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Battle Report: Blood Angels vs Chaos Knights Round 2!



After the absolute kicking I received from Ted's Chaos Knights, I was eager to temper myself against them once more and see if I can beat them - he's the only person in my club to beat my Blood Angels so far, and they won't stand for it! The last game was an absolute whitewash, something like 40 - 95, and so I wanted to approach this one a little better, and using basically the same army I used before. We tried to set up the terrain more like GW's tourney maps, with the 4 large obscuring pieces in the centre and then the smaller pieces round the edges.


BA List

2000 Blood Angels Arks of Omen (Elites):

Captain on Bike - Warlord (gift of foresight), relic (Indomitus), angel exemplar (artificer - mantle), thunder hammer, storm shield (-3cp)

Sanguinary Priest - pack, selfless healer


5 infiltrators - medic

5 infiltrators - medic


5 sanguinary guard - 2 fists, 3 swords, 5 inferno

5 sanguinary guard - 2 fist, 3 swords, 5 inferno

sanguinary ancient - fist, inferno, wrath of baal (-1cp)

Death co - 5 inferno, 2 fists, 3 swords

Death co - 5 inferno, 5 swords

10 Vanguard Veterans - 10 storm shields, 1 thunder hammer, 3 fists, 3 swords, 3 claws


3x MM Attack bikes.

5 Assault marines, 2x melta, eviscerator, serge with inferno, thunder hammer. 

5 Assault marines, 2x melta, eviscerator, serge with inferno, thunder hammer. 



3 eradicators, heavy, MMelta. 


Chaos Knights - iconoclast (+1A and AP in 1st round of combat)


Knight Abominant - volkte thing, gift of the dark master, 6++ relic, winds of chaos

Knight Desecrator relic laser gun, 5++ feel no pain when awakened trait


7x Wardog from left to right in below pic:

Undivided melta gatling

nurgle melta gatling

undivided wardog claw+sword

Slaanesh beguiling wardong claw and sword

undivided claw and sword

Tzeentch with dual autocannons

Deepstrike one with gatling and sword in reserve.


Mission Scouring (3vp for perfoming an action on an objective)


BA: Behind enemy lines; bring it down; banners


Ruthless Tyranny; Storm of Darkness; Grind them down


I started out by hiding everything in the large obscuring ruin, with one unit of infiltrators guarding my left flank, and the whirly on the right, eradicators and assault marines started in reserve. The knights won the roll off, I chose to forlorn a DC unit out front to try and bait him to charge them and move closer to me, maybe this was a mistake, but it was a 115pt lure. 


Tower defence



CK Turn 1 movement. 




The knights all moved forwards, very little could see, some stubbers shot at the DC, causing 4 wounds, all failed saves, then they were charged by a wardog and wiped. One starts the warpstorm, one starts the mission primary and they're all in dread range for 8. 8-0 to knights.



Death co go into assault doctrine. The attack bikes drove out to target the autocannon armiger, 4 hits, 4 wounds, dead armiger, great shot! The second unit of DC popped out to try and charge the slaanesh dog on the objective, but inferno pistolling the one that killed the other DC - the inferno pistols did about 4 damage, and the DC had to charge that one threatening my lines instead, killing it. In retrospect, I could have gotten a SG unit out to target this one also, and send the DC into the slaandog to try and net 2 melee kills from the start. One unit of SG jumped left to that objective and raised a banner, the infiltrators raised the banner on my home objective and a SG started the mission secondary on it.  4 for bring it down, 3 for the  mission. 8-7 to the knights. 



On 3 objectives for 12, big knights move forwards and everything shoots and wipes the attack bikes. Bikes are within banner range, so 1 manages to fire the MM into the central wardog, bracketing it. central bracketed wardog charges the DC who manage to only lose 3 models and punch it hard back. Deepstrike knight comes in near the SG on the left objective and peppers them killing 2, fails charge. Abominant stands on central objective and gets off the fnp. then starts to curse it. Storm completes (4) and They start the storm again and do another mission objective (3) and have the guaranteed 5 for 24pts total. 32-7 to knights. 



