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Battle Report: Adeptus Titanicus - Tempestus v Mordaxis



A quick visual battle report of a recent game where Legio Tempestus faed down th Evil Mordaxis.


Legio Tempestus

Corsair Maniple

Reaver - volcano, laser blaster, missile

Reaver - melta, gatling, volkite

Reaver - fist, chainfist, laser

Warlord - volvano, quake, missiles


Legio Mordaxis

Venator Maniple

Reaver -  volcano, melta, lasers

Warhound - plasma, lasers

Warhound - plasma, lasers


Reaver - laser fist, missiles

Nemesis warbringer BVolcano, volcano, melta



We rolled diagonal deployment, and random missions I got hold the line (points for how far from my board edge they are, secondaries for killing) and they took kill (double scale in points for kills). 



My as of yet unnamed Warlords second ever game. He's never died yet, so maybe unkillable? Or untargetable? "Neglecta Rege" is high gothic for 'Ignored King'? Either way, he sat on one side of the table and took pot shots at stuff all game. 



My warlord spent the game on first fire orders as he had a decent field of view and the range to do so, and had 3 turns shooting into that impossible warhound trying to drop shields, who wound then emergency repair and somehow bring them back up as I chipped away damage. In turn 4, he finally killed the little blighter, and in turn 5 he shot back at the shield stripped venator reaver, nuking it. 



Deployment - you can see my 3 reavers at the bottom, protected somewhat by the central buildings, and my warlord off image to the left. large.IMG20240225155251.jpg.5c74f69df65679b1534ce1b8f96f24d6.jpglarge.IMG20240225155253.jpg.65b252a7108ddf0092da3a5ccce516b4.jpg


My melee reaver shimmied sideways around the central buiildings to line up a charge on he nemesis titan and the other reaver. The silver reaver activated first and charged mine, getting within 2" to attack with the chainfist, doing some serious damage. To avenge this slight, i redirected my charge from the nemesis to the new reaver, and made contact, rolling poorly with the chainfist.



My opponent had the initiative and attacked first with the silver reaver, chainfisting my boy to death, who blew up dropping my opponent's voids.



The lone  ordaxis reaver at the back then shot my meltacannon reaver, killing it. Passing my tempestus command check, I went down fighting and shot everything into the silver reaver...with it's shields dropped, the meltacannon bore a hole through the reactor and it went boom, the explosion damaging the legs on the mordaxis reaver that fired the initial shot.


In the end, I managed to take down everything but the nemesis, finally silencing the warhounds that plagued me, losing 2 reavers in return. My opponent gained 30pts for killing 2 reavers. I gained 20pts for hold the line as the nemesis was so far back, and killed 2 reavers and 2 hounds for 14pts, 34 in total. A narrow victory to tempestus - if my opponent had just moved the nemesis 6" forwards in his final turn, I'd have scored 5 less and he'd have won!



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