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Voidsman Marcin Malkir receiving battle damage reports from Docking Station 22d-A1.

[Ref.302V.  Pict captured by Pictman Dephyd Harlowe]




//OCCULUS//Data Harvest #95128764302800166.338.022M42

Clearance Level:  //SANGUINE//OH


From the desk of Lady Commandant Miriam Killian, Intelligence Officer Primus aboard The Trident Imperator, Avenger-Class Grand Cruiser, Linebreaker Squadron Perseus


Operation Icepick is underway as planned, marm.  Initial boarding actions proved largely successful.  Malchan Praetoriate, Rictus, and Draconian companies have all established beach heads upon Port Rime, and are fortifying their positions as we speak.  Long range reconnaissance teams are currently working to secure nonconventional transit routes for discreet horizontal and vertical force projection.  Ad Mech and Astartes elements have also met with success in their own coordinated operations and have, on the whole, rendezvoused with our own Astra Militarum forces.  The Praetoriate 280th has been especially effective in the battle sphere and has already breached the Rimeway, where they remain currently embattled with heretic forces.


The only force currently unaccounted for is Helloween Platoon.


As far as we know, at least half of them are dead.  Twenty-one of forty-four personnel attached to Helloween Platoon died, including Commissar Phineus Crane, when the prometheum relay in Docking Bay A-1 detonated for reasons unknown.  The resulting explosion blew out a quarter of the Lathe-Pattern hangar, effectively opening the compartment to the void. Phineus, as well as half of Helloween platoon, were in the hangar when the detonation occurred.  In addition, the adjacent three levels above and below the hangar were also effectively destroyed.  Those compartments affected remain exposed to the void.  This does, however, open up new possibilities for ingress in follow-up operations and reinforcing platoons.


It is worth noting that the other half of the platoon is currently engaged with enemy forces in Hangar Garrison XVA, after successful rendezvous with Noctus Cog Enginseer Delegate 24.z.  This force includes squads Mikael, Leatherface, and Grimes.  Casualties appear to be minimal, but we have yet to confirm this.  The battle for the garrison has proven more.taxing than initial estimates implied.  


Of the twenty-five troopers that deployed to Docking Bay A-1, only four remain unaccounted for.  Their overall condition remains unknown.  The psyker is still live according to the Choir.  Psykomantic assets observed a spike in activity moments before the explosion.  Recommend deep-interrogation with Sammael-3's retinue, to include Brother Nicodemus, assuming continued asset viability.


Attached you will find a composite of the hangar.  Labels reflect service function prior to the Glimmerheim Anomaly.  


It is believed that they encountered heavy resistance upon breaching the hangar, and that the ensuing firefight resulted in the explosion.  We will have more for you as it becomes available.  It is our hope to have a full accounting of the events of Helloween Platoon's boarding action, as well as an open line of communication, by tomorrow's 0700 briefing.





~Compiled by Petty Officer 3rd Class, Frederick Oran



Edited by Malphas


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