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About this blog

A blog showing and showcasing the various models of my collection and pile of shame while I progressively paint/repaint/update them. 


Inc. WIP, completed projects and, I hope, the models in action back on table tops (after a gaming break other the past 3 editions).

Entries in this blog

Call to Arms 2023 - Closing pictures

As the Call to Arms 2023 Challenge is getting close to its end, I will share here some family portraits of my contributions.   In the Xenos Stronghold - running for Aeldari Forum - A Saim Hann War Host.         Except the Wraithlord that has been painted prior to the Challenge but that I cannot leave alone, all the models have been painted in 2 distinct vows. Special note of the converted Venom, that is enlisted for Master of the Forge.   S


Bouargh in Call to Arms 2023

Call to Arms 2023 - Countdown is now over!

I am quite satisfied having been able to close my third vow in the Imperium Stronghold before the bbell toll of Sept. 30th.   Here bellow are my last 2 pieces of enlisted units and scenery: - a barricade made of sand bags - an outpost made from proxy Munitorum container (Rescued from a old (broken) toy found in the attic of Grandpa and Grandma)     With some views of the outpost:     I still have some of these plastic sandbags, but I w


Bouargh in Call to Arms 2023

Call to Arms 2023 - Countdown to Sept 30

A small and short update as the sand from the glasshour is slowly but surely flowing down.   As of today, Sept 25th, all the Skitarii are painted, based and ready to be dispatched in their new units. Indeed this batch of 10 was meant to legalize my previous Rangers so that they may fit the new Index rules. To be understood as being closer to legality than they used to be in the past (No more pair of Transurannic arquebus in a single unit of 10, I am afraid).   So I painted 2


Bouargh in Call to Arms 2023

Call to Arms - Week 12 Progress Report

This week progress report  will be the last one before the conclusive date of the Challenge. I am on the way of closing my third vow, even if the tick tocking of the count down is still present.    Todays' issue was getting short of primer. By chance some other comitments led me close to a DIY store where I took the first can I found. It is enough to get the 2 remaining pieces of scenery painted. While it dries, I will focus on the Skitarii. So next (and last) week will probably be a q


Bouargh in Call to Arms 2023

Call to Arms - On the road toward a third Vow

As a third vow in the Call to Arm 2023 Challenge - Imperium Stronghold, I pledge the following stuff for the Adeptus MEchanicus Sub Forum: - Cawl - 10 pts - 2 Kastellns - 2 x 3 pts - Their Datasmith - 5 pts - 1 unit of Skitarii - 10 x 1 pt - 2 Pieces of scenery/small scrap type - 2 x 2 pts -1 Piece of Scenery/Munitorum Container type - 4 pts   Total: 39 pts     It´s a lot for just 2 weeks left, but I will try it. Pure Glutony.  I c


Bouargh in Call to Arms 2023

Call to Arms - Imperium Stronghold Vow 2 complete

My second vow for the Imperium Stronghold is now completed. I was missing the kit bashed Scion Unit, based on various Scouts kits plus some SW, Scions and Skitarii bitz.  It complete the other enlisted stuff shown in my previous Blog entry and painted last WE - see here:       With some close-ins for 3 of these:   The latter has been done by repositioning a scout from the Speeder model.    


Bouargh in Call to Arms 2023

Call to Arms - Week 11 Progress Report

If you are following the Hi-Los of my AdMech minis order, you will remember that, anticipating a larger delay than the one already registered, I started a second Vow with a contingency plan. Until part of my order appeared. So I am a little bit in the middle of a No-Mans´ Land now: trying to speed up the painting process of what is currently WIP in order to be able, eventually, to enlist a third vow with this new material, freshly received...    From my second Vow, the current status i

! Breaking news ! - Delivery completed (or almost)

After waiting during some 44* days of anxiety, my order has been delivered ! Hurrah !  (Can you hear angels and sailors singing? Either for joy or booze)   Well, in fact the FLGS decided to stop waiting for the pending item to be sent from GW warehouse to his store and proceeded to a partial shipment. So, my epic and entusiatic tone should be eventually lowered as only 50% of my order is now at home**.   But what a 50%! a Whole Extermination Maniple forgotten since Januar

Call to arms - Week 10 Progress Report

As a matter of fact, we are rather going to talk of resuming activity rather than progressing at anything. After a 2 weeks break, mainly because I was hoping receiving some purchases of mine (which by the way did not showed off yet...), it is time to activate a contingency plan. There are only 3 and a half weeks left and it would be too short (far too short) to pretend painting a whole AdMech extermination maniple... At least at my current rythm and considering my availability for hobby stu

While waiting for the Delivery...

