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Found 22 results

  1. I've been threatening to start a Red Corsairs for a good while now, three things have really kicked me into gear: 1) New Codex 2) My dad recently found a digitial camera, amonst other thought lost photos was a picture of my first 40k army from 2008: Embarrassingly, this would have been my largest painted army, up until a few years ago (not bad for 11 year old me!), I think it moved on in some time around 2011. 3) A friend of mine gave me his 5th edition CSM Codex. It's filled with so much nostalgia and I spent many days as a young teenager looking at it. In the early parts of 2008 there was a Tale of 4 warlords run, in which one participant painted up a Corsairs force, basing it around the "Wolf Of Fenris" short story in the Codex which blew my mind when reading it. Anyways, I've started witha test mini which turned out to be pretty quick to turn around with great results: As has become a classic move for me, I've built up and converted a character model before even finishing painting a Troop choice This has been my first proper foray into GS and for the most part has been okay. I'm not happy with the chainmail on the loincloth but need to more practice for sure: I need to finish my Vow for Anger and Arrogance and then I'll be plowing on with these guys, ready for the Codex!
  2. So as per usual I've been mincing around the idea and the willpower to kick back into a Tyrant's Legion force, but the thought of redoing auxilia that I did 50 odd years ago sort of killed the mojo. Anyway, I attended an amazing event called Preferred Enemy down in Melbourne Australia the other week, it was based very heavily around hobby, good looking/thematic armies and just having a good time (it was at a bowls club, so cheap beer always helps!). It has honestly sort of rekindled my enjoyment of 40k. Sure all the 8th edition issues are still there (who ever has more dice to throw at the enemy wins.. I hate to say it..but thats all that 40k is nowadays.. target priority and list building), but while there will always be those negatives, this weekend also showed the huge positives of 40k when played in the correct 'mood'. 95% of the armies where absolutely beautiful, and the other 5% are still leagues above what we normally see down around here as 'standard' 40k tournament fodder. Not only did the armies look nice, they all had a theme associated with them. Not to mention my 5 opponents where all absolutely stellar blokes!! (Thanks to Jason, Mark, Sean, James and Chris). So all in all, great day, atmosphere and hobby! Now the PE TO's are looking at doing a doubles tournament later this year which got a good friend of mines ears pricked.. as he always wanted to do guard.. but never had a direction to go with.. Cue me informing him about our one true savior, Lugft Huron... Thus we have our doubles project!! So I'll be doing a truescaled marine (god damn do the Primaris help with this instead of the hodge podge of terminator legs and assorted parts etc that was what had to be done 'before'... ) with him converting up some Guard to fit more with the Tyrant's Legion. I'll be running a super useless, overly elite army of only 14 models, that will no doubt get chewed off the table turn 1, young Byron will be running well over double that, but actually be bringing some bits and pieces that can do work. Our Current plan is something like this: Astral Claws Vanguard Detachment Lugft Huron 'Chaplain' Dreadnaught w/ Twin Lascannon 5x Veterans w/Assorted Gear 5x Veterans w/Assorted Gear Apothecary Chapter Ancient Tyrant's Legion Straken (has marine stats, so will be a marine commander in the guard contingent ) Leman Russ Tank Commander Gunnery Seargent Harker 3x 10 Man Guard Squads Wyvern Basilisk So as you can see, the armies don't have a whole lot of synergy, but will look cool on the battle field. Byron will no doubt crop up later with some bibs and bobs, but I'll just chuck up some of my WiPs. I Started with my Chapter Ancient as I really wanted this to look like the last hurrah of the Astral Claws, so Huron surronded by hard as nails survivors, with precious chapter relics around him (Thus the Chaplain Dread, will be more an icon of hate dread based on a Leviathan chassis, the chapter standard etc). So the reason I went Chapter over company ancient is I wanted to the 2+ save so I could 'fluff' him having terminator armour. I've done a single truescale termaintor before, but there was no way to really 'mass produce him'. I've had a bag of Custodes termies rattling around the house for 6 odd months now and after seeing what @apologist managed, it put my arse into gear to try it out! I opted to go the normal terminator 'cowling' as not to have it too show boaty, as Astral Claws alsways seem a bit more a functin over form sort of chapter. It also has the benefit of making the terminator marginally 'taller due to the location of its head, so it doesn't look too short next to Huron who is based off a Horus mode.. So next up I was just going to chuck one of the new primaris banners on him, but upon research, that just seems to be standard form nowadays and is a little 'eh'.. and after seeing the excellent picture of Ancient Galatan that has been around for years I wanted by banner to be (well not that crazy large) still pretty big and impressive given it is the 'chapter banner' which always had such a big emphasis in older fluff. Cue a large basic banner. This required a rolling pin, all the baking paper and over half of my remaining GS (off to ebay I go). It also required some dancing between running it under hot water and into the freezer so I could cut out the shape and get it thin enough. Here you can see the basic out lay of it, just to get the feel. So in this pic we have it next to Huron (who still after a year needs some tidying) which shows the termy scaling pretty well next to him. I've worked in major folds into the banner, but it will stil require more selective 'creasing' in areas tonight once the 'scaffold' of it has set. Anyway that's all I have to show at the moment, I'll be finishing another 5 veterans tonight so will get some pics up of them. Most of Byron's gear is on the way to him so we'll no doubt start to see his conversions cropping up soon (I'm looking quite forward to his basilisk and wyvern).
