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The Swords of Calth

Snakes of Ithaka


After deciding to go with the 4th Company for my next project, I picked up the latest Uriel Ventris Novel to catch up on what the latest lore was.


One thing I want to replicate from the novel is the swords of Calth so I can run them in my army with Uriel, so I have set about planning out some conversions to represent the members of the command squad.


First up we have Apothecary Selenus 




A nice and easy quick kit bash to start us off using parts from the black templar crusader squad, the primaris apothecary and a random army from the bits box. 


With my previous ultramarines I've always tried to stay away from painting white  and using the alternate blue scheme that's on the box art for the firstborn command squad.

This was due to me never really been happy with my white armour attempts so for this one I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it and have to say I'm really happy with how it came out.


Next up we have Pasanius Lysane




This one again use's a body from the crusader squad with a mixture of bits from the bits box, still a long way to go with him but it's defiantly going in the right direction.


That leaves me with Learchus, Brutus and Nero to come up with some ideas for.


Thanks for reading and until next time.




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