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From the gestation chambers they came...

Evil Eye


More 3D stuff is abound- I've been working on some definitely-positively-100%-not-termagants for printing. They're going to be poseable, with ball-sockets at the hips, waist, tail, neck and shoulders (all four of them) and plenty of alternate parts. So far I have the core body, legs and tails.



The main arms should be compatible with the official gaunt kit parts (so you can put printed arms on plastic bodies and vice versa).





All the parts so far in an exploded view- 5 pairs of legs and 4 tails, for a huge potential set of poses!


I'm going for a slightly "legally distinct" look, partly to avoid GW having a fit and partly because when you have a machine that can make any 3D shape, you might as well be creative with it. The look is overall a bit more crustacean-y than the official models, especially the tails. I'm trying not to overdo the detail levels, as a lot of 3D printed minis tend to be rather overcomplex IMO and I want to avoid that. I'm also planning on a full complement of weapons and biomorphs for them, including some heavy/special weapons that aren't actually based on any official models, but hopefully should be cool.


As soon as I've got the models done I'm intending to do some test prints. Which might be in a while as I still have mid-limbs, weapons and heads left to do at minimum...


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