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Discussion, events, etc. for events and issues specific to the Australia continental area
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  2. Hi all! is anybody in Adelaide playing Necromunda? I’m located in the southern suburbs but can travel easily
  3. Thought I'd give it another try and see if there are players on the Tassie east coast still playing. Still Thursday night for our small group, playing KT, 40k and getting into necromunda and blood bowl. DM me if you want to join and play
  4. Hey gents and lasses, anyone up for a game of 40k, I live in the hills district, Got Grey Knights 2000+ points, Tyrannids, small new army, Custodes, 1500pts, new army (WIP) can be just casual matched play, campaigns, or whatever.
  5. Looks good mate. The 40K Scene in NSW is astounding right now. Tons of tourneys and they all seem to sell out
  6. I am quite bemused to discover that my thread lived on in my absence. So, a quick update. Still in Blacktown, and have recently dug the armies out in an attempt to finish something and take some chunks out of my pile of shame. Not playing at the moment, but I have a heap of mates who play 9th ed. I'm pretty much doubled down on 2nd and 5th ed at this point, the 2 editions I have books for. Currently painting my mate's Blood Angels. The fact that I said that last in a post over a decade ago probably speaks volumes... WIP shot of some 6th Company Blood Angels bikes. There are more out of shot.
  7. Seconded. Love The Combat Company, the 20% off GW RRP and fast shipping makes it my go to unless they are out of stock. -Ran
  8. Big fan of The Combat Company, has 20% Off RRP, super quick post and handling and great communication.
  9. For now we primarily focus on Battle Report videos, both matched play and narrative/lore games. There's always a story to tell in a game of 40k :)
  10. Anything in particular you're focussing on? The channel is "legends and lore", but are you primarily doing battle reports?
  11. G'day everyone. Just wanted to share around our little youtube channel from Melbourne to all of the 40k peeps of Australia. We release weekly battle reports and a few bits and pieces. Come check us out and say hi! Cheers :) https://www.youtube.com/c/LegendsLore
  12. Any players on the East coast, pm me, we have a small player base(4) playing every Thursday. If your a player looking for games come join us
  13. G'day fellow Australian-based 40k player! So, I have been frustrated at my inability to easily locate 40k ITC events. I've found they are scattered over facbook (events, groups, pages), stores, websites, clubs, down under pairings and other mediums. So, instead of having a fit whinge about the averageness of the ease of accessibility of events listings, I thought: why not collaborate with other 40k fans in Australia and make a 1-stop list of events, organisers and entities complete with links? So, I'll kick things off :) Canberra Canberra Games Society: organises the WinterCon and CanCon tournaments. They also have regular (weekly) pick-up game nights. Jolt Games: hosts regular (non-ITC) league events, but also regularly hosts RTT and other ITC events. They also have a 40k facebook group where events are the store are posted. Australian Defence Force Wargaming Association: run events in Canberra (.e.g. HeroCon), but also Brisbane and elsewhere in Australia Regional NSW Goulburn: NerdStar Games run a regular series of 40k ITC tournaments Newcastle: the Down Under 40k group run regular 40k ITC events in the Newcastle area Good Games Maitland: regularly host 40K ITC events. Orange: in addition to having great wine, Orange hosts the Battle in the Bush: Warhammer 40k ITC tournament series. Run by Friday Night Gaming group.
  14. I'm from Queensland, but for some reason that thread is locked.
  15. Hi Megavolt87, you can play at Good Games Town Hall (directly above GW). There is also Exiles in St Peters, The Combat Company in Mortdale and Decked Out Gaming in Brookvale. All of the above have facebook groups you can join Sweet I'll check those out. Thanks man.
  16. Hi Megavolt87, you can play at Good Games Town Hall (directly above GW). There is also Exiles in St Peters, The Combat Company in Mortdale and Decked Out Gaming in Brookvale. All of the above have facebook groups you can join
  17. Any 40k groups around Sydney NSW for 40K?, preferably FW friendly. I haven't had much luck with GW stores due to the ones I reached out to thus far either being anti FW or with ridiculous restrictions like only one FW dread, no tanks, flyers etc.
  18. So I've got 8th edition, got some new miniatures (even painted them) but apart from GW shops is anyone playing? There is not much I am aware of in the western suburbs of Adelaide.... am I wrong?
  19. I just moved into the area and am really keen to get back into the hobby, dropped by the Cheltenham store last week and it seemed pretty cool!
  20. Maroochydore.. I am always up for a game or to smite the locals in at the GW store.
  21. Hey mate, I'm on the northern Gold Coast but go to uni in Brisbane. Time is a bit of a luxury for me at the moment, but feel free to hit me up for a game some time
  22. Greetings all I’m in Brisbane and hopefully will find some opponents for some games of 40k
  23. Sweet, what part of the coast? Im down in Glasshouse
  24. Greetings all! Garrison Wargaming Club is starting 40K Fridays!!! We have a bunch of people excited for regular 40K gaming so if you are new to the game, or a veteran seeking new battlefields, feel free to come down and check us out! https://www.facebook.com/events/130326640994863/
  25. Greetings all, Sunny coaster here
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