  3. Working on my Chaos Marine army is slow-going for a bunch of reasons, but progress does happen (and hopefully soon so will more actual games). I'm currently focused on assembling/converting a couple of extra HQ choices. Firstly, a new Chaos Lord based on an Aspiring Champion from the original incarnation of my army. Tentatively named Kayne Firebringer. There's a good chance the name will change at some point (or possibly just the spelling). Based on a Primaris Reiver to get the extra stature the original version was supposed to possess. I'm trimming down the right-hand shoulder pad to add a regular CSM shoulder pad over it, and I need to remove the left hand/forearm to replace it with the CSM power fist for "I'm coming for you" effect. I'm also waiting on some Necromunda Goliath parts to give him one of the masked heads instead of the head shown in this image. Next we have Angelica, Exalted Champion of Khorne or, as I like to think of her, the Khornate Murder Princess. She's waiting for me to work out what I'm doing for her shoulder pad and to fill the gap from the cloak piece I decided against using. I have a right arm for her, with a massive blade weapon, but I think I need to sort out the torso before I can start trimming the shoulder on the arm to get it to fit. And finally, for now, the third Helbrute for my army. Unfortunately I couldn't get my camera to focus on the Cold One Head properly. All it really needs at the moment is a bit of gap-filling, but I'm tempted to add spikes and blades to the spire for the extra Godzilla factor. The heavy flamers use the spare cannisters from the Helbrute kits and nozzles from the Sister of Silence kit.
  4. Way back I had this Renegades army that has seen itself changed to Khorne Daemonkin, and then been lost and forgotten while I play Black Legion. Now with the Red Corsair CP shenanigans Ive been re-purposing them for a battalion, and having my own fun messing around with all my now-oop bitz. (cheaper than getting the new range and bloating my unfinished collection!) I've had this FW astral claws character, Armenneus Valthex for awhile, never found the right fit for him (and making him into a warpsmith was sort of daunting) But I've had a crack at it. He is usually wielding two electro-whips like Rourke in Iron man 2, I've found a place for them in little nibs on his chest, just gotta hair-dryer them into place. First basic 5 man with autocannon is missing their autocannon dude. trying to keep wysiwyg with CSM equipment, so bolter and bp or holstered with grenades for all... sarge has bolter on backpack (gotta find places for that backpack) 5 man with combi-bolter and chaincannon, keeping it Khorne! With bolters! That's the old school way where carnage in any form was welcome by the Red Bastard. Any model with a non-chainsword CC weapon is just meant to be be using their base attacks (again, axe dude here has bolter on backpack) 10 man expensive CC squad! Combi-melta! 2 Meltas! Power fist! Might even get a banner in there! This is my redeploy stratagem squad. Next plan is a Biker lord with Thunder hammer, and start cleaning up paintjobs all over to become a bit more complete and consistent. I made the mistake of using vallejo acrylic-polyurethane primer with a brush (as most primer was on various odds and ends) but it seems weak and I Accidently scratched some off a dude too easily, crap.
