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Ky'Vash Recon Cadre - Firesight Sniper Team






Firesight Sniper Team 01 - Shas'la with Longshot Pule Rifle Variant & Shas'la Spotter.


While the Fire Caste of Ky'Vash make use of drones, like all T'au militaries, certain roles usually reserved for these sub-sapient AI constructs have instead been filled by specialist teams of Shas'la Pathfinders. Able to remain still and silent, even switching off their equipment to reduce their chance of being spotted by auspex scans, these two-Tau teams find ideal locations to pick off enemy officers and other high-value targets. The Longshot Pulse Rifle, while not as suitable for vehicle (or power armour) hunting as the rail rifle does allow for a higher rate of fire and reduced electro-magnetic signature, reducing the chance that the team will be slain by artillery or aerial strike before repositioning. 



The Longshot Pule Rifle resembles its Strike-Team equivalent, though with enhanced options and penetration power, at the cost of reduced shots per recharge.


Often considered to be the natural stepping-stone between Pathfinder and Stealth Suit pilot, these sniper team positions are given only to the most promising of Shas'la, especially those who show aptitude for stealth and accuracy over the leadership capabilities that would otherwise see them groomed for Pathfinder team command positions. 






This is one of the models I had in mind when I first decided to build a Tau army for 2024. I love making little mini-dioramas with multi-model bases, and as nice and drones are they never seemed appropriate for a sniper. 


This was built primarily from the Pathfinder kit, with the pulse rifle (and arms) from the firewarriors kit, and gun lightly enhanced with a larger scope. I did some minor cutting and positioning, but this was basically just a kitbash and base sculpting project. I think it came out quite nice!


I have two more of these to do, one of which is being dry-fit as we speak. 





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17 hours ago, terminator ultra said:

what are you running them as?

Firesight Marksman, the 'Tau in an VR rig with three sniper drones' model that seems to have half a dozen different names, depending on the edition. The drones are just tokens in 10th, so easy to just put some Tau on the right sort of base.

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4 hours ago, terminator ultra said:

shame I liked the drones. why are they just reduced to tokens?

Rules slim-down in 10th, all the Tau drones are either weapons or special rules on the unit, rather than distinct models. It's certainly simpler, and allows for less line of sight or wound allocation shenanigans, but it's still a bit of a shame. Personally, I like drones fine in general, but the sniper drones weren't for me.

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