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  1. The recent Deathwatch Recruitment Thread has shown there is an acute interest in taking part in play-by-post games here on the Bolter and Chainsword. That's intensely gratifying - and to me, I think it demonstrates that we can sustain multiple games here. This thread is intended to serve as a resource both for players looking to join a game, as well as GMs looking to recruit. This is not really designed for conversations - if you find enough players looking for a specific game, start a new thread and PM them to join. Name: Interested in Playing: Dark Heresy 1st Edition / Dark Heresy 2nd Edition / Rogue Trader / Deathwatch / Only War / Black Crusade / Wrath & Glory / Other Knowledge/Experience of Rules: Have you played in campaigns before? Do you own the rules? Are you familiar with the rules? Other Pertinent Information: You might consider here notes on your availability; on your 40k interest, armies and hobbies; or anything else you'd like other forum members to know. You might consider thinking about , as this might help you think about the style of game you'd like to participate in.
  2. ++ RPG: SPACE HULK ++ ++ THE DESOLATION OF INNOCENCE ++ ++ MISSION ROSTER ++ "What kind of man willingly sets foot into a nest of vipers?" - First Officer Ralthon Vex, Deathwatch Fleet Officer. MOOD MUSIC: (Highly recommended). DRAMATIS PERSONAE: ++ KILL TEAM: REGENT ++ (NB, whichever character you choose, they will always be seconded to KT Regent, as this keeps things simple for everyone). Necronaut: Brother Arcturion Moros - Spiritwalker of the Lamenters Brother Gerhardt - Loyal Knight of the Black Templars Lysimachus: Brother Laeknir Rockhand - Skald of the Marines Adamant Brother Philemon - Eternal Flame of the Emperor's Blade Machine God: Brother Korvaan - Iron Father of the Brazen Claws Trokair: Brother Nergüi - Soulwarden of the Tsagaan Chono A.T: Brother Luthais - Everblade of the Storm Wardens + ORDO XENOS/DEATHWATCH + Watch Commander Cordovan - Chevalier of the Astral Knights Warden Caleb Sophis - Lieutenant of the Deathwatch, and Puritan of the Red Scorpions Inquisitor Markus Ignacio Hadrax, of the Ever-vigilant Ordo Xenos PERSONAE INIMICUS: ++ KILL SQUAD: KHYROPTERA ++ [CLASSIFIED] [CLASSIFIED] + CURRENT OPERATIONS + MISSION 1: VANGUARD STRIKE MISSION 2: RETRIEVAL + ADVANCED TRAINING + ++ BY THE WILL OF THE EMPEROR, BY RIGHT OF HIS MOST HOLY INQUISITION ++ ++ DEATH TO THE ALIEN ++
  3. ++ SPACE HULK: DEATHWATCH RPG ++ ++ THE DESOLATION OF INNOCENCE ++ "A space hulk is a danger like no other, a myriad of twisted passageways and tanged buttresses. It is a conglomerate of smashed and hapless ship carcasses, where the silent screams of dead men echo in halls without light. To look upon such a thing is to defy understanding, to board one searching for treasure is to defy sanity. And yet the treasure is real, guarded by the glowing eyes of fiends, and the chittering of claws scraping in the dark." - Lord Juliard Langstrom, Master of the Patrol Vessel Acheron. + Welcome to the Hulk! + Space Hulk: RPG is a blend of the board game of Space Hulk, Space Crusade and a few other games to give a tactical, action-heavy roleplaying game which allows for short, intense scenarios players can pick up and put down. It is designed to try and capture the essence of stalking down corridors which have been airless and lightless for centuries, and the darkness is watching - filled with abominations by the score. Campaign Premise: Each player starts out with a Deathwatch RPG Character at Rank 4, wielding some of the most powerful arms and armour the Imperium can provide, with full access to a suite of Skills, Abilities and Talents which will make them better, stronger, faster and harder to kill. They'll need it. Arrayed against them is almost every enemy of the Imperium you can imagine. Genestealers, Cults, soulless Automatons, the forces of Chaos and more - for all is to be found in the depths of the Hulk. There is no grace or mercy, there is only the Desolation of Innocence. Structure: This is flexible. DoI is designed as a setting to facilitate a series of one-shot scenarios which follow a narrative, cohesive overview. The scenarios can include simple, or multiple objectives, depending on the forces committed. For this purpose, the Character Thread containing all the background and histories for the PC's will be known as the Mission Roster. Each PC can choose to enter the mission being played. It is modular and adaptable in scale, even to supporting a single player. This means that GM's can hopefully get some games finished! A Threat Cannot Be Ignored: The Deathwatch are Mankind's elite, premier combat troops against the Xenos, but everyone is in their sights. The local Watch Fortress Commander has marked the Near-Space Anomaly designated Object XB-203991 (Coderef: Desolation of Innocence) as a Primary Grade Threat, and so the hulk must be investigated, and purged with righteous courage... +++++++++++++++++++ A Contrivance of Fate: Watch Commander Cordovan ignored the hushed gasps of relief as the Strike Cruiser Hecate's Bane escaped the grip of warp translation. Whatever horrors lurked behind them in the immaterium were dealt with, but here, the terror of something every sane commander feared: A space hulk. He lifted the dataslate to consult it. Whatever Mechanicus or Ordo references screed up the glazed holographic projector were irrelevant. This was Primary Threat - Absolutio Extremis - to the security of this sector, and the lives of the Imperial citizens on the planets in its shadow. He peered through metres of armoured window pane, out across the bow, glowing as the doors opened ready to hurl the Thunderhawks forth as a close-space security picket. The warriors in the cells and sacred halls below were girding themselves for the most intense combat a veteran of the Astartes would ever see. The boarding of a space hulk was a mix between dreadful battle in the tight confines of the most dilapidated hive city, and void war. Opening a door on such