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Found 19 results

  1. From the album: The Brothers Luminous: WIP

    Back shot of Librarian – the magnetization of the jump pack isn't the prettiest, but luckily it doesn't show when the pack is on.

    © Brother Aether

  2. From the album: The Brothers Luminous: WIP

    Primed and magnetized Furioso Dreadnougt (with Librarian Plates and Arm/s), as well as a primed and magnetized force axe-wielding librarian.

    © Brother Aether

  3. For the attention of those who are collecting and painting the IXth Legion, there is currently an event in the Blood Angels sub-forum that you may be interested in. From Rage to Salvation is a casual painting competition with the focus on encouraging the Frater to finish those half-complete units in our collections, or to paint up something new to add to them. To enter, all you need is something available to Legion Astartes: Blood Angels and paint it up (or continue painting it up) in our Legion's colours and upon completion before 30th November 2017, there is an award lying in wait. For more information, either follow the link above or drop me a PM; we're certainly happy to have you should you be interested. Looking forward to seeing more 30k stuff soon!
  4. Overview of the RTS Welcome to the fourth incarnation of "From Rage to Salvation" the Blood Angels sub-forum’s painting event! We all have that half complete army, the squad you always wanted to expand; the Death Company jump squad that was left half-done. The Librarium Painting Competition and the E Tenebrae Lux built on that with competitive incentives for painting new additions by challenging the other forums. However, there are those who did not participate, those who failed their vows, and those who did not vow as much as they had hoped to. The "From Rage to Salvation" event will provide us with an incentive to complete these half done projects and to keep the inherent artisan flame inside us burning for longer. In its simplest form, this is a casual event that will allow us to complete our old projects and/or begin afresh in a stress-free setting, all at a time when the Blood Angels need both enthusiasm and loyalty from Frater new and old alike. For those new to the event, welcome! Should you be interested, the servitor-thralls have unlocked transcript logs of the first, second, and third events and these can be found here , here, and here respectively. To our veteran participants, welcome back! Spirit of the RTS Just like the ETL, there is a set of unwritten rules for self-regulation amongst the Frater. Like any painting competition on the B&C, they exist to help you all to improve your technique and the standard of your painting, be it asking and giving advice and generally improving your painting regardless of your skill level. Bear in mind that one shouldn’t compromise their skill level during this competition - it’s better to do a smaller vow painted to the best of your ability than a large sub-par job (according to your own personal standards of which you are the only judge). A good example of that is basing. The fact that doing bases is not compulsory for a Primary Vow in the RTS is for the benefit of those who do not yet posses the skill of doing proper basing or have yet to decide on what scheme they wish to use. If, however, you do posses the skill and you will not consider the model complete unless you base it then it is expected that you do base it. In short, this event aims to help you achieve something you can be proud of. Something you can say that the RTS helped you complete and quality over quantity will always be preferred. In addition to completing those half done jobs, the purpose of the RTS is also give the opportunity to people to paint their minis how they like them, not necessarily according to GW doctrine- it’s all about creativity and imagination. As such, it is possible to see some unorthodox painting/modelling - such as World Eaters Legion Rampager Squad suitably converted to Flesh Tearers Death Company or Stormcast Eternals as Hammenators/BA Daemons (see below). All these are totally welcome and well in the spirit of the event. However, if people are using the count-as to just paint totally unsuitable models (using Space Marines Tacticals to represent Blood Angels Tacticals for example) then this works against the principle of the RTS. After all, the RTS is all about faction loyalty to that of the Blood Angels. Another point (that is actually part of the official rules) is that it is expected that you start work on your entries after you submitted your vows and not before. Similarly, one should not mock the competition by entering (for example) a Tactical Squad needing only their eye sockets painted as a Primary Vow, and so on. Lastly, the RTS is an opportunity to paint your army while having fun interacting with other Frater within the BA community. There is an element of friendly competition – which is intended and welcome; friendly banter is not only tolerated, but anticipated. That said, this is still intended as light-hearted fun. Please keep that in mind in your exchanges and also that there may be a language barrier or that people can be on a different wavelength. Make sure you use appropriate tone and don’t forget the smileys – they go a long way to give context and remember, B&C rules always take precedence so play nice. Rules for the RTS Below are the rules which govern From Rage to Salvation 2017: Duration Just under three months from September 4th to November 30th, 2017. Participants can join at any time during the lifetime of the event. Entry requirementsAs this is a Blood Angels event, participants must pledge anything relevant to our Faction from any system covered by B&C, chosen from the “Primary Vows” list below. You may pledge as many of these as you wish. Additionally, you may choose something off the “Secondary Vows” list to work on alongside your Primary Vow. You may pledge as many of these as you wish and both this and the Primary Vow must be finished for your vow to be deemed complete. Finally, Secondary Vows can be added at a later