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About this blog

A blog showing and showcasing the various models of my collection and pile of shame while I progressively paint/repaint/update them. 


Inc. WIP, completed projects and, I hope, the models in action back on table tops (after a gaming break other the past 3 editions).

Entries in this blog

KitBash Time! EngineSeer at work

After grabbing "accidentally" a GSC patrol box, on purpose to use the body to kitbash some IG regiment, I am potentially left with some bits inc. mining tools.  I then remembered this pic, unless I decided that GSC bodies would do better base for IG than Orlock gangers BECAUSE of this pic:     I am already the happy owner of enough Engineseers to fill all the slots in my AdMech army. And I have been left with one extra (remaining from a Patrol box), in desperate need for

The cost of 10th - One year later, where am I heading?

... Or almost one year later, what is the status of my "legalizing" effort to adapt my armies to 10th?   This used to be one of my first entries in this blog and I feel like it is worth setting a kind of progress report.   Remember, last year, after launch of 10th, the state of my armies was more or less: - AdMech (New Year / New Army 2023) - to be redesigned. - Eldars - requiring a big refresh.  - Death Watch, - claiming for love for the Veterans  

Allied Freeblade - Part 5

Hi Folks,   With torso done and legs done, it was only a matter of (little) time for these to part to be united in the holy forges of Mars.     The big boy is now standing, only missing some finiching touches. While heraldry guide for Freeblades (or Dreadblades) leave a lot of room to the pilot to customize its steed, some stuffs can be seen as usual features: - No or low amout Imperium marks - the 2 headed eagle is seldom in general - No household m


Bouargh in Freeblade

Allied Freeblade - Part 4

Hi Folks,   The W.E. (stands for Week-End, not World Eaters), has been calm enough to complete the lower part (a.k.a. legs) of the Styrix. After some tape masking and one or two small corretions, the armoured legs of the Styrix were maked-up in the same combination of Eshin Grey and Wraithbone as the paultrons. Plus some added red stripes, as on the illustration taken as a guiding model. Main difference is that panel colours are inverted in order to fit to the Heraldry guide


Bouargh in Freeblade

Allied Freeblade - Part 3

Hi Folks,   Asmall update as a third installment of this WIP series of posts. The upper part of the Styrix is now close to completion. Paultrons have been painted and I only have left their mounting into place, or rather their glueing as they can be fairly easily be mounted "dry". The wepons, carapace... are alredy assemblied and fixed.   I planned getting this torso unglued to the legs, in order to get transport easier, but it will not happen: the mini is too heavy


Bouargh in Freeblade

Allied Freeblade - Part 2

Hi Folks,   As a second installment of this WIP journey, let´s talk paint scheme a little bit. I planned to use this Freeblade mainly as a boost for my Skitarii. From here comes the selection of the model, based on its look and not on its rules. I wanted something AdMechiest to be integrated into the overall vibe of the force. The Styrix had a better touch to my taste, even if I find its head a little bit disapointing - the Maegara one is better.   While thinking AdMech


Bouargh in Freeblade

Allied Freeblade - Part 1

Stomp Stomp... Styrix incoming...   This big guy was in my plans for a while, and some months passed since I listed its aquisition into the TITH thread (Today´s in the Hobby - See Amicus Aede sub-Forum).   It was high time to strat working on this machine. I initially thought about enlisting it as a Plodding along, but I rather keep this pledge for some kitbashed vehicles waiting to be finished and painted for years (a quarter or 2 before I suscribed to this forum). And havin


Bouargh in Freeblade

The real Doom of the Eldar - selecting a paint scheme

Hi folks,   I am not going to epilogate on this element of Lore that saw a Craftworld assaulted by space Bugs. I will instead focus on a kind of challenge I adressed to myself: try to find some alternative variations for Guardians outfits that will keep on remindind the Saim-Hann scheme while giving a little bit of variations. It is a kind of malediction or Doom as in the end the process I experienced is still unconclusive. Such a disgrace for the one on the Way...   Generall