a hulk could reveal an enemy, hard vacuum, a dead end - or all three. With limited resources, he would have to rotate his men, but the fate of this sector could well rest upon the broad shoulders of the Astartes. The galaxy had done so since the Emperor bent the heavens to his will. "How will you proceed?" The words cut across his thoughts, the bow of an unwelcome vessel prowling a wake in his mind. He half turned, clad only in robes, where the figure who demanded his attention was harnessed in fine, human scale power armour, a red robe cascading over the silver filigreed plating. "Carefully," Cordovan rumbled in bass timbre. "Very carefully." He let the Inquisitor decide what that entailed. ++ KILL TEAM REGENT ++ ++ STAND BY FOR INCOMING PRIORITY TASKING ++ "Serve the Emperor today, for tomorrow is written with your Sacrifice." You have been hurriedly assembled, along with other hand-picked brethren of your Veteran Company. As the newest Initiates to this austere formation, you have proved yourself numerous times within the sight of such peerless warriors, and yet more tests remain, for trial is to a Space Marine as breathing. It seems those trials have arrived. The alert notices to take your wargear into the belly of Hecate's Bane see you fresh from the training cages, and now you are here - materialising at a place and time of the Watch Commander's choosing. You will know this is no small thing - there are over two-hundred other Astartes aboard, from Deathwatch Scouts, to members of the Reclusiam. Word spreads quickly amongst the assembly. You have tasked with assaulting a Space Hulk - and not just your own Kill Team, but every soul who wears the sable and quicksilver. The whispers spill from knowing lips about an Inquisitor who has petitioned the Xenos-slayers for aid... +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A Contrivance of Spite: The growl was wet beneath the helm as the object of the visions came into view. Lord Executioner Tyrox allowed his irritation to show in the slow rap of his fingers across the arms of his command throne. The headache was undimmed. A lightning strike of white hot pain behind his eyes. His ship, the cruiser Carrion King pulled into long augur range. Signals from the hulk showed it was being boarded by another ship. +Identify!+ The slave on the augur array, a recent captive from one of the raids Tyrox's warparty undertook, flinched as though lashed across the shoulders. "Un...unknown, Lord. It is an Astartes vessel, but their IFF's are scrambled." Tyrox absorbed this, anger at the incompetence of these worthless subordinates held in abeyance over the urgent need for camouflage. +Engage shadowshields. Let us see if the Magos' gift was worth the effort..+ The bridge stirred from meagre white light, to arterial red. An alarm sounded to signal the change. +When we pass through their augur envelope, launch our Thunderhawks. We will reap a bounty under their noses!+ The Hulk was a cursed boon. It would provide supplies and potential slaves or materiel for repairs. It would provide answers for the...visions. ++ KILL SQUAD KHYROPTERA ++ ++ STAND BY FOR INCOMING PRIORITY TASKING ++ "By the strength of your arm it is yours. The weak surrender to the Strong." ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ This is just to start some RP to get the juices flowing. How do you feel about the missions ahead, what emotions or thoughts does a space hulk stir in you? Revulsion, determination, perhaps ambition to win glory in the crucible of battle?
  4. Hello everyone! As stated elsewhere, I am currently making my way through the core rules of Ironsworn: Starforged. It is a series of rules / setting mechanics for use in solo or co op gaming with a strong focus on the developing narrative over the more commonly used tabletop style “simulation” of individual actions. The original Ironsworn is aimed at a low magic / fantasy setting with Starforged being adapted to the sci fi theme in general and ruleswise as well as having some more stream lined rules ( a sort of 2nd edition ). Basic set up is human characters only and a “retro” sf tech style a la Traveller, Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica. I am currently taking for a test spin in more generic set up and can see the rules as written already as being workable in number of ways, from a street level Star Wars game to things like Dune. It’s a nice way to progress a story with added, often unforeseen consequences so you can follow a story without it becoming, in the words of our board’s own Comissar Molotov “some sort of overblown fan fiction” Being centered around a single/ few character with some allies and contacts, I can already see this as way to develop the story and get some modeling inspiration for something like a renegade warband or inquisition retinue in an Inq28 style way. There is already a sort of “legacy track” to follow the character development, but for a more “ grimdark” feel, I think there should be some sort way to track something like “insanity” and/ or “corruption”. Also, this being the Bolter and Chainsword, I am also looking for way to introduce Astartes Characters without derailing the system in both the power level and over complication (adding some wounds? Number of starting assets?). There are already things like “augments” and a “Mecha Suit” - so this might form a basis for something like the knight houses rpg already discussed in “Knights of the Golden Throne” since it seams less likely to be bogged down under an avalanche of rules. I’d love to use this for something like the Legion Wars, where you follow a single Champion and his retinue along his way through the aftermath of the scouring and exploration of the Eye, something a kin to the old Path of Glory in the vaunted Realms of Chaos books.. Ironsworn has been out for some time - maybe some one made a “hack” for Warhammy Fantasy already, covering some of this stuff - A bestiary, maybe? So, if anyone has some advice or experience o just wants to b along for the ride, feel free to drop your ideas here.
