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4th Company Structure

Snakes of Ithaka


So the two aims I have with this project is to:


1. get a 2000 point army to play some games with.


2. to build out the whole 4th company.


The first aim is pretty easy to achieve and once the 10th ed codex  is out I will settle on a list but for the time being I have been trying to see how I can go about aim 2 as there doesn't seem to be a great deal of information about the current company structures in regards to Firstborn/Primaris units.

Although I don't have the 9th edition marine codex so I could be wrong but my online searches haven't shown up anything,


So below is the rough outline of the plan I have added two additional squads due to the smaller size of the new units but still comes out as 100 marines.


Command Structure


Captain - Uriel Ventris

Lieutenant (1) Unnamed as of yet

Lieutenant (2) Unnamed as of yet

Chaplain -Judd Clausel


Command Squad


Swords of Calth

Company Ancient - Lerachus Abantes

Company Champion - Petronius Nero 

Company Apothecary - Selenus

Company Veteran Sergeant - Pasanius Lysane

Company Veteran - Brutus Cyprian 




Squad 1 - Tactical Squad (Firebrands) (10) - Battleline

Squad 2 - Tactical Squad (Guardians) (10) - Battleline

Squad 3 - Intercessors (10) - Battleline

Squad 4 - Intercessors (10) - Battleline

Squad 5 - Infiltrators (10) - Battleline

Squad 6 - Heavy Intercessors (5) - Battleline

Squad 7 - Assault Intercessors (10) - Close Support

Squad 8 - Assault squad (10) -Close support

Squad 9 - Devastator Squad (5) - Fire Support

Squad 10 - ? - Fire Support

Squad 11 - ?

Squad 12 - Eradicators (5) - Fire Support


Still not sure about which unit for the second fire support squad or what squad 11 will be, then after that it will be sorting out transports to be assigned to each squad.


Would love to hear any ideas or suggestions on any improvements to the above.


Until next time, thanks for reading. 




Edited by Snakes of Ithaka


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