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The Priest and the Machine-God



Hi Folks,


It is not really a post resuming my last year´s "New Year New Army" series, but almost.

My February vow for the 12 Months of Hobby Challenge came back in the dominions of the God Machine, focussing on 2 miniatures;

  1. a Mago Dominus, from a Boarding Patrol set
  2. a ooP Reaver Titan from EPIC 2nd Ed., or at least it was the edition available when I bought it


And here are the happy painted ones:



The Mago is as per my usual paint scheme for my Not-Stygies VIII force. I tooled it with volkite weapon and the blaster in order to amximize number of shots. The eradication ray was more of my taste for its unique character, very AdMechy, but in the end I decided to go optimized game play instead.




The Titan machine was all of a challenge, mainly because choosing a paint scheme is not necesarily easy for such a miniature. You want it to have presence, be distinctive from your force, but neither otT. This antique mold does not present the armour plate partying that the recent mini may have, with segmmented area being defined by engraved aquillas of decorations. It is especilly tricky for the legs. I decided to keep it plain yellow there, without stipes or fancy details. The colours are largely inspired from models (4ok by FW) that can be found in Google. 


Time to think about next month´s entries. In between I will go back to my plodding along entry.

I completed all the pillars from the Bheta-Decima set and primed the 2 platform sprues. This part of the challange is going to be complete sooner than I imagined. I am still trying some paint schmes for the Ryza pattern buildings and ruins. But this will be for another episode.


See you soon.


Edited by Bouargh


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