  5. Kill-Team Blackthorn Recruitment and OOC Hi all, After a discussion with Dosjetka, I'm going to put this up and see what interest can be garnered. I've been reading up for several months on the rules for Deathwatch. I'm very keen to get a game going in real life with my friends, and I see this as an opportunity to practice with other Deathwatch nuts! We have an opportunity here for 3-8 players who'd like to participate in the game. Unlike The Higher Call, which is purely narrative, I see this game as being based on the DW rules-set. In the short-term, I don't require a fully-made character sheet posted at all - I just need to know if there is interest and what chapter/specialism you'd like to play. At this moment, I would like to steer away from a Librarian as a character. If you wish to include a Marine from a custom Chapter, that will need to be something you discuss with me. This period of character creation is likely to take a couple of weeks, as I have to fit this around work and my other commitments (real-life and here on the B+C) - I'd like to take players through the character creation process to ensure I understand it and so I have practice with my real-life group.
  6. Black Crusade Campaign: ++ MAGELLAN'S DEVILS ++ + Character Holofiles and Intel Dataslates + "Better it is, that a man not know the horrors lurking beyond the boundaries of the skies above him, better he not delve in the dark places, where the rocks warn of trapped souls in whisper, and better yet should he not know of the devils pulled from nightmare. Aye, the traitor, mutant and heretic. Better is he that takes to faith in ignorance, for when the devils fall upon him, his suffering will be all the shorter and his soul rush to the Emperor's bosom." - Cardinal Kyril Harmoni, Sanctum of St Katherine the Avenger, Magellan. This thread will hold the details for all Characters in the Black Crusade game. + Heretic Astartes + Steel Company Trokair Necronaut Ancient Sobek + Mortal Heretics + Petragor ++ PLEASE POST YOUR CHARACTERS BELOW ++
  7. "Greetings Gue'la. I present to you the honoured wisdom of Aun'El Shoshava Fi'lor Mon'aa of T'au." - Final words of Water Caste Envoy Vre'Kais played by Deadmeat344 What is Personae Inimicus? We live in an enlightened age. More than ever this forum is open to the horrific infestation noble and peaceful rise of civilised (and not so civilised) races who dwell in the galaxy beyond the realm of the holy Imperium. Simply put - Personae Inimicus is pig Latin for "Enemy Personnel", and it is from that inspiration that this thread was concieved. Its objective is to try and discuss the possibilities of Alien PC's in the FFG an Wrath and Glory games, what possible career paths could be created to give a full and complete line of options to people who want to play anything other than a human, or a Space Marine. Haven't I seen this before? Kind of? Yes, if you're a regular RPG player, you probably have. Whether in INQ (or INQ28), the Kroot and Eldar Profiles in the FFG books, you'll have encountered this, but not yet had a chance to explore it in this forum. There is, I believe a real chance here to expand on some of the main races in the RPG books and lore we have here on the B&C. Members are building their own Craftworlds, in the same way they do with Space Marine and IG units. There is now, no reason why the Xenos can't have fun in a RPG. In fact, Games Workshop are pushing this product line for the miniatures and the skirmish side of their games. There is no reason why this can't be taken to the ultimate conclusion to explore more depth and complexity of character. How will this work? Ok, I'm going to give you the hard sell, so make sure you're not holding anything or drinking. This is an open forum for ideas on how we can build career paths utilising primarily FFG and where possible, the W&G ruleset. Primarily, since there are already Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader alien archetypes, I want to try and make this stuff fit Deathwatch. It's a very flexible rules system, and there is enough universal experience with it to make any proposed games work. Tau Kill-Teams, Eldar Kill Teams, the list goes on. What do the denizens of the RPG Nook and you (yes you, humble forum browser!) think of this? Is it worth exploring and would it be of interest to the Frater who may be interested in 40K RPG's, just not the Imperium all the time? MR.