I feel like a little bit purposeless as my next bunch of fresh material for 40k will be delivered in afew days. I still have some stuff left in a box, some more ooP Rhino chassis tanks, but It would be repainting them. I could off course shift to WFB which is clearly my next big challenge as my Pile of shame is huge here. Or anticipate on Epic reboot and paint my old (very old) 6 mm scale armies.   But I do not want to embark on something too different like 6 mm and I am a little bit f

Call to Arms 2023 - Week 7 Progress Report

As a progress report for this week, I report my first vow in the Imperium Stronghold is now completed: 2 Rhinos, one with Spaced Armour 1 converted Razorback, using shield from ooP Sororitas Immolator 1 proxy Predator Baal     That´s all for this week.   As I am waiting for some AdMech miniatures, probably at beginning of next week, I will potentially field another vow in the Imperium Stronghold.  While I  am waiting I will see if I ca

How I changed my mind about Balance Dataslate

Disclaimer: This is a personal and obviously biased point of view. I am addicted to GW products and Lore. But I am convinced that there are game design issues, a recurring pattern of “failing by design” approach in 40k rules, almost independently from the editions concerned. When did it start? For my when 7th Ed hit the ground… Feel free to comment, to add arguments in order to make me change my mind (you will see that this is a starting point of this Blog entry – how I (partially) changed my mi


Bouargh in Edito

Call to Arms 2023 - Week 6 Progress Report

After completing my 3 vows in the Xenos´ Stronghold, it is time to focus on some more Imperium related stuff. As I still experience some delivery delays for the miniatures ordered to increase my Adeptus Mechanicus Force (my New Year/New Army Project), I went to see why I could recover from my crates of long forgotten minis... Let´s see what I found:   - Lots of WFB minis - out of scope - Few Fantasy Ral Partha minis - out of scope too - 6 Spore mines - if only I had found the

Call to Arms 2023 - Stronghold Xenos - Vroom vroOOom Squats !!!

This one was not on the rooster of mine.   Yet, because of an unexpected event (need to find a cardbox to ship a sold item on Wallapop),  I encountered a small platic bag, full of lead and white metal scrap. Among these scraps, an SCT! By SCT I meant a  never assemblied Squat Guild Trike.   So, here is my third vow: assemble, paint and base this piece of hobby´s history. I guess it will be enlisted for the Leagues of Votann.     The molding is quite detail

Call to Arms 2023 - Stronghold Xenos - Week 5 Progress report

Today´s progress report deals with the based Warlock Conclave (of last week) and the 10 Storm Guardians.       The converted Skyrunner Farseer is something like 50% painted, leaving me very very (very) close of completing this second vow. Ideally, I´d like to be able to close it this week, It will leave time for enlisting more stuff in the Challenge, but it will not be any kind of new vow for Xenos. I ran out of Xenos to be painted atm   - 10 Storm Gu

Thinking about expanding the Host - Part 2

As introduced in my previous BLog entry, I am thinking into expending my Saim Hann host but I still don´t know which way I will follow. Among the ways I foresee there are the extentions of my battleline units (see Part I) and/or getting more Jetbikes.   So, let´s dive into Jetbikes now. As previously the comparison will be based on the units of both Aeladri and Dark kins nits. I will exclude the Shinning Spears though, as I alredy get one of those and do not really foresee ge