date once cleared with me by PM but can't be made without a Primary Vow Models can be at any state of completion when entered, from completely unpainted to almost done! Each vow must be finished before another one is made A vow is registered by declaring your vow and posting a starting picture. It is declared complete when you post a completion picture A vow is made using the following template: Primary Vows Primary Vows are any unit that can legally be chosen to represent a Blood Angels force in the 40k universe at the time of writing: Any legal unit from Faction: Adeptus Astartes Blood Angels Any legal unit from Faction: Legion Astartes Blood Angels Any legal unit from Battlefleet Gothic pledged to the Blood Angels (or her Successors) Any legal unit from Epic 4000 pledged to the Blood angels (or her Successors) Any BA-themed fortification Secondary Vows A Secondary Vow represents all the little extra things that go along with our collections. Things such as pintle weapon choices, magnetisation choices, single Tactical Marines, and so on go here. These can be added at a later date should you wish, but they will need to be cleared with me first via PM. Any unit/model upgrade for those in the Primary Vow category Any extra/alternative weapons for those in the Primary Vow category Artwork for those in the Primary Vow category Fluff for those in the Primary Vow category Bases and/or transfers for those in the Primary Vow category Anything from the following list:Any Imperial Knight from Index: Imperium II, any Cerastus-pattern Knight from Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum Any Assassin from Index: Imperium II Any Inquisitor from Index: Imperium II Any Titan from Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum Cypher Death Company Death Company As is now customary with the RTS, there is a section set aside for the Death Company. Amongst its ranks are those who have failed their vows in any relevant B&C event (so there bear the badge of the Oathbreaker, or the Carceres Ira). For this year's event, Frater may volunteer for Death Company duty whereby they will receive their own special mission:To fully complete their failed legacy vow(s) thereby casting aside their rage and attaining salvationA list of failed vows can be found here and by following the links therein. If you wish to atone for past sins, you need the following template Death Company insignia: Should they complete their vow and attain salvation during (or even before) the event, they are encouraged to pledge something else. Should they fail, damnation and a fate with Astorath awaits... Re-vowing If participants have achieved their target before the end of the three month period they can pledge again. There is no upper limit on vows but any failure will nullify all previous completions. Death Company members wishing to re-vow may subsequently complete another failed legacy vow or join the Angelic Host and vice-versa. Awards If participants have achieved their target before the end of the three month period they can pledge again. If at the end of the event they have completed all their pledges they'll get the IRATUS DOMINUS badge. If not they have failed Sanguinius and may carry the badge of CARCERES IRA! Behold and feast your eyes on the: IRATUS DOMINUS And the: CARCERES IRA The award is won, and may be carried, when completing a vow but lost if any vow's are incomplete by the end of November. As for the Death Company, if Salvation is attained there may be a secret award lying in wait... Who will shine the most in this display of loyalty to our Primarch and Legion? FAQs Q: How incomplete can something be for a valid entry? A: The rules state that something can be entered from unpainted to almost complete, however, as per the spirit of the RTS paragraph, you should vow something that will earn you the Iratus Dominus award. For example, a Tactical Marine Squad that requires only its eye sockets painted green isn’t a suitable Primary Vow. If in doubt, send me a PM. Examples: Suitable vow: Unsuitable vow: Q: Why are Allies not allowed within the RTS when there are non-BA choices to choose from? A: Allies are not a valid choice for the RTS as this is a BA event. However, there are exceptions. The Secondary Vow exceptions are those which often appear as singular units alongside BA forces and ones which many Frater have in their collections but are considered illegal to paint for the ETL. Q: What do you mean by a BA-themed Fortification? A: Basically, we don't want any old Fortification entered. As this is a BA event, and Fortification needs to be suitably identified/claimed by the Blood Angels. This could be simple as adding transfers to the walls, to a full Baal-flavoured scratchbuilt Bastion. The limits are simply your imagination. Q: What does a sample vow look like? A: Vows can be a combination of things: you could choose one or more from the Primary Vow list, or a selection of choices from the Primary and Secondary Vow list. For example, a vow could be:Tactical Squad Tactical Squad and Bolterback Tactical Squad, transfers for three Tactical Squads, and all three FW pintle-weapons for a Cerberus. Acknowledgments Many thanks to Taranis for inventing the From Rage to Salvation event for for his blessing as we continue it in his absence. Thanks to the Moderation Team for their blessing regarding the event's revival and for their assistance. Thanks to Charlo and Herald of Sanguinius for their work on the signature awards ...and finally thanks to the B&C and the B&C Frater for being here and thereby having an interest in such things. Hope you all enjoy the event! Event Tags /equip modhat The correct use of tags can be found here. Basically, this is a method of making things easier to search to people can gain fast, easy access to your work and that of others. The official RTS tags are:From Rage to Salvation From Rage to Salvation 2017 Blood Angels Painting Event ... in addition to all the usual things like Blood Angels WIP, and so on. If we can remember to add these to our work then that would be great.
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