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Pile of shame or pile of potential

Snakes of Ithaka


So as per the last blog one of the reasons that I decided to go with space marines where the sheer amount of bits and kits I had laying around.


I have always tried to keep the to do pile under control however after replacing my hobby desk I realised that the pile of shame has gotten a little out of hand and needs to be slimmed down so I have decided to sell of some of the kits that I am never going to get around to building and focusing purely on this Ultramarine force.


One of the largest items in the pile of shame is the age of darkness box set, weapon upgrades and the Kratos that I picked up for an aborted Horus Heresy army, so I will attempt to work these into the army.


One of my main aims with this project is to use up as much of the bits I from the pile of shame so to this end I have been thinking about using the large amount of primaris bodies that make up my bits box and add first born bits from the HH sets to make firstborn units that are the same scale as current marines.


After I had finished up the test model, I set about working on a conversion for Judd Clausel the 4th companies chaplain, well conversion might be going a bit to far more like slap a jump pack on the existing chaplain model.




Thanks for reading and until next time.




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