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Judiciar Conversion

Snakes of Ithaka


So over the bank holiday weekend, I found myself with a bit of unexpected hobby time and as it was too hot in the conservatory where my painting desk is I decided to do some kit bashing instead of painting.


One unit that I won't to add to this project was a Judiciar as I like the idea of a chaplain in training, however I'm not a massive fan of the GW model so I decided to dive into the bits box and see about making my own version.


I wanted the conversion to be easily identifiable so that it would be suitable for use in game, I found a left over body from the black templars crusader squad and decided that was going to be the basis of the kit bash.





I ended up using bits from all over the space marine range to bring my version to life and I think it's turned out even better then I originally thought it would.


The only thing I'm still not sure about is the head, I've currently got the one from the GW Judiciar to tie it back to the official model but part of me feels that bare reiver head with the skull plate would look better.


Would love to get your feed back on which head betters suits the model. 


Thank you for reading.



Recommended Comments

I admit, I am not a fan of the Judiciar head either. It just looks off to me. Here are some alternatives:

  1. A Reiver skull helm or skull face + bare head is a good option and easily available.
  2. One of the hooded heads from the Dark Angel range would look good and very in keeping with the long coat he wears.

My SW Judiciar uses a wolf skull helmet that turned out pretty nicely.



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