Boarding Patrol Complete

Hi Folks,   It has been a while since I published in this blog. Not so long but longer than the weekly puvlishing rate I defined as a target of mine in January. Anyway, volume does not necesarilly means quality. And as far as quality is concerned, I am still struggling to raise the level of my contents...   This blog´s purpose was to follow up the cleaning of my Pile of Shame. Yet it looks like tha, recently, the Pile grew up mopre than it shrinked down. Too much stuff b

Battle Zone Moroch complete

Hi Folks,   March is coming to its end soon, and I used the days left to build up some old Guardians I ahve since the early 2000. one Defender and one Storm squad. I bought on a budget some platforms on Ebay to complete these chaps and get them aligned with 10th Ed rules.   Meanwhile, I also progressed, up to full completion, on the Moroch set of my Plodding Along vow.   I had left the fences and the landing pad. The former are really really boring to paint. Ge

More Kataphrons. And I swear these will be the last ones...

(... Except if some more come on bargain inside miniature bundles.**)   Hi Folks,   Yes, these are going to be the last Kataphrons I include in my army on purpose. This addition will raise my count to a fourth unit: one unit of 3 Destroyers with grav cannon and flamer one unit of 6 Destroyers with plasma culverin and blaster one unit of 3 Breachers with arc gun and hydraulic claw and as the latest addition this unit of 3 Breachers with arc gun and a

Bheta-Decima Terrain

Hi Folks,   After weeks procrastinating about these platforms that needed to be finished, I final managed to convince myself that it could not stay uncompleted longer. So, I applied a kind of autodiscipline: spend 10 minutes every day applyong the wraithbone colour I selected as main tone for the platforms. It took me 2 weeks to finish, mainly because covering of splashed metallic tones requires more than onne coat and also because there is a lot of small gaps to be painted. I swe

Battlezone Moroch - A Plodding Along progress... and a recipe

Hi Folks,   As Weather is definitevly not by my side, no outdoor activities over the past Week-end. Week in fact. And the weather broadcast for the coming days is even less attractive. It left me with some time to spend painting.   And I used it quite well progressing on the 2 odd stuffs from the Moroch set: Meaning the dish antena and the (beacon ?) tower.   I tried to do these 2 lighter tainetd than the Ryza Pattern Hab-bunkers. Just to get something close in

Trukks´ Pit stop

Hi Folks,   Still progressing on my Plodding, with this time the Mekboy Workshop done.   Barricades and piles of scrap were already painted in January, and I lately completed the workshop itself. It might be an offense to Mork (or to Gork, I dunno), but I wanted to get rid of some orkiness, so I focussed on a limited colour pallet and did not stressed on too much on icons and mess. I also decided not to install the Ork totem on the bridge so that the model can insert smo

KillZone Sector Fronteris: a Plodding Along progress

Hi folks,   Here reporting the first big milestone of my 2024 Plodding Along vow, with the completion of the KT Sector Fronteris environnement set.   After setting up a paint scheme last month, Cleaning up the big chunks of sprues, here comes the complete result.   Overviewing the complete set of walls set on the mat, it leaves little space available indeed. Said thata I was (secretly) maoning that not getting the Ryza Pattern ruins set included (as in Moon Base Kas

Grass hoppers ahead!

Hi Folks,   I considerably slowed down my painting rhythm lately. It could be a kind of hibernation syndrom. Or the fact that I am close to ending up with my 40k Pile of Shame and that it is a final step I, in an unconcious way, do not want to pass. Or that I am a little bit bored.    Anyway, slowing down does not mean not doing anything. After a glorious series of 5 models painted in 2 months or so, I duplicated this number last WE by adding to my AdMech Biinaric force

Ryza Pattern Ruins - colour scheme test

Hi Folks,   While plodding along, one of the challenges I am facing is selecting a paint scheme for the Ryza pattern SCT bunkers and ruins coming with the Moroch box and the Sector Fronteris ooP KillZone. Surfing and lurking around on the internet brought some of the usual suspects: Plain gray scheme, as per Moroch pics, which is a little bit plain Tales of Painter schemes, although they are quite dark and air brush oriented YouTube video tutorial, out of which