Thinking about expanding the Host - Part 1

I am thinking into expending my Saim Hann host but I still don´t know which way I will follow. There are different stuff that I like in the Eldars, all tastes together: Character and aesthetic of their infantery, especially the Core Jet bikes Versatility and cross bridging that goes with the various subfactions that can be combined (Craftworlds, Corsairs, Harlies and even Dark kins through the Ynnari option)          Now that I reach a point wher

Call to Arms 2023 - Stronghold Xenos - Progress and Warlocks

This WE overall progress for my second Vow is reflecting important progress - weathe rhas been bad so I had time to kill...:   - 10 Storm Guardians - 10 pts - on-going - 10 Dire Avengers - 10 pts - done - 1 Skyrunner Farseer - 5 pts  - 2 Vypers - 6 pts - done - 1 Falcon - 6 pts - done - 2 Warlocks - 10 pts - done - 1 Autarch - 5 pts - done - 3 Shining spears - 6pts - Full repaint job - done - 1 converted Venom - 3pts to be placed into the list of

Call to Arms 2023 - Stronghold Xenos - Shining Spears

This unit underwent a total repaint, except the Eagle pet of the Exarch that remained as it was when I painted in in the early 2000´s.   We went from this initially :     ... To that now:     The exarch bears a converted Bright Lance (When I bought this unit it was a popular tooling as mobility and sheer lethality used when hitting rear armour of tanks). There are a couple of green stuff extra gems and an eagle pet from the ooP Warmaster Range.

¡Thank You!

Thank you to all visitors that made this blog reaching 1000 views.    Please keep on viewing and don´t forget to share comments.     And soon after this milestone, yet useless post, I will keep on sharing again my progresses for Operation Closet Cleaning. Keep in touch lads!  


Bouargh in Milestone

Call to Arms 2023 - Stronghold Xenos - Progress and Vypers

Today Photo Log includes the latest completed minis, under the form of 2 vypers.   The paint scheme ihas been inspired by the VOid Dragons schemes from IA: Doom of Mymeara. The Vyper with personnalized gunner is inspired from a head swap published in WD (I guess it was a Golden Daemon Entry) and in Codex Eldar for 3rd Ed. It comes from an Escher Gunner.     Some more pics can be found in my Gallery for Call-To-Arms Challenge:     Do not hesitate

Call to Arms 2023 - Stronghold Xenos - Converted Autarch

This is the top militia warrior that leads my Saim Hann Cadre. A former Banshee Temple adept that now guide the Guardians in agressive warffare tactics. In the right line of fierce and brutal clans from the most savage Craftworld!     This conversion is done with the old Drazzar body (White metl) with a Banshee Exarch head and executioneer. Plus details and stuffs fron the Guardian´s sprue.   The week end has been very productive. But I will have to slow down - I am

Call to Arms 2023 - The Dire Avengers

I made this leap of faith/Gambit that I would be able to paint and repaint all the rest of my Aeldari´s Pile of Shame before closing date of the Challenge. I bet that the high painting yield I had over the past 3 weeks could be maintained up to the end of Sept. We will see if it proves to be a reasonable assumption or a fools game.   Anyway, from the list of units set in my second Vow, I decided to treat in priority the Dire Avengers. Wishing to shift from red/burgundy to blue for more

Call to Arms 2023 - Stronghold Xenos - The Falcon

The Falcon was the last eldar, perdon, Aeldari, Tank chassis I had left in my Xenos´ Pile of Shame. I have always liked this model was was the first one issued by GW that was not a bulky shoe box, Something with elegant lines and curves. The model aged quite well IMO for such a venerable sculpt. Yet there is something that always left me a little bit uneasy: don´t you think it is a little bit squt? it looks like the balance of the scuulpt is missing something. At the rear. The Wav Serp

Call to Arms 2023 - Stronghold Xenos - My entry for Master of the Forge

This conversion comes from the bottom of my Minature Closet. It had been designed and preassemblied a long long time ago, when rules for Harlies were only available in the Citadel Journal. A time with almost no internet but instead Xerox machine and a very popular lad in the club that owned copies of this Journal´s issues. I xeroxed the pages, lost them and though that it could instead be a steed for a converted Nuadhu Firehearth mini (That I never completed) when rules were available in th
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