  5. Khrysaor, former Imperial Fists battle-brother, now of the Red Corsairs. Let me know what you think. P.S: I hate painting yellow #NeverAgain
  6. So, I read the three Night Lord novels by Aaron Dembski-Bowden some time ago... I guess I liked them, though I am not as crazy about them as some seem to be. The depiction of the battles were ok and I really liked how they described how it feels to fight in power armour, but some parts were a little long... Anyways, what really bothers me since is that I don´t really understand this one character, Variel from the Red Corsairs/ Astral Claws. He is an apothecary at this space station of the Corsairs and helps regulary to ease Hurons pains from the injuries he got back at Badab. His motivations are still a mistery to me. I mean, yes, we hear that, he has some sort of past with the warband of Talos and that Talos saved his life once. But why exactly does he join the Night Lords and leaves his Corsair brethren behind? He doesn´t really seem to like them for some reason, but we still don´t get to know why... He seems quite committed to the cause of Talos and this idea of his to fulfil his gene-fathers ideas, but I don´t really understand what makes this important to him. The Corsairs seem far better equipped, organized and generally more succesful than the Night Lords who show no unity whatsoever and mostly hate eahc others guts. Why join them? As Talos said to him more or less "you owe me" (because i saved your life), he answers "Yeah, well I just saved yours" (from the reoccuring complications with his geneseed/ his prophetic gift). Which just makes total sense to me! But in the end, somehow he seems to be convinced like he got to join the Night Lords now and leaves the Corsairs. He then is for the rest of the trilogy (appearing in the middle of the second novel and joining them at roughly the end of the book) part of this Night Lords warband and seems to be a crucial character until the very end (appearing in the epilog years after Talos´ death). Could someone explain me why he is doing, what he is doing? I might have mixed some things up. If that´s the case, I´m sorry. It´s been a while since I read the books and English is not my first language, thus I sometimes don´t remember things that good as in German. Greetings, Velype
  7. Hey guys, Works been insane, so I haven't had time to do batreps of my games but I wanted to really try the new Renegades rules and I was a little disappointed. I thought this Deathguard matchup would actually favour my setup.... it was a fun game and I thought I'd share some of the highlights/lowlights! Unfortunately I'm super short on time and gotta run to a meeting so please excuse the brevity of this... The game was Maelstrom (2000 points). He got to go first, and his army being Deathguard was largely footslogging, with a Pred, and 2 Helbrutes. Lots of Poxwalkers of course, Typhus, and a large contingent of it all was of course from the Dark Imperium box set. One thing I realized I missed was he had 10 Termies I believe. They were obviously not "deathguard" but played as such with a good mix of plasma, and an Autocannon. Otherwise nothing unusual in his list... a Plague caster, plague marines, etc. My list roughly was: Huron Sorc Exalted Champ (MoN, plague blade thingy...artefact, wounds on 2+) Cultists x 3 squads (one was 13 dudes, extra points) 7 Possessed (had to proxy some Mutilators in there, I'm expecting stuff in the mail.. Vorbak) Landraider w/Havok 4 Spawn 3 Oblits (always have, always will use these guys). I had a second detachment (outrider? Fast attack one) Daemon Prince, MoK, set of talons, wings, 5 Warp Talons 6 Bikes, Chainswords, 2 with bike mounted Meltaguns (maybe should have went with flamers but realized I had no decent AP shooting in this list). Champ w/Poweraxe (bad idea) I think the Spawn were in here. Baledrake. My army: My army is an ecclectic gathering of missfits from my old metal Huron (missing a thumb!) to some Thousand Sons cultists, World Eater models, and some Crimson Slaughter stuff (Ex. Champ and LR). His first turn is largely uneventful, but he does have a full Lascannon Pred.... that thing just rips into a piece of my Landraider...... it losses a lot of wounds, but is just ONE above being in the second damage tier. This stings, but I get away without giving up fist blood. First turn using my Renegade 'skills' I simply advance everything. He's making a play for the center of the table with his Poxwalker farm and Typhus in the middle of it... Now I've played with my own Deathguard enough to know that the Poxwalkers are a giant tarpit, so I shoot them from a distance and pull back my Cultists but I know he needs cards (objectives) in the mid / my zone of the table. My Landraider moves, and completely blanks on hitting his Predator which has the psychic -1 to hit power on it (wouldn't have mattered anyway). \ - First turn assault? Maybe... but it was ugly. So