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Found 5 results

  1. To observe the triumphant crossing of the Rubicon Primaris by the Bolter & Chainsword website, each member is encouraged to assemble and paint one or more models representative of being upgraded. The most desired submissions are Adeptus Astartes of the Legio Bolter & Chainsword, the site mascot. If you don't know about the Legio, you can read about it at: (Offline) + The Legio Bolter and Chainsword + - The Bolter and Chainsword For the sake of nostalgia, here is an image of the Legio model I submitted for the first Legio Mini Me contest, in the original color scheme, back in 2002: I'd like to think that my painting skills have improved since then. Unfortunately, my eyesight has deteriorated (getting old sucks, but it beats the alternative). And here's the current Legio color scheme: That's a battle-brother seconded from the Griffon Lords Chapter (per the blue right shoulder pad). He bears a standard badge of the Legio on his left pauldron. The red helmet is standard for battle-brothers of the Legio. The red right kneepad means that the battle-brother is in the Blood of the Emperor Great Company. You can alternately choose the Light of the Emperor Great Company (white) or the Justice of the Emperor Great Company (black). While we're primarily looking for loyalist Adeptus Astartes, we want everyone to be able to participate. To that end, there will be four categories: Loyalist Adeptus Astartes (can represent a battle-brother before he joins the Legio, or Legiones Astartes of the Horus Heresy) Allies of the Legio - any Imperium model Heretic Astartes (the Red Corsairs are the natural antithesis of the Legio, but you don't have to use them) Xenos and Daemons The loyalist Adeptus Astartes will ideally represent a battle-brother of the Legio in proper Legio colors, but could also represent a battle-brother before he is seconded to the Legio (i.e., in your Chapter colors). And for those of you that are stuck in the Horus Heresy right now, you can submit a member of the Legiones Astartes from that era (the Shattered Legions and Knights Errant are suitable substitutes, but you can use any loyalist). The allies of the Legio should represent any model of the Imperium that has had the privilege of fighting alongside the Legio. The Heretic Astartes and Xenos and Daemons options should represent enemies of the Imperium, preferably including something to show that they have been fighting against the Legio. Regardless of what you choose, the model should be representative of change and improvement. We're not going to quibble over what that entails, so let your imagination guide you. Perhaps your Legio battle-brother has recently replaced some weak flesh with a strong augmetic limb. Perhaps your Astra Militarum soldier has just been promoted to sergeant. Perhaps your asuryani aspect warrior has just become an exarch. Perhaps your Heretic Astartes traitor has recently been blessed by his foul patron and now sports a nifty mutation. We're trying to keep this at the individual "infantry" model, but jump packs, bikes, and similar are okay. Terminator armor and centurion suits are okay, too. No vehicles, please. That includes dreadnoughts, wraithlords, etc. We want the cost of entry to be relatively low. If you have an idea and are unsure, ask here. Each member may enter a single model for each of the categories above. The winner in each category will receive a Games Workshop virtual voucher for $50 USD. Each member can only win in one category, however. To submit your entry (entries), submit your image(s) to the B&C Reforged gallery album. Only one image per mini is required, but feel free to upload as many as you want. Everyone that submits a finished model will be awarded a badge. The winner in each category will be awarded an additional special badge. Anyone that submits a loyalist Space Marine in Legio colors will also be awarded a Legio Mini Me badge. Deadline to submit pictures is midnight, 31 July 2022.
  2. I'm sure some of you saw and voted in the poll I recently had in here about the Fire Raptor giveaway and I'm getting the thread going in the Works in Progress forum for the Vehicle Build Challenge! Do you need to get inspired to build that vehicle that's been gathering dust and maybe win a prize? Click here and start planning your entry!