On 2 objectives for 8, 2 for banners. I think this is the turn I have to do something or lose the game, so I go all out I also learned that the 4+ max to hit thing on the knight is only after it's activated, which it isn't yet, so I need to do some serious damage before it kills 5 models. Vanvets into assault doctrine and jump out to the aboninant, along with the captain and ancient. Priest jumps to the left hand SG unit and brings one back, they have strung out to be in melta range of the deepstrike dog and be revived by the priest. SG2 jump out to charge the melta/gatling wardog and kill it. I forget the mission action. Left hand infiltrators guerilla warfare out of there. Death co melta the dog they're in comat with and kill it, eradicators some onto the right flank and shoot the slaandog who pops the 4+ invuln and they do maybe 4 damage. Assault marines drop in behind cover in their dz and ASM2 drop in 92 from the slaandog, and their meltas don't do anything. Left SG1 charge the deepstrike dog and knock it down to 2w after it popped the -1D strat - acceptable as long as the -1d doesnt go on the abominant.


Vanvets, captain and banner charge into the abominant, the hammer doesn't do great as my rerolls are useless, but between them they do 13 damage, almost bracketing it. Abominant attacks back splitting between captain and ancient. I get lucky and it does 3W to the ancient and 4w to the captain after the mantle. I stupidly used my CP earlier for a reroll, and should have kept it for Angels Sacrifice here. I get 4 for bring it down, 2 for grind, 4 for behind enemy lines for 18. 32-27 to knights. 



2 Objectives. Now he's down to 3 wardogs and losing board control. desectrator moves to bail out deepstrike knight from the SG, kills one eradicator then charges and wipes the SG, consolidating onto my left objective and starting storm (so he can't move next turn). Slaandog goes after the assault marines within 12, charges, and kills 4, wounding the serge. Serge hammers back for 3D. Nurgle gun knight shoots the eradicator and fails, then charges the SG2. It's bracketed, but uses a dirty strat to turn each hit into 2(!)mw, wiping the SG. Abominant cannot cast the 5++ as it's warp storming, which then completes for 4. I then attack with the ancient doing 2 damage, the abominant attacks and I spring angels sacrifice, and make him put everything into the 1W ancient who unsprprisingly dies to save everyone else. The captain smacks a flat 9 wounds through then the VV's finish off the abominant...which then explodes, doing 3 MW to the captain, killing him, and 5 to the VV's killing 2.5. 4 for storm, 3 for tyranny. 3 for grind. I get 4 for bring it, 50-31 to knights. 



1 Objective as the obsec nurgle dog consolidates onto the centre one, 1 banner as the desecrator knocked mine off. ASM1 serge falls back behind LOS blocking ruins, ASM2 jump onto the opponent's right objective near the slandog and mission primary for 3, the eradicators move towards it as it's already -1 to hit anyway, and melta. Infiltrators appear back on in opposing DZ guaranteeing BEL. Priest jumps over, heals and revives a vanvet, who then charge the nurgle dog. which survives on a few W. Infiltrators 2 advance towards slandog objective. Erads wipe the slandog. 2 for bring it, 4 for BEL. 50-44 knights


CK T4 

2 objectives, no mission secondary. Warp storm completes, deep strike dog pops into the sky again. Big knight can't do anything. vanvets finish the nurgle dog. 4 for storm, 0 for the tyranny. I max bring it for 1. 57-45



3 Objectives for 12 and 1 banner. ASM2 jump towards opponent's right objective to take it t5. erads move onto opposing left objective and banners. Priest heals and restores a vanvet, then does mission primary. whirly moves out as a distraction and to block the deepdog from getting near my duds in the middle. infiltrators 2 advance onto central objective. Infils 1 move around and shield the asm1 serge from a potential deepstrike from the deepdog. 15 primary, 1 banner, 4 for BEL makes it 54-67 and I take the lead. 



Deepknight cant land anywhere useful due to infiltrators, so settles for the whirlwind, but being majorly bracketed he does nothing, big knight fails to do anything, and stays on the objective so I can't banners it. 0 for tyranny. 54-67 to BA.



No point going for kills as I've maxed BID. 12 for primary, 2 banner. vanvets jump onto opposing right objective and banners it. ASM2 jump onto it and perform the mission primary, erads put up a banner on opposing right objective. ilfils banner the central objective. 3 for mission primary, 4 for BEL. put the score on 54-86, going to 64-96 to the BA.


We'd actually recorded the score as soemthing like 78-91, so I've messed up somewhere in the retelling and it was a bit closer, but the BA still won through in the end! 




Knights t3 assault phase, after killing the ancient, but before the abominant exploded. 



End of my T3



End of the game


Edited by Xenith


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