really uneventfull but I do get first blood from my Oblits coming in the right flank and pounding something down... can't remember what. The inevitable Poxwalker blob is advancing to my edge. - I watch his Helbrutes take quite the toll on me..... combined with the Predator, my Landraider is down to the first damage rating, but I still haven't hit a thing with my Landraider. - I clearly have no shooting, but my army is built to advance, and assault. I forgot something... T1, my Baledrake flew up with my Spawn advancing, and the Bale Drake assaulted a squad of Plague marines, but the Spawn did too even with a command point re roll and the Baledrake got owned by a fist and the other dudes. - So I realized the Mid is totally swamped.... It's going to grab all the objectives, and sit in the middle and stick the joint up like a clogged toilet that can't be drained.... this forces me to move the bikes off the flank, and 'block' the middle..... - Trying to 'unclog' the toilet. - With things really blocked up in the middle at best I bought some time. The right side was now only flanked by my Daemon Prince, and Oblits (bikes left them alone). - My Daemon prince alone was a bad move. he charged into a squad of plague marines, and the way my shooting was going, I couldn't kill anything so I thought what the heck and did a charge with him into the plague dudes, but wiped them out in a turn, which left me in the open.... My Oblits were ignored, he was afraid of the D.P so his Predator opened up on my DP and wiped it in a turn. (with I think a Helbrute's help) - The other Helbrute took my LR down to 1 HP! - So my right flank is gone... I have a couple of Oblits left, but although they are rolling 'average', they really aren't putting a dent in any infantry because of the layering of saves... Resilient saves are being made at an alarming rate. - Everybody out of the bus. - I think I got this a bit mixed up... .sorry. This is turn 2 on the left flank... my LR limps to a halt, Huron and the funky bunch get out with the sorc. - Anticipating a big push on this side, I deep strike the Warp Talons to meet up with the Spawn and Possessed for a giant multi assault... the likes of which I wouldn't be able to do in most Turn 2 games. I was easily as far as I needed to be with Renegade rules. - The Sorc casts Warp time to make sure the Warp Talons cannot miss their CC charge. Sorc also casts the cancel invuln saves power, but it is canceled. Huron casts the +1 Strength, toughness, attack thing on him self... get this, he rolls two 6's. And Perils! I use a command Point, re roll one of the 6's... it's another 6. So now I roll yet another 6 as the result and he's down by 3 wounds! Ugh. - This was a sign of bad things... the assaults go off, but I can't damage anything. Warp Talons kill 2-3 guys, Spawn kill a few guys, but Huron does little, and the Possessed do squat. Their random attacks (thanks GW for more random) roll a 1 for three combat phases... they seemed like a horrible waste of points. - I lose almost as much as he does, but my inability to kill anything is worstened by the fact that THIS is the main thrust of my army which I have carefully planned to take out a third of his army with, but I bounce hard. - So we made it... now what? - The Deathguard hit back just as hard, but I don't have near the resilience. Typhus opts to leave the Poxwalker farm to help out... by my calculations with my overload on this side, I foresaw Typhus coming in, but what I didn't see was that very little of his stuff would die. - I still have the upper hand in this side, but not for long..... I would roll another 1 for the possessed, and the Warp talons would hit and wound about 8 times on his last Plague Marine. He would save all of the wounds from all squads on that one Plague champ with armour or Disgustingly Resilient. Then fist them back, causing a few deaths. - The Helbrutes wade in and I somehow kill one with Spawns, but they wreck the squad in return (I think I interrupted). Everything is fading here on my end. Huron killed one dude. - On the right side of the table I lose an Oblit, and this keeps his Predator busy and distracted from my 1 wound left Land Raider. - The mid is going badly now.. the Bikes were holding on okay, but shooting all those combi bolters is what they do 'well'... not assault... and his Termies came down.... The bikes were smoked as the Pox walkers retreated, and the Termies came in shooting, and hitting... I survived the first combat turn, then I faded. - Huron's last stand? Typhus joins the fray, the Plaguecaster is in, and a Helbrute vs Huron, a spawn, and the Exalted Champ. - So Huron is the first to die...easily to Typhon, he never had a chance. - The Exalted is put down to one wound and does very little in CC. Even against a character. The saves/DR saves are too strong. - The Spawn dies. - The Bikes are removed by Termies - My Warp Talons (down to 2) + my last 4 Possessed