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12 Months of Hobby 2024 - a progress report #1



Hi folks,


After some down times in painting activities due to primer shortage, I finally found some Vallejo cans in the last place I would I though: a scrap booking store. The kid went out with some "Paint by numbers" set and I with some cans. And with a 10% discount vs. modeling stores.

So, time to resume painting activity.


With all this primer, I have been able to initiate my Feb vow. Both Mago and Epic Reaver were primed and dry brushed in bolt gun metal.  I then applied all the basic colours to the Mago plus the associated lavishes and dry brushing. This one will undergo detailling nw and might be completed in a few days. As for the Titan, well, I am still stuggling into selecting colours.


And what about the plodding along?


First the Bheta Decima set:

  • Ferratonic furnace is done. I used the same livery as for some other silos I have, in order to stack them into a coherent 3 levels tower. So Incubi darkness as main colour. The round platform has been as boring to paint as I remembered from the previous gantries I did previously. But the final look is rather OK and the assembly is rather smooth. I anticipated some issues, but it resulted being all the contrary: setting these round platforms is rather OK. Sure, I would not put any metallic mini on the peripheral ring, but with current plastics it is fine.
  • Objectives are done. Quick and dirty. But they have a rather good outlook on the mat.
  • Pillars are primed. These will come next.


image.jpeg.2f50ef4a1820116a1118e813d01167fb.jpeg (see footnote 1)




Second, the Ork Mekboy workshop:

  • The 3 piles of scrap are done.
  • 1 3 out of the 3 barricades are done. and the 2 remaining ones are at 80%




It has been a rather proefficient week and I might slow down a little bit. Next milestone will be selecting a paint scheme for the ryza pattern STC buildings. I will try on a derelict wall first. I will let you know.


Yet, as always, if you have some recomendations for a paint scheme for the latter, you are welcomed. Indeed the Ryza Pattern Bunkers are rather common (due to their inclusion in Hachette sprues as ruins or as building in starter sets) yet I do not find much pics on the internet (a.k.a. the ultimate inspiration source...) - other than grey...


See you soon.


Footnote 1: Did you notice any quality site subtly introduced as a background reference? 

Edited by Bouargh


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