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[Ref. Trade Bastion 22-d.  Iracundian 13th Thrall Division engages enemy positions under cover of Leman Russ battle tanks.  In the background, Spc Jonah Rastonne interrogates Confessor Sgt Paula Odbelis and surviving members of Helloween Platoon.]




//OCCULUS//Data Harvest #95128764302800166.338.022M42

Clearance Level:  //SANGUINE//OH


From the desk of Lady Commandant Miriam Killian, Intelligence Officer Primus aboard The Trident Imperator, Avenger-Class Grand Cruiser, Linebreaker Squadron Perseus


We have an update on Helloween Platoon.


The survivors of Crane's botched deployment rendezvoused with the 13th Iracundian Thrall Division in Trade Bastion 22-d.  The four survivors include Confessor Sgt Paula Odbelis, sanctioned psyker Tubal Antalona, recon scout Maltorus, and a half feral death-worlder called Crispin.  From Odbelis' description, they were blown across the hangar bay when the relay exploded.  Two of them were almost blown out into the void, if not for the quick actions of Maltorus and Crispin. 


The group took shelter in the hangar's aft damage control locker.  When the hangar compartmentalized due to the decompression, the four of them found themselves on the right side of that particular door.  It's that simple.  Everyone else is dead.  From Odbelis' report, it's safe to assume the denizens of Port Rime have long since abandoned the Imperial Creed in favor of more nefarious entities.


Of their wounds, Odbelis had to be stabilized during the 13th's initial action.  You see, Helloween platoon had been meant to breach Trading Bastion 22-d from Hangar Bay A1.  The 13th was to breach from Hangar Bay A5.  Odbelis' rag-tag squad ended up pushing through the ventilation shafts running from the damage control locker to the customs compound.  Here they identified several enemy heavy weapons emplacements.


It was at this point that Odbelis observed the first Iracundian Leman Russ rumble into the customs compound.  Seeing the opportunity to open the way for the tanks, Pvt Maltorus engaged with the enemy's heavy weapons locations, eliminating two servitor slaved twin-linked lascannon batteries and effectively suppressing an enemy heavy bolter emplacement.  Return fire wounded the psyker.


Odbelis then attempted to liaise with the Iracundian 13th, seeing a second Leman Russ enter the battle sphere, and was shot once in the belly and twice in the leg, suffering a severed femoral artery and severe blood loss.  She was recovered by Crispin, who had followed her.  Maltorus remained with the psyker for reasons unknown.


Fortunately, Crispin brought the Confessor Sgt to the Iracundian line, where they were passed off to the platoon's medic and comms officer.  Lieutenant Major Inkan, aboard the Angels Apocryphal strike cruiser Furious Heart, directed Odbelis to Garrison XVA, to join the other half of Helloween squad and the Noctus Cog delegate currently embattled there.


We'll keep you updated, marm.


~Compiled by Petty Officer 3rd Class, Frederick Oran




[Ref. Trade Bastion 22-d.  Initial action took place in the Customs chamber.  All labels reflect building roles as reported before the Glimmerheim]

Edited by Malphas


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