still cannot kill one Plague Champ in the ruins. he saves with armour, and DR saves, and I can't get through all those saves and T5. Of course the Possessed rolled a 1 again for a tremendous 4 attacks. END GAME: - His turn has him hunt my Sorc down with his plague caster. He got to swing first, but really the Smites added up over the game and I took a bit of a beating in the psychic departement. - In his turn the Helbrute, and Typhus had easily overwhelmed Huron, Exalted Champ and Spawn, so at this point they have rolled over into the Warp Talons and Possessed. I see what's coming so I blow my last CP's on an interrupt. It doesn't make a difference. He's got me down to a few Warp Talons and 2 Possessed. Of course now I roll a whoping 2 attacks each for the possessed, but the Toughness/saves/DR saves prevent me from killing that last Plague Marine yet again... unbelievable. - So Typhus, and the Helbrute, and the single PM overwhelm the Warp Talons, and 2 Possessed. Huron is dead, the Sorc is dead, the bikes are gone, DP is dead, Baledrake gone... all I have is a 1 wound LR, A few random squads of Cultists and 2 Obliterators so I call it. POST GAME: - This was a hard one to take. I came to a few realizations: There's no point being the first into the fray if you can't remove saves, or do the wounds necessary to overcome the math. T5 is a really difficult hill to climb for this army. I was into him early, and fast, but this was actually to HIS advantage. He hits harder, and outlasts my army with sheer resilience. My army does not hit hear hard enough to be confident against something like this. It was like chopping down a tree with a rubber mallot. - The DP was good. Huron was bad. The Sorc was 'okay' but underperformed this game. The Exalted was 'good' but perhaps a bad fit here... I didn't feel like I had anything take advantage of him. I feel like he's better suited for WE. (I just had crappy attacks at every level). - The Bikes were bad. Bikes just kind of ... hang around. I used them out of the gate in 8th and didn't like them. They went down in points so I thought I'd try them again.... not too impressed. - Oblits. Probably tied for the DP with effectiveness. I misused him but got a glimpse of what he does and it could be good for my World Eaters. It was an enjoyable game... I was outshot, outlasted, out assaulted, and I had no board control after T2 which is game over in Maelstrom.... but it was fun. I really enjoyed playing my own Deathguard and enjoy playing against them.
  8. I realized that most of stuff on this thread is related to space piracy in some way; 30k Blackshields (focus on piracy), now Red Corsairs (which is where the Malevolent Class Dreadnought belongs) and now a Dark Eldar count as army of bloodthirsty steampunkish pirates. So I'm going to change the title and update the op with link when I get stuff done. Focusing on the DE dudes right now, as is only the "easy" way I can do hobby at the moment. Names and behavior would stem from the "Treasure Island" novel. They will ride Raiders and Ravagers because I airships This also gives me free range for conversions, and I plan to have a Tantalus as a centerpiece of my army, and rules wise, they'll be a piratical wych cult (I need to think a name for it yet). PROJECTS x Red Corsairs x Huron Blackheart Sorcerer Zerker squad Zerker squad Malefactor Class Dreadnought (deredeo) WIP Xiphon Interceptor Xiphon Interceptor Xiphon Interceptor = Space Pirates/Dark Eldar Wych Cult= Captain Silver (Succubus) WIP Mr Merry, Quartermaster (Drazhar) Billy Bones, First Mate (Succubus) Cutthroat squad (Blood brides) Brigand squad (Incubi) Thieves & Murderers squad (Wyches) Thieves & Murderers squad (Wyches) Thieves & Murderers squad (Wyches) Raider Raider Raider Reaper/Ravager Reaper/Ravager Reaper/Ravager The Tantalus + Misc. Projects+ Thunder Warrior WIP Old stuff:
  9. So, I've decided to do two separate threads for my Alpha Legion and auxiliary forces, as the Alpha Legion contingent has such a different aesthetic in 40k and 30k. Bear in mind that a lot of the names aren't decided, so they're just Z or A etc. So, without further ado, here are... http://i.imgur.com/xW3AUUa.png The Starfall Princes is an Alpha Legion Warband descended from the 126th Harrow of the Alpha Legion, also known as the Starfall Princes during the Great Crusade. Regularly heeding the call of other Alpha Legionnaires, they have incorporated Thousand Sons and Fallen Angels in their Warband, and often ally with the Red Corsairs, in addition to human auxilia. Warband Homeworld The warband has no particular homeworld, but a large amount of its space marines do come from the Feral World of Z. It is not unlikely this is where their cannibalistic rituals originated. However, many newer initiates are from A. Warband Recruitment The Heretical Inquisitor Kravin stated at the Ikrilla Conclave that the Alpha Legion have bases of recruitment inside the