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Found 7 results

  1. I happened to check some Space Marines boxes on GW website, and i noticed an increase in their prices.....one that come on top of previously announced that was made on march 7th. Some kits prices seems to have increased by 5-10% just today. Yesterday i was checking in order to add the "venerable classic" bike squad, it were 31 euros, and today it is 34. And it look to be the same for pretty much all kits, classic or primaris. just to picture, but the price of the Venerable Dreadnought as go up from 40-42.5 to 47.5, and the classic Tactical Squad from 35-38 to 42.5 today. I don't know where this is going, with all the tensions on energy prices, but it don't looks good for hobby. I come to regret not having bought more last year, i was unwilling to add to my "pile of plastic", but i'm not longer sure it was the wisest choice.
  2. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2021/08/09/kill-team-octarius-a-pre-order-promise/ In short, anyone who orders a limited release box during the pre-order weekend will get one. First come, first served so once the ones ready to ship out are no more, you may have to wait several months to get yours as they have to produce more. Imho this is the right solution, happy to see it implemented at last. Small hint about a BT launch box in the article as well.
  3. Hello all, first attempt at a conversion. I think it went okay, could have gone better. Next one should look a bit nicer, still, it is a fun build that was great to try out for the first time! I'd much rather keep the 2nd one if I can figure out the arms positions better, definitely need to work on the posing for the model. Great Wolf Angel Artifice 'Gravis' Aggressor Armor Belt of Russ Fenrisian Great Axe Runic Relic Blizzard Shield (2++) - 400 Points model Great Wolf Uldivalt Hearthhall of the Mist Wolves Chapter - Meant to be the guard Chapter of The Fang in the future alongside Bjorn's Company, or Chapter, given the need to grow the Wolves at least five fold in the new current lore. - Images: https://i.imgur.com/PI8ah5e.jpg https://i.imgur.com/nyeaKUE.jpg https://i.imgur.com/6zgtkPt.jpg https://i.imgur.com/9gTX4fQ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/CbRga3B.jpg https://i.imgur.com/hPPcRET.jpg https://i.imgur.com/88IuLtl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/RZwl7cG.jpg https://i.imgur.com/By3YZ33.jpg https://i.imgur.com/39BXZCS.jpg https://i.imgur.com/6wu9z7y.jpg https://i.imgur.com/aOvbwel.jpg https://i.imgur.com/Y2vWEcU.jpg Feedback welcome. Edit: spelling...
  4. So recently I attended a GW store to buy some paint, then realized that store had a no FW policy. I was quite unhappy about this and proceed to send GW a complaint email. They have since responded. I was not initially going to post this, as I thought I would have a better outcome. I have edited my initial email here as not to call out the specific store I attended. I know that's a pretty heavy and probably dramatic complaint letter with combative language. However note at the end I gave them basically a clear exit by asking them to, you know, give me as a customer some actual customer service by informing me of stores that do not have an anti FW policy. Now if this occurred and they let me know where I can play in my state at Warhammer stores that have a pro-FW policy, that would be the end of it- though I feel compelled to share this publicly based on the response I received. I think you guys can imagine what they replied with. Have a think about it before you read the response and see if you were close! Now where to start.... First you can read this as GW has no idea of what stores are pro or anti FW. Also seems to me I am just being politely ignored honestly. If I had sent something similar to any other company, by adding in an exit and solution at the end of a complaint letter like I did here, any other customer rep from any other company would have told me about other stores etc. Why tabletop games and video games companies think they can get away with that poor level of customer service is beyond me. This anti FW problem isn't just an Australia problem, its an everyone problem. I am hoping this gains some tractions and some of the 40k influencers put a spotlight on this. Its an issue that should be a non issue- FW should be allowed in all Warhammer stores period. EDIT- The three main arguments in my email about no FW were basically the points the particular manager made, not word for word sure but the way they articulated themselves they were saying those points. The beauty of language, you can articulate the same points a different way and still have the same intent and meaning.
