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Testing, testing... (again)!



Even though I've still not finished the Marines I wanted to have done by the end of last year :sweat: I'm queuing up the next unit* I'll be painting - these Scouts:




*technically 2 units, one to go with my Boarding Patrol, the other for 'regular' 40k - but I'll also field them as a Kill Team :smile:


I've been thinking about how I want to paint them - specifically, their fatigues. I've had a few ideas to try - black, dark grey, khaki or military green, but I wanted to test which would go better with the grey armour of the Ashen Sentinels.


Someone at my local gaming group generously donated some Cadians to me so I could test these colour-scheme ideas; here's what I've done:




Starting right to left (to be different, or maybe awkward :laugh:) - while I think the green and khaki/tan do go alright with the Grey armour, I actually think they'd be better suited to Guard miniatures than the Space Marine Scouts. The other two are Black Legion contrast over white primer (left), and Basilicanum Grey contrast over the same grey that I paint the armour (followed with Nuln Oil wash) (second on left). I think the Black Legion doesn't leave enough lighter edges of the fatigues, whereas the Basilicanum Grey & Nuln oil do that much better; so that's the scheme I'll use - the armour is a lighter shade of grey so it contrasts well with the fatigues. Also, the darker fatigues is apt for sneaky, infiltrating Scouts, I feel :whistling::biggrin:


So that's what I'll go for, when I am actually able to start painting the Scouts. But first, I need to finish those other Marines..! :rolleyes::biggrin:


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