Imperium. The Starfall Princes have set up a recruitment facility, in addition to several minor and decoy facilities, on the planet A. This is due to increased radiation from their sun and residual radiation from the nuclear war that engulfed it during the Horus Heresy subtly mutated the people of A to make them resistant to mutation. Notable Starfall Princes and Units Claudius [Lacking model]– Eventually rising from Primus Medicae during the Heresy to the de facto leader of the Starfall Princes, Claudius steers his warband with expert skill in the grim darkness of the far future. Vendra'hael – Vendra'hael is unique in that as a space marine, he carries the Navigator gene, and now serves Claudius as his chief navigator and sorcerer. How a Navigator came to become a Space Marine is entirely unknown, but the resources expended and genetic knowledge required for the implantation, were likely incredibly, and may have been a vanity project. His sorcerous powers grow with each passing day, making Claudius increasingly uneasy with his favoured weapon. Kranhar – One of Claudius’ bespoke creations, Kranhar is chimaeric space marine, being made up of both Imperial Fist and Alpha Legion geneseed. A member of Claudius’ sentte, he usually goes into battle brandishing his power fist. Fallen Angel Librarian - [No fluff yet] Trevas - A Librarian during the Great Crusade, he continued to use his psychic ability even after the Edict of Nikaea. 6th Fang – A squad of Chaos Space Marines whom often serve alongside the Physaliidae as close-ranged anti-tank, firing their two melta guns while the the rest of the squad support their brothers with bolter fire and krak grenades. The entire squad is unusually tough to kill, often exultant in the wounds they take in the name of the Dark Prince they serve. The Aspiring Champion carries a wicked power sword, though he has also been observed using a power fist [May be changed to having an Apothecary Counts-As MoS instead]. The Physaliidae - A squadron consisting of a trio of Predator Annihilators; Everloyal, Purgator of Traitors, and Purifier of Sin. They are believed "salvaged" from the Iron Warriors, whom salvaged them in turn from an unknown Chapter. http://i.imgur.com/ZpJJDo9l.jpg http://i.imgur.com/iprwMCwl.jpg 6th Fang. http://i.imgur.com/O8yTr0Ul.jpg Vendra'hael http://i.imgur.com/FeWaZ02l.jpg Kranhar http://i.imgur.com/rwUf6rpl.jpg Trevas, Sorcerer http://i.imgur.com/65siU13l.jpg Fallen Angel Librarian http://i.imgur.com/WfDKTS0l.jpg The Physaliidae The paint scheme is Vallejo Grey Primer, followed by Vallejo Silver (exact name escapes me, the lighter one), a thin layer of 1:3 mix of Tamiya Green: Tamiya Blue, another thin layer of pure Tamiya Blue, and finally washed 2-4 time with Guilliman Glaze. Everything up until the Glaze is airbrushed and the Tamiya paints are mixed 1:1 with Tamiya airbrush thinner. It's pretty much the FW recipe.
  10. Hello, guys! I've decided to participate in the "E Tenebrae Lux IV" painting challenge and make this topic to reveal my progress in collecting "Red Corsairs" - a Chaos Space Marine Chapter . In foreword I'll display my relations with CSM army. I have tried several times to start CSM army years ago and until recently can't find right attitude for myself to continue work for a long time. Right now I build my CSM army around "Huron Blackheart" and his "Red Corsairs" CSM Chapter (former Astal Claws chapter). Badab war story told by FW, especially it is sorrowful part about Astral Claws downfall - very loyal to the Imperium SM Chapter - manipulated by some concealed figures from Imperium of Man and Realm of Chaos alike, hooked me deep inside. In my vision Huron is crippled in body but strong in mind. He is still a loyal subject of God-Emperor of Mankind and will fight for the Imperium no matter the cost and indiscriminately with means (i.e. fight Chaos with it's own hands). The army (or may be better to say - collection) will consist of: - Huron Blackheart; - elite units in Red Corsairs colours (former Astral Claws) - Chosen, Terminators, Raptors and Bikers; - other units are from various CSM warbands - loyal subjects (pawns) to Huron; - various Demon engines and Demons (much later). It must be noted what CSM army comes with variety of colours. Very good stimulus by itself as I fall in love with miniatures painting. Below are already build models: - Hellbrute. Painted it two years ago simply because the model is great and without any relation to Red Corsairs (or intention to build CSM army):
  11. From the album: Untitled Album

    Corpsemaster of the Red Corsairs
  12. Dwango

    Khorne Berserkers

    From the album: Red corsairs & the Weaping Legion

    8 Khorne Beserkers - champion axe of blind fury & poweraxe. , 7 x chainsaw & chain axe
  13. From the album: Astral Claws

    Aggressor converted with assault terminator arms. Counts-as terminator.
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