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About this blog

Welcome to my blog! In this space I'll be collecting my various painting projects, battle reports and general musings on the hobby as we know it.


B&C Long Fangs may already know of my Blood Angels, Tyranids, Xenos and Heresy painting logs, and this will not replace them, however this will collect the products of all of these, and be the home to my battle reports!


Army Specific Discussions

The Blood Angels 4th Company and Red Scar Crusade
Hive Fleet Jabberwocky

Xenith's Xenos

Advanced Infiltration: Alpha Legion




Entries in this blog

The Warlord Walks!

So after the renewed enthusiasm for AT that came from getting a game in at WHW, I've decided I need to get the rest of my titans built - so far in the pile of shame were the 2020 christmas box maniple - a warlord, reaver and 2 hounds. Lacking any larger titans, I decided to tackle the warlord first, assembling, breaking the toes a lot to try and make him stride forwards, then spraying with a lot of leadbelcher.    Paint job at 80%, missing transfers. I didn't like how I did the checks

Battle Report: Adeptus Titanicus - Tempestus v Xestobiax

In the trip to WHW, we also all brought our tiny titans, being one of the funnest games GW makes (probably). I managed to get a quick 1250pt game in against @Olis's Legio Xestobiax and their Black Iron cores.    I was using (and forgot to use the rules for) a Ferrox light maniple with additional reaver (+1 to armour rolls within your scale in inches) against Olis's nimble Corsair maniple:   Tempestus Indefatigable (Indy): Reaver (princeps) - melta, gatling, turbo laser,
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