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Tithe Disclosure: From the Data Slate of Commissar-Lieutenant Phinneus Crane



++++++++++++++++++++++++++++INCOMING TRANSMISSION++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


//OCCULUS//Data Harvest #83092819927344821.025.022M42

Clearance Level:  //SANGUINE//OH//VOIDSTALKER//OH//


A Tithe Disclosure to Troopers of the Malchan Praetoriate Vermilion Legion//HELLOWEEN PLATOON// before deploying in the purge of Port Rime 011.022M42.  The platoon in question had just been seconded to support of the 13th Iracundean Thrall Division and the Angels Apocryphal chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. 






It is my great honor to bequeath unto you a most wond'rous and sacred glory.  You are to have the unrivalled prestige of deploying in support of our Emperor's most revered Angels Astartes.  The Angels Apocryphal are descendants of Sanguinius, Our Martyred Lord.  This mission is categorized as Terminus Extremis and carries two provisions.


First, a mandatory mind scrub will be applied to all surviving troopers.  Second, as per the Voidstalker Decree of M37, secondment to any Angels Apocryphal asset carries a mandatory Sanguine Clearance qualification and Tithe Provision.


In extremis, you may have the honor of being sacrificed to the chapter.  If you're receiving this distribution, you're already cleared for duty, ladies and gentlemen.  So, there is a nonzero chance that this honor will be yours to proudly accept.  As attache of our sponsors on Idarax, I'm empowered to lay it to you straight.


They may eat you.


In dire circumstances, our blessed angels of the Emperor's Mercy have been known by members of our most Holy Inquisition to exhibit wild savagery on the field of battle as the wrath of the Emperor is channeled through their bodies.  They have been known, in these times, to consume the flesh and gorge on the blood of friend and foe alike.  They have also been known to require sacrifice in extremis, to control their holy gifts.  It is our honor, as the wretched unworthy of the Imperium's blessed Astra Militarum, the penitent failures of His Imperium, His prodigal sons and daughters, to oblige them their shame and keep this, their darkest secret.  It is our privilege to accommodate their particular needs and present ourselves if called upon as willing martyrs in the service of the sons of He on Terra.


You have your deployment orders.  Your participation is mandatory.  Any dissent will result in execution.  If you want salvation, look to your war gear.  See the quartermaster, eat your last meals.  Muster for mission briefing and kit inspection at 2000 in hangar bay Epsilon-5.


The Emperor Protects.


Edited by Malphas


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