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First update of the year.... progress continues.



As the title says this is my first update for the new year as I finally managed to get a couple of squads finished of whilst watching the six nations rugby this weekend.


Assault squad - with custom bases made from 3d printed bits of ruins:




Infernus squad - The final miniatures from my Leviathan box set to be painted:




These should of been the final mianture to paint up for my Homebrew maine chapter, but as always I couldn't stop myself buying/prining/kitbashing new miantures, so that the realative size of my pile of shame hasn't really changed, or maybe got a little bigger. Newly added to the pile is the Killteam: salvation Boxed set, a Gladiator lancer, a few 3d pinted parts to fill out a few missing options in my army and a couple of kitbashes.




Really liked the Phobos Librarian and fancied getting a second one, but needed to make it a little different, so raided my bits box and came up with this.




With the addition of the Blades of khaine kill team I wanted to cover all the options for the exarchs, so modelled up this Dire avenger exarch from a standard body and other left over parts with the arms magnatized as I already have one with the powerglaive and shimmer shield.


Thats all for now, trying to keep these a bit more regular now.


Let me knmow your thoughts.



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