  5. The 1980s were characterized by a wild plethora of all manner of miniature releases, many of which were niche to boot, and which has later been mined for inspiration or reintroduction by studio people. A whole slew of fantasy Regiments of Renown and 40k figures (and background) such as Administratum, Mechanicus personnel, Genestealer Cults and Ambulls, serve as but a few examples. Games Workshop since the 1980s has seen a growth of army book straitjacket, or codex threadmill, and a loss of freewheeling creativity. The format of producing extensive and growing army ranges made it harder for the studio to follow their fancy and jump on odd one-off releases where a couple of handful of sculpts in some cheap metal moulds sufficed to call it a day. Increasingly, the miniature releases turned ever more rigid into catering to the codex threadmill. The transition into full plastic ranges only exacerbated the army book straitjacket, since hard plastic moulds are so expensive. This trend has been something the studio has always fought back against, as if they wish to recapture the freewheeling creativity of the 1980s. The 1990s saw a healthy number of Regiments of Renown, petering out with new iterations of Mengil Manhide's Manflayers and Ruglud's Armoured Orcs after 2000. Niched vignette pieces (e.g. animosity Orcs), summer campaign releases and things like Specialist Games and Dreadfleet all stand as proof of attempts to have an outlet for freewheeling creativity in niche areas. As do Forgeworld itself. Yet the army book straitjacket was inevitable. To sell well, most releases had to cater to existing armies, or had to introduce whole new armies with extensive ranges (Tomb Kings, Ogre Kingdoms, Necrons, Tau, Dark Eldar). More exploratory half-sized new armies were repeatedly attempted up to the early 2000s, with everything from Sisters of Battle, 1990s Chaos Dwarfs, Kislev and Daemonhunters, many of which turned out to be neglected one-offs in the long-term codex threadmill.* Gone were the days when Citadel could release a Nipponese rocket launcher with crew and call it a day. Things had to increasingly fit the big army books. The 40k Imperial Guard range serve as one example of how GW's freewheeling creativity was stymied over time (though it is not an example of peak freewheeling creativity in the 1980s): The 1980s Imperial Army was standardized, all Necromundan if you so like. Plastic and metal. The 1990s Imperial Guard sported plastic Catachans and metal Cadians, Mordians, Pretorians, Tallarns, Valhallans and Steel Legion in 2000. Lots of different regiments to hint at a vast setting with infinite variety. The 2000s Imperial Guard sported plastic Cadians and a brilliant spasm of metal Vostroyans. There was no shortage in the early 2000s of new alternative Guard regiment descriptions and artwork, yet without models. FW also produced Elysians and Death Korps of Krieg. The 2010s Astra Militarum was all plastic Cadians and Catachans. No White Dwarf exploration of other aesthetics without miniatures, since that could throw third party manufacturers a bone (IP mania is destructive for creativity). Likewise, it may be noted that recent plastic kits' inclusion of funky details like silly Nurgling minions, fly mutant Terminators or a scorched heretic for the Sisters of Battle is a way to do some fun niche stuff within the constraints of all plastic ranges. As is the tendency to more carefully (and less freely) pose plastic miniatures like you would a metal model, but previously not a multipart plastic mini. As such, when you see funky old models making a return in Necromunda or niche box games, remember that the army book straitjacket was something the design studio always tried to break free from, seemingly to recapture some of the exploratory and freewheeling creativity that was a hallmark of Games Workshop in the 1980s. It should also be remembered that while ranges of primarily metal or resin sculpts allow more creative freedom for the sculptors, ranges of multipart plastic allow more creative freedom for the hobbyists. It's a trade-off, and no kit has ever struck a perfect balance between the two. The plastics released around 2000 were the peak of convertibility, but their poses were not as naturalistic as those of better metal models. The current trend of virtually pre-posed plastic kits is clearly an attempt to recapture some of the sculpting quality lost when moving from metal to multipart plastic. Yet it occurs at the loss of Lego-like customizability for the hobbyist. Just some observations on GW creativity through the decades. The spark has never died through all the natural style shifts, but the constraints have increased. That is one reason as to why the 1980s was such an outstanding creative rollercoaster. :) Cheers ___________ * Several newer half-sized armies in 40k and Age of Sigmar seem to have pulled off this stunt with more success, such as Harlequins and Custodes. Plastic sticks better. Change in CEO aside, this is one viable way for freewheeling crativity to explore niches of the setting with miniatures. It's still an army, but the required work and investment is more limited than entirely new fully fledged armies require.
  6. I use Fenrisian Grey for my Wolves (Russ and The Fang are too dark for me), but as it's a layer paint I find it does not cover as well as a normal base paint. From my basic knowledge of how the paints work, the layer must have a higher level of transport medium vs pigment. So is there anything I can mix it with to give more opacity without messing with the colour? An additional question, has anyone had any experience of storing Contrast Paints that have been watered down with Contrast Medium. I use about a 50/50 mix of the Space Wolves Grey and mix it each time I need it, but if it stores ok, then it would make sense to mix it up 1 time. But I don't want to mix up a massive batch only to find in 2 months time it's just a thick sludge.
  7. Two seasons of the Warhammer 40,000 free webcomic Spannerz have concluded so far. Here is an image salvage of the fun little thing, for the benefit of future backup and of the Warhammer community at large. Backup folders: Imgur Album Google Drive Folder Season I Season II (#15 is missing)
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