  8. Hail and well met fellow B&Cers! By the grace of the Admins, I've been granted permission to share a little project me and my minions friends have been working on - an actual play podcast of Dark Heresy. Something in the vein of Silhouette Zero or Critical Role, set in the grim dark future of the 41st Millenium! We are currently almost halfway through the campaign, so there is a lot of backlog to work through, even with a release schedule. If this get's any traction I'll share some artworks I got for my players as gifts and character sheets, or whatever else strikes all your fancies! Let's see how long the "grim dark" lasts when exposed to the shenanigans of a group of players... THE TRITONE GAMBIT http://i.imgur.com/t2QujXv.jpg (Pictured: Anya Shaw, Kadis "Blaze" Beatrix, Sha Mortz, Rosa Ytterdal) Welcome to the Caesin Sector, a recently settled region of space on the galactic north-east. Discovered by the Rogue Trader Cladius Fivreaous Harron, the sector has been undergoing rapid colonization as the Imperium lays claim to it's resources. But frontiers are dangerous, and not only from without. The Inquisition is the shadow organization charged with rooting out the more subversive threats against the Imperium of Man, and a newly colonized sector requires the creation of infrastructure to support such duties. The hastily formed Caesin Conclave has called in every favour available to it to swiftly establish itself in the sector. With the lack of Inquisitorial Agents, several newly recruited acolytes have been dispatched to the Caesin Sector to assist... +++ EPISODE LIST Setting Details THE CAESIN SECTOR (Sub-sector Regalia) THE ARCHIVE SHIPFALL FLORIA IV TRADERS REST Player Characters ROSA YTTERDAL SHA MORTZ ANYA SHAW KADIS BEATRIX SYLVERIA AURELIS NPCs GERARD VASSEUR MAGOS TECTOR THE SILVER LINING COMPANY THE TRIBE OF THE CROW THE HOUSES OF TRADERS REST​ +++ Comments, criticisms, and reviews are all welcome. You can find us on iTunes here and on Podbean here. Now with a TVTropes page undergoing construction!
  9. So recently I have felt the urge the run a Black Crusade game again! Past experience running this system has been very good, though things tended to fall through due to life and other commitments... ANYWAYS, I'd be looking to run sessions during the week, GMT evening times. On average, a game session would last four hours (not including the invariable chatter and tangents), and I would happily accept newbies into the group. I am looking to run this game using a combination of Skype and Roll20. Both offer free accounts, and that is all that would be required, due to playing via voice chat.
  10. Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I need your assistance I finally got Rogue Trader (with the Game Master kit and Into the Storm) and I'm starting to create my first character. However I have few questions on character creation. 1. The standard procedure to generate characteristics requires to roll 2d10. However the rulebook suggest an alternative method: giving each player a number of characteristic points and let them to allocate them with the usual limitations. My question is: would be possible to use a different method like rolling 3d10 and choose the 2 highest value without unbalancing the game experience? I'd like to do it in order to make slighty more powerful characters in order to reflect the fact they are very expert individuals (It's mainly for fluff reasons ;) ) 2. How do I determine the number of starting wounds? I read the first pages and I saw no reference on how they are determined. I looked for "wounds" in the index and it sent me to pag 250 where it is described the "taking damage mechanics". Can you provide me the page where I can find the description on how starting wounds are generated? 3. Do you have any suggestion on the best Origin Path choices for making an effective Rogue Trader class character? As I said I have even Into the Storm 4. Do you have sugggestion on Starship creation? 5. About Profit Factor and Ship points: Is it better to have more ships points or a higher profit factor? Which choice will lead to a more fun/interesting game play? Thank you very much for your help.
  11. Greeting Brother and Sisters, I recently decided to make my first steps into 40K RPG universe and I ordered Rogue Trader and Black Crusade which, if all goes as planned, should both arrive on Monday. In the meantime I gave a glimpse to the free tutorials found on FFG site (I'm getting very curious) and I'm a little confused about the mechanics of a turn of play. The tutorials mention mention the Turn of combat and it's all fine with it. My question is: are there other turns and what do the characters do in them? For example is there a turn/phase where the characters move, the NPCs took their positions, you explore the enviroment etc? Thanks for your help. I'm really new to 40K RPG, so sorry if my questions seem a little strange ;)
  12. After a failed attempt at maintaining a campaign due to lost players, I'm looking to attempt running Deathwatch once more. I have a great deal of experience running the 40kRPGs and even greater experience running RPGs in general so hopefully you can expect quality. I know Deathwatch is quite combat-heavy so I do my best to spice things up and to bring in character back stories, personal goals, and dynamic elements to make things more interesting than just mowing down another horde of orks. We'd be playing via Roll20 so a mic is a requirement. We'd also be making use of the errata and a few adjustments from Only War. For characters, I have every Deathwatch book so please don't be limited to first founding chapters or core book chapters. In addition, I'd be working with each of you to design and flesh out your characters. I'd be running the adventure module Final Sanction to begin with and then take things from there once everyone is comfortable. If the three players who stuck with me in the last campaign wish to join, you guys move to the head of the line. In total, I'd like to get 6 players, though 4 or 5 is acceptable as well. Newcomers are welcome but I'd very much appreciate it if you are new that you set aside some time to meet on Roll20 separately so that I can explain everything without wasting other people's time. Hope to hear from anyone interested. Welcome to the Deathwatch.