  3. ROYAL AWAKENING & A BUG'S LIFE May 23rd - August 22nd 2022 This is the official announcement of not one, but TWO Xenos painting events: A Bug's Life and Royal awakening, which will occur over the next 3 months from May 23rd until August 22nd. Both events have run before, but this year, they're running together, an against one another! The side with the highest power level of completed vows wins and gets bragging rights. This is purely a fun event, with the end reward being more lovely painted models for you to enjoy on the table, with shout-outs to anyone performing spectacularly! I will be leading the Tyranids A Bug's Life challenge, while Daimyo-Phaeron Lenoch will be leading the Necrons Royal Awakening.Visit the Faction specific hubs for more information and to join in by making your vows: Tyranids: A Bug's Life Headquarters Necrons: Royal Awakening Headquarters FORMAT Anyone who has entered B&C painting events before will be familiar with the format: In the respective topics, make a vow in a post to commit to painting the models you wish to, and share a photo(s) of the unpainted model(s) you wish to paint, along with their name and power level. Before the end of the event, share a photo of your painted model, finished to Battle Ready Standard, as defined by GW on the previous link. Basically, that's all parts painted with: Base, shade paint, then technical on the base. If you haven't decided on a basing scheme yet, don't worry, but obviously based models look better! If you like, models can be cross-entered into other events such as Grotsmasha's Monthly Painting Challenge, so you can get extra kudos and share your work with those outside the respective Section. TIMING The event will run for three months from Monday 23rd May until Midnight GMT Monday 22nd August (3 calendar months), after which we'll have a showcase and a tot up of who's managed to paint the most in that time! The 'active' month will reset on the first Monday near the 22nd. PLEDGES We'll each pledge to paint at least one model to be painted over the course of the event, but your vow can be as small or large as you like. You get 4 repeat vows to play with, for 5 in total. Your vow can be as simple or ornate as you like, e.g.: I, Xenith, Commander of the Hive, pledge to paint a unit of three Biovores to the value of 6PL or ~150 points before the 22nd August 2022. Accompany that text with a picture of the vowed models, and you're good to go! If you like, post WIP photos in this thread, or start your own WIP log in the Tyranids or Necrons section to track your progress. SOCIAL We'll also be sharing your work on social media - if you have an IG account, use the #bolterandchainsword, #ABugsLife and #RoyalAwakening hashtags and you might see your models featured on the B&C accounts - make sure to follow @bolter.and.chainsword BADGE In honour of your taking part, there are signature badges which all entrants can proudly display to show your allegiance (and to promote the competition). Futher badges will be awarded based on level of participation and completion, and will be presented at the end of the event. SUMMARY Make a vow in the appropriate faction topic stating what you want to paint, with a photo and point values. Paint the models. Share photos of the painted models in that thread before the 22nd August. Repeat steps 1-3 until you've done it 5 times, or until the 22nd August!
  4. I put this in the Events forum as well, but thought it might get a little more traffic here! A Forge World Fire Raptor was donated to me a few years back and I want to hold a contest to give it away, but I would like to ask the board members some questions on what would be the best way to go about that. My initial thought was a vehicle build and paint contest and I'm sure there's plenty of shiny new Spartans, Sicarans, and Kratos out there, as well as plenty of 40k stuff, that could use a motivation bump to get across the finish line. A vehicle build to win a vehicle seems like a good idea to me, but does that sound agreeable to anyone reading this? Next would be the reward itself and the shipping; I can most likely cover it for anyone in the US but international shipping can get expensive and if the winner was outside the US would covering the shipping (or most of it) be worth getting the Fire Raptor kit for free? I was going to do a poll for this but it looks like you might have to be an active mod or admin for that, so please let me know what you think of the questions and any comments about the contest otherwise, as my entire goal here is to help some folks get something finished in an enjoyable contest get one more item off my pile of shame in a good way.
  5. Ladies and Gentleman, Scummers of all ages, I would like to present the first B&C Sumpheap Scrap event. The task is simple, build and paint one (or more, if your up for it) piece of Necromunda scenery between March 1st and April 1st using any old bits of junk you have around the house. When the events ended all entries will be put up for public humiliation in a poll so one of us can take home the title of 'Best Shed Builder' and the rest of us can cry. That leaves you just under 2 weeks to source as much kitty litter and pringles tubes before we officially start. Rules are simple, no GW scenery, this is a challenge, a Sumpheap Scrap challenge!! Anything else from plastic I girders to fully working PC fans is fair game though. If anyone rises to the challenge, prepare your washing up liquid bottles and double sided sticky tape and get ready, oh and banners will be available nearer to the time. Signature banners: 300x100px 33x100px
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