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Hobby Goals for 2023



So in my various painting logs, I tallied all the painted points and models I managed to complete in 2022 and then set some optimistic objectives for models I'd like to get painted to round out some armies in 2023 - turns out that several small goals across nids, eldar necrons and Titanicus add up fast... Thankfully the warlord is maybe 10% of the year total, and that's all done bar the basing. This is also before I get to the Alpha Legion I want to paint. If I add in gift-warhammer I've received, we're well into about 5000pts. 


With contrasts, I think this is a realistic goal, I can maybe get over 100pts a week done, which would be 5200pts for the year. Lets see how this goes! 




Progress Update 13/7/2023



So rather than remove stuff from the list, I've managed to add stuff to the 2023 painting list by making vows for A Call to Arms, which makes this list longer. I have, however, managed to build and undercoat 1x reaver and 2x warhounds, which completes the titan battlegroup boxed set I got a while ago. I just need to find time to paint them between all the bugs...Magnus and the Avatar might just have to wait a while longer to get some paint on them.





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I've never heard Newport called that before...:whistling:


I did take some pics of the haul, I'll have to get them up - even the 40 or so tacticals in there will be helpful so I can try bigger units without having to slave over making them...

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On 4/13/2023 at 12:46 PM, Grotsmasha said:

Saw this this morning and have spent the entire day recording my own backlog, cheers for sharing :thumbsup:


Haha, how many points in the backlog? I love that app, so useful. 

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10 minutes ago, Xenith said:


Haha, how many points in the backlog? I love that app, so useful. 


I'm using it purely for the Backlog Challenge in The Forge, so I have no idea of points, but I have 1,389 assembled models, and NOT counting commissions, have painted 89 models this year, including GW, TMNT and Marvel United models.... 

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