  13. Due to the amazing level of interest in playing WH40k rpg games online, our very own Qai has started a forum to help us gather, share stories and of course organise games. Here is the link - http://www.w40krpg.com/ its currently under construction but will soon be the home of the w40kRPG online gaming club and community. We also have a twitter account - EmperorsImmortals@w40krpg, and will post using the hashtag #w40kRPG. It will be used to announce games scheduals and special events, so make sure to subscribe!. SAVED for posterity; Ive been chasing a game of Black Crusade on line for a while now, and most games either close shortly after starting or finished about a million years ago. Im going to learn how to GM a game, ill try to host it in about 2 weeks and using VASSAL or Roll20 (since i cant get MapTools to work anymore o0 ) its a steep laerning curve so im posting this now to gauge interest. Im in Australia, so if board postings are easier, ill figure that out. Im basically asking anyone interested, weather seasoned vet or relative newcomer, to just post there interest, basic motivation for there character and what theyd like to see in the game. All I ask is that you are familiar with the core mechanics and your chosen archetype. Im looking for around 3-5 players. Itll be the Broken Chains free mission so its available to download, but ill post links for many resources later on, so check back in this topic. Ill also msg anybody whos posted in OG for a BC game in the last few months. Hoping to get a fair bit of interest, as Id like to do this pretty regularly and expand into Death Watch etc, so give it a think and welcome aboard!!!!
  14. Greetings Brothers and Sisters, I'm about to start a Black Crusade campaign with a couple of friends and I decided to post the narrative description of the most of the campaign events. I'm quite sure this allowed by the forum rules, since it's just a narrative description of the game events and not a RPG session with other members. If something is wrong please let me know. I believe there will pass at least several days, perhaps a week before we'll be able to play out first game but in the meantime I made a brief micro-story (well it's actually a single scene ) to introduce the campaign main character. As I said in one of my previous posts my friends will not be able to play every single game in this campaign so I must take the role of the leading character. I also hope I'll be able to recruit additional players/characters as the story evolves. Anyway right now the campaign will have three characters: A Space Marine, a former captain of an still unknown chapter who was accused of treachery by an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor forcing him to abadon his chapter, a female human rogue psyker and a male human renegade. I'll try to post brief profiles for all of them but in the meatime, as I said above, I write a micro story depicting my Astartes character in action. I intentionally left the background of the scene vague. The background story of my Space Marine will become more clear as the Black Crusade campaign evolves. In the brief scene I wrote he is fighting against a group of Fire Angles who tracked him down and are intended to kill who they consider and heretic and traitor. It takes place before my character meet the other two PCs. Let me know what do you think. ... just a note: please consider English is not my native language so forgive me if you notice some mistake. Feel free to bring them to my attention, though. Anyway here is the brief scene, I'll try to post the character profiles as soon as possible. I hope you'll like it... it's just a small and modest micro-story (a scene in about 800 characters I invented all the names you will read. If there are already similar names in the vastness of the web they are not related to me... just for the records. Kulvarg heard the sound of armoured footsteps echoing across the marble clad hall. He tried to focus his blurred vision on the surroundings and he noticed an imposing figure marching towards him. The Power Armoured warrior proudly crossed the hall and he turned his head to the decorated glass of a nearby window. Kulvarg’s vision became clearer and he saw the warrior’s face reflected on the window bore his own features. He immediately recognized the scene, for he experienced it every time he conceded his body some rare moment of rest. Sygroth, the celebrations after the battle of Sygroth. Sygroth! How he hated that name. It was the place where those he swore to protect betrayed him. Without Sygroth he would still be the honored Captain of his Chapter’s Second Company. At the hall’s farthest corner a group of persons was gathering: the surviving members of his Company, the Chapter Master and Inquisitor Rildvar, the architect of his disgrace. Kulvarg tried to alert his vision’s alter ego but no word left his mouth. He continued to watch the scene until he felt the familiar throb of his twin hearts as his conscious mind reasserted its dominance over his flooding memories. He found himself lying on the mud covered ground: the explosion sent him flying off the platform he was fighting on. It was a quite considerable jump even for an Astartes’ enhanced physiology. Kulvarg tried to stand up but when he was kneeling over the muddied soil he realized his helmet was malfunctioning. He removed it and let it fall on the ground: he would care about repairs later. The drops of water were hammering on his head. It was raining. It always rained on Kaheraav. He spat blood on a small rock and the acid in his saliva begun to corrode the granite. He felt a presence behind him, followed by the unmistakable sound of a chambering bolt round. “The Ecclesiarchy’s dogs have been quick” he thought. The Fire Angel stood behind him; his bolt pistol aimed at Kulvarg’s head. “Speak your last words, traitor, for the Justice of God Emperor will soon descend on your empty soul” There was satisfaction in the Fire Angel words; he was eager to inscribe his name among his chapter’s chronicles. “Fire Angels- Kulvarg thought- so twisted by the Ecclesiarchy’s propaganda” Kulvarg breathed deeply, his mind