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Coming back to the 4th

Snakes of Ithaka


I first got into 40k back in 5th when a work colleague how knew I was into Sci Fi lent me a copy of the first Ultramarines omnibus and that was it I was hooked,  so I started a 4th company army that I played up until late 7th when I dropped out the hobby.


So when the rumours of 10th started circulating earlier in the year, I decided that I wanted to get back into the actually playing some games of 40k after the past couple of years of building my Iron Snakes as a purely modelling project.


So the question was what army to do for 10th I was originally leaning towards the guard, but after having a sort out of the hobby desk area I realised that the pile of shame and bits boxes are over flowing with space marine bits so to save some money and to reduce said pile of shame I hatched a plan to do another marine army and there was only really one choice in my head.


My general plan for this project is to build up and 2000p army and then expand it down the road into the whole 4th company.


So join me as we dive into my return to the 4th.


Until next time.




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