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The Aksha'i Cruentes is a warband of Heretic Astartes, originally formed by a zealous conclave of warriors from the World Eaters Legion during the Heresy. They have dedicated every moment of their existence to spreading war throughout the galaxy. Even if they are repelled, the sector they were repelled from is invariably drowned in violence and civil strife for decades to come.


Entries in this blog

Path of the Righteous - Phase II

It's been a hot minute since I provided much of an update to my Order of Battle! It also took a couple of months longer than intended to advance to the next phase of the Path of the Righteous that my force has begun.   A quick reminder: these are optional rules from White Dward 472-476 from earlier this year. They follow your force at it walks a path of pure zeal, potentially leading to damnation in the process. These issues can be found in the Warhammer Vault, if you are a WH+ subscri


Cheex in Order of Battle

Path of the Righteous - Phase I

This is something I've been wanting to do since the start of the year: the Aksha'i Cruentes are embarking on the Path of the Righteous. Now that I'm comfortable with the Crusade rules in the CSM codex, I feel like this is a logical and characterful step for the Cruentes. They've always been a zealous bunch, and now with the death of Bardûl and the rising star of Kratus, I think it's a good time to start folding these rules into my army. Baruda is clearly pushing more of his influence on the

Order of Battle Updates

Lord Kratus, the Hand of Khorne Once the Champion of Bardül's Terminator bodyguard, Kratus clawed his way to fill the power vaccuum left by his master's Spawndom. As the former Hand of Khorne's body was being torn asunder, Kratus tore Bardül's chainfist - a symbol of his self-proclaimed title - from his warplate. Easily besting other challengers for the title, Kratus assumed his position as the leader of the Aksha'i Cruentes, and now intends to reunite the many Cruentes warbands scatte

Order of Battle Updates

Aside from the obvious change in leadership, there have been some updates since the last battle. In our campaign, for the first two weeks we had a special rule in place: This was essentially a 2-for-the-price-of-1 deal on increasing supplies after fighting a Combat Patrol game. I found that in previous Crusades, our group would just play 50PL/1000pt games but not bother spending resources to expand their supplies, to the point where Crusade became almost synonymous with small games,

Notable Members

Bardûl, the Hand of Khorne   Formerly a member of the World Eaters' elite Terminator squads, Bardûl rose to prominence when the former master of the Cruentes, Achaeus, descended irrevocably into madness. Leading his most trusted Terminators against the blood-maddened tyrant, Bardûl attacked Achaeus on his command deck. Despite grievous injuries, Bardûl pushed past his adversary's defences and rammed his chainfist into the Astartes's innards. He was not automatically granted leader
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