focusing on the surroundings as he replied “This is not the moment for your mindless sermons.” With a stunning move he rotated his body before the Fire Angel had the chance to squeeze the trigger. Kulvarg’s elbow struck violently at the Fire Angel wrist’s, sending his bolt pistol flying to a puddle few meters away. He quickly stood up plunging his power sword into the Imperial Astartes’ chest during the process. The energized blade cut through the ceramite protected body up to the Fire Angel’s hearts. Before he pulled his sword off the loyalist corpse, its power field collapsed: the continuous slaughtering of the last days exhausted the weapon’s power cell. Another thing he would take care of after he survived the madness taking place on this planet. Two others Fire Angels emerged from the debris on his side. Kulvarg grabbed the chainsword from the dead Astartes before throwing the body at the Fire Angel approaching from his left side. The impact pushed the loyalist Space Marine to the ground. Quickly turning to the Fire Angel on his right, Kulvarg activated the chainsword motor: the roaming teeth cut throughout the soft spot in the Astartes neck protection, cleaving the head from his body. The surviving Fire Angel was up, looking for his plasma pistol inside a murky puddle. Kulvarg sprinted towards his enemy. The Loyalist finally dragged his pistol from the mud but Kulvarg already closed the distance. He swiftly took the weapon from his opponent’s hands and pressed the trigger. The super-heated matter scorched his armour plate as it bored its way throughout the Fire Angel’s chest. Kulvarg left the smoking remains to fall near the corpse of the loyalist’s comrade. He recovered his unpowered sword and mag-locked it to the back of his Power Armour. He turned his eyes to the burning spires of the Hive City on the horizon but he didn’t care about the battle’s outcome: it had never been his war, after all. The victorious warrior stood in the middle of the mud covered plain, staring at the ravaged battlefield. He felt neither grief nor joy, only to the pressing desire to exact his revenge over and over again. They turned a glorious hero into a pariah and they will all pay for it. He looked down at the Fire Angels he slain and smiled. The torrential downpour washed the blood away from his armour. It was raining. It always rained on Kaheraav.
  15. Hello all, It has been another stretch of time since my last post back in 2012 for my websites 14th. A few intermittent posts to fellow Sothan friends since, business and professional sailing adventures for a couple of years; but largely, I was as quiet as the deadworld of Sotha. (1 minute silence..) Since the project with FalcesImperator on our joint Scythes Factual History brief in 2009, an astounding amount of love has been shown to the Scythes. You need only visit the very well maintained Scythes of the Emperor Lexcanium page which includes in part my original work with FalcesImperator; long since maintained by folks at Black Library such as L.J Goulding, our current patron and champion for all things Sothan at GW. Since 2012 we have had mention in the more recent Space Marine codex, officially under the Ultramarines (Luke, I am your father...) and even full mention of our origins in The Unremembered Empire novel. I've compiled an Essential Reading Guide for the Scythes' with help from Goulding and others; after I noted 'Shadow of the Beast' (by Goulding) reviewed on Colourblind Painter in August. To be brief, since 2012, the Scythes have appeared in 8 stories from Black Library. Written by L.J Goulding, Dan Abnett, Guy Haley and Richard Williams. Suffice to say, there's some serious Sothan love the last few years. Let alone all the modelling threads for the Scythes such as GrizzlyBear's great precursor to Kraken force. After such a long intro, I'd better be showing something.. well, I've begun completing my long overdue Flight of the Tenax project. http://the-scythes.com/wp-content/gallery/archive-artwork/the_tenax.jpg?i=863529982 She's a tough little warship, the protector of a small civilian convoy. I'm finishing the last pages of a short fiction about their flight from Sotha and establishing the crew in the new (2012-2015) GW timeline for Sothans. I'll be completing a campaign not unlike a Warhammer Quest campaign, using Necromunda and Second edition rules. http://the-scythes.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/IMG_0507-300x225.jpg Near mint rulebooks acquired, Check! Should be an interesting ride as the survivors on the Tenax, embattled from more than just the Great Devourer, continue on and make it to the Heart of Cronus, the last Chapter flagship, which in a very humbling addition, includes Forgemaster Sebastion, a nod by LJ Goulding. Text: http://the-scythes.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/tenax_ship_colours.png The Tenax, Scythes of the Emperor Fleet, Gladius Class. Hull laid M40,977, Calth shipyards. A respectable service record, notable actions against Orks at Corinth, Tau at Sy'Kell then Dal'Yth, and Eldar of the Verdeworlds. Heavily damaged during latter two Crusades. Placed as picket during Hivefleet Kraken invasion of the Sotharan League. Recovered what survivors remained of abortive Vth and Xth Co. actions aboard hibernating bioships. Last recorded leading the final Odessa refugee breakout. Ordered to rendezvous at Miral with Heart Of Cronus post escort. However failed to report prior to Chapter withdrawal, no contact since. Presumed destroyed M41.993, with all hands along with the loss of 16 Battle Brothers and 14 Neophytes. May His Light preserve their Valor. Full vessel build, components and history available here on my site. (Developed with FFG 40KRPG) Portraits for the Scythes of the Tenax (Both Brothers and Scouts - which can be seen on my site). These will be assigned to each character, linking to a Character Page, charting their career and potential last moments as the Roguelike Campaign progresses. http://the-scythes.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Scythes-Portraits-Array1.png A sample of the portraits, rest to be viewed on my site when the Campaign opens.