The Priest and the Machine-God

Hi Folks,   It is not really a post resuming my last year´s "New Year New Army" series, but almost. My February vow for the 12 Months of Hobby Challenge came back in the dominions of the God Machine, focussing on 2 miniatures; a Mago Dominus, from a Boarding Patrol set a ooP Reaver Titan from EPIC 2nd Ed., or at least it was the edition available when I bought it   And here are the happy painted ones:   The Mago is as per my usual paint schem

12 Months of Hobby 2024 - a progress report #1

Hi folks,   After some down times in painting activities due to primer shortage, I finally found some Vallejo cans in the last place I would I though: a scrap booking store. The kid went out with some "Paint by numbers" set and I with some cans. And with a 10% discount vs. modeling stores. So, time to resume painting activity.   With all this primer, I have been able to initiate my Feb vow. Both Mago and Epic Reaver were primed and dry brushed in bolt gun metal.  I then

Bheta-Decima: Terrain review (Sort of)

Hi Folks,   I lately received a copy of the Bheta-Decima terrain boxed-set. I mainly bought it in order to complete my collection of Sector mechanicus Terrain, adding a fourth Ferromantic Furnace with a big platform and setting more gantries, but this time at intermediate height. Let´s see what comes into the box and how I have ambivalent feelings about the content.   1. What do we have inside? The GW website is exhaustive enough so no need to give too much det


Bouargh in Review

Plodding along...

As I embarked in the 12 Months of Hobby Challenge for 2024, I was not really expecting getting a huge volume of projects related to 40k or HH eras. In reality I was planning painting some old WFB stuff (to get them for the Old World for using or selling) and eventually getting one or two stuff for the Space Opera universes.   This was without counting on a combination of external factors suchas Winter sales, Shop closure, stock cleaning, and burning Credit card.  The usual su

A look in the rear mirror - a 2023 Hobby Perspective

Hi Folks,   2023 has been, from a modelling perspective, one of my most productive year. I talk of all aspects of the hobby, except gaming itself (as I barely aligned my armies, all systems considered, more than 3 times).   While looking back in my attempts to clean my Closet and beat my back-log, I think the results and achievments are great. Let´s see the stuff of past year, following an order that is not necesary chronological nor developed based on any specific crite

Embarking into 12 Months of Hobby

Hi Folks,   As I am looking to a good way to maintain my motivation, it looks like the 12 Months of Hobby Challenge is an kind of answer to it.     Getting to stick to monthly objectives, with 12 small or limited projects and the option of 2 big ones might be a good structure to keep on cleaning the remains of my Pile of Shame. Which might eventually, although haviong shrunk a lot lately, start to grow again.   Shall we put it into perspective with what remain

New Year / NO New Army - a 2024 (tentative) plan(ning)

Hi folks, hope 2023 ended well and that 2024 will reserve some nice hobbying surprises for all of you.   As far as I am concerned, 2023 has been a very busy hobbying year. As much or even busier than Lock-down period. The Call-to-Arms 2023 Challenge is certainly partly responsible of that state of fact (  ), even if no one forced me to enrol myself. Yet it has been a really good (and potent) catalyst.   But back on the topic disclosed in the tieel: How will 2024 (potentialy)

Colour scheme test for tiny Marines - "It´s not the yellow Sir, it´s the scale too..."

Disclaimer:    It is common statment that painting yellow is dificult. Rhodes´Academy videos then try to convince us that it is not the case and that Contrast paints make wonders.  I am still undecided about that. In fact, I am facing some serious autoquestionning while looking at my latest paint job on tiny marines. I tried Imeprial Fist Yellow to go toward , guess what, an Imperial Fists´ 6 mm force.  I will not pretend calling them Imperial Fists anymore as it might be


Bouargh in EPIC 2nd Ed

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