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Horus Heresy Movie Fictitious


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Here's my cast:

The Emperor - Sean Connery (without a doubt)

Horus - Kurt Russel

Russ - Russel Crowe or Dennis Quaid

Guilliman - Christian Bale

Sanginius - Either Ewan McGregor or Keanu Reeves

Dorn - Mel Gibson

Fulgrim - Joaquin Phoenix

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Come on, Mel Gibson as Rogal Dorn? The only guy capable of pulling off Rogal Dorn is Ed Harris.


This is the best fictional casting decision I think I've ever seen, across any genre. Great call.


Did any primarch have a big 'ol mustache? We need to cast Sam Elliot as someone.


The big question for me is who would make a good Jaghatai Khan? I'm thinking Chow Yun-Fat... honestly, the scars/facial hair thing he had in Pirates of the Carribean 3 would be about what I figure Jaghatai would look like.


Link to IMDB photo


Oh, and how about the Lion? Haven't seen any ideas for him yet.

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Fine, Mel Gibson is a bad choice for Dorn, then. Ed Harris as Dorn? Nah, maybe... How about Jurgen Prochnow, then?

Perturabo - Viggo Mortensen

Konrad Curze - Rutger Hauer (without a doubt!)

Vulcan - James Earl Jones

Angron - Robert Carlyle

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Fulgrim has to be played by Jason Isaacs i mean hes perfect for it

no one else could be Dorn other than Bruce Willis

I could see maybe Thomas Jane as being Guilliaman

Vulcan would be played by (who else) Samuel Jackson

i deffinately want to see Christopher Walken as Konrad



thats all i got so far

but what im having trouble with is who would play the Mournival?




little Horus

Im stumped

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I don't know who could be the other primarchs, your opinions are good, but what about...


For Angron or Perturabo


The rock


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