  16. ++ Deathwatch Campaign: Head Hunted ++ ++ KILL TEAM: HELLEBORE ++ ++ CONSTITUTED 789.999.M41 ++ + Character Holofiles and Intel Dataslates + "It is on their shoulders the future of the Canis Salient rests. The whole right arm of the Crusade, thrust like a spear into the guts of the alien T'au. The Hunter Cadres of the Tsua'Malor Viorla resist everywhere, almost as maddened as the Lord Commander for death and glory. Yet we seek victory, a crushing blow to the xenos hordes that infest the worlds of the Greyhell Front. With the Emperor's blessing - it shall be delivered." - Bastion Commander Saran Gholbert, 23rd Hethgard Fusiliers. This thread will hold the details for all Characters in the upcoming Kill Team Operation: Head Hunted. + Operatives + Brother Khordelia-C
  17. Hello everyone. This thread is intended to collate and answer as many Frequently Asked Questions about the games we participate in here in the RPG Nook. These questions will likely be about Mechanics first, but they may also be about other aspects of the game. This thread is a work in progress and will be updated as often as we can, in order to help any poor wayfarer who needs a bit of a steer. Most of the replies and clarification in this FAQ will be based on the responses by the developers (primarily Fantasy Flight Games) of the actual rulesets using their words where appropriate. We understand that GM's are completely free to modify them as they see fit, but the basics of character building should roughly remain the same, as with certain procedural rules that are formed for balancing the game out. If you're posting a query, please bear in mind that your campaign rules may differ and the replies, whilst we will make them as accurate as possible, are only guidelines. The format of your query should really only contain the system you're asking about, and where possible, a page reference for the block o' text that's baking your noodle. We'll refine that as we go, of course. We'll also have a list of the books so you are familiar with the books we use and how to reference the parts you need to understand, so you can get the job done. We'll also try to codify the responses into a proper FAQ at some point. This is a...proto-FAQ if you will, for now at least. It is important that you contribute, because the Fantasy Flight Games forums are closing down, and it is we who must carry the torch. Have at it below, and remember - the only stupid question is the one that you don't ask. Your question may be the one everyone else is thinking about and every improvement of our knowledge is both helpful and vital for the continuation of a smooth and enjoyable game. If you want to try and dig the answer out yourself, or simply want to peruse the mass of information already about, then don't forget to check out our Resources thread. Please make sure you familiarise yourself with both the Board Rules as well as the Forum Specific Rules when posting. Deathwatch B&C FAQ NOTE: This thread is currently undergoing consolidation from Head Hunted and various other sources. Please bear with us as we sort it all out.
  18. Thank you to Brother Tyler for approving the posting of this thread! Did you know that the B&C plays host to a play-by-post roleplay forum, catering to the whole spectrum of FFG games (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, Only War and Deathwatch), as well as Wrath and Glory and even more free-form games? If you are at all interested in playing or hosting a game, you should totally visit the forum! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Hi, everyone! For the last three years, I have been running a Deathwatch play-by-post game here on the B&C, where a band of intrepid players have dispatched a Genestealer Cult and then marshalled the defence of an entire planet against the Hive-Fleet's swarm. We've had some fantastic moments, and if you'd like to know more then please check out our Story So Far... post, where I have gathered highlights of the events! We are due to move towards our third episode within the next few weeks (I am projecting a mid-February 2021 start) and, as such, I am beginning to explore the possibility of new players joining in on the fun. If you'd like to join, please check out my recruitment thread here! Unlike popular roleplaying series such as Critical Role, a PBP game is asynchronous. We have players across the world participating as and when their schedules allow. This has the benefit of meaning that we don’t have to try to ensure that all our schedules line up exactly. Obviously, the more time and effort you can devote to the game, the more rewarding it will be for you. This approach does appeal to those who are aspiring writers; in a sense, you can think of the game as collaborative fan-fiction, where you produce short-form fiction and have to adapt based on the curve-balls that I throw you as GM. It is not necessary for you to have a familiarity with the rules - I have a wide range of players, from rules-junkies to writers who are just there to indulge their passion of inhabiting a character from the 41st Millennium. The game has a strong narrative emphasis, with players having a lot of input into the long-term development of their characters and the direction of the plot. As a GM I strongly value players who are great team players, enthusiastic and love to tell stories. My game incorporates elements of politics and investigation, so it’s not all just mass-reactive death, all the time. I encourage players to be curious and to interact with the world around them. If the Deathwatch aren't your cup of tea, then the PBP forum would still benefit from your presence! We would like nothing more than to see a Dark Heresy game following Inquisitorial agents, or to see a Rogue Trader crew swashbuckling across the incandescent seas of the void! Thank you all for your time, and I look forward to seeing you down in the pbp forum!
