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About this blog

After a few years out of the hobby I have decided to jump back in and start an 4th company Ultramarines army for 10 edition, this blog will document that progress and any other projects that I pick up along the way.

Entries in this blog

Judiciar Conversion

So over the bank holiday weekend, I found myself with a bit of unexpected hobby time and as it was too hot in the conservatory where my painting desk is I decided to do some kit bashing instead of painting.   One unit that I won't to add to this project was a Judiciar as I like the idea of a chaplain in training, however I'm not a massive fan of the GW model so I decided to dive into the bits box and see about making my own version.   I wanted the conversion to be easily iden

4th Company Structure

So the two aims I have with this project is to:   1. get a 2000 point army to play some games with.   2. to build out the whole 4th company.   The first aim is pretty easy to achieve and once the 10th ed codex  is out I will settle on a list but for the time being I have been trying to see how I can go about aim 2 as there doesn't seem to be a great deal of information about the current company structures in regards to Firstborn/Primaris units. Although I don't

Coming back to the 4th

I first got into 40k back in 5th when a work colleague how knew I was into Sci Fi lent me a copy of the first Ultramarines omnibus and that was it I was hooked,  so I started a 4th company army that I played up until late 7th when I dropped out the hobby.   So when the rumours of 10th started circulating earlier in the year, I decided that I wanted to get back into the actually playing some games of 40k after the past couple of years of building my Iron Snakes as a purely modelling pro
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