, I've slapped a base coqr of Mephiston Red on, but I worry that won't stand out against the helmet.    Second idea - black. One coat of Black Legion Contrast - yeah, I think that's too dark, it doesn't st

Things to come...

While I carry on with panel lining (and because I won't have anything to show for it for a while ), I thought I'd post some pics to show what's next.    The Marines I'm all working on are intended for games of Boarding Actions, I've built more than 500 points worth, so I've got a choice for games.    First on my 'shelf of WIP'  are a squad of Hellblasters, and two Lieutenants. (Ignore the Contemptor Dread, that's for my Heresy Imperial Fists army )    The reason the

Panel lining and Red helms

So after the base coat of Dawnstone, I gave these Marines a wash - a mix I made that is 4 parts Lahmian Medium, 1 part Nuln Oil and 1 part Agrax Earthshade (the older, pre-2022 versions of those shades). Here they are after applying this custom shade:     Now I begin the slightly fiddly and time consuming process of panel lining with Nuln Oil:     Finally, I wrote about them having red helmets in my previous entry - here are the results of some tests: fi

The start of a new army project

"The enemies of the Emperor - our enemies - believe us weakened; they believe they can attack His worlds, bringing fire and tumult, till all that remains is the ashes and blood of our defeat. No. When they come, they will find that we stand, that we defy them, and that the ashes and blood which remain is the sign of their defeat." - Chapter Master Noumen Arkos, Ashen Sentinels, prior to the victory at Genovian III   Greetings Frater  I'm starting a new army, one that has (beli
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