  19. RECRUITMENT FOR THIS GAME IS NOW CLOSED Thank you so much for your interest; I could not be more pleased with the response this has received, and what it means for the PBP forum. Please consider signing up for the PBP Player Register here, or starting a new thread to arrange a game. The PBP forum can only be enriched by your presence! Original Post Below:
  20. =][= DEATHWATCH: SOLO PLAY - 'KILL MARINE' =][= OOC and Discussion. Welcome everyone! This thread is for discussion of the above, any rules queries etc all in the one place. Feel free to discuss both Campaigns we're undertaking, any themes or what you expect to see. Please be aware this is not a Recruitment thread as my player slots are full - but do not let that discourage your participation. I intend that these games form the bedrock of a series of "RPG-Lite" templates we can use to try and address some of the concerns shared by the forum-goers in our Nook. I want to try and make this as fun and engaging for all participants as possible, so ideas, comments and criticism are welcome. Please note that the rules for the moment (for the RPG Forum) stand - I act in my capacity as Frater and GM first and foremost and will only step in as a Moderator if there is any infraction of the Board Rules. If you have any concerns about the game, please do not hesitate to contact me as you would any other GM. Now, with all that said, on with the discussion! Mazer.
  21. =][= DEATHWATCH: SOLO PLAY - KILL MARINE OPERATIONS =][= "Y ou asked for Regiments of the Imperial Guard, demanded support from a flotilla of Imperial Navy Warships, pleaded for the steel rain of drop pods filled with Astartes. You do not understand your problem. All that is required, is my swinging blade to the back of the Xenos commander's neck."- Deathwatch Kill Marine Narvik Redfist 'The Butcher of Traesir' This thread will hold the details for both Characters in the upcoming Solo Play campaigns. + Operatives + Kill Marine: Journeyman, Marfóir Lugh of the Bloodmoon Hunters (TechCaptain) - Operation Midnight Kill Marine: Ravenwing Veteran, Raziel of the Dark Angels (Steel Company) - Operation Deadbolt + Advanced Training + All Characters receive the following: Special Ability: Army Of One (Free, no xp award) Kill Marines are selected for their exceptional training, resolve or sheer wealth of Experience. Effect: Any Character with this Talent may take an Elite Advance at the Base Cost listed on the tables available to them Example: Brother Beliasius is a Tactical marine, but his Personal History supports him having served in the Devastator Companies. He may choose abilities from the Devastator Table for his current Rank, but since he is a Tactical Marine, this would count as an Elite Advance, and so would usually cost 750xp on top of the purchased ability. However, since he has the Army Of One Special Ability, it only costs the original asking price in XP. Special Ability: My Word is my Bond (Free, no xp award) The Kill Marine is a solitary individual who brings fire and death. Required to act on his own initiative, the pomp and ceremony of the Oathing, and the bonds that come with it hold no succour. His mission is the only oath he recognises. Effect: The Character may not benefit from taking any Oaths of Moment, but his singular determination confers a +10 bonus to any Willpower test and may combine with other bonuses to the same characteristic. Special Ability: Not Gonna Die Tonight (Free, no xp award) The Battle Brother has survived many fights by simply understanding how much punishment his body can take and how his own physiology works. Living a life on the edge of war, where he may fall alone and unremembered is not an option with the mission incomplete. A quick tourniquet or synthflesh and cataplasm patch to take the sting off is good enough. Effect: Any Character with this Ability may use the Medicae Advanced Skill at half his Intelligence Stat, but is not trained in the skill beyond use on himself. He must have at least one item of medical equipment in order to use the skill. ++ DRAMATIS PERSONAE (Operation Midnight) ++ Watch Captain Procion, Deathwatch (Iron Knights) Inquisitor-Sentinel Markus Ignacio Hadrax, Ordo Xenos Commander Raphael Tarkus, Master of the Accipiter Nihilus, Ordo Xenos Cantus-Scriptor Karliah S'Juun, Adeptus Sororitas +++ FILES PENDING +++ ++ DRAMATIS PERSONAE (Operation Deadbolt) ++ Watch Commander Mordigael, Deathwatch (Blood Angels) Inquisitor-Adept Tomos Jerrill, Ordo Xenos Master Sergeant of Stormtroopers Jakob Morrab, Ordo Xenos Captain Felicita Yarvin, Mistress of the Xenobane, Ordo Xenos Lance-Serjeant Kraevus, Deathwatch (Red Hunters) Swiftclaw Pack Leader Iorek Grimjaw, Deathwatch (Space Wolves) +++ FILES PENDING +++ + Please Stand By for Incoming Orders + MR.
  22. Announcement from here: https://www.freerpgday.com/rain-of-mercy/ Free RPG Day is on the 25th of July - you can find out more about it here: https://www.freerpgday.com/
  23. Hi all, Cubicle 7 have made an adventure for Wrath and Glory available for free on their website and on DrivethruRPG: Cubicle 7 Webstore Link DrivethruRPG Link
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